A gypsy summer day with three new teensy weensy arrivals

First this most magnificent day in chronological order because that is the way we do things. It was like a sumptious spring day yesterday. All cushiony and warm and loud with birdsong.

A scanty bright sunrise over the swimming pool. 

Fat sheep!! A growth spurt in the fields and gardens.  The bees were out in force gathering the last of the pollen. 

Plenty of visiting birds with their strange calls as they rest in the trees on their way South. 

The Duke of Kupa keeping an eye on things.

And here she is. The first of the new arrivals. I only shot a picture of one as the mother hen was in quite the mood by the time we had caught them all and settled them in a safe place. Hatched by a naughty barn chook at the wrong end of the season in the hay loft. There were only three and they are all in a big box in the barn, with their mother and a lid – Li’l Puss the Scrapper was in and out like a Jack in a Box trying to get at them.  

Their mother will protect them but I have seen more than one chicken killed by its own mother, standing bewildered in the wrong place, in the middle of a fight. They just get tromped on. So it is best that they are locked up for a wee while. I had to don my new orange welding gloves, catching chickens with a wild mama chook after you can be a dangerous business. So they will live in this big airy sunny box, in the barn sunroom,  for a few weeks, safe under their mama’s spread wings.

By the end of the yesterday I was in a singlet and skirt. Quite deliberately catching the very last of the summer with my bare arms and legs. 

Someone has got to come with a tow truck and take away the jeep that hit the stationary grader in the lane, with a speeding teenager at the wheel, a few weeks ago. No harm to the boy but the vehicle is written off.  I really, really hope we do not have that in our Daily View for too much longer. It is a very sore point.  But a good lesson in having some respect for speed.

Ok, changing the subject quickly. Look at that –  over eighty! 

Good morning. Last night was warm. I had all the windows and doors open catching the last of the autumn breeze. One of the toughest things for me in winter is having to keep the windows and doors shut at night.  I am not good at being shut in.

I hope you all have a lovely day. There has been a dearth of  good material happening a year ago so I have not bothered to link you back. However tomorrow, a year ago, (if that makes any sense) – Look what I found! No need to read it, just whizz over the pictures!  You will laugh.

Have a lovely day.


50 Comments on “A gypsy summer day with three new teensy weensy arrivals

  1. I had to take a quick break from all the roof repairs to read about the new arrivals – too cute C. What a beautiful shot of your swimming pool and good to know the Teenager has learnt his lesson.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  2. awwwww…baby chicks. i hope they make it! we are going to be in the 80’s today and then snow for halloween! i can’t wait!

    • I will do the best i can but it will get very cold soon, why she does this i do not know.. backwards chook! c

  3. Good mornin Celi – after an 18-hour day I’m off to Noddyland, but just had to say we were nearly at the same temps again: 34 degrees here today and that photo of the newest baby on the farmy will be in front of my eyes as I close them: beautiful 🙂 !

  4. Too, too, cute; and yes, I did laugh at the sight of those little chicks this time last year post…!
    I must say, I’m turning a little green at the sight of all those wonderful animal images; they do make my little heart sing..!
    I too have one big problem with closing windows (at any time of year). However; one must be sensible; or so I tell myself sadly….

  5. I love the picture of the sheep in the sun, Hairy offering his best pose as usual! 80 degrees, wow! We’re all wrapped up warm here with a fierce north-easterly today…Brrrr!

  6. I’m green with envy: for warmth and chicks and a clever Tonton. Last year’s 16 – gorgeous – is that a record in one brood?

  7. Love the sunrise with the sheep! Jealous that you’re having such warm weather! I don’t like to be shut in either in winter. Therefore…no matter how cold it is, I turn the heat way down at night, open our bedroom window, and cuddle up with lots of covers. Love laying in bed and being able to smell snow! 🙂

  8. It was a pretty day yesterday, wasn’t it? Today should be nice but things will be changing late afternoon. This could very well be it for the year. Ugh!
    Cute new additions to the farmy and I hope the Scrapper is kept at bay. He’s something else, that one.
    Have a great day, Celi. I hope you get some sun before t’s gone/

    • Oh No! I forgot to make a vase of Deads! I shall go out and get them this minute. Thank you Misky. I hope I am not too late, the wind has come up this morning! c

  9. You are warmer and drier than us (South Africa) at the moment! Was it the same Houdini Hen again this year? Love the pic of Hairy and His Girls 🙂 Laura

    • Yup the same old chook and she is Old.. and quite a useless mother I just found one of her brood of three dead.. ah well.. c

  10. The water hydrant looks as though it is appropriately wearing a fireman’s helmet. We’re in the midst of a warm patch with some bright cold weather arriving in the weekend. The clocks change to winter time on Sunday leaving even less daylight time for photography:)

  11. Why on why do you do this to me? The other day two kittens – now chicks. My heart beats faster. I want to gather them all into my arms and just sit and hold them. Well, at least try to Celi. Hugs V.

  12. The photos from a year ago are really sweet! And love your new baby chick(s) and hope all will continue to be well. Enjoy the last of the wonderful summer breezes. There’s nothing like a summer day in autumn! 🙂

  13. Looks like those orange gloves are going to be getting a workout this winter. (but hard to feel that soft fluff…I know you can do that anytime and must move get moving.)
    Enjoy the warmth of the day!
    (if you want a short seasonal scare, read “beside her” – IF you have time – so much to do before winter and Nov!)

  14. Stunning early morning piccies… the written off jeep just sitting there would be a pain to behold day after day but the opportunity to indelibly imprint the lesson is too good to be missed considering how much it must annoy the thankfully unharmed teenager to witness it And, I loved seeing the image from last year of Ton Ton in action in true Wellington Dog style 🙂

  15. I like it that you have a sumptuous spring day, celi – beautiful imagery..
    We are having our first warm ( and sumptuous) spring day at last… birds singing, aphids feasting, wisteria blooming!.

  16. Enjoyed so much these pictures, those sweet little chicks and then those many many chicks from last year and TonTon in action is an amazing shot and hilarious too.
    I just love when your readers tell you where they live. Like the one from Minnesota and another from South Africa. I wish everyone would identify their city –or state anyway. I’m writing from Chicago and golfed yesterday for I’m afraid is the last chance. I’m proud to say I have kept my 13 pots of Gerbera daisies “going” and it breaks my heart to have to say goodbye to them.

    • Well if you are in Chicago you are Close BY!! How awesome.. Gerberas are so unforgiving, I just love their blooms.. c

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