Under the cherry tree

When I have family working with me. 

I get to lie under the cherry tree. 

And watch all the things going on around me.

And wonder why I did not take up Poetry.

Not exactly Chekhov. But he wasn’t a poet either. 

The objective of Cai’s training is to locate people who have been buried under the  snow.   His reward after a training session is a play with his toy.  Training sessions are very short and intensive. One of the skills he is learning is to locate a buried scrap of clothing and pull on it.  Indicating to his handler that he has found a person. Pretty cool stuff.

He thought Daisy was scary.. (this shot taken by my beautiful visitor on her cellphone) and has decided to give her a wide berth.

Today we are going to get serious about the farm work. We will pull up the last of the hay bales. We need to split some of the wood for the winter and start the stacking. Hang a few gates in the barn and if there is any time left we will run an electric fence.  Having family to work with me really does make a huge difference.

Good morning. My son went shopping in the freezer and last night we had lamb with vegetables from the garden and tonight we are going to have pork ribs  cooked in a home made barbecue sauce. Both easy meals. All food that we have grown on the farm. So feeding this to my family is pure joy and deeply satisfying.  This is what we are about. Simple really.

Have a lovely day.


Ps. What I was writing this time last year.  We missed out on a great wee story yesterday (because I was.. um, tired) about my stay on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. If you do get time to read about My Italian Housekeeper, I would love to hear if you think it should go in The Stories Book.

Coyotes and Wild Dogs in the Moonlight was written on this day a year ago. It is a Farmy Book story for sure.  I think most of you have read this one already.  It was a wild night. We have not heard much from the coyotes this summer.  I don’t know why.

You will have noticed that, though I am reading all your messages,  I am not answering. This is just for while I have company. After my company has gone (Friday) I will be back in the Comments Lounge with you again. Just like normal.  I love our conversations in there. See you tomorrow.


37 Comments on “Under the cherry tree

    • My son is a ski ranger and he is training this dog to be a search and rescue dog on the mountain. So the dog goes to work with him on the snow.. pretty cool life for a dog!! c

  1. Beautiful dog – I have such a soft spot for shepherds.
    Enjoy your cherry tree time, and your wonderful company. Feeding them from the farm just satisfies the whole soul, doesn’t it?

  2. How wonderful that your family are helping so much while visiting C! Yay!!! Hope they stay long enough to help you get ahead of your schedule so you can take a day or three off for just you!
    🙂 Mandy xo

  3. I’m happy that you’re having a little bit of a holiday, even if you are doing extra cooking. As I write, the whine of the antique tractor and the sneezing fits tell me that the farmer is taking a THIRD cut of hay off the field below the house.
    Your first bag may never arrive – Monday’s post office lady (now on holiday) didn’t give me a customs label. Her replacement told me that un-declared packets frequently are torn open and rejected, so it’s as well .that I made another bag – much better than the first, though I says it as shouldn’t – and posted it this morning. The nice PO lady couldn’t find the forms here, so she was going to take the packet home and post it in the main post office, filling in the details I gave her and signing it for me! If the first one doesn’t come you will miss the lovely picture of a hare, on a card that was enclosed. Such is life.

    • Oh Viv! you are wonderful and so is your second PO lady! How miserable that we may have lost the first bag though! So looking forward to that!! c

  4. Splitting wood for winter – good thought, although my work will not be on your scale. Love the shot of the cat and saucer! I remember reading the Amalfi post because that coast is my favourite holiday spot in the world.
    P.S Did you get my Photoshop emali?

    • Oh yes I did Roger, please forgive me for not answering immediately, I am going to work on it this weekend when the company has gone and I am hoping that soon you will see an improvement in my layout. Your directions are excellent. I often come across images that would be so cool together and am forced to choose one or the other. So I look forward to mastering this! Now i am making lamb patties and fresh pesto for lunch! While the kids pull the hay up! Must away.. c

  5. I’m more of a cat person than a doggy one, but I do love to see a working dog going through his paces. My father-in-law was a police dog-handler and his successive partnerships were always special. I like to watch the sheep dogs here in the glen too.
    Yes, the Italian story is definitely one for the book I would say!

  6. I am amazed that TonTon is perfectly at ease with Cai– not the least bit threatened by another BIG male.

  7. The shots of Cai are wonderful. I so want dinner at your house. 🙂 Yes the story of your housekeeper while in Italy Have to go in your book! Cheese Please? (looks so just yum- cheesy-yum) Hey from Alabama.

  8. I agree – that is the deepest but simplest satisfaction in life, providing something delicious for your family! Enjoy your time with everyone (Cai too!).

  9. What an amazing job for a dog; I’ve seen some of the training process on TV but never in person, it must be amazing. My friend’s English Bulldog is terrified of horses!

  10. Again I smile at you cooking for your son. A definite treat for both of you! Lovely photos again, today. And I went to the “Italian Housekeeper” and really enjoyed that slice of story. I’d vote yes for including it. I think the observation that food is indeed the universal language is a key component for making it such a treasured memory, but it gives a bit of insight into you, too. Big paraphrase here, but the comment you make about coming into living your own life and not being driven by other outside motivators is such an important observation. And it speaks to everyone in one way or another, Celi! It is a rich and colorful story. I’m so glad I read it. I only know you, of course, through the farmy, and this was another whole picture of you that adds even more color…not that I ever think of you as need more to be fully YOU! Ha! Debra

  11. Despite being scared of Daisy Cai looks like he is enjoying his farmy holiday, and Ton Ton looks like he’s enjoying the company 🙂 Love the cherry tree photo. I have a similar favourite spot under our back Jacaranda tree, and photo. My Italian Housekeeper would be great for The Stories Book. Ditto Coyotes and Wild Dogs in the Moonlight for Farmy Stories.

  12. Pingback: Monk Salad سلطه الراهب « Chef in disguise

  13. I forgot to say that the Italian Housekeeper–is a keeper.
    Also a keeper, coyotes and dogs in the moonlight. Stunning pictures of the corn caves!

  14. It must be very gratifying to serve your visiting family food solely grown and raised on the farmy. And I’m sure they appreciate the hard work that brought that food to the table. Continued good times, Celi.

  15. It’s like entering a new world of love and sweetness, reading and seeing your animals and birds, and dogs, and family, cherries and all, thank you Celi

  16. Would be interesting to get Cai’s point of view on all the proceedings! What a pity . . . .

  17. Beautiful dog and how cool is it that he’s being trained to save people’s lives!? Enjoy your time with family, even though we think we are so self-sufficient it’s nice to have the reminder of what it’s like to get a little help!

    🙂 April

  18. Lying under the cherry tree while you enjoy the support of family – how perfect after so much hard work. It seems no time at all since you were fainting with the heat, and now you are thinking ahead to winter. See you in the comments lounge soon!

  19. Celi,
    I loved reading about your shopping in the freezer and garden for supper. I feel your pride because we’ve been having potatoes and beans and yummy tomato salads from my own garden with raspberries and blueberries for desert lately. It’s just a small Vancouver garden but boy am I proud.

  20. Lovely cherry tree! We also gather the family for help, especially in the picking of olives in November. It is such a great thing to spend this time with family! Nice post Celi!

  21. How nice your family hops right in and helps with the daily chores. What a blessing! I’m sure you are so happy to get to see them.

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