Lemon Butter Cake

Well, it was so warm yesterday morning that I put my clown suit  (those ugly thick padded overalls the men use when digging slowly on the side of the road) and my Carhart jacket into the washing machine.  Both were pretty pongy. Then of course the temperatures plummeted and I was caught inside until my outdoor clothing was dry. I popped them in the dryer, which is like sitting on a thorn, I hate to use the dryer when I usually dry everything on the racks in the loft above the fire. And went to work in the kitchen.

I made the cake with the lemon curd and it was very good.   I left it in the oven just a trifle too long which is typical but you get the picture. It is tangy without being too rich and at the time of writing is almost gone. I called it Lemon Butter Cake.


  • 4oz butter
  • 1 cup sugar ( my jar of sugar has a vanilla pod in with it and the scent when you open that jar is awesome. John gave me a Pound of vanilla pods for Christmas.)

Then blend

  • 2 large eggs

Then fold, alternating

  • 2 cups of flour mixed with 2 tsp baking powder


  •  2/3 cup of lemon curd mixed with 1/4 cup of milk or cream and a dash of vanilla

A very standard cake recipe but it lets the lemon curd shine. Bake at 375 for 30 minutes. After baking, while  the cake is HOT squeeze the juice of a lemon on top and sprinkle with sugar. 

After I took this shot  I changed my mind and chopping the mint very finely, added it TO the greek yoghurt. It was a perfect accent to the lemon in the cake.  So when I make a Lemon Curd Cheesecake later this week I shall incorporate a teensy bit of mint as well.  I will report back.  As you can see I would rather take pictures of sheep than cakes but I was TRAPPED inside!

Once my clothes were dry I escaped back out to the barn to commiserate with Hairy MacLairy. He has a very low tenor in his voice and is sounding quite mournful  and solitary from the back pen. Though he has Queenie ( the little midget Hereford heifer, well she is not technically a midget but next to the big tall Ayrshires she looks so ridiculously tiny)  anyway she is back there to talk to, but he is ignoring her and bleating across the barn.

And then I heard his wifey calling back and trying to peek at him through the cracks in her pen. You can just see Mama’s wonky ears, there in between those two boards, as she tries to get a glimpse of him through the bars. Oh how miserable.  Heart-rending. Bring on the violins. Poor darlings.

Dreadful.  I have to add that they both have access to the Outside  (separate outsides) but prefer to call plaintively across the barn to each other.  By tomorrow the weeping and gnashing of teeth will be all over and hopefully Mama will turn her tiny little mind to the very important task of gestating!  And by the way Mama, I need a couple more ewe lambs for Mia’s flock.  Then we will shop for a mail order bridegroom for them. So get busy with that dearie. Hairy MaClairy needs a buddy.

Work commenced on the big new pen in the center of the barn yesterday. We only use recycled  barn timbers for the refurbishment of our own old barn.  And everything has to be shored up right to the upper levels first.  For some reason this affects the speed of the work, reducing it to a crawl.  John’s mission is to try and help people keep their barns and put them to work again, so he is loathe to take an old building apart.  But the big beams have been found and John has a few weeks off work while it is cold, so fingers crossed.   Then Hairy will be able to come out of the Black Hole of Calcutta and loaf about somewhere nice.

The temperature right now is 30F, and the High will be another 3 degrees. So I guess we will not have an exciting day weather wise. But certainly an acceptable one temperature wise.  And I see that the sky is getting lighter. Too many clouds for a sunrise again. (sigh)

Good morning.


PS -this lemon curd was sweetened with honey and a little sugar. I prefer it tart.  Sometimes I just use honey. I have no intention of preserving it, just eating it as fast as I can.  So it lives in the fridge.

My Dad wrote in and said that he makes his lemon curd in the microwave.  Cooking and stirring in one minute steps.  The no fuss, no mess alternative.

Oh and Daisy discovered lemons when I used to throw the lemon peels into the field with the chook scraps. She would barrel over scattering hens in all directions to beat them to the lemons!  That cow!

113 Comments on “Lemon Butter Cake

  1. Good Morning, Good Afternoon… and have a nice day dear Cecilia. This lemon cake, how beautiful and how smells… I loved it. Thank you, but sure, your photographs fascinating me too… with my love, nia

  2. I think your Lemon Butter Cake looks lovely the way it is I bet it tastes good!
    Poor sheep and daisy’s lemon love just gets funnier 😉

  3. Another lovely, diverse and discursive post. I must try that cake – though don’t tell Jock: he won’t eat butter nowadays for fear of cholesterol. A 78, I tell him we’ve all got to die of something and we might as well enjoy the good things on the way! I shall also try microwave lemon curd – I already make chutney in the microwave as it avoids the whole house stinking of boiling vinegar. Yuk!

  4. Hi C, Arrrrr!!! The sounds of true love across the barn! Delicious looking cake. Like your dad’s idea of making lemon curd in the microwave.
    Regards Florence x

    • Well today mama is having one of those days when she does not even LOOK pregnant, bounding around the field.. so I don’t know. We will just have to wait and see.. c

  5. Poor little lovesick darlings….all very Romeo and Juliet in your barn at the moment! What a fantastic recipe, we have guests for lunch on Sunday so I think I´ll give this a go. Thought of you on Sunday as my SIL called at 5.30pm and said she´d be over in 30 mins for coffee – by the time she had arrived I had made some of your scones. Everyone was seriously impressed!

  6. Oooh, yum Cecilia!! That really sounds tart and delicious!! I too like the idea of mincing the mint into the yogurt. What a wonderful mouthful of flavor!!

  7. A delicious looking cake! My mouth is watering! I want it for breakfast. I’m off to my bowl of cereal. Good morning C.

  8. Thanks for explaining lemon curd to me. Always enjoy learning something new. And that cake, yummmm, I’m pretty certain the flavor would suit me just fine. Love the plate upon which you plated this, BTW.

    As for clothes drying…I’m with you on not using the dryer. I “have to” use the dryer when it gets too cold to hang laundry outdoors. I don’t have a toasty fire, like you. But I use a rack to finish trying some of the clothing.

  9. My husband will love your lemon butter cake as he enjoys very simple desserts. I have been away for awhile and have spent the morning catching up on all your posts I’ve missed. I had a similar experience with deer hunters in our orchard…and know exactly how you felt about the men on your property.

    • Poor old Hairy, but he is bossing the calves around out in his new field now so he is keeping himself amused. c

  10. Oh love across the barn AND a cake.
    I want to make lemon curd, but need to find some organic lemons first and get full use of my arm back too (to tackle that beating business ) 🙂

  11. The cake picture is a blinder, and is going to be made in this house soon. Carhart is so cool and never is seen in Europe – well not in our village ( did I say village for the 8 people who live in this mess of barns and stone houses)

    • I Love my Carhart. I only have the one winter farm jacket and it has been going for four years now, I expect it to last most of the rest of my lifetime! I am so glad you like the cake! c

  12. Not keen on baking – not a sweet tooth you see, but I’m definitely going to give this one a go! And poor old Hairy MacLairy, his sad bleaty face just makes me want to give him a hug!

  13. We love lemon (all citrus really)! I make a similar one with poppyseeds, slice it horizontally and fill it with more lemon curd and frost it. Same flavor as our wedding cake *sigh*.

  14. When I say you remind me of my grandmother.. this post reminds me why. I haven’t had lemon cake since my grandmother was a live and she loved using lemon curd as well. This really looks similar to her lemon cake so I can’t wait to try out your recipe 🙂

  15. I’m not much of a ‘cake’ person, but that looks absolutely delicious! Thanks for the recipe! Ah, poor Hairy and Mama. Can’t wait to see your babies 🙂

  16. Appreciated post in following manner:

    Words, words, YUMMY PICTURE! Mmmm… then more words… looks like stuff wife does… YUMMY PICTURE AGAIN! Mmmm… then words, words, more words… SHEEP! Sheep? (sudden flashback of Gene Wilder down in the gutter and drinking bottle of Woolite) Then sheepishly go back to beginning of post and read properly, but do double take when I think I read “(celi edited you and says not while the kids are up chris!.. laughter) of Calcutta”!!! Then realize that I missed eight important words between “Hairy” and “Black Hole”. Resume reading with extra emphasis on reading properly!

    Good luck with the barn refurbishing, bring on those violins, and please forgive me! Lol

      • Wow! I haven’t heard a good “stern teacher voice” in years! 🙂 But thanks for the forgiveness, and I promise not to do it again, unless you beg me. Kidding! (are they still up?)

  17. That cake is calling to me….scrumptious! (Is that how you spell it? I simply must learn…it’s a perfectly good word that doesn’t get enough use.)
    I have to tell you, the Little One and I spent a good amount of time scrolling through your photos this morning, and practicing our animal sounds. She’s getting quite good at them, and learning all your farmy friends’ names.
    Thanks, C – for all you do.

  18. Hi, Celi! You know, when I read your posts I gain about ten pounds. Everything looks and sounds wonderful : ) You’re a wonder.

  19. Oh the trials of being in love. Hang in there, Hairy.

    I’m on a Greek Yogurt kick…just love it. I eat it with frozen blackberries that I picked last summer, banana and sunflower seeds.

    The LC Cake looks so delicious. Don’t you have fun with food!

  20. Poor Mama and Hairy. Star-crossed lovers, to be sure. Too bad you can’t give them a little of that lemon butter cake to mend their broken hearts. Such a tasty cake for so simple a recipe, Celi. I bet it goes mighty fast! I know it would around here. It’s a pretty nice day, after all. This is turning out to be The Winter That Never Was.

  21. Ah, Celi, my husband Phil would so approve of your anti-dryer policy. It sounds heaven to be able to dry clothes on a rack above a real fire.

    Just adore that Hairy McLairy. Whadda guy.

    • there is a down side though, the clothes smell like they have been dried on a rack above the fire that i cook on.. hmm.. c

  22. Okay, now you’ve done it…I must have some of this lemon butter cake! Am going back to get the recipe in the last post for the curd. I just love the personality that shows through in the images, as well as the descriptions, of all of your animals.

  23. Hi C.,
    My son is going to fall for you if you keep posting these recipes using lemons. 🙂

  24. I am so excited about this (and the cheesecake to come!) because it is another use for fruit curd. I make tangerine curd every January because I cannot eat every tangerine that comes across my path. I love lemon curd, too, but don’t make it as often because I don’t have to — lemons are wonderfully versatile and our tree doesn’t bear so many that we can’t use them. I came over hear from Granny’s Parlour to commend you on growing your own food and eating seasonally — I can’t do the latter, but I am deep into the former. Sometimes it feels lonely when everyone else is cooking with tomatoes and raspberries and basil…

    • Fruit curd, you know i never thought of making it with other citrus. When i am next in california where my citrus growers are I am going to have a ball with that idea! We do so try to eat seasonally, it is a developing skill! Oh BASIL! (sigh) I got some basil pesto out of the freezer last night and Oh the joy of that taste.. c

          • To make curd with berries, you puree them and strain the seeds out. For citrus curd, you use juice. Otherwise, do what you do with lemons, add a bit of lemon juice to your other curds and taste to adjust the amount of sugar (or honey).

  25. Mmm, I love lemon grizzle cake so this looks right up my street! And why does the weather always know to change as soon you put clothes in the washing machine?! 🙂

  26. Your rustic lemony cake is beautiful. I like the fact that it is a little tart. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Just our of curiosity do the farm animals- Daisy pucker their lips and make a strange face when you feed them lemons? Take care, BAM

  27. When you next make your lemon curd try adding 3tbsp of Limoncello for the last minute of cooking (I think you share my addiction for this tipple) the original recipe used advokaat.
    Poor Hairy he does look so lovesick!

  28. vanilla pods for Christmas, now that is a great present! Lemony anything is always delicious, the tartier the better.Nothing more disappointing then trying some lemon curd and finding out it’s more sugar than lemon.

  29. We need a tumble drier here as it can rain for weeks on end – but I really only like to use it for my towels! Lovely cake Celi 🙂

    • We have far more of our share of wet days here, but I have to be REALLY desperate to use the drier. I drape the washing over bannisters, put hangers of stuff on the shower rail and small things on one of those multi-peg thingies for socks. It all dries in 24 hours and I shut my eyes to the Chinese laundry look of the house.

      • I sometimes have the clothes on a clothes horse in our bedroom for days and we do a load as each one dries – thankfully I have enough winter clothes 🙂

  30. I guess the tanginess makes the richness settle down in any baked item, I actually love adding a twist of lemon in a lot of dishes that it may be suitable.

  31. Morning Cecilia, delicious cake! I have been awarded a Versatile Blogger Award and I am (when I get a moment) going to add you my list of nominees to pass it on to. I have only been following your blog for a short while but I love it. I see you have already accepted this award from someone else before but I hope you will be happy to get another. Have a great day. Natalie

  32. Microwave curd, eh? I have a microwave. It has a very handy clock that glows in the middle of the night. I understand that it’s very useful for cooking things.

    • I have one that lives in a cupboard. i bring it out when i melt wax! i hate the thing.. UCKLY! and a space waster in my tiny kitchen.. c

  33. I love any and all things lemon! This would be no exception. 🙂 Delicious and now you’re going to tempt me with a lemon cheesecake. I think I’ll be making a curd very soon.

  34. Cecilia, what a delightful cake! We are lemon lovers – made lemon poppyseed muffins last night – they will be in a later post! But this cake made with lemon curd! I can’t wait to surprise my sister with this! She will be in heaven!

  35. I put many things in a bowl, mixed, and then put it all in the oven. It shall be called…”Lemon Butter Cake.” You always make me smile C!

  36. You are TOO MUCH! Oh my. If John ever leaves, I’ll leave my husband and come be by your side. Don’t worry, I’ll leave you alone ;0) and I’ll help you with your farm chores – but won’t you just feed me??!~!!

  37. I can only imagine how good this smelled while baking..I can’t wait for the cheese cake version.I feel sorry for mama and hairy ..I once separated the birds because they were very aggressive to each other and they started calling out to each other , it was very sad. Violin worthy indeed

  38. Gracious, that lemon butter cake looks and sounds like a *religious* experience!!
    John is clearly saintly, too, having the insight to give you such a superb Christmas gift as a quantity of vanilla beans.
    If only the patron saints and angels of lovelorn sheep would reunite the barn-crossed lovers, why you’d have a whole revival meeting going on right here!
    I know that *I*, for one, feel renewed. 🙂

  39. Last poem of my morning from the book “Come, Thief” on the day you wrote this post. Sorry for the delayed reply.

    by Jane Hirshfield
    It is the work of feeling
    to undo expectation.

    A black-faced sheep
    looks back at you as you pass
    and your heart is startled
    as if by the shadow
    of someone once loved.

    Neither comforted by this
    nor made lonely.

    Only remembering
    that a self in exile is still a self,
    as a bell unstruck for years
    is still a bell.

  40. Pingback: Let Them Eat Cake! | bits and breadcrumbs

  41. Lemon and butter…works for me. That cake looks so delicious. The simplicity of it leaves it open for so many different options.

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