Frogs cry

This is going to sound like a Tall Tale but I swear it is true.  Yesterday morning  began as an ordinary day. I milked Daisy the cow.   Then Queenie Wineti convinced me that the cows should be allowed out on the greening grass for a bit. Daisy has been schooling her in the Intense Look.  It works.

The grass is growing.. really growing.  Beautiful.  But not tall enough for these big mouths yet so only a few hours at a time. 

Only we can look at a lovely pile of cow poo and  think –  fertiliser, exciting stuff!  I fed the chickens, and ‘Get Fat Right Now’ -Big Bobby, the steer and Hairy MacLairy, the ram. Looked for the lost cat, still no sign of him.

Mama and Minty were told – No it is neither hot nor Winter, you are not coming into the barn!
 I fed the Baby Bobby and then the Shush Sisters.  And Charlotte that is not your best side. 

Camera who was behaving badly in my left hand the whole time.

While walking with the dogs down the back I passed the long puddle in the drive and there was a tiny bright green  and yellow frog sat in there.  I told Ton to go Down, which he did, then slowly I went down too so as to get a shot of this funny looking  little frog in a big puddle.  Lucky Mary’s Cat is on Walkabout, I said to the frog.  This little frog went into a spasm of leaping, jumping and springing around and around. No way I could focus on him.  His behaviour was quite manic and almost circular. Then suddenly he came to a halt right in front of me, his legs spread out behind him, then he swam slowly towards my eye in the camera, he lifted his head up out of the puddle and I stopped breathing preparing to take the shot. His little black eye caught my eye through the viewfinder. Then he opened his mouth into the perfect parody of a wide mouth frog and he cried out to me. eeeeee eeeee. eeeee eeeee.

It was an other worldly sound. Tinny, tiny, a thin reed of a scream.  I cannot describe it. Put your head right back. Screw your face up and close your throat, stretch you mouth out really wide,  then force a little air  and sound right through the back of your closed throat.  Make a flat high E sound…  eeee -as high as you can go. Now do it again. This is what I heard. A desperate strangled cry.  But pointed, aimed directly at me.   Do Frogs cry.  This little frog was crying with terror. The frog cried out to me. I have never heard anything like it.  Why did he do that? Why did he call out? Why didn’t he just bounce away. Then he just froze and waited. Everything was silent.

I put Camera down by my downed dog.  Crept forward and carefully picked up the little frog and rising with him I carried him to the frog garden.  In my cupped hands he only moved to stretch once and reposition his muscly legs. Otherwise he was quite still.  Do frogs play possum or was it almost dead I thought.

There you are, I said,  as I opened my hands to make a ramp. He hopped slowly in under the frog garden board walk.  Plop. And was gone.

This is the only shot Camera gave me, but you can see his little eye watching as he swam through the puddle towards me.

A very strange messenger frog.

Yet it was an oddly satisfying encounter.  

The dogs and I proceeded on our walk looking for Mary’s Cat and I noticed that the bees were holding hands in the early morning. I don’t know why. Yesterday morning was full of mysteries.

Good morning. It is still dark.   Almost 6 am and quite dark. But our day begins anyway.

Have a lovely day. Watch out for puddles.


86 Comments on “Frogs cry

  1. Frogs do have distress calls that are completely different from their mating/territorial calls. They tend to be very alarming and loud just to let everyone in the neighborhood know that something is going down.

    • I have heard those loud calls, but this guy had the tiniest highest alarm call i have ever heard, mind you if i had not been inches away from him i would not have heard it anyway.. so probably they have been amongst the din all the time!.. c

  2. I’m used to the raucous din caused by the tiny mating frogs in the nearby pond, but I’ve never heard the scream. Extraordinary shot of the bees. We’ve been very short of bees in our garden this year.

    • The bees holding hands was pretty cool. Though I would like to know why they were doing that on the outside of their hive.. c

    • I think it was terrified, I know frogs are not cognitive but it honestly appeared like he came closer to me to try and call out something.. c

  3. I think frogs do play possum, but I’ve never heard that kind of sound! Of course, I’ve not been that close to a frog since I was 8 years old.

  4. That is the clearest, cleanest puddle water I’ve ever seen! Around these parts, puddles red clay cloudy… Maybe the frog was saying, “I took a walkabout myself and now I’m SO FAR from my home in the frog garden! Help!”

  5. Loved the story… can’t help with the frogs behavior… your grass sure looks delicious with clovers and all in-between, you cattle must love it in their…

  6. So cool, your frog story Celi! And no doubt it is delighted to be in a beautiful garden it can call it’s own!!!
    Actually, I’m crazy about frogs, as my nickname is ‘Frogbaby’. I had the large, smiling mouth of a frog on the head of a tiny baby when young. Actually, you can see the early Frog face on my FB profile I just changed as we found lots of old pictures going through Mom’s house last month. It will give you a giggle! xo

  7. Several years ago, one of our hens caught a frog. The sream was child-like. Horrible.

  8. How very odd…I’ve been around frogs of all sorts since childhood, and never heard one make that sound, even when I was about to grab one.
    Has the vet come back to check Daisy for pregnancy yet? Seems like the time should be soon, but my brain is, admittedly, muddled these days.
    Ok, EVERY day…

  9. Isn’t blogging and friendship and life amazing. When you said “Put your head right back….” I did. Sitting at my kitchen table waiting for my lunch to cook, crying out “eeeeee”
    I’m none the wiser why I did it or why the frog cried.

  10. Yes, frogs cry. Hooked a frog once when I was fishing as a kid. My grandfather snipped the hook and removed it, but not before we saw a tear form in the corner of the frog’s eye. Still makes me sad and sorry.

  11. I love frogs, so very much appreciate this untall tale. Our garden in France is full of them this year. More than any other. I’ve heard it’s a sign of a happy ecosystem…do you know if there’s any truth in that?

    • I don’t know. But it seems like a logical assumption.. frogs need clean water and that would be essential to a happy ecosystem.. Lovely to have lots of them in your garden too.. c

    • It certainly was a distress call of some kind, I just do not understand why he did not run away when he was running about.. c

  12. What a funny little frog! He must have been trying to tell you something. So nice of you to put him in a safer spot. He’s a pretty little thing, isn’t he? 🙂

  13. What an amazing experience, Celi. Odd, yet a very intimate bond with a wee beast! I think it might have unsettled me quite a bit. I wonder how long you’ll feel the absence of Mary’s Cat. A few of my cats through the years didn’t linger to say their goodbyes. I always felt sad about that. Blessings on your abundant day, dear C. Debra

    • It was unsettling Debra, it certainly felt personal even though it could not be.. i mean he was a frog after all.. OH NO.. what if he was a prince begging for a kiss! Oh no i just thought of that.. c

  14. Morning, c. What I know about frogs you could fit on a pin prick. Zilch. Enjoyable post. I love a mystery.

  15. I have never heard a frog cry; but, alas, I pay little attention to creepy crawlies…or slippery slimies..or tiny, fast and furries…Not that I wish them any harm ..I simply do my best avoid them – hoping in turn they will avoid me,
    Love the shot of Mamma and Mia.
    I will be checking back to see if there are any explanations for such behavior, or sightings of Mary’s Cat.
    Be well , enjoy your day,

  16. I said a prayer today for Mary’s Cat’s safe return home. Some people might think that too trivial for prayer, but I have had God answer some of those types of prayers in very sweet ways. My favorite was the time while walking dogs at the Humane Shelter, a workman brought in two puppies from outside and told the director, in my hearing, that there had been three puppies but he couldn’t find the third. I started walking the dog I had chosen for the afternoon, but said a prayer that the pup would be safe and found soon as I left the Shelter. Coming back, I heard a strange noise coming out of a storage shed where all had been silent before, and lo and behold, there was the third pup! Hang in there! Stay dry!

  17. Spa Day at the hive; lining up for their manicures 🙂 what a cute frog story – reminds me I must build a Froggy Palace near my pond. Hope you had a good day. Laura

  18. Another feather for your cap, “Frog Whisperer.” I’ve never heard or seen anything like that poor frog. Amazing how fast the fields have responded to the rain. Good for your animals! Great shots of the bees and Charlotte, too!
    Have a great day, Celi

    • This place is like the desert, the moment it started to rain it started to grow, heaving itself up.. it is almost spring like.. c

  19. This sounds like a lovely walkabout, with a huge cast of interesting characters. The little frog was definitely the star.

    • That is true, that puddle is right in the traffic way, not a safe spot for a wee frog by any stretch of the imagination! c

  20. I like John’s comment – “Frog Whisperer” – but then, I think you whisper in just about every language Celi! Which is one of the things we so like about you!

  21. Yes indeed frogs do cry and then they croak. Quite sad, really. Now answer me this–why did Pharoah want to spend one more night with the frogs? I have never figured that one out. Have you? HF

  22. You have a symbiotic relationship with all the creatures on the farmy, so the frogs also… he/she was gorgeous. Great you are getting rain & growth while it’s still warm.

  23. I so admire how you notice the life around you and then share it so perfectly with us. Makes me feel like I am a shareholder of the farmy 🙂

  24. What a dear little frog. It takes great stillness and patience to approach a frog, and it was remarkable that you achieved this with a doggy companion at your side. The bees seem to be forming a chain, passing something along it. I love to see that grass doing so well.

  25. Methinks Will Shakespeare said ‘All’s well that ends well’! Pity you did not have the time to quietly stay back and listen to the probable ‘Froggie Concerto’ as the story of your kindness and understanding was passed on in choral fashion 🙂 !

  26. Precious little frog. I could hardly bear to read about his terror. Thank heavens he was in the right place at the right time with the right person. I think that all life forms must feel terror, or why would fish flee other fish, and rabbits know about stoats without anyone telling them…
    Lovely story with a happy ending, Celi, thanks to you!

  27. Hi Celia, sorry I have been away and just catching up on blogs! YEs I have experienced frog screams, unfortunately because one of our cats has got hold of them. The screaming seems to work quite well, along with the slime they give off, our cats are put off very quickly and leave the little froggies alone.

  28. “I noticed that the bees were holding hands in the early morning.”

    Usually when the bees make chains like that they are creating wax, linking together helps increase their body warmth to secrete wax. But that’s usually done inside the hive, not outside like that, so I’m not sure why they’re holding hands – very mysterious.

    Hope Mary’s cat comes back to you when he is ready. My Bob went missing for three months before we got him back.

  29. I love seeing all the faces of the farmy, Queenie and Mama and Minty with those pleading eyes, how can you say no to them? It would never do for me to have a farm. The animals would rule. Cute frog buddy you found. How I wish we could have experienced that shriek.

  30. I know magic when I read it Princess Celi. Once upon a time there was a frog. He was in love with the beautiful princess who wore seven-league boots. She needed them to travel the country she ruled. Her emissaries were the Royal Bees. Cows, sheep, dogs, cats, pigs all bowed down before her. Great was their love for the Princess of Farmy Country. And they all lived happily ever after. Virginia

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  32. Hi Celi, I resently stumbled onto your blog and found it quite interesting. It must be true because
    I’ve never responded to a blog, or even read one before. I just read about the screaming frog. It was really a sweet story, except for the screaming maybe. I found you when I was searching for a way to keep snakes away from my backyard pond because they EAT my frogs!!! If you have any
    suggestions I’m all ears. Thanks and have a wonderful day. Best Regards, gg

    • I shall have a think, I do know that snakes do not like open ground, they hide under stuff, compost, bark, well covers, but let me think about that.. it is a curious question, the snakes need to be drawn away from the pond to another food source.. OR we find way to hide the frogs from the snakes.. very good question and welcome!! c

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