A wee wander on the farmy. We won’t go far though.

Daisy has had quite enough of all the fuss about Mama and would like to remind us that she is  pregnant too and due in a little over a month. The wind makes her tired. Even though she is a big girl.

The wind was so wild yesterday that the guineas and the cats hung out in the barn with Mama all day. Of course Kupa was there too. The guineas could learn and thing or two about calm behaviour from Kupa.

We worked on the new pigsty. As you can see their pen runs through the centre of the barn, so it will be airy and cool for the summer. Out that door will be their outdoor playground which will have a paddling pool in it. Pigs like water.  I will also train them to poo outside so that the clean up is easy and the barn still smells nice. Here is my house lettuce in its enamel tub on the verandah! For when I just need a leaf or two for a sandwich at lunchtime. 

The walnut is recovering from its frosting off. 

Time for bed Thing Two.  Let Mama sleep now.

Good morning.

This day is looking to be a beautiful day. So far there is no wind and I can hear all the birds and animals, as they wake up, from my study.

We will do well today. It is so much easier to have a good productive day when the weather co-operates.

You have a great day too.


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53 Comments on “A wee wander on the farmy. We won’t go far though.

  1. we had high winds here yesterday but the promised rains never arrived. we are sooooo dry!

  2. At that point in my last pregnancy (many years ago), I’m pretty sure I looked a lot like Daisy. 😉

    The birds in my neighborhood were happy, too, about the winds moving on.

  3. Love the pic of Thing Two, so there and yet not…. Please give Daisy’s ears a good scratch and a couple of encouraging pats to Mama. Enjoy your day. Laura

  4. Maybe today someone will pop. Your wind has crossed the Atlantic and Jock had to clear away the cushions and chairs etc from the verandah before the South wind crashed them through the patio doors. My runner beans are still bravely poking their heads over the edge of the pots.

  5. Morning all. The weather’s been good to us today: 8.6mm rainfall overnight, current temp 13.6c, partly sunny. We so need the rain that I cannot express how bad it is here. Our local water reservoir is still only 42% of normal levels. I used the water to poach eggs with this morning on our potted plants. Not sure if they’ll like it not but time will tell. They’re still alive, so fingers crossed. 🙂

  6. Always love to check in with your farm community, Celie…we have no wind or rain here in New England: just blistering hot sun! It’s very dry here; I’ve had the sprinkler on, which feels very wasteful and weird in April.

  7. Your ‘Piggy Palace’ looks lovely! Pigs are lovely clean animals – well, in the toilet department at least! – so you might find that they don’t need training at all as hopefully their mum’s already done it for you. Consistant inclement weather may pander to their lazyness a wee bitty!

  8. A stormy day here too (relatively!). I like your high hopes for your piggies, they sound like they’re going to have a very luxurious existence. 🙂

  9. I love the pigsty! It really is very open and accommodating! I think my favorite farm animals are baby pigs! I must admit you surprised me with the goal to train them to “go” outside! I’m so glad today appears to give you a calmer weather day! You have much to do! Good day to YOU, Celi! Can’t wait for all the babies! Debra

  10. I do enjoy it when you take us on these walk-abouts, Celi. Your tub o’ lettuce serves a useful purpose and is a great idea. Yesterday’s wind snapped a tree bough that broke a neighbor’s car window. If it was that strong around here, it must have really been something for you out there on The Flats. Have a great day!

  11. A beautiful wander, today. I love that shot of Thing Two! I’m so glad that your weather is improving. We’ve had the wind too, and on Saturday we were planting bushes (46 of them) in a spring snow storm, wet and blowing horizontally!

  12. what a breath of fresh air, but no barnyard smell; for an urban soul, i find that splendiferous; loved the pictures, particulary the picture of the guinea hens; gorgeous color; your writng makes me love your pregnant cow; how good is that? best of the day to you

  13. A much calmer day today. I’ve been busy, but not today, so I caught up with my blog friends this morning.

  14. Great shot of Thing Two. Yes, that outline is striking! Oh the wind…amazing the importance of four small walls and a roof. In the midst of travesty, the animals know how and where to congregate and hunker down – no matter the make or model. What a lesson in basics.

  15. morning everyone, i have a been a little bit busy this morning so have not got to all your lovely messages, and YOU KNOW WHY..we have been having lambies. .. a few hiccups but now we have three big live lambs and a very grumpy mum! Now back to work for me.. pics tomorrow.. They are gorgeous! c

  16. Morning my friend 😀
    It is so refreshing to wake up to your beautiful country photos!
    Of course I am a little biased towards Kupa 😉
    But then Mama is well so cute!
    Gah too difficult all your animals are beauties!

    Choc Chip Uru

  17. Morning… er, good afternoon, c! Glad to see everyone peaceful after that wind. How did you do your tub ‘o lettuce?? Just line the bottom with rocks?? xo smidge the city slicker:)

  18. Congrats on the lammies to Mama and to you. So sorry about the one lost, but happy everyone else is doing well. Poor Daisy, now she really won’t get any attention for a while!

  19. Aww.. look at the beautiful Ms. Daisy. I haven’t forgotten about her, as you know Cecilia :). I can’t wait till she gives birth.. and I know she can’t either. So she can get her girly figure back 🙂

  20. I love the idea of house lettuce. I always want lettuce on my sandwiches, but my children don’t eat lettuce and my husband is fibre-phobic, so I never actually buy the stuff. Clearly, I just need to grow some in a lovely tub, call it a decoration, and harvest at my leisure 🙂

  21. Beautiful final shot. Ah yes, the wind yesterday ’bout knocked me off my bike… finally, do you replant after the lettuce tub is done?

  22. Well done Mama. Can’t wait to see lambies dancing across the blog this afternoon.

  23. Hi busy Celi (and farmy family)! It sounds busy where you are, but I love that you stop to acknowledge + see the beautiful moments too. I miss my blog! But I am making up for that by reading ones like yours x

  24. Love the picture of your lettuces popping up out of the enamel basin, and am intrigued to know how you train the pigs to poo outside. Nice to see the walnut tree recovering. Wishing you a calm day.

  25. I think I sleep way better when the wind is not galing! Wonder if you will get a calf before the lambs? Have a good day Celi 🙂

  26. Can you really train pigs to do their “business” outside? Your little tub of lettuce is so cute!

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