I Scream you Scream we all Scream for Icecream

Two days ago, on one of those tremendously hot days, Daisy launched herself into the milking parlour. She always pours through the door at speed, she has never and will never be a gentle giant of a cow.  The moment she hears the bell she takes two steps backwards to accomodate the opening half barn door, and the moment it is open enough she propels her one ton body in through the gap.

That day I moved around to the side of her head to click the tether onto her collar and oops.. no collar. She had lost it. Already her head was deep in her treats tray so, after a pause, I just clicked the leather catch beside her ear, patted her, saying the usual things, and proceeded with the milking. She behaved exactly as she always does. As though she were actually tethered. Later I looked for the collar but she has hidden it out there somewhere.  So I have just continued to pretend clip her ON and pretend clip her OFF. 

Last night I forgot to pretend clip her OFF.  Yhe last steps of our routine are always the same. I take off the cups, apply the iodine, open a side door and take out a small handful of the extremely popular lambs quarters hay, then open the barn door to the yards  and place it out there, leaving the door open as I return. I come back in, unclip her and slap her on the rump in a friendly way and say, ‘There you go, Boss. Off you go, Daisy.  Off you go’  And she turns herself completely around and out she goes.  Last night  I did the door, I did the hay, I opened the other door, popped the hay out, walked back in, slapped her on the rump,  said,’ There you go Boss,  off you go, Daisy Off you go.’ And she did not move.  Her four big feet stayed firmly planted in the same place and she continued to stare at her empty tray, heaving a great sigh  and waiting.  I patted her again. ‘Off you go boss. Off you go, Daisy.’

Still no reaction. I raised my hand to pat her again and move her off when she turned to look at me.

Keeping all four feet in exactly the same place, she turned her head at an angle and looked at me standing at her rump. She reached her head around to the exact length of her pretend tether and quite clearly said. ‘You have not unhooked me you stupid blond.’

‘Oops, I said sorry Daisy. I forgot to pretend Unclip you.’  I moved to the correct side, picked up her tether from its ring on the wall,  clicked the clip by her ear then dropped it back with its usual thunk.

Thank you, she said, you can carry on now.  And she turned her massive body around and out the door she went. Muttering about how it is hard to get decent help nowadays and don’t be giving too much of that good milk to those no-good lay-about  cats. 

It was significantly cooler yesterday. We all breathed a continuous sigh of relief. I love that word sigh. There is such gentleness in that word. We also exhaled a glorious sigh of relief when it rained too. Just a little rain but wet.

Good morning. Daisy has been giving so much beautiful milk with cream that yesterday I made icecream. The Tall Teenager has returned too, so this is a wee welcome home treat. This is French Vanilla icecream.  And just out of the shot is the Tall Teenager, muddy from filling the water troughs (thank you God), with his spoon poised, saying hurry up already, it is melting. It may be cooler but it is still hot enough to melt icecream in a hurry.

The guttering needs repair.. ah well.  On the list.

French Vanilla Icecream made with raw milk.

In a pot I heated  2 cups of whole fresh milk and 1 split vanilla pod until hot. Turn off the heat when the first bubble breaks. Do not boil. Allow to sit.

  • In a bowl
  • Whisk 5 egg yolks
  • 1 cup of sugar (brown or white)
  • 3 tablespoons of honey
  • big pinch of salt

(I made this sweet as a treat for the boys.) Slowly combine the egg mixture into the hot milk. Back to the stove and heat stirring until 180F(82C) and thicker.

Strain and add 2 cups of cream. Refrigerate until cold then proceed to your ice cream maker.  Freeze the ice cream afterwards to let it harden.  This icecream was the best I have ever eaten and I do not have a sweet tooth.

If you want to make icecream to have with your  high tea, start it in the morning. It all take a while.

Good morning. Yesterday was a wonderful day of the most tremendous support and care.  All day comments poured in from you, encouraging me to look after myself and growling me for staying out in the heat too long.  There were many stern voices!  I think what you all created yesterday was a bubble of loving and encouragement so strong that it will have encompassed you all as well.  We are now more together in this enterprise than ever before.  You and I. Thank you.  I will be good I promise.

As I was meant to be resting, I spent a fair part of the day (when I was not making cheese and ice cream)  trolling about reading many of your blogs, confident that you would go and find my comments should they tip over into the Spam Can.  My internet connection even sped up to a crawl which was helpful. There is so much lovely work out there. Thank you.

It is cooler again this morning. We will have a good day.

I can hear Minty calling.  Time to begin.


83 Comments on “I Scream you Scream we all Scream for Icecream

  1. That is fantastic looking ice cream. I haven’t used my ice cream maker at all this year. It’s a bit of a problem as the French do have so much delicious ice cream on sale. Hell of a quandary:)

  2. Love the Daisy story…almost as much as knowing you’ve recovered from your fright! (Although it was probably worse for Poor John!) Thanks Goodness for Lanky Teenage Boys, who will work for ice cream, too…
    Who in their right mind WOULDN’T, for a treat like that?
    Cooler here this morning, too…must tackle the weeds, after the blueberry-picking. Have a great day, C!

    • You and i both marie, straight after breakfast i am heading into the gardens, that little bit or rain will have loosened everything up i hope! c

    • We can live in our little support bubble as long as we need to carol anne, what a lovely thing! c

  3. I’m glad it’s finally cooling a bit too! As for that ice cream, ya won’t ever want to eat store-bought when you’ve had home-made.

  4. SO happy you ‘re back to your ol’ self!
    Pavlov was right…….Daisy is so clever.
    Have a lovely day, Celi.

  5. That Daisy is psychic – responsive to your every thought. I’m so glad you rested yesterday and that it’s cooler. Thank you for the lovely icecream recipe. BTW 180f equals 82C (not 32, which is hypothermia level!)

    • oops that you viv i shall zoom back and fix that.. apparently my brain was not quite in gear this morning! c

      • I know the feeling, after last night’s extravaganza and then struggling to sort out a new lot of weird pictures this morning.

  6. Sigh…… I can see those lovely rain droplets and feel the cool. And clever Daisy for realising you weren’t playing the game properly. Despite your fright yeasterday (and all ours) I meant to say that your writing yesterday was superb, the description of the cold water and the warm water meeting, the icy kiss of an ex. It was simply superb Celi!

  7. Oh our cow Daisy is just too clever for words!
    LOVE the bowl you served the ice cream in – just too gorgeous!
    Yay for the rain!
    🙂 Mandy

  8. Lol …..such creatures of habit aren’t they.
    Have you made cultured butter yet? I know the correct time to add the culture but not sure which culture to use.
    Now that I can get a regular supply of raw milk I’m keen to try to make all the foods I enjoy……….

    • I have made creme fraiche butter, not so far this year as with all that heat i was having trouble with my milk splitting. I should start one again this week though. I will do some research. That sounds like an interesting addition .. I am also looking for a quark recipe.. more research needed. i am so glad you are getting the raw milk.. . c

  9. I can just imagine the fresh taste on an ice cream made with Daisy’s milk, honey from the bees, eggs from your chickens — it probably doesn’t get any better than that. And a hot day is the best day to eat ice cream anyway. Clever of you to have trained your cow to stand in pretend harness.

  10. Good morning. I do so wish you would learn the process. You can’t expect the cow to always help you out. It is 70 degrees and rainy this morning – quite a bit better than the 105 it was two days ago. I need to move somewhere more temperate, like San Diego.

  11. Pretend clipping–ha! Love it–and Daisy. So glad for your respite from the heat–you worry us on the hot days. Thanks too for a gracious blog and comments. I read a blog yesterday that was so unkind to readers–I won’t return there, but the kitchensgarden is such a welcoming place.

  12. Just yesterday, I came across a farm that sells (state certified) raw milk. I will go and buy some to make this ice cream for my husband ~ he will be a happy man!


  13. The ice cream looks great. The last I made turned to more like butter. Our milk is so rich and I didn’t skim it and it called for twice as much cream as milk! My kids ate it anyway but I thought it was awful! I think I’ll try your recipe. I just love the way your animals are trained. We’re working with our new calf in hopes that she’ll be well behaved. This will be the first one not being sold and all our others came as adults except for calves raised to sell. Have a great day and enjoy the coolness. We’re supposed to be 88 today and 64 tonight! YIPPEE!

  14. that is so funny about daisy. these guys love their routines. teddy lets me know if i am a minute off of hers. they keep us on schedule! did you get yourself an ice cream maker? i know i am constantly complaing about this but the rain missed us entirely. it is still hot and humid too. teddy just lays in front of the fan all day waiting for a change but there is none in sight. though the temps are down a bit, the humidity is not so it doesn’t feel much different. hope you all have a cooler day!

    • yes John bought home the ice cream attachment for my mixer the day after i fell over from the heat.. well times i think! c

  15. Daisy is hilarious–and just like your other readers–I love her all the more. Can you believe there are people in this world who don’t credit animals with any feelings much less brains at all!

  16. I think it’s an amazing thing that Daisy has the ability to adapt to such a routine that even fake harnessing holds her to her post! Good girl! And I’m delighted you had a break in the weather so that at least it felt like a bit of relief. The animals must have liked that, too! Great ice cream recipe. I make a nice ice cream, but there is no comparison, I’m sure, to the freshness of your ingredients! I liked the addition of honey, too. I’m going to try that. 🙂 Debra

  17. Aww Daisy melts my heart! Animals become so routine it’s crazy! Maybe bc we’re so routine with them? Probably a bit of both! Even though she’s bc and not so gentle, you can tell by the way you write of her, that she is still a giant sweetie pie! Glad it finally cooled down there! It did here too, but by Thursday it’s reaching up with the humidity again!

  18. Should I, shouldn’t I. Should I, shouldn’t I. I don’t have an ice cream maker. (exasperated sigh…)

  19. As always, I continue to be amazed at how you can manage all the little and BIG things! And constantly add a touch of grace to your day/life. I am so sorry about your near-stroke experience: please take care. We are immensely spoiled here in New England: if it gets a touch over 90 degrees we all wilt—and eat LOTS of ice cream.

  20. Oh lovely rain, and I’m so happy it’s cooler for you too…we “may” get some rain tomorrow I hope, and a break in the heat. It’s a desert here right now. What a sweet Daisy story. It doesn’t surprise me because you have such a rapport with your animals, but what a wonderful experience to share and so humorously told! Okay, now I see what ice cream I will have to make next. So far this year I’ve only made my peach and some sorbets, and while I can’t get the raw milk, the recipe (and the result) look too amazing to pass up! Hope your day is sweet, celi.

  21. What a darling story of you and Daisy…life on the farmy..wow!! And your ice cream looks like a dream!! That first shot of the barn and sky is beautiful….as are all your photos!! Yes, please stay cool in that horrid heat…I know that’s hard to do being a “bubble” headed blonde!! :)) We all love you!!

  22. Never has a temp of 85˚ seemed so cool and refreshing! Yesterday the neighborhood came alive. Everyone was in their yards, talking over fences, reconnecting. It was nice to see.
    My, but you have Daisy well trained! That ice cream looks great and your recipe sounds delicious! I’ve not brought my machine “out” yet. I’ve been eating plenty of cheese lately and just don’t need any more milk fat in my diet. This will change soon enough.
    Have a great day, Celi!

    • Still, if you could bring your machine out just once so we can see your recipe?.. or is it loitering about on your site already, i must look! c

  23. What an amazingly intelligent cow she is – that´s incredible! And if you could get to to me before it melted, I´d order a litre of that delicious ice cream right now!

  24. I have been obsessing about ice cream makers, and you may have sent me round the bend with this post! I’m so glad you’ve gotten some cooler weather and rain to boot! We had about two minutes of rain the other night but that was enough to create the most glorious smell.

    • This is an attachment to my kitchen aid. i am not sure if you can get those out there but it is very good so far! c

  25. I’m pleased the cold air and rain from New Zealand arrived quickly:-)
    Mmmmmmm French Vanilla Ice Cream sooooooo good no matter the weather.

  26. I just want to tell you that yours is one of the few blogs I read nearly every post. If I miss a post, I usually go back and read it. I will put you on my humble little blogroll if you like. I really enjoy reading about your life. – Chris

  27. Daisy story is a hoot!! I sent my sister the link for your blog. LL Bean sells an ice cream ball in pint and quart sizes. v Glad you have recovered from the heat!

  28. I love the daisy story. I had no idea that cows were so smart!
    Your ice cream sounds marvelous. But as it’s made with whole raw milk, we’ll never be able to copy the flavor. Do your boys know how lucky they are?

  29. It’s true the farmy has a wonderful array of caring & interesting commenters. I often have a quick read of your post and return later, re-read and enjoy all the comments (also by way of explanation why my comments are later, it’s not just a time zone thing). Also, I read on another blog a comment that with the WP stats change over people were experiencing stats glitches, http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/stats-details-not-showing?replies=13, so it may be the case with you also.

    • Thank you ella, firstly for reading all the comments with me, (we are surrounded by a rich resource of information and care.).. stunning and also for this stats glitch thing, there are a number of people with the same problem i shall zoom over for a read! well done hon..good skills c

  30. What a smart one that Daisy is! That’s really incredible. We can all be such creatures of habit. Your ice cream looks fantastic!!!! French vanilla is my favorite. 🙂

  31. That Daisy is one smart girl! How clever of you to continue to “tether” her. Loved this story, and am glad you are getting some weather relief. We finally got a wee bit of rain here today.

  32. Pavlov would be so proud of Daisy! I will think of you later this afternoon while I make ice cream 🙂

  33. I have only just discovered you, through Chris King. I need to know why nobody has mentioned this wonderful blog before…look at all that I have missed…but now I have pressed the ‘follow’ button so I shall not be missing anymore in the future. It is never too late to put things right !

  34. The Daisy story was so funny! It reminds me of a story about someone painting cattle stop grids on the road and the cattle wouldn’t cross them. All about morphic fields evidently.
    Am SO glad you have a dribble of rain and cool, and that you are resting and recovering.

  35. I’m happy you weather has cooled a bit! The ice cream looks so creamy and decadent. I was just thinking the other day that I should try to find some recipes for ice cream made with coconut milk and see if they will work in my ice cream maker. We’re having a two week hot wave in the high 90’s. I’m not complaining though because we’ve waited so long for summer!


  36. Celi, I am so glad you rested and are feeling better!

    My neighbor down the street made quite a bit of this for us on the 4th. It was very much better than what you get packaged at the store! However, her ingredients came from the store. I would like to try making some using your recipe with my eggs and honey. I have no resource for the whole raw milk and cream, so I will have to settle for store bought. Thank you for sharing this! I look forward to eating the results! ~ Lynda

  37. A lovely “cow” story. A happy cow that provides you with so much. What’s not to love. Of course, ice cream, is the icing on the cake. My Italian ice cream maker (still working after years of churning out delights in our French Restaurant) goes into overdrive during the summer. Virginia

  38. Hello Cecilia, your Daisy story reminds me of one mum told us as kids. She said that the way they train circus elephants is to bind them when they are really young with a very heavy chain, they will fight against it and try to walk away but time after time they will learn they can’t and stop trying, it is then that they replace the chain with a simple rope tied to the same leg in the same way and the elephant will grow big and huge without ever testing that chain rope again. Mum told the story to teach us never to give up 🙂
    You are lucky to have raw milk you can use for such wonderful recipes. I was telling John I need to find some raw milk I can trust to try his mozzarella, if only you lived closer C 🙂

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