Big/Old Dog took the Lead

Big Dog has always preceded me on the walks. He is the alpha male.  The oldest resident. The Boss Guy. But lately I have realised that he has been walking at my heel, trudging along, not because he wants to but because he is not able to pick up speed and pass me. Big Dog is getting Old.  I stop and let him get ahead. 

Then he will rest a bit and wait for me as he catches his breath, pretending to be interested in interesting things, TonTon will roar back to move us along and after a break we carry on.

I have been working in the barn. Getting everything ready for the winter. Because I have decided to write a book in November  with NaNoWriMo and then You and I are going to New Zealand for most of December, everything needs to be settled into a humming winter pattern by the end of October.  The feed bins have all been moved back inside. I believe in transparency, everyone needs to know what everyone else does,  then they can do it too in case of emergency so I label everything very clearly. I especially label the lids so they go back ON.

I did not like the number 13 on the pigs gate. It was one of the gates out of an old hog shed. We bought them from the junk man the other day, do you remember? 

So I changed it.

Much more appropriate don’t you think? It will dirty up and deconstruct as time goes on. 

See those hoses on the right? Now that it is starting to freeze, when I have finished filling all the water barrels, I dismantle the hoses and hang them on the fences so the water drains out.  Otherwise they are useless. They freeze solid. And the alternative is carrying buckets of water. Not a good alternative. 

As you can see there is still piles of plants growing in the flower gardens.  Even some flowers. Bedraggled and weedy at this time if year but resisting the efforts of the frost to kill it.  The bees love that borage.  Though I still need to give them some sugar water today, don’t let me forget.

The Daily View. 

Though chilly in the morning, the afternoon was delightful. The wind died down yesterday  and the freshness of the air  with its tiny crisp edge was a joy. I worked outside all afternoon.  It was a beautiful day.

Have a lovely day. A lovely weekend day for all of you.

Today we will get to some of the heavy work,  so there may even be some changes in your Daily View tomorrow. You can play spot the difference.


On this day last year –  Coleslaw. I try to always have a huge bowl of coleslaw in the fridge for when I need a snack.  It is one of my favourite foods.

45 Comments on “Big/Old Dog took the Lead

  1. Looking forward to spot the difference tomorrow. I’m not a huge fan of the cold, but I agree, that crisp edge in the air can be so invigorating!

  2. You are so kind to let Big Dog think your slow down has nothing to do with his ability to move as quickly. Poor, sweet old thing…

    Sooo it isn’t necessary to put the hoses away for the winter as long as the water drains out first? NOW you tell me. We’ve always lugged and dragged them back into their winter resting spots and then had to drag them back out in spring.

  3. We drain our hose, too. It is all soooo organised, yet not regimented. Everyone seems to get space to be themselves, and that includes you, as well as Big Dog and pigs etc

  4. I love it that you let your old dog take the lead even when he is apt to fall behind. My dog, 15, walks just barely now. She sleeps the day away. But she is still herself, and fills the house with her generous and gentle spirit. We will miss her when she’s gone. A dog is a powerful creature.

  5. I don’t care for the number thirteen either; years back when we were lookimg to move into the neighborhood I live in now, there was a house for sale numbrer 666, I wouldn’t even look at it!
    How exciting that you are writing a novel!

  6. I must say, that I love the daily view.
    In a way it’s reassuring to see the same location again and again, as well as discovering the little differences that the change in season and weather brings.
    I have a set of 2×3 webcams that I look at every day. Three from the place I was born (all with harbours), and three from the city I’m living in. Hope they don’t switch them off.

  7. I like your change…. Hug a Pig. I also like how you and TonTon slow down for Big Dog without making a big deal of it. 🙂

  8. Good piggy hugs!
    I especially love your picture of rubber boots on the steps – so indicative of what you’re up to every single day…
    Have a good day Celi!

  9. Good for you, giving the Old Man his dignity like that. It’s hard to watch them slow down…
    Thanks for the reminder about the borage…I have a seed packet in the basement that never got planted, and a Bare Patch that needs attention. Seeding them now should work, given the way they self-seed when you leave them alone.

  10. Greetings and Salutations. I see Charlotte in the pig’s pen weaving “Some pig.”

  11. Just love the orderliness of your farmy! So cozy!!! Gosh, I’m just beginning to think of how everyone, humans and animals, on the farmy will miss you when you head to New Zealand!!! Thank goodness you are taking us all with you!!!

  12. Good to see big dog out there still going, if a bit more slowly. A book in November! My goodness, you never cease to amaze me. That’s quite a challenge, but I know it’ll be a great book, and perfect timing to take December off to go to NZ afterwards. Really looking forward to seeing NZ with you.

  13. I didn’t realize just how big that old dog is until I saw him next to TonTon. We’re going through that phase with Coltrane. He is slower these days. I am looking forward to December. How exciting.

  14. Yes, I didn’t realize Big Dog is so big either. His having to be first reminds me of my old Doberman who had to be out the door first and in the door first. So, I can’t get enough of all of your creatures, the dogs, especially, but also Daisy and Minty and Hairy McLairy–I know I’m not spelling his name right–and Mia and Bobby Blanc and all the pea’s cocks and hens, and the kitten and cat and the Shush Sisters — and the piglets to come. I honestly can’t get enough of them.

  15. Celi you are so respectful to animals. It is a quality that appears to be rare these days. People aren’t respectful to others – let alone animals. It must be a horrible combination of ignorance and lack of compassion. Have a wonderful week-end. Hugs V.

  16. My dogs are getting old too. It’s so sad how they age so quickly. My oldest dog also can’t walk very fast anymore. She has problems with her knees. I do hope she’s not in too much pain. I bet you’re looking forward to your time in NZ. Can’t wait to go there with you xx

  17. Love your “Hug a Pig” sign. You are so organized and think of all the little details, great idea labelling the lids. I need to drain my garden hoses too, will do that tomorrow if it does not rain.

  18. love, love the “hug a pig” sign for sweet charlotte and shelia! will sweet big, old dog let you put a big, old dog sweater on him for the winter months…even though he curls up in his blanky? i just got one for one of my older goats…it’s really a dog coat and super easy to get on and off…velcro!! 🙂

  19. Hi,
    I have another suggestion for you that defiantly doesn’t need to be done before winter.
    Have you thought of having an album of all your blog photos accessible from this site? I save every one of the daily shots and already enjoy viewing the changes in fast forward.

  20. Love is just about the greatest thing in the world: perchance respect is even more important . . . God bless Big Dog being able to grow old and pass away in such a caring environment . . .

  21. I feel like Old Dog some days….so nice he has a lovely friend to walk with 🙂

  22. I love the way you let Big Dog still be the alpha male – you are so kind and thoughtful to your animals.

  23. I love the daily view and the first photo of Big Dog! I’m also so glad to hear that you are going to New Zealand in December. How wonderful. I’m sending you any extra energy I can spare to add to your long list of things to do before you go. I hope the writing is going well, too! 🙂

    • Morning Debra, it is a long list too, but we are getting as far ahead of ourselves as we can! Thank you for the extra energy!! c

  24. Hug a pig – lovely… when I walked our three dogs, the littlle cavalier KIng Charles always had to be ahead of the two big afghans – my brother said we had bred the first of a strain of facing cavaliers!

  25. I love my dog for fourteen years – my best friend! I dont think I could ever get another one but whenever I see a dog I always think of him 🙂

  26. The thing about traveling.. is it gives us a definite end to our chores, albeit temporary.. and it always compels me to rush about getting everything in order! My pup is quite old (15) and now makes excuses to stop and look around and sniff.. to hide that it’s getting harder to walk.. makes me sad.. Love and hugs to your Big Dog and everyone else! xo

  27. Oh Big Dog! I just wanted to hug him and tear up a bit when I read that you had to stop and let him ahead. There should be a new rule that our pets can only age as fast as we do.

    Love the “Hug a pig”!! 🙂

  28. Ah, Old Big Dog – my grandmother used to do that stopping to look at the veiw thing as she slowed down 😦 He´s having a wonderful ife though. Am off to find a pig to hug but I may have to steal your boots first!

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