Introducing Baby Bobby Blanc

Our baby calf has arrived. Both mother and baby are doing just fine. I am going to let the images tell the story.  A few of these shots are of the actual birth which was perfect. Magic in the field.  I thought I would warn you of the birth photos ahead of time, in case you are a little fragile and want to whizz down the page to the pretty ones at the end.

We started at midday. And it was all over by 1.30. I was very lucky that the breeder was free and able to come over and support me. Of course Daisy was fine and managed it all herself. I was the one that needed propping up. I was on a steep learning curve yesterday.

First your new calf. This is Baby Bobby Blanc. He is mostly white and a very big boy! He has one white nostril and one red one, like a minstrel.

He is big but not that big. 

Now here are three shots of the birth,  You can close your eyes and scroll down but I cannot censor these three. It is too wondrous. 

Big feet said the breeder. 

Big head, said Daisy.

Ok.  Awesome but pretty graphic so lets get to the cute shots! We pulled her baby around to her head and Daisy mooed and cooed and licked and got him all cleaned up. 

We had to force her to stand up as she was on the ground a bit long.
Time for Bobby Blanc to stand up.  He tottered about and was ready to suckle quite quickly but Daisy kept backing away from him so I left them for a while.

Later and Bobby Blanc was nursing.

There now.

When John got home we loaded this incredibly heavy calf onto the back of the pick up truck and I held him with Daisy trotting alongside and into the barn we all went.

With Bobby Blanc alongside, I milked Daisy and tended her udder. Daisy just stood beautifully while I milked. To get the cups onto her ridiculously swollen udder, in my unpracticed  cack-handed way, I was almost knelt right under the cow.  A prime target for a good kick, but she just waited.  I will get better at this I told her as we finished. Once she was free,  with the smallest switch of her tail,  she sauntered back out into the field and began to eat like a starved teenager, leaving me with her baby.

Good morning. They both had a quiet night and very shortly I shall go out and milk again.

And so it begins.  Suffice to say I did not get a cup of tea yesterday either. It was all too new to me and I could not settle for a smoko break at all. But I did have that glass of wine you recommended as the sun went down on a very successful day.

Have a lovely day.  I am back on that learning curve.  There will be a lot of calf gazing today too!  And lots of prettier pictures tomorrow. And plenty of shuffling chores into a new routine!


107 Comments on “Introducing Baby Bobby Blanc

  1. Many congratulations to you, Daisy, the farmie, Mother Nature, and welcome to the world Baby Bobby. I hope that you’re Not disappointed that Daisy’s first a boy rather than a girl. 🙂

    • As you can imagine I am just relieved all went well and I have a live calf..have a lovely day misky and viv! c

      • I am constantly appalled by what happens in many farms when a male calf is born. With so many people in the world going to bed hungry, I don’t understand why those calves can’t be raised for meat. It’s not as if dairy prices are like gold, right?

  2. This is so wonderful, and just what I needed today! Bobby Blanc is massive, and I’m always amazed by how fast animals are up and on their feet. What lovely eyelashes he has, too. Sounds like a great experience all round. Congratulations on your successful milking, I’m so glad to hear it went well and Daisy behaved herself.

  3. Well done the both of you, and welcome Bobby Blanc. He is gorgeous and posing so beautifully only 1 hour after birth! Laura

  4. Awesome start to the morning, C! He’s beautiful, and so is the Proud Mama!
    Have a wonderful day, and thanks so much for sharing him with us!

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Beautifully done Daisy.
    C, fear not I will be your proxy with tea drinking until things settle down.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  6. This is so wonderful and I thought the photos were amazing – thank you for managing to take them while all the action was going on. I feel quite emotional about it all and he is just so beautiful. Animals are incredible the way they can stand, walk and feed so soon after birth and Daisy looks to be taking it all in her stride. Sigh, this is fantastic! Now go and have yourself that cup of tea and then wine later on…yuo deserve it!

  7. Of course now I am offline the excitement happens. BB is a beauty. Congrats to all esp Daisy & C! 😀

  8. What an amazing story to read, I am still in bed, iPad on hand, smiling and in awe with the images!

    The “baby” is soooo big, hard to believe it all can work so smoothly!

    congrats to all, I look forward to more and more posts about the family….

  9. Congratulations to Daisy. The new baby is quite mature looking; it’s clear to see why Daisy was so huge. I’m So happy that everything worked out so well.
    The farmy has changed its cast of characters a lot since my first ‘visit.” The Shush sisters, Kupa and his ladies,mama’s twins and now Little Bobby Blanc. What a happy family you’re evolving into!

  10. Yeah! Good job Daisy! In the last picture, she looks like she’s saying “I DID it!!” Let Bobby Blanc suckle as much colostrum as possible…..
    Yeah, again!
    Keep the pictures coming! I KNOW you’ll have a great day, Celi.

  11. Now this is great news! Better still that mother, calf, and you, Celi, are all doing well. Congratulations!
    Just look at how your farmy has grown– and correct me if I’ve forgotten a character. There was the surprise brood of chicks; the eventual arrival of 3 piglets; Kupa and his 2 hens; Mama’s 3 lambs;, and, finally, Daisy and the handsome Bobby Blanc. So many new and additional heartbeats — and they couldn’t get better care anywhere than where they are right now.
    Thanks, Celi, for thinking of us and taking pics of such an incredible event. Have a great day — though yesterday will be a tough act to follow. 🙂

  12. Sitting here with tears in my eyes, and grinning ear to ear!! Congratulations! Whew! Must have been something to see up close and personal. Great job on the milking too. Good for you on the learning curve.

  13. Wonderful and congratulations! He’s just beautiful and what a good mama Daisy is. All those pictures made me kind of emotional! I’m excited for you and wish I could be there to do some calf gazing today.

    Make sure you take some time for your tea today! ~ April

  14. Wowee Yippee and suitable expressions of joy and congratulations. Lovely photos, every one. I sho wed them to Jock and he said “it’s all a lot of bull”. I’m glad the first milking went so well. You are a clever girl with enough energy for 3! Wouldn’t it be great if humans could be delivered in an hour and a half?

    I hope you manage to get some rest.

  15. Welcome Baby Bobby Blanc! Daisy makes it look easy. Is it a noisy experience or are humans the only noisy deliverers? Daisy looks a lot better than I did after delivering! Congratulations to all!

  16. Great freshening pics. I always love to watch the process too, but haven’t had a chance in a few years now (all the cattle are gone at our place). Good luck grabbing your tea today.

    • Oh yes, freshening is the correct term, lovely word. This is the first time I have seen a calf born so it was pretty incredible for me too! c

  17. Is there anything more amazing and exhilarating than watching new life enter the world? Thank you for sharing that experience with us! And congrats!

  18. That is amazing! Thank you for sharing – it’s good to start the day off being reminded of the circle of life 🙂 Welcome baby Bobby Blanc!

  19. He is beautiful! Looking forward to more pictures…maybe even of the milking? It’s been a dream of mine to someday have a milk cow too.

  20. Daisy did quite well for a first time mommy unlike some of us two legged critters. He’s beautiful. Now go have that cup of tea with a shot or two of something “medicinal” in it. t

  21. Mother Nature has been good to all of us. And our miss C sounds quite content.

  22. Daisy did quite well for a first time mommy unlike some of us two legged critters. He’s beautiful. Now go have that cup of tea with a shot or two of something “medicinal” in it. t (sorry if this posts multiple, having WP issues this morning)

  23. O.K. Dumb question time. The animal rights people are always railing about the evils of keeping cows pregnant so that we can have the milk. But it sounds like Daisy has enough milk for Bobby Blanc and you and John, too — is that right? So Daisy will feed her calf for a time and then he will be weaned, right? Congratulations on the successful birth. Good to know that Daisy and Bobby Blanc are doing well.

    • No that is not a dumb question. She already has more than enough milk for everyone, though we will not drink it or make cheese for a week or so. With me milking her that will encourage even more milk, so I will milk her twice a day and bottle feed her calf myself.for at least two months, that way we do not have mastitis or bruised udder worries. The reason i have Daisy is so she can provide milk for the whole farm. This is why i call her the Mother Ship.. She will come into season again while she is milking. Ready to get pregnant and calve again in the spring. The beef cows feed their calves for about 8 months and are pregnant at the same time. It all happens naturally that way if you have a bull around. Have a lovely day sharyn.

  24. Aw, congratulations Daisy! Finally! Will he be a pet cow as he has a name then? Daisy and you have a wonderful relationship, it makes me scoff at those who say that animals don’t have personalities and don’t ‘know’ things. 🙂

    • All the male dairy cows are called bobbies in NZ, so he is a bobby… and will join the beef herd later on.. Our other Bobby is called Baby Bobby, the one before that was called Bad Bobby.. so no he is not a pet really, bulls make bad pets!! (laughter) c

      • Oh OK, slightly different destination then. I had never met the term a bobby before which is where I came unstuck, I like the whole alliteration thing going on in the non-name name. 🙂

  25. Have fun with your new calf and milking. I always enjoyed milking–the warm cow, the marvelous capacity of the udder to produce all the milk in just hours each day…hard to explain. You may find yourself with less blog time though, adding that chore and cheese making to your day.

  26. What a handsome boy! I’ve come across calves shortly after birth, but have never been privileged to see the birthing process as I would wish to. Thank you for sharing, and congratst to you and Daisy.

  27. Congratulations to all of you….Beautiful and Amazing photos….especially the birth!! Thank-you so much for sharing that beautiful moment with us!! 🙂

  28. Hip Hip Hooray !!! Welcome Bobby Blanc ! I am always in complete awe of the miracle of birth. Just look at those eyes !! Thank you for sharing !
    I love the idea, and being part of, the collective “we ” that witnesses and brings energy to your
    farmy. Not only is it fun is such positive light and love traveling through the universe.
    Thank you C… for this opportunity !!


  29. well finally daisy! i was ready to calf waiting for you!!! a great big baby boy too. how totally miraculous. welcome to the world bobby blanc and the blogospere too! i look forward to many more pics!

  30. Congratulations, he is beautiful! I am so happy for you! Daisy is very good cow, and you will get better with milking and will enjoy endless goodness with this milk. 😉

  31. I had a feeling that when I got home and read your daily post, there would be a new addition! Welcome to the little guy, and the photos weren’t disturbing at all 🙂

  32. Welcome to the world baby boy! Oh my goodness I loved each and every photo. That may be the closest I ever come to witnessing such a birth, and I’m in awe and grateful for the opportunity. And isn’t Daisy a wonderful mother…blessings on you all, dear Celi! Your learning curves are magnificently brave….and just wondrous! Debra

  33. Congrats on the new addition – how exciting – he is a BEAUTIFUL. Mama seems to be taking to her calf well too – GREAT NEWS! Have a Great Weekend:)

  34. Hooray! Congrats and thankyou for sharing! All the photos are wonderful, because honesty is the way to go. It’s real and Daisy and her baby are just gorgeous. I wish I could have such a lovely family of animals as you have, however I get to enjoy and live vicariously through your delightful blog. Thank you again and cheers! Gina

  35. Excellent! Congratulations to Daisy and the larger family!

  36. Congratulations on the new addition to the farmy! Thanks for sharing your adventure in calving. Amazing.

  37. Hurrah! He’s arrived: congratulations to Daisy on Baby Bobby. Bet she feels a whole lot lighter now. If a little tender. She’s a trooper 😀

  38. Awesome shots of the birth. I’m so glad you included them all. What a miracle it is! And what a handsome, strapping calf. How marvellous that Daisy is trusting you so well, and that you had your first milking. And that the birth took place in the daytime rather than the dead of night. I’m jumping up and down with excitement for you.

  39. I am away visiting my mom this weekend so am late in the heartfelt congratulations to you, Daisy and the farmy! He is truly a beautiful boy, that Bobby Blanc, and Daisy looks so proud and relieved…and happy! So my mom, who grew up on a farm in south Mississippi, asked me what breed of cow Daisy is, and while I know you’ve mentioned it at some point, and probably several times, can you tell me? I have very spotty internet service here and it would take me until I got home to look it up and tell her! Happy, happy days to you all!~Betsy

    • Daisy is an Ayrshire, it is a tall rangy Scottish breed that does well on forage ,, which is good as I don’t feed my cows GM corn.. and there is no other kind of feed corn around here.. tell your mum HULLO and thank you for asking! Have a great weekend..c

  40. I am so happy for you all. Congratulations! He is soooooo cute!

  41. Magic! The miracle of birth never ceases to amaze me and fill me with wonder- human, animal, whatever it is . . . it’s awesome!
    A warm welcome to Bobby Blanc and congratulations to Daisy and the farmy on your delightful new addition.The photos are great, even the actual birth ones, thanks for sharing them Celi, they are very special.

  42. The Salers don’t let you watch. They separate from the herd and then nip off into the trees.

    • poor old daisy had been hanging about down the back of the field for two days, but I raised her from a calf so she lets me pretty close. Salers.. i must look them up! morning jean! c

  43. YEA! Bobby Blanc is just so handsome. And Daisy seems to be taking it all calmly. So glad.
    All I can say is Hooray – Good job Daisy!
    And all deserve a good night’s sleep.

  44. Congratulations to my Daisy!! I’m very happy to hear that everything went smoothly and a big hello to Mr. Bobby Blanc. Give Daisy my love C and I’ll be back on a regular basis this Monday. Hope you are having a great weekend!!

  45. Wow! That was absolutely incredible Celi. Such a beauty to see (graphic shots and all). Baby Bobby Blanc is just precious. Congrats!

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