Food I can eat with my eyes!

Do you guys deliver?

It is Saturday, the day I usually share some new (to me) blogs with you all.  However this week I succumbed to PRETTY!  and pretty SIMPLE. So I am being naughty and I have swiped some food pictures to show you.  I am not sure if this is OK so don’t yell at me. Some of you have no emails for me to ask!  I tried to call and ask permission but you would not answer the phone. Probably thought I was trying to sell something!

However I could not resist.

Roger, this is so beautiful and I live for beetroot. It is on my SuperFood list. Mine is not grown yet though so I can only look! I know you will not mind if I share this startling shot.  It must be the colours or the simplicity but it grabbed my hungry eye.

And Mr Lebovitz you are a busy man with your new kitchen and everything, you probably did not see me knocking at your window asking if I could use this image! And you may have missed my ghostly tech digits creeping through the  window  grabbing a tiny bite to eat for the journey home!  You would have given them to me anyway!

And look!  Caroline, I am sure you will not mind me showing off these little lovelies. I will pop a dozen fresh eggs in the fridge for a week and make them soon.  My eggs will not peel when they are too fresh.  They never look this beautiful. 

Taste Food will forgive me because I am one of her most ardent followers. And look at this salad! Doesn’t it just make you want to EAT!  She won’t mind that I showed you!

just use butter has a rule about reproducing stuff without permission and I could not find a contact to ask and I do not know her as well as you guys, but if you love fennel, go there.   She also has beautiful salads but I am addicted to fennel, though mine is still very small. All this lovely spring food!

From the land of olives and artichokes and vineyards comes another super salad.  And beautiful gardens. And her grape leaves are not all curled and shriveled with frost like mine!

Tea and Cookies has made Waffles for breakfast from leftover sourdough starter. 

This is what John is making for breakfast as we speak, he is the waffle guy! And Saturday is cooked breakfast day!

Social media update. I have recently opened a twitter account because they tell me that you cannot be a real writer without one.    So if you are on twitter do join me. My Facebook address is of course right there on the right of this screen. Push LIKE so I can LIKE you back or buy you a glass of wine whichever comes first!

Good morning and whew!  The weekend is here again. And now of course I am starving.

Last night was windy and stormy without the rain so with great regret I locked Mrs Vastness into the Maternity Ward Pen in the barn.  I did not want her to start lambing in a field in the wind. She laid in there all night with her head turned towards the shut gate, deeply disappointed with me.  I let her back out at 4 this morning when the winds had died down.  No excitement in the night.

We talked to the farmer yesterday who rents the land around here and although he had started to plant the corn, he has stopped again because it is too dry.  They never irrigate in this area. There is always snow then rain, and the ground holds the water well.  So holding off planting because it is too dry is very unusual. And alarming. Last year we had too much rain.  This year not enough. This is the way of weather.

Good morning.  Have a lovely day. First thing this morning I will  open the peacock gate before Kupa starts honking at me. He called out again yesterday morning when I was pulling on my boots to start the day while talking to the cats.  He heard me. He is not just a pretty face!


49 Comments on “Food I can eat with my eyes!

  1. Yummy treats to feast the eyes on….and to make and eat!!! I think that Kupa will soon be the honey of the farm! Either that or the one to get everybody moving and alway get his way. I just love him!

  2. I make David’s involtini ever summer – LOVE that recipe!
    I’ll follow you on Twitter…I don’t tweet, but use it tp keep up with what others are doing. It’s a great way to nag my son from a distance 😉

    • Thank you honey, it is also another way for people to comment who cannot get in to comment on wordpress, I can seldom get a comment to work on blogger and so the tweet thing is useful for this.. c

  3. Delicioius photos! Is Mama EVER going to have those babies!? It sounds like Kupa is settling in nicely.

    Have a lovely day! ~ April

    • NO I think she has decided to never have them, (sigh) I stood and watched her stomach heave from side to side this morning, so they are busy in there! c

  4. What a way to start the morning, looking at some fantastic food photos, with Roger’s to lead off. Kinda makes my breakfast of toast seem meager in comparison. Funny one of the pics featured feta. I’ll be making some today and wrapping it in prosciutto sounds delicious! Have a great day, Celi.

  5. Could you slide a waffle this way…please? Looks yumcious. Oh and the beets….and maybe some salad….but, now I am just being greedy. Enjoy the weekend, I hope all of the nasty mid west storms steer clear of you.


  6. Oh Dog! You’ve made me drool here! I was hungry anyway, and now I’m going to have to enjoy an early lunch.

  7. Those beautiful photos! They are enough to send one sprinting for the fridge….lovely to find you on Twitter, Celi. That’ll be fun. Another way to get my Kupa updates….

  8. Good thing I ate before reading your blog this morning! Oh, I get a kick out of you referring to your newly acquired foghorn. Hard to imagine such a sound from this majestic creature. He is filled with personality.

  9. I much prefer food that I can eat my with my stomach personally! Food blogs are so inspiring, I which I could shoot like that. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your cooked breakfast, waffles are great! 🙂

  10. Nom nom…devilled eggs. “Mrs Vastness”” — that made me laugh. I am concerned about your odd weather though. Have a lovely weekend, miss c.

  11. heavenly; i love the side events, the back story of the farm animals; i’m trying to figure out how i can eat more veggies, can’t have dark greens too often; i’m on coumadin! drat, but your blog enlightens and delights

    • hmm that coumadin is tricky stuff, you do have to be careful.. I hope you are not on it for long.. have a lovely saturday! c

  12. Thank goodness I had my Tuna Salad Sandwich before I clicked on to this post, Celi. Mon Dieu, what delicacies.

    Oh Mama…I’ve got her wrapped in a golden blanket. Animals respond well to them. Especially from a distance…no strange smells on them.

  13. I am stuffed with birthday party pizza and cheezie poofs and popcorn twists and ice cream sandwiches and the other bits and peices of a six-year-old’s Favourite Things to Eat. But now? Now I’m starving. For real food from identifiable ingredients. *sigh* (I hope you had a lovely day, c!)

  14. “Mrs. Vastness”–that’s a great name! I’m going to pull that one out for my pregnant niece. 🙂 I enjoy your recommended reading list so much. You find very interesting people to share with us. You’ve made me very hungry at the moment. Everything looks so fresh and whole and very inviting. I will see you again in the morning, Celi! Debra

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