New Lambs: Meet Minty, Meadow and The Murphy

I posted your page yesterday morning then pulled a sweatshirt over my nightie with yoga pants underneath, dragged on my gumboots and popped out to check Mama again before beginning the mornings work.   I walked into bedlam. There were four lambs born. Two flat out on the straw and not moving and two struggling to their feet. I had checked her at 4 am, John had checked her when he went to work at 5.30. This was 7am. She had slipped through the cracks and had her lambs without me, the last one had been born just before I stepped around the corner of the barn. And he was still in his bag, quite still.

I tried to revive the big last born lamb to no avail.  He never breathed. Then miserably  I turned to the other one who looked dead as well. I smacked her and swung her and smacked her again, and rubbed and rubbed and then with a great shudder the wee thing coughed and lifted her head. 

This is Meadow. She and I  and Mama struggled to keep her alive.  As I dried the other two and tried to get them to drink,  I hung Meadow over my knee with her head downwards in an attempt to drain her lungs. She rasped and coughed and wheezed. I rubbed her dry and kept rubbing to keep her breathing.  She could not stand or drink.  Her head was down.  I ran back to the house and grabbed the colstrum milk from the freezer and started it thawing.  By then the other two had wobbled to their feet and The wee Murphy immediately found the nipple but he kept falling off as Mama paced.   Mama was still in a panic about her dead lamb, returning to him again and again to wake him.  I was quietly drying the lambs and rubbing Meadow and moving lambs again and again under Mama to drink but it was not working. There was too much going on, it was bedlam.  The place was a mess. She would not be still.

The sun was shining, and it was a beautiful still morning so I decamped the three lambs and Mama outside into the small pen in the Salad Bar Paddock.  This had been Mama’s field for a while now. It must have been about 8.30 by then. And warm, much warmer out there.  Here is Minty, Meadows sister, moments later. 

I laid Meadow down and raced back to the house for more towels and a warmie for her. This is what I found when I returned. 

I am still not entirely sure what Mary’s Cat thought she was doing.  But seconds after this Mama bore down on her, scattering Lambs and the cat was evicted.  I wrapped Meadow and fed her a sip of the warm colostrum.  Mama still would not let Minty feed so I gave her some as well. The Murphy  (who I have discovered I have no single shot of, I will fix that today) was the strongest and seemed to be able to feed OK as Mama relaxed . 

See Meadow’s cold downy ears but at least by now she was lifting her wobbly head by herself, which was a good sign I thought. So we continued with the drying and feeding and watching. Mama was observed chasing a chicken out of the pen! 

She was in quite the mood for a while. Minty was wobbling about well. They were warming up and much to my delight Meadow was able to finally stand and shudder about. Three hours after her birth. 

They all got a wee feed from Mama. 

Meadows was so excited about being on her feet,

…that she proceeded to fall asleep on her feet.  By the way that is a red rag in the background, nothing icky.

Now everyone was up and warm and dry and had a drink.  Then the  wind  begun to blow. Of course it did. I went back to the barn and cleared out the dirty straw and cleaned their pen.  Put down fresh straw and by 11 am they were all tucked up in the Sunroom in the Barn.

All the bad smells were gone and Mama settled down beautifully. Below  is the only shot of all three. 

I will get a better one today. Well the next one is all three as well but The Murphy had laid his wee headie down already.  Lambs only hours old need their sleep. 

The Murphy seems to be working hard at not getting in the shot, I will get a better one today. But look at those smiles.

Good morning.  Everyone had a good night. The Murphy is feeding well and has not really  needed supplementing. Meadows continued with her colostrum for a while and I am hoping she will start drinking properly from her mother today. It appears that Minty will  be the one I will adopt. She and her Mother have not taken to each other. So Minty will be the old folks home lambie.

Minty actually weighed in as the biggest at a little under 14 pound, with The Murphy at 13 and a half and Meadows at 13. The one we lost was bigger than them all.  So Mama was carrying around 50 pounds of weight in the end. No wonder she was big.

Now I am off out to work.  Please excuse any errors as I am working fast today. You all have a great day. Oh and I must tell you, last night I forgot to lock the peacock back in.  So he took himself up into the rafters of the barn with the other birds. Good Kupa. He is now totally free, this is a good safe place for them all at night.  No dogs can get them up there.

Good morning. My camera and my dog and I are off out into a misty morning! Have fun.



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  1. CongratulatIons to you all on these very exciting arrivals! Such a shame that one didn´t make it, but nature has a funny old way of dealing with things. And good old Mama just got on with it when her time came. They are perfect, long may they flourish!

    • They are doing so well today, at this very moment they are sleeping in a shaft of sunshine that is picking its way into the sunniest pen in the barn, this is why we call it the sunroom.. Morning tanya! c

  2. Congratulations to the whole farmy! What a wonderful addition. I’m sure the whole experience was quite intense having to save baby Meadow and making sure everyone was off to a good start. They are so sweet. Looking forward to more posts about them. All the very best these coming days, Celi!

  3. Wow! It all happened so fast. So sad about the one lamb but happy for the three beauties. Mama must feel lighter than air this morning after her ordeal. Life is rich, is it not?

    • It is sad about the big lamb, if i had been there i may have saved him, but one of those things I suppose. c

  4. See! I just knew that she would deliver when nobody was watching. They are so cute and I never knew they could be so big at birth! ouchies for Mama. t

    • I know, a shame really that i had not been watching, then we may have had four live lambs but oh well, they are a good size! c

  5. I am so sorry for the loss of the lamb. The three little fighters are adorable! When I worked on a sheep farm, I was amazed at how tame the bottle-raised lambs could be. They were like puppies with hooves. Minty will have a great time at the old folks’ home!

    • Minty has learnt fast too, already she comes to me when the others go to their Mama, but she could not have raised all three, one of her nipples has always had a flow problem.. c

  6. Finally! The delivery. While the loss of the biggest lamb saddens me, I am so happy the other three are thriving, thanks to your intervention. What sweet, sweet faces these babes have. I believe they’re even cuter than baby calves, with which I have such familiarity. We never had sheep on our dairy farm. Good to hear all is now also going seemingly well with Mama. Congratulations, C, on these new, delightful additions to the Farmy.

    • Morning Audrey. poor old Mama is limping again this morning, so I shall have to look at her foot tonight, but she is gallantly standing for her lambs every time they call to her.. c

  7. Félicitations. But I am concerned for you, Celie, you must be worn to a frazzle. Your care for these littlies is exemplary. At least the three survivors will be around to benefit from the love and devotion to be found at the farmy.

    • Not quite a frazzle but the house is showing some signs of neglect. I am sure that now we finally have these little feet on the ground i will get back into a better routine myself! there will be night feeding for a while though.. ah well.. c

    • Morning Pink, I must pop over and see what you are up to, i could do with something pink this morning! c

  8. I must say, I am proud of Mamma and proud of you! Such work you two accomplished to bring these adorable fluff balls into our world! Excellent. I am just beaming for you, smiling from ear to ear. That warm mid-morning sun must have felt delicious to them. 🙂

    • Thank you Jess, at least she has no trouble birthing. They are still scrawny but doing well.. and thank you so much for all the moral support!! I had a wee wine on the verandah at the end of the day just like you said.. c

  9. Congratulations! What a morning! I was reading as fast as I could- I can’t believe all that you and Mama went through. The lambs are beautiful. Yay!

    • In the end we have three healthy little lambs so all good, it is a bit frightening though trying to make a lamb live, but at least meadow pulled through ok.. you have a lovely warm evening.. is your weather cheering up? c

  10. Well done all of you! i hope you are having a wee rest too somewhere in the day, new life is always miraculous and such a joy, xx

    • I actually feel like taking on new projects now, i had gone into a single minded watchfulness this last week that is not very productive, but am raring to go now! Morning joanna.. c

  11. CONGRATULATIONS! After all you patient waiting, what a reward. I know you’ll be sad for a while about the lost lamb but as always, Mother Nature knows best. Weel done Mama, what a star!

    • She is a star, the old girl, she will be sleeping a lot today too! AND she is eating like a horse! cc

  12. Wonderful, exciting, marvellous and miraculous! Well done to you all. Sorry to hear about the largest of the lambs though but that’s how nature works.

    • Strange isn’t it, he was a big boy but DOA. nothing to be done about it. if mama does this again i think i might set up camp in the barn for the last week! c

  13. Been waiting to see these since your tweet yesterday! 😀
    Good that you’ll only have to feed the one – that’s enough extra work for anyone!
    Next up, Daisy!

    • Yes, she will be easy too, she is a good drinker already.. Yes now we cal all turn our lazy eyes to Daisy who is waiting patiently at her gate for the grass to dry enough for them to go out into the clover.. well maybe not that patiently! c

  14. They are beautiful! Congratulations again. A trying morning in the circle of life again, but happy that Minty, Meadow, and Murphy pulled through!!

    • Poor old thing kept licking him and pawing at him with her hoof, it was best to move her out into her little home paddock.. c

  15. Congratulations to Mama (and to you)!!!! I couldn’t wait to read this this morning and see the pics. The lambs are precious and such cute little names. What a morning you had! So happy for you Celi – and for Mama. 🙂

  16. Morning Kristy, it was a good result, and later on today if it gets warmer maybe they can come out onto the grass again for a wee while.. c

  17. Meadow is adorable in that first photo. Too bad about the lost lamb. Mary’s Cat clearly wants to be where the action is and thinks he is just as wonderful as new lambs.

  18. Congratulations and what fun! New babies on the farmy! They are absolutely adorable, can’t wait to see more pictures. I can’t believe Mama was carrying around 50 pounds of babies. For some reason that reminded me of my aunt that was pregnant with her second set of twins. Yes two sets. The second set weighed 7 pounds each. She was huge, I’ve never seen anything like it. She looked similar to Mama…lol.

    Hope you have a wonderful day with those babies! ~ April

  19. Congratulations on your new family members. Wow poor mama had 4 babies inside her womb. My goodness. I am sorry for the loss but sometimes things are meant to be and mama has 3 lovely babies. Looking forward to reading about their upcoming adventures. Take care, BAM

  20. Wow, thanks for this amazing post and for once again allowing us to vicariously participate in such a wondrous event. I am very sorry that you lost a lamb. It seems like your watchfulness and care for all the beasts in your keeping are exceptional, though, so I hope you are not bearing blame for that loss. On the other hand, I would watch my back if I were a lamb and named MInty by my human! I would make sure I did not get too saucy, or it might give one ideas 😉

  21. Yay, Mama hatched! I’m sorry that one of them didn’t make it but the triplets look like they’re doing well, you’re going have a busy few days ahead with them all. And they are adorable! 🙂

  22. oh what excitement! so so ad about the dead lamb. did you bury him? they are too precious for words!

    • yes we did bury him, he went back into the ground.. poor darling, but he was worthy of a proper burial.. even without breath.. c

  23. Thanks for the pics and the story! Reminds me of when we had goats. Hope that they all work out well today. 🙂

  24. What a day you & Mama shared yesterday! Sorry one of the li’l ones didn’t make it but it sounds to me like you saved Meadow. The 3 of them are really cute, Celi. Mama must be very proud. 🙂 And you should be proud, too. You never cease to amaze.

  25. Hi Celi!

    The lambs are beautiful. I hate that one didn’t make it, but the other three are something! I awarded you the Just Kidding award over at my blog today. There are no strings to the award; you just receive it, and enjoy it. I did use your photographs of the lambs in it to help show my readers about your blog. I hope that was okay. Here is the link to the post:

    Have a great day!


  26. Congratulations. They’re beautiful. Love the smiles. 🙂

  27. What a mid-wife you are! And these little tykes are absolutely precious. One of my fondest memories from childhood is petting a lamb, burying my fingers in its wool–this at the Hawthorn Melody Farm, a place for city people to experience farm creatures, 60-some years ago.

  28. Oh they are just precious! What a day you had! I am so sorry that one little lamb didn’t survive. It sounds like Mama really understood the loss, too, and that’s just a remarkable animal-mother instinct. Thankfully, since Mama decided to give birth in secret, you came in and saved Meadow! Great pictures and wonderful names! Your workload just increased by three new precious lives…I’m glad Kupa can be more independent now. You have a lot to manage. I can’t wait to show my granddaughters the pictures of these new babies! Debra

  29. Congratulations! They are beautiful! It’s going to be so much fun now on the farmy, you can just watch them for hours 😉 Now it’s Daisy’s turn. Good luck to her!

  30. Ohhhh. They are so SWEET with their little pink noses and smiles! And to see Mary’s cat next to Meadow certainly gives you a sense of scale of just how wee the lambs are. So glad to hear everyone is doing well today in spite of such a rocky start. You are such a good mama to all your lambs and sheep, celi. Congratulations!

  31. I am so sorry to hear about the other lamb. Reminds me of when my dog had puppies and one died. It was disheartening. But Meadow did survive and looks absolutely beautiful. Mama did good 🙂

  32. Wonderful post. So pleased that the lambs are born, and sad for the loss of one. Living where we are death is always a close companion to life, but it still hurts.

  33. I showed the lambs to the kids they are excited, when can we go! when can we go! Sorry we are busy this weekend. Awwwww. Why are you busy?! I schedule work when I can and I did and mom’s boss asked her to take on some more dogs to walk this weekend. Awwww. We’ll see what we can work out, okay? okay.
    Congratulations to you and Mama on the three additions!

    • That is fine.. we can schedule a time for you that would suit.. I love having kids on the farmy.. maybe in a fortnight.. c

  34. I am sad for you and Mama that one lamb didn’t survive. The pictures of the new born lambs are lovely. Sounds like quite a morning. 😉

  35. Congratulations on your new additions! Meadows falling asleep while still standing reminds me of the black Labrador we used to have. The first day we had him as a puppy he would be sitting up but was so tired he kept closing his eyes and flopping back over his back and curling over!

  36. Hurrah for Mama! Well done everyone! I’m racing to a ferry, but will read the details once I’m safely at sea. I couldn’t resist letting you know how thrilled I am that all is well. Damn! Those Golden Blankets really work! 😀

    • Oh no, Celi. I’ve now had a chance for a quick read. One little one didn’t make it. That is so sad, but you managed to rescue the third wee one.

  37. Action packed, and the verb “frought” comes to mind – in the end victorious celebration; joy in the morning

  38. Beautiful! Congratulations, c! Hug Mama for the kids and I. My Bug polished off two turkey sandwiches and a whole apple for lunch and thinks your lambs need superhero capes, but I think that one should go to you. I hope the new family had a lovely day.

  39. Sorry to hear that you loss one, but so happy to know that you shed Meadow. The three newborns look very cute C. 🙂

  40. Congratulations! So fantastic to have three little lambs, though sad about the lost one. It’s awe-inpsiring to think of Mama carrying all that weight for so long. She must be feeling relieved, and you too. Soon they will be skipping and dancing. By the way, I enjoy the names you come up with. You should write a Names Book for animals!

  41. I wish you joy with the new little ones. I was so excited when your post came today, but just like life in general, there is always some sadness that goes along with happiness. We must celebrate LIFE!

  42. Congratulations to the family, and to you; it’s a shame to lose one, but nature has it’s own way.
    Thanks for the run-down of the birthing too, I enjoyed every minute and so glad you were there to help at the end. They are beautiful lambs, I love their names! Wonder why Mama has not taken to Minty? She is going to be one special little lambie, visiting the old folks.

  43. Yay, celi! Three little lambs who found their way; bah, bah, and bah. Congratulations, you, that’s wonderful!

  44. My friend you must be ecstatic to have such gorgeous additions to your wonderful farm family 😀
    It must have been intense during the birth but it seems to all be worth it – congratulations 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  45. Hooray! No looking worked!

    My question now is why you call him “The Murphy” instead of just “Murphy?” Is “murphy” some sort of generic sheep term like “wether” or “dam?” Maybe it means something like “the strongest lamb of the litter?”

  46. What a lovely surprise! Though bedlam is probably not the preferred scenario. So glad to see those adorable babies.

  47. Thank you and love love love all your comments, Mama is having rather a hard time i am a bit distracted.. thank you all so very much.. all babies are good.. ALL babies.. even lambie babies! c

  48. oh Celi, hugs and commiserations all at once! Nature knows best and I hope the lambs have a thriving day today 🙂

  49. My goodness what a morning and how exciting, so pleased 3 of the darlings made it through. Such cute photos, well done Mama and Mama Celia

  50. I was thinking of mama yesterday as we drove home, the final leg is across marshes, a beautiful landscape, and at this time of year dotted with sheep and their lambs. A lovely welcome home sight. And yes I did wind the window down as we drove past…. mint …..

  51. Oh.. c!!! I’m so excited, these photos are stunning.. I love the one with the sun shining on them at the end of your post.. they look like wee angels there! I’m sad you have lost one, but heaven needs to have a few lambs frolicking about too, I guess! Love love love xoxoxoxo

  52. Can’t believe I never had interest yesterday and was out all of today so only got to read about our babies now! So very sad to have lost one little lam but very exciting about our other 3! Can’t wait to read more. Congratulations!
    🙂 Mandy xo

  53. OMG! I’ve been so busy with work and visitors that I missed Mama’s lambs being born! But, how precious is Meadows falling asleep on her feet??? She might be my favorite so far.

  54. The three little ones are so cute…sorry that the biggest one didn’t make it.

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  56. I am behind on posts! So glad you got three healthy and lovely lambs! (And so sorry you and Mama didn’t get all four – I never even know sheep could have four at a time!) Marvelous. they are absolutely adorable!!!

  57. I missed this one while I was on Sardinia. I’m pleased there are 3 lovely lambs. Fancy that poor sheep having 4 babies!!!!!

  58. Congratulations on the new additions to the family. Sorry about the little one that didnt make it. Such a beautiful post Celi. Thanks for sharing.
    Regards Florence xx

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