Juxtaposition, a word we want to say out loud!

Just in case you did not know. Peacocks are not shy when it comes to stealing some raw cow’s milk from the cat’s bowl.

Much to the despair of the cats. 

Though it appears other cats have other avenues of milky drips! 

Hairy MacLairy is in for the night because he has a sore foot and he needs to settle down and clean up before I put his hoof between my knees for a trim. 

Below is my first attempt at a dyptich.  Sometimes I take shots that want to sit side by side and I was having real trouble working out how. Roger from Food, Photography and France wrote me some very simple instructions.  Sometimes the smallest leg-up makes all the difference.

Thank you Roger. Roger  and his wife run courses in digital photography with an emphasis on food.   If I were even close to France I would go to one of his holiday courses. What a treat that would be.

Juxtaposition.  While pushing the limit of pink. I love to learn new stuff! So much to learn.

This is such a Mama shot!

John’s tractor has a hitchhiker.  He has been there for ages now.   He used to ride this little horsey when he was little. 

Good morning. I hope you all have been having a gentle weekend.  Today is a big day for Daisy so send fertile thoughts.  She is out there making a lot of noise which is a good sign.

Have a lovely day


On this day last year I made Mama’s Steak and Onion Pie. When I asked Eldest Son the other day what he wanted for dinner, it was this pie with cheese. So it is a proven favourite!

60 Comments on “Juxtaposition, a word we want to say out loud!

  1. That’s the best portrait of a sheep that I have seen. Sounds like a weird compliment, but it’s definitely a compliment. Thanks for mentioning our Camerahols photography courses, and you put those pictures together perfectly.

  2. Juxtaposition in photography? And I thought it was all in English – I like yours much better 😀
    Beautiful post!

    Choc Chip Uru

  3. Nice work! I had planned to do one of Roger’s courses this summer, but then LIFE got in the way….maybe next year.
    I can’t give up my Farmy visits for a week – they help me keep things together. You might not be close enough geographically to help out, but having you and your farm as close as my computer makes an enormous difference 🙂

    • That is such a wonderful thing to say, good luck with this week though, hopefully there are busy hands in the kitchen with you and not ONLY those tiny Angelic ones.. c

  4. The expressions on furry faces is a treat – Mary’s cat so concentrated, and Hairy is not looking too chuffed at being in for the night, such a Juxtaposition 🙂

    • that shot of mary’s cat was a gift and the look on his face when he realised that the cups had been thoroughly cleaned and not a drop of milk anywhere to be found.. c

  5. Lovely pics as always. This is the first time I’ve been able to visit for a few days. Busy moving and have had no phone or internet. I don’t expect it to improve anytime soon. On generator power and very little water because a tree fell over our spring which provides the water at our new place. Michael is working on the spring today but we also need to get fencing up to move livestock. Sigh. 🙂 We need an army of workers but we’ll have to make due with what we have. Miss my daily visit to the farmy. At least I can look forward to catching up! Sometime… like this winter, maybe? Hope all goes well with Daisy. I need to get Honey bred but currently there isn’t a bull in sight! Have a fabulous day, Celi!

    • No water, or power, well you will have to drink milk and go to bed early. I wish we could all come up and be your army for a few days, you are so far away up there in the mountains.. Is there no way to A I Honey? We are way too small for a bull, that would not go down well here at all.. well.. little chook steps for you, it will all eventually get done and then there will be something else, it must be a beautiful spot to wake up to though.. take care.. c

    • He will go back in with Mama in September/October. Only Mama this year though, she is reliable and i am going to be away in December. c

  6. These photos are really lively C; I’d love to take that course too, sadly it’s just too far from where we will be in the fall (Lyon and Paris). Sigh! Another reason to return to France!

  7. Love the cats – people think only dogs can make ‘puppy eyes’ haha. My new cat is the only cat I’ve ever met who has absolutely zero interest in anything dairy! So strange. Thinking of you and of Daisy today!

  8. Tickled to see Kupa at the bowl and the cat on the post. Dyptich looks like prayer flags. I do think Hairy looks as if he was up to something and is trying to look innocent.

  9. Great set of photos with today’s post, Celi. I especially liked seeing Your John giving his horsey a ride. It’s only fair that he should return the favor now, considering all the rides that horsey gave him. Good luck, Daisy!
    Have a great day, Celi!

  10. . Our vet says no milk for our cats as it gives them diarrhea. Maybe cause we’re in the city? The diptych is so lovely and surprising. And I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of Hairy. That’s what it means I guess to fall in love.

    • I am lucky to have raw milk.. ultra pastuerised milk is not good for humans either.. sometimes I cannot believe how lucky i am to have this milk.. c

  11. From horses to horsepower! Isn’t it wonderful when learning new “tricks” on wordpress and digital photography? I love Roger’s site too and dream of taking one of his classes. Maybe if he came to your farmy and put one on?? Just sayin’.. xx Smidge

  12. Celia you are a true wordsmith. Juxtaposition is a lovely world. I love the word oxymoron. My Sunday morning is complete. I have visited the Farmy. I have admired the residents. Hugs Virginia

  13. Again, no idea how you find the time to take all these great pics never mind the writing! (But I’m so glad you do… beauty!)

    • I love that horsey, I hope Roger will post the directions.. we should ask him.. it will make more sense coming from him.. c

  14. The photo of Hairy reminds me of an Old Masters portrait. Congratulations on pushing your photo tech boundaries. I’ve just made your vegan seed biscuits for my son’s birthday (he’s gluten free), and they were a big hit. I told him about your blog, and where the recipe/method came from. My variation was to soak the seed and groats overnight (healthier that way I’m told) and to add tahini to help them stick (because my grinder is really a lady-like blender and lacks true grunt). I also added pumpkin seeds. Isn’t that nice to have these influences fly around the world?

    • That sounds great, What I love the most about that recipe is that it is really just a method and so you can pretty much heave it about and still get fantastic crackers. Shelled pumpkin seeds are so hard to find around here..I love them! Morning Juliet.. c

      • The biscuits were a great hit. He loved them, and I told him all about you, and how I got the recipe/method. Now I’m thinking up new variations.

  15. Too late to send fertile thoughts to Daisy! Darn the time differences, but the world is round and night follows day 🙂 ! Loved the Duke of Kupa exercising authority!

  16. I must say Hairy MacLairy has presented a much tidier head than he did a year ago! I like your new juxaposition technique and images, and the “this is just not right” look on Thing ?’s face but my favourite is John’s tractor & horsey, it’s great thing for a man to remember & honour the boy he was, and inside, still is:)

  17. Poor Hairy. Hope you get that foot cleared up soon. Kupa drinking the cat’s milk…he looks like he belongs there, though. I guess the cats know where the source is!

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