An exciting development

We had all these plans for yesterday. I even made a list. Silly me.  Three things intervened.  Firstly it rained. Hard.   An inch fell. I am not complaining about that. 

Then  the milking parlour pump spat the dummy. It did a proper job this time too.             So I AM complaining about that! Luckily the Pop and Bang did not occur until after the milking.

Now Our John is combing the web for Parts.. sigh. The neighbours came to the rescue yet again and we have borrowed the Blue Pump – again.  

However even though we did not get to the list – the third occurrence yesterday was that  the builders finally came over to have the first discussion about the little retirement house in the garden for Nanny. It is no longer called the Gingerbread house. It has been called the Chicken Coop by other members of the family because I am styling it on the old hen houses that were is everyones back yard  out here in the MidWest in the old days.  And the name has stuck.   The Chicken Coop it is. Though we are not allowed to call The Matriarch The Old Chook.

Much to my astonishment the builder who turned up with his boss is a New Zealander.  From Palmy! It was an amazing moment for me when he opened his mouth and spoke in my own accent.  How is that for an exciting development. Now we are cooking. He understands Noo Zild and very swiftly could see what I was trying to say.  I can see exactly what I want, as a complete picture in my head, and he very cleverly was able to put it on paper.  Now he has taken this rather jumbled collection of ideas, and scribbly drawings and is going to put it into a 3D programme so we can start designing for real! CLEVER!


So the Daily View is unchanged except for the rain.

The max/min temperature gauge has now entered the play. It is small and going to be hard to read with a quick hand held shot, so I have enlarged it for us. To read a max/min temperature gauge you have to look at the bottom of the slim blue pin. It is being pushed up by the mercury.  The low is on the left and the high is on the right. This one was nailed to the Wendy House wall at about 10 am yesterday morning so the reading tells us very little except that the temperature is dropping. 

However we can practice. I  took the view and the temps at 2.10. Then I reset the  max/min, dragging the pins down with the little red magnet.   We will see whether it works today after the milking, I will try to make it around about the same time every day, but as you know, my days are not the same every day, so we will see.

Good morning. It is a blustery morning. Windy and wet but warm, so the grass will be growing.  I am always happy for grass growth after this seasons struggles.  Maybe today we will get to a few things on the list.  It is possible I should not have written that out loud! Ah well.

You all have a lovely day.


On this day a year ago..  Bean Sprouts.  I still have a jar of these on the go all the time. Especially with a vegetarian living in the house now. Sprouts are an exceptionally good food.

55 Comments on “An exciting development

    • He has never met a fellow NZer here before either .. such a shock out here in the boonies and he lives only about 20 miles away or so.. c

  1. I love the idea of writing out loud! Sorry about the milking machine. It’s cleared up a bit here, but not enough to hang the washing out. I can SEE our grass growing. Jock had put the mower away for the winter, but will have to get it out again.
    You wanted to see Jock’s embroidery: the name has changed, as, being a portrait of my son’s Chinese girlfriend she disabused me of my ignorance – I thought Geisha was Chinese but Weiwei tells me it means high class Japanese prostitute! Fortunately, she likes the portrait, and has allowed me to use her real name as the title. You’ll find it here:

    • It certainly is.. often I stop when i am talking and say.. um I don’t know the american word… and stumble about trying to explain.. c

  2. The Chicken Coop is going to be a wonderful little house!!! Although I like the sound of the Gingerbread House a bit better! Getting that going is very exciting!!! Big bummer about the milking parlour pump….once again! Sure hope that Our John can find the parts and fix it well!!! xo

  3. Quite exciting! Happy for you that it seems like the Chicken Coop will now really get off the ground, surely with a fellow NZ-er’s help:)

    • We are hoping they will pour the footings/foundations this winter before the ground freezes.. That will be a great day! c

  4. I bet the New Zealander was a s pleased to here your accent as you were to hear his… I spoke in Afrikaans to my daughter when we were in Washington and a person that was within ear shot was so pleased to hear it he came over to chat… it was good to here the same accent in a foreign country…

    • I can understand that, I once saw a young man eating with a knife and fork in a thai restaurant in chicago and immediately knew he was from NZ, and I just had to say hullo with delight as I walked past.. it made me feel so good to see a fellow NZer just by chance like that.. c

    • A dummy in NZ is called a baby pacifier over here in the US. I don’t know why it is called a dummy, either because it makes your baby Dumb, as in silent or it just looks Dumb.. who knows.. I never used them.. so to Spit the Dummy is when baby spits it out and then HOWLS! c

  5. Do you find that when you meet up with a fellow New Zealander that your accent gets stronger? Mine does whenever we get together with our Lancastrian friends and family. Great that your fellow countryman seems to be able to share your vision of The Chicken Coop!

    • I actually leaned my head on his shoulder and sighed when he spoke.. a complete stranger.. but from HOME! and I am sure my accent thickened .. morning christine.. c

  6. What an awesome development! A small taste of home without all that extended travelling. I bet he was as excited as you to meet someone from home.

  7. Mornin’.. it sounds like your soul got fed yesterday, always a wonderful experience !

    happy for you !


    • We are going to have such fun, this time next year i might be writing to you from a new house in the garden.. c

  8. Morning! 😀 I have my contractor’s engineer coming on Wednesday at 7pm, and I’m hoping that I can be understood by him! Accents. Pah. Had a hard frost this morning. No harm done though, so I’m not complaining. 🙂

  9. that white truck wasn’t there yesterday. Thats a bit of change in the view!

    • They are having a hard time being locked up while the weather is so wild, I hope to let them back out tomorrow.. poor piggies..c

  10. Such a lovely coincidence to meet a homie from so far away! That stool! I have a similar one that my uncle, a Chicago fireman, made at least 70 years ago. Just this week I got out some sand paper so I could repaint it. We keep it in the kitchen to sit on but also use as a step-stool for me. It is absolutely solid.
    I have wondered, Celi, do you come across snakes?

    • I saw a snake once, it was quite funny, I was turning over the compost and out it came, long and black .. huge, i screamed dropped my fork and leapt the fence to get away(there are no poisonous snakes hereby the way) but i was wearing a tightish short denim skirt and as i leapt my knees were caught by the skirt and so i fell over the fence, scrabbling and shrieking.. thank goodness no-one was around.. very embarrassing behaviour.. only time i ever saw a snake too.. (shakes head) c

  11. WHO!? is this man from MY City????? 🙂 (Wouldn’t it be a dag if I knew him too??)
    How wonderful that two Kiwis have found each other – we are like a very small, very special club 🙂

  12. The daily view in rain is simply divine. My heart lets out a sigh of relief every time it rains. I think it’s my English and Dutch ancestry poking through. 🙂

  13. It’s looking very ‘fallish’ around the farmy! Sorry to hear about the milk pump…….
    I hope you are getting through your fall list of chores.
    Have a lovely day, Celi.

  14. I like your daily view drenched in rain. It looks peaceful. I had a laugh as I read about your NZ contractor, and your further comments. It’s like finding a new best friend who you don’t have to explain everything to. If it’s was the same project in NZ you would be referring to the Chicken Coop the Chook House/Shed, as we would here. Being an Aussie, I got the ‘spat the dummy’ reference and didn’t think twice about it.

  15. How wonderful to meet up with someone from your homeland, c.. heartwarming I bet! I love that your new building is becoming a reality. If I were to visit you all there.. would it be a Hen House?? just kidding:) xx

  16. Language issues 😀 ! : Love ‘gingerbread house’ – not so keen on ‘chicken coop’: hmmm, won’t the guys have a field day after! Hope the Matriarch has a sense of humour!! ‘Spitting the dummy’: the most usual term in these parts here: well, no wonder that only too oft I get a stare and not a response saying the simplest thing in the US: perchance it isn’t 🙂 !

  17. I am so glad you explained “spat the dummy.” I love that! And of course, I’m sorry about the milking parlour machine, but you are all so resourceful, I trust you’ll find an answer and soon! I would assume the odds on meeting another New Zealander under such circumstances would be quite slim. What a spirited day! 🙂

  18. So, did your family find your accent to be more pronounced after talking to someone from Home? Hubby can always tell when I’ve been on the phone with my mother 🙂
    Can’t wait to see the plans come together!

  19. Your kitchen table sounds like mine in that I always have farm project, usually seeds or transplanting seedlings, going it seems like every other month or so. Large empty flat surfaces have a magnetism all their own to attract stuff to them. Good to hear about the rain for the thirsty soil.

  20. Ahh, the life of a farmer. Which I am glad you have and glad I do not. It’s enough with a builder husband to have occasional tool failures. Don’t know how I’d like equipment failures, but I can wager not very much. So good luck in getting everything back to ‘normal!’
    Noo Zild – teehee 😉

  21. I can’t wait to see how the chicken coop develops. And why is that when we make lists they only seem to get longer, not shorter. 😉 I hope the pump is fixed soon too.

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