Band Practice in the Barn as Sheep get Lost!

Easy to pick the lead singer and the bass player, there are couple of backing vocals,  and the screaming lead guitar. 

The mosh pit. A groupie got lost in the grid, trying to sneak in.The manager is looking stern from the lighting box.And here is the the sound guy, who came late and forgot his board, which wouldn’t make any difference to the sound anyway.  It just sounds like a whole lot of hot chooks screeching whichever way you play it.  Its just a chick band anyway, he says. The drummer is late. He has a tendency to sleep in. InTo the afternoon.

They were all screeching when I took these shots too. They are loud when they all get going! I wonder what they call themselves.

Yesterday I came back from my weekly shop to find an empty rat house paddock. The sheep were gone.  My heart sunk. We looked everywhere for them. There were no gates open, no sign of an escape. No way could they have gotton out, but they were gone. 

We tried banging on a bucket and calling them.  They had to have run off  because they are all gone. They would stay as a flock. Their call is Lambie and it goes a long way.  So I banged on the bucket and called. And look who popped out of the root cellar. 

Someone had pushed the door aside and they had gone down into the cool underground cellar. Naughty sheeps. Scaring Miss C. 

Oh there is the drummer!

I guess he had been practicing on his kettle drum and fell asleep.  Drummers always have big feet. Have you noticed that?

Good morning! Today is dawning fine and cool. Another perfect day for the garden.  I don’t know what the forecast is. I mustn’t be a real farmer because I seldom look to see.  But it will be hot and good for the growing. The beans are up, did I tell you?

Oh, two good things I must tell you! Since the piggies lost their paddling pool and got a growling because of using it as a toilet, they have been trotting out into the field to do their business. I have not had to muck out their sty in days.  Success. And Stinky the Second is proud to announce that she can fly up to the perch now and sleeps up there with her sisters every night instead of crying on the floor.

No-one has time to build an ark for them this summer so they will be re-assimilated into the big chook house flock again soon.  Not as much fun but they are even bigger now.  I will string some net across the top of the run to keep out hawks, and keep them in their small cage in there for a week, again, until the older chooks ignore them.  Then released.  They are flying over the sides of their small run now, so they have to go back in. Play time is over.

A diary date: If Daisy goes to term she is  due to calve in exactly two weeks. Exciting!

Have a wonderful day. And if it is not going to be all wonderful, days seldom are, watch out for the wonderful moments, they will be there.




79 Comments on “Band Practice in the Barn as Sheep get Lost!

  1. Naughty sheep, indeed!
    Hope they’re not taking over where Daisy left-off…She hasn’t been whispering in their fuzzy little ears, has she?
    Wonderful thought to leave us with, C…there are marvelous moments in every day, if we only look for them.
    Happy Gardening!

    • Well Daisy spent a lot of time watching them, they were really screeching their heads off the whole time I was taking the shots! Jiggling up and down like idiots!! c

  2. I can hear the din in my imagination, the way you write! What a bunch! Love your parting line. There always are wonderful moments, aren’t there?… even in a bad day.

    • If we did not have those wonderful moments we would not know when we were happy.. morning maggie! c

  3. Giggling and chuckling here Celi. Now the name of the band – “why did the chicken cross the road” might be too long, but let’s start the ball rolling ….
    And the drummer looks like a drummer should – hariy.

  4. What fun photographs this morning! Who knew sheep were so smart and how did they get out of their pen? I was so worried someone had stolen them!

    Love the picture of the kitty on the table with the red and yellow. That one is definitely destined for a post card!

    Have a lovely day! We are back into much cooler weather and rain. Looking forward to hopefully some 70’s next week. 🙂 ~ April

    • Morning April, they had three little fields they were cruising, one of them is the rat house paddock where the root cellar is, so I should have guessed! Sheep like to walk about.. c

  5. Cacophonyx – Perfect name for the band. It was Aunty Mia that led the young ones astray and Mama had to go check too. Looking forward to Daisy’s calf, starting the count down here too.
    enjoy the concert 🙂 . Laura

  6. That was so, so funny. Why do the girls rarely fancy the drummer…yours looks pretty cute?! And where was the catering truck 😉

  7. That “Cacophonyx” is an excellent band name suggestion. I’m glad the lost sheep were found. Those pigs are smart — too bad they had to foul their pool before adjusting their behavior.

  8. Oh those sheep, they scared me too! There is always something going on there on the farmy, isn’t there? Ton ton is adorable with the bucket there. What a useful fellow.

    • When my hat blows off in the wind, he runs after it, stands on it, to hold it in place, then grabs it brings it back to me, good dog! c

    • What I love about it is that all the shots are from the same hour or so, then it is a simple process of hanging a story on them. morning audrey! c

  9. Who says that sheep are dumb? Your heart must have been in your mouth but I’ll bet you laughed when you saw those bonnie wee faces emerge!

    • And when they emerged i remembered that they had done this last summer as well! They get so hot out here.. what to do.. c

    • It is a lovely day so far, quite windy though! Oh, she says sarcastically, how unusual!! (laughter!) c

  10. Okay, got my name back!!! Thank goodness!!! Just love this band practice post!!! Somehow, when back in Thailand looking forward to life on the farm we were planning, I never envisioned that it would be so, well…..noisy!!!!!! I’ve gotten used to it, but sometimes I’m still amazed at how noisy it can be around here!!!

    • Oh that was you!! i always let anonymous messages in, It always turns out to be someone I know! and yes NOISY!!! WHAT DID YOU SAY?.. c

  11. C, i found myself reading faster hoping to find you sheep well…Yikes.
    The pic of them wandering out of their hiding space is priceless.

    • yes all well and good, just seeking shade.. I have to leave the shady paddocks open as not all the fields have shade, I want them to be able to get to shade one way or the other..tho it makes for some really rugged pasture management.. however it gets hot.. c

  12. Loving your post and you do have a diverse group – ha! Great Photos and Glad to Hear the Sheep were Found! Have a Great Day:)

  13. Afternoon, c! Love the band shots, especailly of the drummer. 🙂 Don’t you just hate it when the critters give you a fright, dissappearing like that?!

  14. Interesting post, Ceciliag. The drummer seems to have two suits of clothes?

    Came over here univited from KI’s house of charms. Hope you don’t mind the intrusion but, even though this new follower (that’s me, Lindy Lee) is run-amuck in backlog on WordPress, at last no longer can the put-off from joining you to the long list go on. This is based on the fact that anyone who is a loyal follower of KI’s definitely must be followed…

    • Well, welcome Lindy Lee! Lovely to see you, I must pop over to your pages and get to know you too! c

  15. Rock out in this moshpit for sure! Headbanging with the sheep and fist pumping too 😀
    Naughty lil cute lil sheep 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

    • Morning Chip.. I have a feeling that they may have a heavy metal influence!! what do you think? Definitely not Country.. c

  16. I love the picture of the lambs coming out of the root cellar. Too cute. And personally I’d line up for tickets to see your band.

  17. 🙂 Great post as always. I always liked the drummers. Now I know why: they are really pussycats.

  18. Oh, Celi! I laughed out loud in the airport – and people looked at me funny – but you just crack me up with your wonderful imagined conversations! I am en route to a wonderful friend’s wedding and I’m tired and cranky and I”m just so glad that I brought my computer because I wasn’t going to but now you have cheered me up!! THANK YOU!

  19. It was so funny seeing the sheep streaming out of the cellar looking – well – sheepish I guess. All to the sound of the many-voiced band. Your farmy is the site of ongoing dramas of the most entertaining kind.

  20. So glad the sheep were found safe! Love the barn band, I can only imagine how melodic that must have been.

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