It rained and it was a good rain

Shortly after the camera and I and a new friend took a tour of the grounds, the skies opened and it poured. Though the term the ‘skies opened’ is questionable. As we walked around the skies closed above us. Then lowered down.  There may have even been a string.  It became darker, cosier. Like a big warm dark coat cupboard for playing hide and seek.  With a pink cherry blossom jacket tucked incongruously beside you. 

However before it rained the bees continued to work.  And look -a bee in the magnolia. This surprised me, I did not know that bees worked magnolias.  But as the Carpenter’s Lady  and I were admiring the flowers we noticed that the bees were literally climbing up the almost open petals, wriggling through the tiny gap and dropping down into the stamens. We stood and waited for ages but the bees did not come out! 

This one stumbled out after a while and slid down the flower to perch at its base and catch her breath. Hmm.

And the rain is coming. Oh I know you are pleased.  Every single screwed up , scrunchy, eeky, parched, bad tempered particle on the farmy was desperate for a good wetting.

I know they are excited on the inside.  Later ofter the rain, I let this group out of the hen house,  and they threw themselves at all the new green shoots rummaging fast in the dusk.  You really can see the grass grow at this time of year. It is exhilarating. 

So the rain came in, thunder crashed and lightening flew about our ears, the dogs all hit the deck and crab scuttled for the basement. The cats appeared like Cheshires on the verandah railings. And so it rained.  The Carpenter and his Lady went home and the large gathering of teenagers  (evidently sullen teenage 18 year olds are magnets for bright laughing girls and their brothers,  who knew!), stood in silence and watched the short but good downpour, munching on crostini, cheese and dill pickles from last summer. Sullen is lifting by the way.

When the wind and the rain hit, Mama waddled reluctantly into the barn to wait. Then turned around and was back out the moment the birds began to sing the concluding bars of the storm. But we are not watching Mama today. I have a new idea, we will accept her delicate condition and allow her to blend!  From now on no-one can watch Mama unless it is out of the corner of their eye!  We need to stop the longing for little lambys for the farmy. And focus on other things.  

Like sage for instance. Sage is good.  All the seedlings are outside and growing. The work is heavy at the moment, preparing and planting all the beds.  I still have not finished clearing all the flower beds.  Then we will plant all the new bee flowers into the gaps. The Carpenter’s Lady is coming back this morning to help me plant the potatoes (my blue potatoes have arrived), she is bringing her teenager!   See above!!

The Sheep Sitter who I am calling Mama’s Midwife (she has insisted I call her to help when Mama starts dropping lambs, she grew up on a farm and is a delightfully strong sensible older lady), she will drop in today too. We have a plan we are working on. She volunteers at the local Food Pantry and said that a lot of the perishable food gets thrown away, the pantry is only open once a week, so we are going to throw the leftovers to the pigs instead of in the rubbish and grow a pig for the food pantry. That way the food is not wasted and the food pantry waste loop is closed.

The farmy is working its magic. The people are coming. The animals call them I think.

The Old Codger is good but missing the blog and knowing what is going on, why can’t they have computers for the old folks in these homes? I need to work on this. These people can become too isolated. So  I pinned the whole collection of farmy postcards on the wee notice board in his room to tide him over.  They are so colourful and bright. He was pleased.

TonTon was the very calm this time. He gently loped through the halls. No darting looks, no anxiousness. He just wandered into the Old Codgers room, licked his hands, wriggled for more cuddles and then threw himself at the old man’s feet, sighed, and went straight to sleep.

Good morning!


ps, I just realised that I forgot to do my Saturday introduction page of interesting new blogs.  How could I forget that.  Next week I shall get back into the groove.  OK.. Time I got to work!

91 Comments on “It rained and it was a good rain

  1. I can just smell the sage! And the picture of the storm clouds…I love storms in the countryside. There’s something so peaceful about them. 🙂

    • I agree about the storms especially afterwards and especially when we need the rain.. morning Kristy! c

  2. Your storm and sky pics today are amazing. Don’t you just love sage as a herb? I’m so happy that you’ve had a bit of much-needed rain. It is 20 degrees centigrade here today, and I’ve planted runner bean seeds in pots. They will stay protected on the verandah for three or four weeks. I also planted lettuces.

    • Morning Viv, You have been busy and great to get some rain for you too.. Lettuce loves the early summer doesn’t it, ours is almost ready to start picking the leaves, that with the first picks of asparagus and we are well on our way!! c

    • I shall pop some in the post for you! (laughter) we had a very nice shower, and oh the difference in the gardens this morning! c

  3. The photographs are all vying for the “I’m the prettiest award.” I am telling, this time, they are all beyond beautiful…with those saturated colors that one gets under a heavy sky. I feel like I was there myself. Thank you.

    • You are right about colours under a heavy sky, it is the best time to take shots of flowers! morning charlotte! c

  4. Awesome chicken photo – it even caught Hubby’s eye as he raced past my desk on his way out the door for his walk!
    Great idea for the food pantry, too… The less waste, the better!

    • It is satisfying to close the waste gaps.. the people who frequent the food pantry tend not to eat as many vegetables for some reason, and the pantry is only open once a week so things go off, and many people donate vegetables, so in the season we should be able to fatten up a pig for them and no-ones work is wasted.. c

  5. Morning Celi! Don’t you just love this time of year when everything comes alive? Though I don’t like the rain, I hope we get some here too as we are facing hosepipe bans this summer. I love your first photo of the cherry blossoms – we have an ornamental cherry tree in our garden and I just went out not 10 mins ago to take a photo of it too! I can’t wait to see mama’s lambs and am checking in often as I don’t want to miss it when it happens! Have a lovely weekend too.

    • Morning noodle, by the look of Mama nothing much will happen today, well at least i don’t think so, I shall put them out onto the good pasture later for a good green munch. c

  6. Hi C, What a difference the farm looks in just a few weeks. Stunning photos.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Regards Florence x.
    P.S. Will you keep me a pack of postcards. Will be in touch.

  7. Good morning C. I am traveling n feeling lonely. When I saw your new post come up I knew reading it would leave me feeling so much better and back on the “farmy”. Have a wonderful day Cecilia, I know I will now!

    • That is the most wonderful compliment, “you can’t be lonely if you have the farmy!!” That should be our slogan, I hope the rest of your day is better.. love celi

  8. Loved the pics with today’s post, Celi! Great idea raising a pig for the pantry. What a bounty that will make for their client-base! Amazing how everything has suddenly sprouted. I’ve got to mow the lawn when most years I’d be gassing up the snowblower one last time. I hope the clouds can give up a little more rain for you today. Have a good one!

    • Don’t you love the smell from the mown grass, it is just pure summer! Did you get any rain up in the city?.. c

      • Nothing like the scent of a freshly mowed lawn. We got a couple good cloud bursts — timed mostly for when I had to get from my car to some place or for the return walk. That’s fine. A little rain never hurt any one. 🙂

  9. Hi Celi! Is your magnolia called a tulip magnolia, and do the flowers burst out first, with no leaves, just beautiful purple flowers? I discovered one in our front yard, and it’s gorgeous!
    I love the idea of raising the pig for the Food Pantry by using their perishables to feed it. Brilliant!

    • I am remarkably useless when it comes to the names of my trees and flowers, i should make a book of all their labels but then i forget.. but yes the flowers come first, the leaves are just starting to come out, it will get big this tree too, I hope so, as it is on the south side.. How lovely that you have one too, and this being your first spring on your property you must be making new discoveries every day!


      • It’s so exciting to see the trees burst into bloom! But remembering the names of them is definitely the tough part! I need to make a little map and write in the names when I find out what they are. A fabulously smelling lilac bush is in full bloom in our front yard. So incredible!!! And finally I found the dogwoods that everyone says is one of the first trees to bloom in the spring. Dogwoods and redwoods, and we have both on our property. Do you have any of the above? xo

  10. C, this post is overflowing with so much positive news that I don’t even know where to begin to comment. The rain. The shift away from sullenness. The growing a pig for the food pantry. Your desire to find a computer for the Old Folks (great idea). The people flocking to the farm. And all shared in your usual excellent storytelling style. Thanks for starting my morning in the best of ways.

    • It is a good idea to have computer access for the oldies .. they are not stupid and in fact it could be described as a therapy, esp for fingers. i am going to talk to the powers that be a the home and see what they think, I know that at the very least The Old Codger would use one! Morning audrey..c

  11. Ahhh, lovely rain…Glad to see you are working your magic on the teenagers, just as I knew you would! I am writing this from sunny Florida where Bill and I are taking 10 days for ourselves before the Big Time begins. It is lovely here. I love your idea of doing a pig for the food pantry. And I cannot believe that the home does not have even one computer for those folks…Waiting on tenterhooks for Mama and sending good vibes…

  12. Not looking at Mama… not looking…
    So wonderful to have your photos as an equally tempting view.. I love that landscape with rain clouds thundering in.. Loved your cheshire cat analogy.. And am a huge fan of Magnolias so I understand your bee’s passion:) I am so particularly impressed that you are raising a pig for the food shelter now..

    • i cannot wait to get the pigs, the pig pen is not even built but i have a feeling if i actually get the pigs maybe someone will put it together !!

  13. What a fantastic picture of the chooks! I am jealous of your rain, we need it so badly and keep getting just a tease of clouds. I, too, was walking about admiring the Spring blossoms…such a beautiful time of year and that’s quite a crop of pretty sage you have there. Happy Saturday!

    • The sage will be wonderful, i am planting it into the deep border in all the wee gaps .. actually if you saw my gardens betsy you would raise your eyebrows and say what gaps, but it is my secret weapon against weeds.. overplanting!!! c

  14. Good morning, Celi. It’s raining here as well (Yay!) — not a big storm, but still rain. Perhaps this way it will have time to soak in. That is a lovely picture of the chooks. What a good idea to raise a pig for the food pantry on food pantry scraps.

  15. Lovely pictures! The first one made me miss our cherry tree, which had to go down last year before it started falling on people. Have to put up an old picture of it in the next weeks.

  16. Oh Dog! A sheep midwife! How cool is that! Sorry the Old Codger doesn’t have Internet. It sounds so unfair.

    • I don’t think anyone has thought that some of these oldies have been using computers too, for years! So i am going to talk to the people and see what is what. c

  17. The farmyy is working its magic…it is indeed! Such a shame the old folk can´t have internet access 😦 and maybe Mama will go into labour after the change in weather. We had rain last night for the first time in ages and chicks not due until tomorrow or Monday started hatching out today! God I love spring 🙂

  18. The sage looks lovely. I was amused by the this post’s title as I usually think of rain as a *bad* thing as we see so much of it here in Ireland. But of course I should remember that sometimes the ground is crying out for it.

  19. I wonder how many ewes have had people around the globe focusing on their delivery. I like the idea of letting Mama be – do you think there are three or four? One black one? Oh…never mind, Celi! I’m crowding her energy field.

    While on retreat at a monastery in Santa Barbara, I had permission to go to the garden each morning & pluck a few leaves of sage. I’d rub them all over my face and hands. The scent accompanied me for hours. I think it was Cleveland Sage and I’ve not found another sage leave that comes close to that exquisite aroma!

  20. Hi Celi, the farm looks splendid! Glad you’ve had a lovely shower of rain at last.
    Do you think your computer repair wizard would know where to find older computers that are too slow for a local business, but adequate for your oldies.
    Perhaps your local paper could feature an article about your older folks and how they would love a computer to keep in contact with their loved ones and friends? Of course their reporter would need to be there on a day you and Ton Ton are visiting… e

    • Hmm that is a good idea. First though i need to see if the oldies even want computers, I would think the therapy room would be the place start.. c

  21. I really agree with you that computers would be a wonderful way to engage the elderly and help mediate against isolation. It can’t just be money that keeps the facilities from moving forward with this! Your seedlings look great. I planted my squash and pumpkin transplants today, and the tomatoes aren’t far behind. But I was thinking of you, Celi, because I remembered your wonderful paper seed pots. I love the resourcefulness, and hope to try to do the same next time! Looking forward to the lambs…Debra

    • Morning Debra, I honestly think that no-one thought of it, the people at the home just looked perplexed when I asked if the residents had access to computers! c

      • (My 100 yr old uncle has several computers in his retirement residence – he loves emails and it’s so easy for him to keep up with everyone)…catching up with the saga as I’ve had yard work to do this weekend – what do they say – a watched pot never boils! Staying tuned!

        • this is the company that my ancient uncle uses for email service:
          My cousins set up his mailbox and have to approve who he can get mail from.(prevents scams) His emails are printed out and delivered twice a day. He can’t email out, but it’s OK. Maybe there’s something like it near your area? It has made a difference in his life.

  22. Well, we had a fine day today, which is most unusual at the moment. Now I know where the rain went. Only 2 of your photos have loaded, but I’ve got to see those perky sage plants. Green is creeping into your blog and the rain will certainly help it on its way.

    • How strange that the photos did not load, hmm.. Smidge said she had trouble too, I shall look into it.. c

  23. Sometimes I feel like I can hear and smell your photos and all that is going on. Your blog is magical 🙂 Have a great day Celi x

      • Sure is 🙂 ‘Good morning to you too! (though it’s 1am for me, and I should really be going to bed, hehe)

    • I hope mine does well, it is a good bee flowers and I love to cook with it! have a great day celia! Oh and I am making that chook photo into a postcard. just got it underway today! c

  24. Lovely pics and nice of you to take postcards of them to The Old Codger to brighten his room.

  25. I totally agree about computers in old folks homes – I’d love it if you’d ‘work’ on that one, and report the results … seems like a great nonprofit/nationwide project for some enterprising soul.

    On a random note, C – we’ve had a northern female cardinal for weeks now tapping on every window in our house. She’s out again this morning. Any idea why she is doing this? At first we thought it was a male ‘fighting’ with his own reflection, but a book showed us it’s a her. And the windows are not exactly clean and polished, after all this windblown dust and rain.

    And now as I write this, she comes to the OFFICE window to ask, herself. Aunt Ceci, please tell this dotty woman what I want!!

    • Open the window! Have you put sunflowers seeds out for her? What unusual behaviour. I have filthy windows in this wind and also have birds tapping on them as they whip the bugs OFF them.. maybe she is doing that? wow.. cardinals can get pretty close can’t they! c

      • It is unusual. And how can she be hungry, I ask myself, with spring in full swing here? But I will take your suggestion and put seed out for her as soon as I can get my hands on some. Thanks for the suggestion! And yes, CLOSE! She was looking straight at me when I was sending you that message, so help me!

          • Yes, I believe I know him. And I’ve got to get out and get some seed. Tomorrow morning! We’ve lived here six years and never seen anything like this before! Thanks for your suggestion.

  26. I love that chicken photo, a combination of the colours and composition I think! Our neighbour has a magnolia and I think that the bees go to it and I just found out this evening that it smells absolutely gorgeous. Maybe that’s the attraction for the bees too. 🙂

  27. This was such a beautiful day, seen through your eyes, Celi! I relished every single moment of it. Thank you.

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