Pigs Posing as Construction Crew

The Shush Sisters have been working hard at spreading the new soil around their front yard. What I do is – each day I sprinkle some corn about the earth and then they push  the soil around as they hoover. After that they lie on the hills, which looks amusing but impossible to get a shot of as they are actually laying in wait for me.

Later in the autumn I will get the tractor and level it out properly but in the mean time they are having heaps of fun doing the dirty work.  During the autumn I will add everything I  pull out of the barn, the pigs will mix it up, adding manure of their own  and then this little field will be tilled in the early spring and resown.  Each spring I will resow a field,  so the pigs will actually move to a new field each year as part of this process. 

Though really they are just biding their time until the big fenced vegetable garden is finished then the real fun will begin.

This whole area has gravel about three inches underneath that scrappy grass. In the old days they parked all their  machines out here and so the grazing is more opportunist than anything. 

Queenie says good morning. 

Son of Neanderthol Man, who has been busy inspecting all the mulch we were given by the tree men down the road, says good morning too.

Good morning from me and the purse camera.

It rained in the night, only a little but it was nice and the rain has brought some cooler air with it.  I hope that is not the end of our summer weather. I am not ready for autumn yet.

This is a short post so that you still have time to see what the bees were doing a year ago. If you have not seen Sugar Water for Bees do pop over. Because this is what I will be doing again today.

Have a lovely day.


45 Comments on “Pigs Posing as Construction Crew

  1. Last years bee post still one of my favourites! Love Queenies cute woolly face …. could Charlotte come over to help spread compost in my yard please? Laura

    • Queenie is wooly isn’t she. in fact in think she is getting her winter coat, yesterday she was a hot little cow.. Charlotte said she would be there in a tick, just revving up the time machine! c

  2. A wonderful cycle on the farmy Celi, with the piggies and chooks scrabbling about in the muck and mulch – they say where there’s muck there’s brass……

  3. Those girls are so big! I have often thought of pigs as being ideal small work animals.
    You know how I love the sugar water post. I haven’t forgotten the poems but all things – human and electronic – need to line up. Sorry it’s taking so long.

  4. Love the Sisters at work. You are so knowledgeable. I’m wondering how you came to know things like how to set those pigs to work spreading soil, and the cheese-making and the milking and . . . so many things to learn! Seriously, I’d love to know more about your learning process. Did you grow up on a farm? Are you learning as you go? Maybe you’ve already covered your learning curve in posts that ran before I “discovered” you back in the spring. If so, I’d like to read them!

  5. Maybe I need to get some pigs. My yard is layers of gravel–4 different kinds–and landscape fabric between the layers. With some dirt on top. Hauling dirt, composting, and after 3 years there is some progress.

    • Oh my, you have been working hard, but it is great to see a pay off, you can have some of my gravel though! if only i could train the pigs to pick up the stones and put them into a bucket, hmm i may work on that!! c

  6. Those little piggies work hard for their little niblets, don’t they? I do hope you have warmer days to follow.. it has been a wonderful fall, just cool in the morning and then we strip off clothes as the day goes on.. right up until we end in our jammies at night!

  7. I love the way you said the piggies were “hoovering” around! 🙂 Since reading posts from around the world that term has begun to sneak into my own vocabulary. Now I need to think about it in terms of the animals. That’s what Darwin our tortoise does! My eyes lit up at first sight of that gorgeous mulch. I can see all the makings for the next phase of your garden and although I am sure you’re not quite ready for fall, and I’m not either, even here in our current heat, if you look at the trees and the slant of the sun, you can see it coming! Hugs for a great day with the bees, Celi!

  8. The cooler weather says fall here and the angle of the light and its rosy-golden cast in the last hours of the day. I’m ready — time to make soups and bake bread and have yet another excuse to cuddle up.

  9. Very smart and very wise…pig tractors!!! You are like us….spring work in the fall, makes all the difference after winter! I’m a summer lover myself.

    There all seasons mentions in one comment!

    Linda 🙂

  10. Hi Celi,
    I spent some time on someone else’s farmy over the weekend. You might want to pop over and read about it.

  11. Now I know how the pigs do it – the spreading. And your earlier bees post is pure magic! thank you for pointing me to it. You have such a marvellous way of building suspense. You are a great story-teller.

  12. Clever use of the corn to keep the pigs interested in their work. Maybe if you spread a little corn on the tractor seat you could have them do the leveling later this Fall. Then again, pigs behind the wheel may not be such a good idea. What about TonTon?

  13. There is nothing quite like a pig. Gotta love that curlicue of a tail. Queenie does look wooly. I like that about her. Good shot of the rooster. He’s handsome.

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