I never thought it would happen to me

Buoyant with the notion that it was going to get cooler yesterday, I spent the late morning tackling some of the jobs I had been ‘leaving ’til after’. I heaved over water troughs and scrubbed the green out of them, refilling them with clear cold water and a little cider vinegar. I got the tractor out and cleaned the Shush Sisters’ Pigsty, scooping all the muck  and straw into the tractor bucket. I picked and chopped everyones lunch.  The animals lunch that is.  I pulled down another few bales of hay, loaded up the wheelbarrow and fed the cows under the trees.  I added a clip to my step pushing just a little harder.  Starting job after job. Around the middle of the day it became apparent that it was not cooling down at all in fact it was hotting up, and half way through a task I realised that the light was not sparkly – I was seeing stars. The shovel was not heavy – it was my chest that was heavy. The thermometer was reading 104 and I was feeling a bit unwell. The air I was dragging into my lungs was hot. Really hot.

But I was sick of it. I had had it with the heat. I had put off too many jobs for too long because of the heat and that was that.  I was going to get this finished. 

By the time I finally let myself go inside I was having trouble walking, I had stopped sweating and my head was pounding.  I felt too nauseous even to drink. I lay down in front of a fan and fell completely and immediately asleep. I never thought this would happen to me.  I do not succumb to the weather.

When John got home a few hours later he got such a fright to find me lying down in the middle of the afternoon that he poked me to see if I was alive.

I had narrowly avoided sunstroke I think. My body had started to boil. I told you that heat is a great weight loss program.  The heat sat at 104 all the rest of the day. It was another very hot day. 

Awake now, I decided to sit down for a wee while to recover and cruise some of my favourite blogs and see what was what. That is when I discovered that I have become invisible. I looked at my weeks numbers. Hundreds of my readers have dissappeared and most of the comments I had been making throughout the week on your pages were not showing.   And most of the blogs I am following are no longer showing on the reader or in my email.  Am I in your spam folder? Have I dropped off your reader?  Have you dropped off mine? Am I really here? Hullo!!  Has there been a catastrophe, should I listen to the news? What is happening? Has WordPress got sunstroke too?  Ah well. I will find you.

Good morning.  I blame my narrow excape from sunstroke on being brought up at the beach. I forget how insidious the humid heat on the prairies really is. Yes, I was wearing my wide brimmed wedding hat. Yes, I had been drinking water. No, I had not gone back inside out of the heat.  You know what they say about mad dogs and Englishmen going out in the midday sun.  Ah well.

In New Zealand, just outside of a town called Rotorua, is a secret hot pool. Rotorua is known for its geothermal activity, its hot water, mud pools and tourism. This hot pool is not commercial or fancied up, it looks like a big clear deep puddle.  It belongs to the locals. To find it you  have to drive down some side roads and under bridges, park, then walk a wee way back into the bush. It is a wide warm pool of water. Fed by two streams. One hot and one cold. I used to visit it often when I was driving  and I never once saw another person there.   I would hang my dress in a tree, leave my sandals on the bank and just walk straight into the water.  Early Autumn was the best time for this. At the far end of the pool the two streams enter very close to each other and I discovered that if you floated in the warm water close to where the streams flowed into the pool, holding onto this big rock, that an arm of cold water would curl around your body as you lay floating  in the heat.

The sensation of the cold stream moving through the hot stream, delaying its passage for just a moment as it washed over your shoulders and down to your waist and away, is so hard to describe. I have tried for years to find the right words. The water became animate in a way. If you were able to colour the streams then you would watch a transparent deep teal column of colour swirl in. Flicking its bluegreen tail like a fat eel, mixing the colours for a moment. I used to say it was a welcome chill from the embrace of a long dead lover. Someone you miss terribly and always will. Their touch makes you flinch it is so cold and so incongruous and from another world but you want to feel it just a little longer. My skin shivers at the memory.

Yesterday in the evening I felt a cool stream of air, just like this cold water. It sliced cleanly in through the heat, brushing up against my overheated body, then moving past, followed by more and then more.   The stream of cool air widened as it gathered confidence. I stood on the verandah in the dark and breathed in the blessed coolness like a starving woman.  Then  I walked around the house opening all the windows and doors and positioning the fans to suck more of this glorious bluegreen air into the house.

Today I will finish those tasks I started yesterday. You have a lovely day.  You can Leave  your Hat on, but come in out of the beating sun if it is still at your place.

Please check your spam folder and see if I am in there.  Set me free.


Today.. a year ago.. the bees swarm. This was my second post ever. Not destined for the book I think. But well worth checking out if you are interested in  capturing a swarm of bees.

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  1. My numbers are way down on stats
    I posted a thermometer from yesterday registering 110. And yes it was sickening but I was shopping in a bookstore not doing hard work like you. Glad you are okay.
    I will check my spam but have no comments from you in my regular list. Take care Celi
    I am going to go read about the bees

    • 110.. awful.. I don;t know where they are going if they do not go into spam. Today I shall visit everyone in my comments as a test! I love to read and comment and it is aggravating when they vamoose into thin air! . You first Ruth! morning. c

  2. Your certainly not in my spam folder and I’m glad to hear that you’ve recovered from what was apparently a close call with heatstroke. No chance of that here. I seem to be missing hundreds of readers too – unfortunately, in my case, they were in my imagination:)

  3. You dodged a bullet, without a doubt. I can imagine you scared poor John out of 5 years of his life…
    Love the images you paint of the pool back in NZ…I know exactly what you mean with that first cool(er) breath of breeze. It makes you notice, to think, “Ah…change. Thank You…”
    Better day, today, Dear. Take things a little slower – your body needs to recover.

  4. You are not immune to heat, Celi. Be careful and use some sense. Eat something salty if you are going to do heavy work at 104 degrees, as well as replenishing fluids and wearing the hat.

    • The salt is a good idea.. I shall be a good girl now and use some of the sense that was knocked into my brain yesterday.. c

  5. Maybe we know this thermal pool as we were staying in Rotorua and was taken to Kerosene Creek. it was so weird to stand under a waterfall and the water is HOT! You take care in this heat, we are having floods at the moment!

    • No waterfall in this one but that does sound great, i shall look out for it in december when i visit! hope you are all well over there.. c

  6. Glad you are ok! Becareful in that heat! My numbers are down too, you are not in my spam folder!

    • That is because I cannot work out how to comment on your page, your cherry pie looks fab though! c

  7. Celi, I’m glad you’ve recovering from yesterday’s exhaustion. I hope all the farmy animals you were concerned about yesterday are much brighter today.
    Do you use electrolyte drinks when you are working outdoors on the hotter days?
    I’ve found you twice resting in my spam folder; it’s always such a suprise to find you there!

    • I am glad you found me! It is lonely in there with all the loonies! I don’t drink any of those processed drinks, Maybe I should.. just for the salt! c

      • Do an internet search (wonderful things) and you can find recipes for making your own without all the nasties in the store bought ones.

      • No don’t use the processed ones! the salt is out of balance. You want one with some magnesium as well. I’ll look online and see if I can find an equivalent to the one I usually prescribe. Keep well Celi, I’ll make sure you don’t have to spend too much time with the loonies; they were all obscene last time.(apart from you)

        • well thank you so much for rescuing me!! and yes, i would love to know which drinks would be best and i can keep them on hand..for the bad days c

          • Vitalyte seems to be the closest formula to Hydralyte sports which is the brand I’m familiar with………..If you look for a product that contains sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese and copper. Drink it really cold, or made into ice blocks or a gelato.

            Do you want a list of foods that contain these elements as well? if not please ignore!
            sodium; processed foods and table salt
            potassium; spinach, bananas, milk and orange juice.
            calcium; any of Daisy’s goodies
            magnesium; nuts and green vegetables
            iron; meats, spinach, seafood and broccoli
            zinc; seafood, meats and greens
            manganese; nuts,oats,beans and tea
            copper; beans, nuts and fruits.

            • I love this list, thank you for that and i think we are doing well with covering it almost daily.. except i have run out of bananas! I shall find some Vitalyte.. thank you.. c

              • I made a smoothie today trying to put most of the food groups from your list for an almost complete meal; for the next heatwave.
                Here it is:
                1 frozen banana (peeled and frozen overnight) chopped into chunks,
                8oz milk,
                4oz yoghurt (or a couple of scoops of ice cream) or both,
                a handful of spinach leaves or any other greens you enjoy,
                a small handful of nuts,
                plus any other fruits you may like; whizz up in a blender and enjoy!

  8. So glad you’re ok from the heat. We lost a dog and we’re feeling much sadness here. I haven’t even blogged about it yet. I haven’t blogged for about 2 weeks. We’re mostly trying to stay in and just going out to check on the animals more frequently now.
    I did find one of your posts in my spam folder. They do that once in a while but I just haven’t been on much with our power being out 4 days and our internet being intermittent at best. Glad you’ve got cooler weather. Today is also supposed to be our last hot one for a while then we’re supposed to be in the 80’s. .
    The swarm post was informative as was yesterday’s. I would love to get bees but may not till next year if all goes well and maybe not until the following year. Enjoy your coolness!

    • I thought maybe you were just busy with the milking. So sad to lose a dog. You must be miserable. I hope all the rest of your animals and family are doing OK.. It all feels so much more manageable when we are 10 degrees cooler! c

  9. WordPress alerts coming through fine here – can be a bit dicky sometimes coming through 12 hours after I’ve read a post! Not having a wordpress account I have just saved the blogs on my favourites list and then read them when I have time.

    Had to crack the ice on the birdbath this morning. Be kind to yourself today – no point being a dead hero/heroine. 🙂 Laura

    • Morning Laura, Maybe I should go lo tech and save my favourites too, that seems a very sensible idea even when i have wordpress.. c

  10. Take good care of yourself there, Celi. The heat is an entity into itself in this season, or that’s how it feels to me. I hope more cool breezes cone your way to scatter it. (And I’m receiving you loud and clear.)

      • I thought of this post the other day while I was fortifying some of the raised beds against forced chicken entry. I had only been out for about 45 minutes and Ali called me back in for a drink of water and I was so tired out, I could barely get up after. I guess we do get pretty hot up here, too!

  11. I’ve got you. I’ve been on the move though and prior to that, had terrible internet connection. I am just catching up. I had yours yesterday’s post up to read when this arrived in my inbox.
    I fainted several times from the heat as a child and now know my warning signs for fainting. However, I am not bothered by heat any more. Well, perhpas I would be if I was working hard in the sun like you.

    • I remember seeing a kid faint at assembly when I was at school, she just went over like a toy soldier. terrible.. c

  12. Good grief woman, it’s no good looking after old codgers and beasties of all kinds if you DON’T TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! Wonderful description of your dual temperature pool. The ‘fat eel’ part spoke volumes. Have a more careful day.

  13. Don’t you ever do something like that again! High heat and humidity is nothing to play around with. It was 101 here yesterday and just going from walking from the car to inside the grocers I got such a headache. And that was just from being out a couple of minutes. Pace, water, rest, pace. t

  14. I am still here, in Angus, Scotland. We are having the most dreadful summer, but not quite as bad as the folk down in England; where everyone has gone mad today. There is a chance that a plucky Brit has a chance to win Wimbledon. The fact that he is a rather grumpy Scot doesn’t enamour him to the English, but they do tend to clutch at straws. Do take care in the heat. Frances.

    • Well don’t get lost up there Frances!. Though it sounds like you are best out of the furore in Wimbledon anyway! have a lovely day!

  15. wow…that was a close call. if i laid down in the middle of the day my family would think i was dead too! it was 106 here yesterday and i forbade my husband and sun to go to the baseball game. they were not happy but too bad. someone around here has to have some common sense! i know that feeling of the water so well. when i was small we had a plastic pool. it would get very warm on hot days and my father would place the hose in the pool to add cold water. i loved the way the cold water felt pouring over me surrounded by the hot water. take it easy today! we are supposed to be cooler today but it sure did not happen. it is like a hot wall of water when you walk out the door. i have you on my sidebar so you have not disappeared from me!

    • I have never had migraines, in fact i am never sick with anything much.. but who knows, better now anyway! c

  16. I have not lost you to the spam section. You were right in the proper spot of my inbox!!! That’s a LOT of hard work to do extra on top of everything else on a good day, let alone these dreaded hot ones! Hopefully today you won’t become sick by finishing it up! I was at my mom’s the day before yesterday when it was one of the hottest days this yr with terrible humidity, and I was putting together a gazebo and a patio table.. so I can’t be one to talk lol.

  17. Still reading here too! Geez, Ceci, please, please, take care in this heat. I’m reading that the heat is supposed to let up a little starting today. I hope it’s true for you and your poor animals. Enough is enough!! We wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to you! My sister lives in Idaho where there are lots of thermal springs. When we go there, a favorite place we visit is Bonneville Hot Springs near Stanley, Idaho. It’s a hike into the woods, a very beautiful, natural setting where the hot sulfurous water comes bubbling up right out of the ground. You enter the stream into hot water that’s tempered by a nearby running stream. People place rocks to channel the hot water into little pools where there are rock shelves to sit on. You can move a rock to let in more cool water, or swim to places where the hot and cold mix. It is heavenly! And the feeling is just as you describe.

    • That place sounds great, esp lifting a rock to let a little cold in, it must be very hot.. Hot water coming out of the ground is such a fantastic notion.. it must have thrilled many a wagon load of dirty pioneers! c

  18. No spam here…every post coming daily. Just starting to get into a heat spell here too so I will keep your experience in mind. No mid day weeding!!

  19. I hope for your and your critters sake it; you have a cool spell. Our heat broke yesterday it was 60 last night. Perfect sleeping weather. Do take good care.

    One of your comments went to my junk folder; most comments are OK though…


  20. C, how concerning that the heat “attacked” you so! Hope you have a better and cooler day today.
    Thankfully you have not been in spam folder although some of my other regular commenters have been so I wonder if there is something going on with WordPress at the moment…
    🙂 Mandy xo

  21. Glad your feeling better! Yesterday it was 101F here, but we had a slight breeze. I got into our pool (which I never do until he end of aug), so at least I cooled down. I too think that wordpress and facebook haven’t been sending me the blog posts, it’s as if they’re messing with us again! Take it a little easier today!!!

    • Thank you for sharing too, today is a gorgeous day but i have given myself a day off from any extras! c

  22. Well, it there’s one thing you can take away from this – aside from being more mindful of the heat — is how much people care about you. Our temps will be “normal” all week long. Use today for a little R&R, once the animals have been tended.
    Others have had spam folder problems, much like yours, so I check my folder regularly. I’ve yet to find you there. If I ever do, I just might keep you in there for an hour or 2 to make sure you get a little rest. 🙂
    Have a great day, Celi!

  23. I think a lot of people are on or going on holiday around this time and America has just had a quiet week. Google and Hotmail do have a bad habit of deciding that email should be reclassified as spam sometimes 😦
    This English Mad Dog knows better than to go out in the midday sun – take care Cecilia 😉

  24. My goodness, your writing can be so … so sensual … Yikes! I could just imagine that cool swirl of bluegreen … azur … water swirling around you … Well, I’m still here and I’ve got you on Facebook, too. If I lost your blog, I would surely keep searching for you!! Love your blog! And you take it cautious today in the heat … heat stroke is nothing to mess with … don’t ignore how you are feeling!! Love you …

  25. Celi, the symptoms you describe aren’t “almost” a heat stroke; I think they’re classic. Please take breaks from the sun/heat and stay hydrated. You are still coming to my mailbox just fine, although I’ve had weird glitches with emails in the last couple of days. I loved your description of the natural spring; so poetic! Do take care of yourself. I’ve come to depend on these daily missives from the farmy!

  26. I’ve worried about you so in this heat. In fact someone asked me if I had air conditioning on my last post, and I thought about you right then, realizing I could never do what you do…or even sleep without the air on a day to day basis in this heat. I’m so glad you are okay, but please don’t do that again! So, yes indeedy, your last comment to me was in my spam folder. You’ve been freed from prison, now. I’m not sure why you were there, but this happened to Barb at Profiteroles and Ponytails, too. My stats and comments are down as well, not that they are ever huge. Maybe everyone was on vacation someplace cool this past week! Take care. They say you have a cold wave coming in later today.

  27. The comment difficulty is addressed to Akismet rather than WordPress a recurring issue–particularly on weekends. Also if you have more than one link attached to your profile, it might get caught in Spam.The Reader issues–sometimes if you stay logged in, it does not refresh–so try refreshing the page or logging out and back in. Also check the setting on Blogs I Follow (Dashboard/Home) and Reading and Discussion settings (Dashboard/Settings/Reading or Discussion). of course it will all change tomorrow–feels a lot like Facebook.

  28. “The sensation of the cold stream moving through…. ”
    Your writing is just beautiful!

  29. That is so scary! I’m glad you’re OK. And sometimes I forget to check my spam for a few days and find several comments, so that may indeed be where you are.

  30. I often think to myself as I read your blog religiously–this woman works sooooo hard what would happen to the farmy if she ever became ill. Celi you must take better care of yourself for ALL our sakes !

  31. Celi……I did the same thing a few days ago……just to let you know I felt “off”
    for a few days. I went to bed at 8Pm and slept for 12 hours last night which is
    unheard of for me. I hope that is the last of that lesson and I hope even more
    that I have LEARNED ….I can be a slow learner. I don’t drink the sugary drinks
    either but I do keep Emergen-C a dietary supplement that comes in little packets
    to mix in water. It has 1,000 mg of vtiamin C and electolytes, B vitamins etc.
    I will be adding this to my water proactively rather than in hindsight.You can
    find them in any grocery. Made by Alacer Corp.
    We got rain and it has cooled..sending a huge rain cloud to you. I bet you
    wouldn’t mind if it “rained on your parade” today.

    All best

  32. Well, tut tut, you woman, you need to take care of yourself.. whatever would your little farmy friends do if you got sick for, well, even for one day?? What a fright for your hubs to see you laying there! Oh my goodness.. your description of the hot pools and the color of the cold stream drew such a vivid painting in my mind.. Stunning.. xo Smidge
    ps.. I did find your comments to my posts in my spam.. but everything else appears as it should in my email.. My stats are down, but I assumed that was because it was summer and people are out having fun.. as they should be 😀

  33. You were in the initial stages of heat stroke. The key was when you stopped sweating. I think you got inside just in time. I grew up near the beach, but in a hot, humid climate. I had more than one episode of heat stroke or near heat stroke. The key to remember is 1) there is no warning, and 2) it has nothing to do with the sun. The worst episode I had came on a cloudy day. If it is hot, and you are perspiring, it’s hot enough to become dehydrated and overheated. I’m glad you are okay.

    My worst episode ended with me in a McDonald’s and the manager desperately pleading with me to let him call me an ambulance. Dying in his restaurant would have been bad for business. I was 15, and in the best shape of my life.

    • Yes I can see how they would think a dying teenager in McD’s might not be the best marketing ploy!! c

  34. Oh, and for everyone’s information, the “Blog Reader” isn’t automatically updating. People who get notified by email get notified, but I’ve had to click on “settings” and off again in order to get the list of blogs to update. WordPress again.

  35. Oh my dear Celi! You are so in tune with every one of your animals and can intuit their droopiness before they even feel it, I think! Now please care for you…that old heatstroke can sure sneak up on a person. I hope this tremendous heat leaves you soon. It’s shockingly brutal! You’re not in my Spam folder and since my own problem with it, I check daily. I have trouble with my Reader all the time, and refresh it habitually, just to see if I can better manage. I don’t really know what the problems are about, but I do suggest you notify WP, who will in turn send you to Akismet and once you fill out a form describing your problem, they seem to work on it. It was a bit frustrating, but I’m concerned for you that “waiting it out” won’t resolve the issue. Blessings on your day, Celi…you could use a cool breeze!! Debra

  36. Celie, PLEASE look after yourself better. No more carrying on regardless. Neither the farmy nor your bloggy friends can do without you. You are still around on my blog – comments and replies still there. But I was half way through this reply when everything shut down with a bang. It took so long to re-load that I’ve forgotten what I was saying!

  37. If I didn’t know you better I might say, “What a clever attention getter.” But I do, so I know this cannot be the case. I ask you to please do what you would tell a small child to do during this heat wave.

    I understand your dilemma; if you take a day or two off, you will only have that much more work to do when you get back to it. So why bother taking the time off in the first place??? Where’s that lanky teen when you need him?

  38. Glad you escaped the sunstroke Cecilia, I have a very hard time with hot days too. I take after my mum, she can’t stand the heat, her face goes red and she gets pounding headaches and I am just the same.
    I am really sorry I missed quite a few of your posts, with our trip and all the visitors and work this summer I wish I had 48 hours aday..You know I often reread your post about time management and have a paper than says “do it once do it fast” on my fridge..

    • I have been reading about your trip and it sounds stunning, absolutely amazing and I am so grateful to you for letting us see some of it through your posts! c

  39. I’m still here! You poor thing, sunstroke is the most hideous thing ever but that’s the danger of saying it’ll never happen to me! Add suncream to your list too, I thought the Antipodeans were great fans of it. Rest up, keep cool and hydrated. The readers will be back once America is with electricity once more. And at home too, in some cases. Poor folks them too. 🙂

    • I never even thought of the power cuts, it just seemed so odd to lose upwards of 400 readers overnight.. c

      • Could be that or, I don’t think I have that many readers full stop, but I know some weeks (especially weekends) it definitely goes rather quiet. Usually when you feel you’ve post out a good piece (which then disappears into oblivion) or when you could do with some readers/commenters/feedback for the soul. Murphy’s Law that one. 😉

  40. Celi, please do be careful on these very, very hot days! Pace yourself, and do just what absolutely needs to be done outdoors when the temp is over 100. Thank heavens I have not lost you, and I’m still hearing from you every morning! xo Di

  41. So glad to hear that you are ok. It´s all very well telling you to take it easy, but I know that there are jobs that can´t be left undone. Take it easy….and slowly.

  42. I checked mine, and there you were, Celi 😦 Thank you for coming along, in any event. You are back in the comment stream where you belong.

    Hope the cool arrives to make chores a little easier.

  43. You’re coming in loud and clear here! No spam folder for you. Hope your headache is easing off now x

  44. are you getting rain? i saw on the radar that you might be but i couldn’t be certain. all of the rain predicted for today totally missed us once again! and it is horribly hot..where is my cold front! i hope you are getting cooler. you and your animals need a break!

  45. That heat sounds nasty, you must look after yourself. I often don’t comment on here because you already have so many commenters I don’t want to add to your replies burden, but rest assured I enjoy all your posts immensely.

  46. My friend please be careful! As much as I admire your fantastic work ethic and love you describing your work, it sounds like you need to take breaks, drink plenty of water and try shading yourself more often – please be careful!

    Choc Chip Uru

  47. Cecil, be well and be careful in the heat–of coarse I should take my own advice–I too overdid it yesterday and am not feeling so swell today! I am always telling other to drink and take breaks but didn’t heed the warnings. My head has pounded most of the day….may we both feel better…

  48. You’re not in my spam folder but I just assumed that you hadn’t posted anything on my blogs. I’ve not been online much these past 3-4 days. Went on a fun (read adventerous) day out with Mr Misky on Friday, Saturday I woke up with a migraine, Sunday I still have a migraine. I’m hoping to be better tomorrow. I’m glad that you’re feeling better. I had heat stroke as a kid, at scout camp of all places. I was in bed from it for nearly a week.

  49. Oh C, you have to be careful. I know you have work to do, but do take care of yourself. And your numbers were only down because of the holiday. Mine were low too. Although, you’re more popular with all those lambs and dogs and such! Anyway, I only found you in my spam file once recently. Hmm, I better go get you out.

  50. Hi from Porirua, New Zealand, where it is definitely winter. I found your blog via the lovely Juliet Batten’s Seasonal Inspiration blog. I read your daily post as I eat my breakfast. It is wonderful knowing that your latest post will be there waiting for me when I get up. Thank you.
    I’ve had the WP wobblies too – reader numbers right down and finding some bona fide commenters in with the spam.
    I know very little about farming but I am learning heaps about it from your blog. Reading about GM stuff makes me realise that we MUST stay anti that here in NZ!

    Sending you great waves of our cold, clean air. Lynley

    • Good morning Lynley and hullo Porirua! You DO get some rough weather down there.. I have two sons in wellington who laugh at me when i say it is a windy day out here.. well lets hope whatever WP glitch there is gets sorted out but in the meantime i shall pop in and visit you. I adore having NZers reading. I miss you guys! c

      • Thanks for your visit to my blog and the encouraging comment you left. I did have to rescue you from the spam box but I have been emphatic with WP that you are not to be relegated to the oddities in the spam box.

        My reader numbers have revived today so perhaps WP is gradually getting its act together again.

        We might handle gales here but I doubt we could cope with your heat. Take care.

  51. I know a hot pool just out of Taupo and it’s like the one you describe. What a fright you got. Do take care in that extreme heat!
    I haven’t had a comment from you in a long time, but they wouldn’t have gone to spam without my knowing.I wish you streams of blue-green coolness. You describe it so beautifully.

  52. Hi Celi,

    I quit commenting here because your blog can never remember who I am, and I have to log in every time. And then I get warnings from my browser about cross-site scripting. I log in anyhow, but get redirected to my dashboard. But I will try again.

    But I still come here every day and enjoy the read.

  53. Hi Celi,

    I quit commenting here because your blog can never remember who I am, and I have to log in every time. And then I get warnings from my browser about cross-site scripting. I log in anyhow, but get redirected to my dashboard. But I will try again (with shields down).

    But I still come here every day and enjoy the read.

    • Good morning and long time no see! how strange that you are having trouble commenting, i am having all kinds of trouble myself lately, i just got asked on two other sites to log in first! Ah well i know you are there. how do i resolve this problem i wonder! c

      • No clue! The other that happens is that there is no indication the message “took” – so last night I reposted (and as you can see, added a bit more). Nice to see it made it through.

  54. I was thinking of you and your critters last night, as I was watching a news story about your corner of the world…
    Take care Celi – we can’t do without you

  55. CELI!! Silly girl – got out of that heat and cool your body down after an hour !! You can always go back out, you know. And spray yourself too! This heat is brutal, more brutal than ever – it’s not the same as even just 20 years ago. Take care of yourself – we NEED you!!

  56. Yikes! I am glad you’re ok. That heat was awful, but I am sure cooler times are ahead. And yes, somehow you and my other followed bloggers wound up in spam for a week or so – you’re back where you belong now. Sweet dreams.

  57. Oh, Celi, I hope you’ll be more careful with yourself in this heat after that experience. It would be even better if it just went away, wouldn’t it?

  58. You’re amazing, you manage to put up a great post & photos, go a good way to getting sunstroke & give John a fright in the process I imagine, and remind us all lof the vagaries of WP (no spam issues here 🙂 ) Glad all is well.

  59. Sweetie, do take care of yourself. I have found that I simply cannot push this aging body the way I used to. I have to pace myself.

    And I’ve not gone anywhere – still here, will always be! You’re still one of my faves 😉

  60. I have found that the best solution for sunstroke is a chamomile tea bath! Hope you do not succumb again 🙂

  61. another blog recently informed its readers that facebook was making changes and that only a percentage of/and actively posting readers, would continue to recieve blogs..something to do with facebook making more money…coud this be the issue?

  62. Oh Celi, it sounds like you had a narrow escape! Literally over heating, take care sweetie, and I mean really take care!!
    re the WordPress reader and spam – I’ve hauled you out of my spam a couple of times, and I don’t get an updated Reader with the latest blogs on – it shows blogs that are days old, all very frustrating. And yes I’ve noticed the numbers are dropping. I think we need some kind of collective action!

  63. You gave me (probably all of us) a bit of a scare there, C.

    And then you scared me with that pic of barn swallows, the single reason I really do not much care for birds. Memories of them swooping at me as I fed cows and scooped manure in the barn are still quite frighteningly imprinted upon my memory.

  64. So glad you’re ok! My dad got a touch of that last summer. It’s scary. Well, here’s to a week of normal and beautiful weather!

  65. So glad you are ok now! Heat stroke is nothing to mess with. I don’t know what is up with WordPress. My reader has stopped working entirely and I have to visit each blog seperately to see if there is a new post. I’ve started transfering all of my feeds to Google’s reader.

  66. Celi, I have had heat stroke and what you described sent me to the hospital to be rehydrated several years ago! Two bags of saline water later, I was allowed to “Go home and rest!”

    I am surprised that no one here has mentioned the Great Shutdown due to the World Wide internet virus attack today. Didn’t you hear it on the news? Read about this here: http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5g_To2pVdxnObr5PvMkYCYw-rNAsA?docId=70c6a731a1244960b36aff2164dfffd2

    So, WordPress is still in good shape, we all still love you, and you, me, and the other friends who posted here today apparently dodged that viral bullet, YAY!

    So sorry you are cooking up there too.
    xo, Lynda

    • i don’t watch the news or listen to the radio or even read news on the internet, I rely on you guys to keep me informed. though i have always said that the internet as we know it will not last.. don’t store stuff up there, it will be lost! PRINT! That is what i say and they scoff! c

      • LOL! I agree, though I like to save paper, I never store anything “in the cloud.” I have backups on disc and on a server for the really important stuff. 😉

  67. I did indeed find a comment from you in the spam folder and pulled you out as soon as I noticed. It’s a bit cooler in there, so maybe the comments tried to hide there from the sun. Additionally, I had to approve your comment, as if WordPress had forgotten that you had already been cleared for commenting. Well, everything should be fine on this side now.

  68. Your husband poked you with a stick because he wasn’t sure whether you were alive but you still managed to write this marvelous post with all these photos…? I can only say… I don’t know what I can say…

  69. Whew! So glad it was just a “scare” and you are well – and lovely to read so many people commenting. I have found you in my spam box too a couple of days back – I was mortified! Hope the temps stay down for a while for you. I dont often comment but always look for you first thing with my morning cuppa. Joy

  70. First, thank goodness you are OK! I love your pictures today. The baby birds have such yellow beaks!

    I have to check my spam filter regularly. Sometimes people who have commented even numerous times in the past show up in there. Must be a weird glitch in the system. But I am still here, and still receiving your posts. Yours is the first one I look for each morning! 🙂

    Have a lovely day ~ April

  71. I had that sunstroke thingie hiking down into the Grand Canyon (dang, that’s been 13 years ago!) and it was scary. The shivering and the splitting headache was the worst. Luckily it climaxed as we reached a waterfall of melted snow. It probably saved my life. And, yes, I was drinking plenty of water and wearing protective clothing – sometimes a body just isn’t up to the challenges Mother Nature can dish out. I’ve learned to respect Momma and honor my limitations. Warning headaches and loss of sweat/saliva now tell me to get out of the sun, apply cool compresses to neck and inside elbow…of course, your beautifully described New Zealand pool would be ideal.
    Take care, Celi. -Nikki

  72. Whew – too hot! Farm stuff: Have you tried wetting a bandana down and wrapping it around your head under your hat? Or draping it (wet) loosely triangular style around your neck/shoulders? We used to keep them in the freezer until wearing them, too. Sitting with your feet in a bucket/pan of water is a quick cool down while resting. Cool wash rags wrapped around wrists also cooling while your feet in bucket. Gotta drink that water in the heat!
    Interesting about the cold and hot stream – when we were kids there was a spot in the Yellowstone River in the national park where you could swim: the river itself was cold but there was a spot where the geyser water flowed in and would wrap around you.It was a little like you described in that stream. They probably don’t allow swimming there any more.
    Take care – you have to learn to pace yourself in the summer – things will get done -the world won’t end if they don’t.
    Oh, everyone is talking about viewership down – people are on vacation – and there’s always changes and kinks with the system – hard to know what’s going on. Just write!

    • a wet rag is an excellent suggestion, and i used to do that when i was picking apples in NZ.. then forgot.. well done mouse and thank you.. c

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