Find a Man we would shout and laugh like drains!

I can’t decide whether this shot is utilitarian or beautiful.  I love the lines of colour as the corn comes out. 

When we were kids we had a babysitter. Her name was Pat.  And she was perfect. She was a 60’s girl.  Once my parents had gone out and before bedtime, she would take my sisters and I and probably my brothers for all I knew, one by one, set us on the stool in middle of  the old kitchen,  with its floor of blue and green lino and make up our faces. We were very little. Perfect canvasses for her to experiment on.

For us girls (there were three of us) it was the opportinuty to gaze close up into the most stunningly decorated eyes circled in the longest false eye lashes in the western world. Three shades of smudged blue from her eyelashes to her perfectly pencilled eyebrows, black eyeliner that swooped like a dark gull under her eyes and flicked up perfectly at the edge of her bright green eyes with such casual perfection.  The boots, the short skirt and the tight little cardigan. Oh and that lipstick. Piles of hair. She was beautiful. Beeootiful.

Much later when I was a young teenager she came back from her travels overseas. She had travelled the world with her boots and her short skirt,her long long jacket and a friend.

She showed us goggle eyed girls pictures of her travels. The slide show was in vogue then so we would crowd into her parents lounge with the curtains closed, Dad would set up the projector, and she would click us through her travels and talk about what she saw.

The best story was that she and her friend liked to have photos taken of themselves in front of interesting sites, so they would scout about for a man to take a photo of them with their camera. Find a Man they would giggle. Girls! One of them would find a man, give him the camera and mime for him to take a shot of them together. I am quite sure no man would say no thank you to these two gorgeous Kiwi girls.  One man, who was terribly handsome she said,  nodded and took the camera in it’s protective leather cover as the girls positioned themselves in front of the monument, and prepared to smile. The man said walk back a bit, back further, looking at them through the view finder, to the right, to the left, using hand signals to help with the lack of English, then when they were just right he turned and ran away with their camera.   Just ran away, she said. At this point in the story us girls gasped, quite shocked. Our Dad was a photographer. To steal a camera was like stealing a horse.

But our beautiful babysitter would laugh.  Because it goes without saying that this pair of stunning, tall, leggy NZ girls shouted, grabbed their bags and chased him down,  long hair and eyelashes flying out behind them, right down the road and tackled him, (we are a rugby country after all), one of them sat on him and smacked him on the shoulders with her handbag and the other ripped the camera out of his crestfallen hands, told him to promise  Never to be Bad Again (an admonishment that is easily understood in any language),  and sent him on his way.

After Pat told us this story it became our family joke,  every time we needed  to borrow someone’s hand, we would call Find a Man! Followed, naturally, by gales of laughter. 

Yesterday I found a man. A very clever handsome man whose mother is Italian from Sicily and used to win prizes for her tomato sauce. (Yes, he is going to send me the recipe.) There are rumours of a cheesecake too. Anyway he fixes computers, bless him. The post mistress gave me his number. So I called him over. He carefully navigated about my machine for a while, grimaced slightly, then took it away! Just popped my computer under his arm and took it home. 

So this will explain my unannounced absence yesterday.  I got a lot of baking done in the absence of Computer.

It came back yesterday evening and was returned amidst stern warnings to keep up to date with my housekeeping, defrag every month, and here are the short cuts, don’t go wandering about in this bit and you know that new facebook chatline you downloaded, I took it off as it is still being trialed and lets bugs in.   Just use the regular one.  He eradicated all the bugs and so now I will be good.

Just wonderful. I am going to keep him, I said to John.  The vet came yesterday to take some blood from Daisy and we will know whether she is pregnant or not within the week.  I do hope she is.

You all have a lovely day. Eldest Son is coming tonight!


What I was doing on this day a year ago.  Butternut and Chickpea Curry.

76 Comments on “Find a Man we would shout and laugh like drains!

  1. Love the first capture of the horizon. Good luck with your sustainable farming project. Sounds like a tremendous opportunity

    • Oh Mimo, thank you so much, this is the view from my front window, the light was perfect for the shot with those big dark rain clouds, it was too good to keep to myself!

  2. First photo reminds me of chocolate box lid – way back in the 60/70’s 🙂 Glad all is well on the Farmy. Laura

  3. Much as I like the landscape, the Cow and Pig Aren’t Friends series is my favorite!
    When you hadn’t posted by 9 yesterday, I thought your son was already there, and you were too busy Hugging to post 😉

  4. Is is Sheila the Babe following Queenie around there in the pasture? I love that shot! And I’m so excited for you and Eldest Son and the gang on the farmy that he is coming tonight! You all, or ya’ll, as they say down here will have a fabulous time!!!

    • That is Charlotte, with her white face, just that spot on her nose.. and her refusal to come when called until she is quite quite ready! Ya’ll !!c

  5. I think your first shot is Beeootiful! What a lovely story C and how very exciting that eldest son will be arriving tonight! Crossing everything crossable that our girl is preggies.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  6. Ooh! I did enjoy that post: brilliant story; fabulous pictures, piggy/bovine face-off and all. Have a good time with number 1 son and don’t bother about letting us in on events (until afterwards, I mean). I was missing too yesterday – for a friend’s wedding. A happy day.

  7. Peder and I are ooooo’ing and aaaaah’ing over that first photo. Good morning, Miss c. All well here. Builders knocked-off early today as it’s raining too hard to lay brick. Typical wet Sunday.

  8. Oooooh yes, wonderful colours ulitarian or not. I love dark grey skies with vibrant greens. Ans as for the story, another cracker Cecelia. Probably couldn’t do that these days, those beautiful NZ tacklers would probably end up battered or worse. How times change.
    P.S. Your excitement about your son’s arrival is palpable, even on this side of the world!!!

    • This shot was taken with a camera held together with gaffa and with a sensor that is in desperate need of maintainance, I am sure you could have lots of fun even with your little happy snappy! Watch out who you give it to tho! c

  9. Love the first photo. And the story. It is amazing how every girl can identify with that story of idolizing another cooler girl. Why is it we never seem to be the cool girl? I hope that with age comes confidence in being unique not perfectly polished.

  10. yes, even i can go back in time to when the older cousins decorated my face, and when i got a little older, i would decorate my younger sisters……….those were the days…..

  11. I’m glad to know you are well. I did wonder! Yesterday my son came over to help me with what turned out to be minor computer issues, but his admonition to me sounds a bit familiar. “Mom, you wouldn’t clean house once and decide you never have to do it again. Computers are the same!” Imagine making time to clean up my files. I will need another day of the week. 🙂 The story shared was delightful, Celi. I can just picture little girls in awe of Pat’s all hair and makeup! Thinking of you now with eldest son arriving. I can imagine the anticipation! oxo Debra

  12. That first photo is a stunner! Charlotte cracks me up, especially the one with ears flying.
    And a very funny story! An elderly family friend, Martha, (henceforward called “The Marthanator”) was so named after her purse got snatched in Florida as she left the post office. The octagenarian tackled the woman and wrestled her to the ground. She scraped her elbows and knees but got her purse back. The camera story reminds me of our Mexican friend Oscar, who used to work in a bar in Oaxaca. When tourists would ask one of the bartenders to take a group photo, the bartender would, unnoticed by the group, hold the camera out, turn it towards their own face and yell, “foto, foto, foto!” The unwitting tourist would get an up close view of the bartender’s nostrils…

  13. Funny story, and I love the visual of the girls tackling the thief. First shot, definitely beautiful. A great dance between cow and piggy, too. So glad you’re back. I thought perhaps eldest son arrived yesterday and hence your absence. I know it will be a joyful reunion and hope you both have loads of fun. Happy Sunday!

  14. What a fun story! I had a perfect visualization of it the entire time you were telling it. I laughed out loud at the vision of those two “hippie” girls tackling the camera thief. How funny! Now THAT would have been a great picture. 🙂

  15. How absolutely wonderful. The words – eldest son is coming tomorrow. It’s almost like singing. You will have him all to yourself Celi. Wonderful, cherished time together. Only Son is having a birthday October 4. He will be 44. When did that happen! For the son who has everything I plan on a gift he can’t buy. Twelve gift certificates for various favorite home-baked goodies. To be delivered. His wife is allergic to flour and dairy and doesn’t bake, so this will be the perfect gift. Wishing you a happy Sunday. Hugs Virginia

    • That sounds just perfect, his poor wife being allergic to all that good food! and delivered! even better.. will you be my Mum?.. c

  16. That is a great landscape. Glad you found a keeper for your computer. Need to keep it in working order!

    • good girl, i was told very firmly to do mine last night and then I forgot BAD! so i am going to do it before i go to bed and leave it on, don’t tell.. c

  17. Wow the lines and colors in that first photo! Have a great time with your son, C!

  18. I too love your photograph – well, all of them, but the first for the same reasons as you. Stunning. As for the story – kudos to the gals for running this camera bandit down! Shame on him!!
    And finally, glad you found a good computer tech. Worth their weight, I tell you.

  19. First photo: beautiful, of course! Just had ‘my man’ in computers in: huh – now how I had been stupid enough to download something that made my whole screen flash and shout and lose my beloved Google, I dunno – all better now and as ‘my guy’ is the grounds manager in the community here, no paying $60 for him to tell you where you have been an idiot 🙂 ! Smile and say ‘thank you’ 😀 !

  20. The first photo is magnificent. The other photos indicate to me that Sheila thinks she’s your right hand pig, second in charge. What a character! “Find a man” – love it 🙂 The G.O.’s mum will say “we need to get the man…”

  21. Oh! Enjoy your visit with your son. This reminds me of the time I was visiting my great grandma in the nursing home where she lived. One of the residents, a woman over 90, was shouting from her room, “I need a man!” My sister and I got quite the kick out of this. 😉

  22. My technical adviser (Techie) left for Uni on Saturday… so now I’m on my own with computer issues… Maybe I shall have to find a man?

  23. So glad you found a man! I’ve just lost mine and my computer is complaining bitterly, and getting up to all sorts of bad tricks. I love the story of the 2 kiwi girls chasing the camera thief.

  24. Great story and I can just see the girls chasing him, he must have had a great shock.

  25. Absolutely love your first landscape photo.
    As you told you FInd a Man tale, I thought the girls wold en up being ripped off. So glad they caught the guy and gave him what for!
    One of the things iI do for Zia (that I didn’t mention in last night’s post) when I visit her is to defrag her pc, update her software, update her virus data base, and clear up any other issues she may have. I guess I could swing by the farmy, too. Do you make Manhattans?

  26. I am glad the computer is home again and you did not have to tackle the found man to get it there. The first shot is wonderful. When I lived in Illinois, I drove for hours in the fall on Friday afternoons to follow my sons as they played football. Early in the season, the corn was still tall enough that you could not see round the corner of a stop sign till you got right up to it. But as the season went on and the corn was cut, the broad view of the flat prairie came back and you could see for miles around. That picture is beautiful and reminded me of those memories. Good day, C!

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