Oh dear

We had a good old fashioned farming day yesterday. Mama and Mia were shifted into the rat house paddock, separated from the lambs now for a good while. Mia has gone for company and Mama because that naughty Meadow is still stealing a drink every now and then and Mama needs to be in tip top condition for the tupping. 

Mama decided that she would rather be worked  by a dog than a pig though, much to Sheila’s surprise.

Speaking of tupping. The steer who is not a bull but still reacts to a heifer coming into heat has demonstrated for us that Queenie is indeed a fertile girl. I thought this was a funny shot as Queenie looks profoundly under impressed.

Anyway this is excellent news as there was some question about whether Queenie could indeed become a mother having been a twin.  This steer was very very attentive all yesterday so I am feeling positive about my little Hereford Heifer. Though she is too young to be breeding quite yet.  Another year for her, she is only one. The Big Bobby will be off for his ride in the trailer on Tuesday. He is going in a little early as we might be short of feed for ruminants this year if it is a bad winter, and also a number of families are getting short of feed in their freezers. So off he goes.

Hairy has a message for Laura. 

He has to wait until Mama has  been flushed on the good grass, and also he has to wait for his collar and he is sure that Laura is behind it all.

Good morning. As you can see I am back to the Purse Camera, she is such a dependable wee thing but it is not the same.  But the D70 is once more out of commission. I am now on the third memory card for the D70 this month and still taking the new battery in and out to get it to connect and a shutter that only sometimes clicks.  And of course the latest card has been corrupted two days after I bought it and is not loading now. However it could be worse and I think I am getting closer to a solution. I just hate to give up on dear old Camera.!

More boring  is that I am no longer receiving any notifications from the weblog pages I visit.  Not for days now.  None at all. So I am relying on your comments to give me the web addresses to pop back and forth and visit.  Over the next few days if the fates are kind I shall visit and unfollow and refollow. It is very odd and unsettling.  As though WordPress has decided I am finished. So leave me a quick comment if you think it will help me locate you.

I will find you all again one way or the other.

I am a little late in posting this morning as the internet was down when I got up and so I had to do the milking and the chores first, then Sheila decided to take herself right down the back at walk time and I had to bribe her to follow me home by feeding her tiny bits of bread every time she caught up with me, on the long walk back which was kind of amusing.

The other good news is that the Tall Teen has finally got his own drivers license and not having to drive him to and from school has given me back two hours a day.. Phew.

Have a lovely day. And thank you for reading yesterday.. that was one of our special days!


There was not post on this day a year ago, but tomorrow’s is simply one of my favourites, I look forward to showing that one to you.



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  1. Something is amiss….there are no other comments here, and it is already later in the morning. I feel so alone. Cameras…ugh. You photos from the purse camera give us a wondrous day though.

  2. Celi, I love the Queenie story. So much of what happens on your farmy is about the cycle of life, isn’t it? I can only relate on a very small scale. Not long ago, we had a common lizard who decided to take over the hummingbird feeder attached to our den window. He could survey his world from there, apparently. One morning I watched a little lizard climb the window, and when she (I know that now!) got a little too close, he pounced, and well, you know the rest. Held her for quite some while, his throat all puffed out and rosy like he was so proud of what he was doing! So that’s my cycle story for today. When you get a chance, you can find me at http://gerrygwilson.com. Have a great day!

    • What a cool story too, tho it does seem hardly the time of year for that carry on.. at least a cow is pregnant for nine months.. c

  3. Hi Celi! I just loved the story yesterday! As I love all of your stories I must admit. So glad all is going well on the farm. We will be hosting a male Lamancha billy goat in our goat yard with our girls in November, and will hopefully have precious baby goats in March. That’s exciting!!! xo

      • We had to give our ‘lender goats’ back to the wonderful Goat Lady we bought our goats from when we went back for Mom’s Celebration of Life. We had them all summer, and just had provide them with room and board, and then we got the milk. She will breed them again soon. You can milk goats pretty much year round. Isn’t it the same with Daisy too?

        • I will give her the last four months of her pregnancy off .. also we get SO COLD here that jan and feb are too cold for the pump.. we can sit at freezing and below for weeks sometimes. Not last winter tho.. that was a lovely winter! c

  4. The notifications seem to come and go…I finally gave in and changed most of them to email.
    How surprised was the Babe when she got a head-butt? 😉
    Have a great day…and, YAY Driver’s License!!!

    • Poor Sheila the babe, there was a flurry of a set too actually, the kids were scrapping, But Sheila was laughing the whole time. Naughty girl c

  5. Oh deary me C, seems you are having quite a time with “technology”. Will it make you feel better to know that I am still without a washing machine – yip – over 2 weeks and counting! 🙁
    I remember somebody else having hassles with WordPress and notifications but alas the old brain won’t remember who is it – thought I could hook you 2 up to figure out what the problem is.
    Fabulous to hear that you have 2 hours back again in your day – you can ill afford to give up any of your precious time.
    I wonder if it would be worth your while to look for a second hand camera on line? New ones cost an arm, leg and an eye tooth at the moment!
    Have a super day and hope you can see my url with this comment.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  6. You should set up a kickstarter.com project to see if you’d (easily) get funded for a new camera and maybe a new computer!

    • I am not sure I know what a kickstarter project is, I shall pop over and see.. thank you.. i gave mama an extra pat from you yesterday while i had her close.. c

      • I have tried to find someone to service it but still looking, it is wearing its new body armour now though.. actually I am not so sure it is not the computer that is at fault this time.. such a bore.. Morning mad, morning ruth! c

  7. Hi C! Good morning 🙂 WP played a trick to me too. Last week I discovered all the posts from the blogs I follow in my trash tray…At first I thought it was me, but maybe it wasn’t… 😉

  8. Poor Sheila, I bet she saw stars from that heard-headed Mama!

  9. My WP ‘reader’ has been picking and choosing when to show me posts too, C. I have to rely on manual checking most of the time! Oh well, old school is sometimes more reliable (cameras too!).

  10. Had this as well went to my reader… blogs I follow… and found all the notifications had been switched to “Never” just re activated them and all was well again…

  11. Oh dear, WP in THAT mode again?
    Happy to report that I’ve now played the full game of catch-up of reading your blog, after my vacation. It took me a while, but I’m back on track now.

    • you are a star, read one after the other it must really feel like a soap opera!! hope you had a grand vacation.. c

  12. Okay, why can’t I stop laughing at your comment while looking at Queenie LOL. She definitely looks so unimpressed.. almost like “Hurry up and get this over with” look LOL. Love this post

  13. Err hemmm Hairy, I’m not the body ordering the harness 😉 and I’m sure it will all be worth it when it arrives, but in the mean time I have asked Miss C to give you extra head rubs from me and ear scratches if the post is really slow. Does Father Christmas still have your address for an early birthday/christmas present …. especailly for photogenic NZ vistas and family of course? Laura

    PS Teens getting licences usually means you lose a car 🙂

    • I hated that jeep anyway, and the cooking oil car is a manual so he Won’t drive it.. phew! now never fear Laura as I told Hairy I called the man and he is shipping the harness today!! So all will be well by the end of the week. Mama is not quite ready yet anyway, we are fattening her up! c

  14. There is so much I don’t know I would love to “hog” your time and ask a list of questions. But I’ll go for just one at least this time! In the world of animal husbandry, is a twin frequently infertile? That’s interesting to me. I’m also closely following your references to feed getting low. I have a good friend on a ranch in Texas and I’ve learned to be sensitive to how this affects the cycles of a ranch or farmy! I am sorry about the WordPress issue at the moment. I have trouble from time to time and waste a lot of my time trying to figure it out. I think the next time it happens to me I will just need to do as you are doing…go through the links! *sigh* Debra

  15. WP seems to be doing “stuff” again. My comment and like notifications have changed, and over the weekend weren’t appearing in any logical order… My reader shows predominantly blogs I unfollowed months ago, and when I click on them it still says following despite that they’re not in Blogs I Follow. Good luck, following your commenters DIY style rather than WP style makes so much sense 🙂

  16. Good to see all is tickerty boo on the farm. My wordpress does that too, you think you are signed up to follow some blogs but nothing comes through!

  17. Lots of farmy words I don’t know, but it’s nice to hear a friendly voice when I’m so far from home. Tomorrow we’re off to Barcelona. Hoping the weather stays toasty and warm. Good luck with the camera, these electronics can be so frustrating,

  18. Poor Queenie, she does look quite bored with the whole process. If this was successful how long until she gives birth? Springtime? Take care, BAM

  19. Your resilience is astounding, Celi. With all the frustrations you seem to take into stride, I might want to ask John if we could trade places for a year. 🙂

        • oh I see what you mean .. I thought you wanted to swap with john and come out to work on the farmy!!.. .. he is me on Sunday ..Sunday is my swap day except for the milking, he is still a little wary about the milking.. i don’t know why! c

  20. Making the beast with two backs makes a lot of sense now! Re the D70. It may be past it and it would be worth looking at second hand Nikon D3100 or D5100 which I think you could pick up for around 350$. None of these cameras are built for hard use which is the problem with entry level digital cameras. The old film cameras were a hardier breed. You could use the old Nikon F, with a brass body, as a hammer and then take pictures. Good luck with all the setbacks. At least you’re not going for a trailer ride:)

    • You are right about the hard use, i found a second hand d70 quite cheaply which i hope to tide me over, (if it ever arrives) ..I want to be able to have something compatible with my lenses. And I so agree about the old film cameras. I have two beauts loitering in the camera drawer.. c

  21. Celi, if you are not getting notifications I am pretty sure the posts will be in your reader. When you click follow it puts the post in your reader, not your email. Hope that helps. Also is it common if a Queenie is a twin she could be I fertile? Also on the tall teenager- I thought he was there for the summer. Is he staying on longer? You know my planned year here as Queen of the Hamilton mountain is extended. It’s nice that they still need me! Oh oh..rattling on way too long. Stop reading! You have work to do! Luv!

  22. Happy to hear that Queenie was so attractive! Very interesting that her fertility was in question due to her being a twin.

  23. Blogger refused to put up my comments yesterday although I tried three times! Will try again, just to test it out.

  24. What a day. WP does have a problem with the notifications.
    The air is cooler and breezy so the new unmannered overly large still-a-puppy is wild.
    I’m trying to read and catch up on blogs- and reading about the farmy.
    – and we live in a neighborhood with NASA people and astronauts, the space shuttle on top of the carrier plane (on it’s final trip before being stuck on the ground in CA.) is flying very low – right over the house and down the street.
    What a contrast. How strange the world is.
    Enjoy the day!

  25. You are having your share of problems, aren’t you? I just heard that another large Camera company is about to fold. Where are cameras being repaired? Not all of us can afford to buy a new camera every time something is wrong.
    I shudder to think that the WP problems have returned. I still have over 200 posts to read. If WP has failed to notify me of some, I’ll never catch up. I hope by now at least your internet is back to normal. And maybe it’s time to stop playing Barry White in Queenie’s pen.

  26. I believe Celi you will NEVER loose any of us – ever! I have been absent from the computer and with 92 G Mails waiting me I made it really easy. I went to you. I’ll work my way through the rest but I needed to go to The Farmy. To check the fields and barns, the cupboards and shelves, to return once more to this magic place that fills my heart with such joy. Virginia

    • I wondered where you were.. Look after yourself darling girl.. I shall pop over and see what you have been up to!

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