Sunday Farm Cameos

It seems we had a day of cameos. Solo performances. A Sunday.

Son of Son of Neanderthol Man.

Just watching. Author with his big liquid baby eyes. 

The Duke Of Kupa on the prowl. 

Paisley Daisy does calm Sunday very well.

Sheila the Babe doing her imitation of Charlotte’s flying ears.

The Daily View. 

And Cool Sunshine. 

Waiting for harvest. 

Another Sunday.

Good morning. There are so many things I was going to write to you this morning but now that I am sat at the keyboard I find that all my thoughts have flown the coop. I am looking deeply to see if there is a thought in my head, no, nothing.

You all have a wonderful day.  I have plenty to keep me occupied today. I hope you do too. Busy is good.



67 Comments on “Sunday Farm Cameos

  1. Words are going to be important very soon with that ‘book’ on the horizon…. Oh, for taking a few snaps and enjoying a moment or two away from the computer… Oh, hang on; is this me I’m talking about, or you?

  2. So interesting to see the Tree House emerge from its leafy summer bower 🙂 Is this perchance where Roger is living? Laura

    • Old Salty in his cherry picker is way way up high taking pictures of the world below him. Like a city person in a high rise.. c

  3. I’m spending a moment or two soaking up the tranquility…while the wind rises outside, and the dawn comes in a sickly shade of green…Thanks for the mental respite. I may come back and look again, as the day wears on.

  4. As a picture is worth 1000 words, you have given us 9000 plus words today. Plenty for a Sunday. I have the family here, and it’s as much as I can do to think straight, let alone write sense.

    • the leaves are falling, so it is coming into view.. soon you will see that it has two terraces! morning roger.. c

  5. Sunday is the day of rest after all, that includes the grey matter! No rest for Camera though….lovely shots!

      • I’ve just finished a technical document 120 000 words (now published) and I have two books on the go at the same time… find when I go dumb on the one the other seems to take over… one is on 60 000 words and the other on 100 000, my problem is I just don’t see the end in sight at this stage… so can you imagine what the rewrites are going to be like… all of this I’ve done in a year.. 23 000 words a month.. on top of that I wrote 207 articles with an average length of 600 words which is another 10 000 words a month… that is in between my photography, golf and blogging… it can be done easier than you think… if you can get that first 5000 words in the bank in the first day or two, it just seems to come easier… you’ll do it with ease, don’t let time slip by that’s all…

        • very good advice, i do intend to hit the keys hard in the first week or so and then work on. I like routines so i should be able to keep abreast of it. You write an awful lot .. if I may ask, what area do these technical documents cover?.. c

          • The techy stuff is on legality of operations within the governments statutes, my two books one is a comedic look at what golf course green keepers are up to so that mere mortals of golfers can understand a bit of the science behind the art…. and the other is about my life in the bush amid animals and my experiences as a Land surveyor working 6 months at a time in almost virgin outback with only wild animals as companions, the birds etc…

            • Ah i see where your love of birds comes from, and those green keepers that would be a great book..what a life you have lead.. c

  6. Looks like you all shared a quiet Sunday — and good for you all. I miss going back home this time of year. The fields look so beautiful, just like the one you’ve used to close this post. It really won’t be that long before those furrows turn green again.
    Have a great day, Celi!

  7. Love all the cameos. But most of all, I love that last one: the lines of red earth, stretching away. As you know, we don’t have space like that here.

  8. I love the way kittens have an immediate “Yeah, I own this place” look about them.

    • Cats do that don’t they, they are being very good at hanging about in the barn, it is a busy place with lots of feet going past and they don’t seem phased by all the activity.

  9. Oh I get such a kick out of Sheila strutting her stuff and there is TonTon beneath the tree house. All my life I’ve wanted a tree house — and that ladder reaching for the sky knocks me out every time.

  10. Isn’t it lovely to have a moment when there’s nothing at all in your head? I’d quite like that some days! Gorgeous photos – everyone is looking very well. It’s always a joy to see Kupa and your amazing roosters – I think their plumage gives Kupa a run for his money!

  11. I’ve had to avoid you since the arrival of the kittens–desperately want another cat (I have 2 grown) but the husband says no! We’re all (cats no husband) lying in bed watching the storm while the house shakes!

  12. Nice cameos. The daily scene is changing, bit by bit. You have too many characters floating around in your brain. They have probably tossed your files. 🙂

  13. Author’s look of absolute contentment says it all – just another COMFORTABLE Sunday on the farm . . .

  14. A peacock in the foreground of a photo with heavy duty farm equipment! Now that’s a photo that should be an advertisement for tractors! I love it! That is probably not a tractor, though, is it! I plead ignorance! 🙂

  15. Sometimes a writer becomes word-weary, and then images are such a relief and a joy. Nice to see the farmy at rest.

  16. I’m torn between slavering over Babe and the ears, and that glorious Essence of Kitten lying there intently, looking so innocent but observing everything and growing more savvy every day….

  17. Oh I don’t think there is not a thought in your head. I think there are so many thoughts that if you opened the door they would tumble out across the page, out of the house, down the road TO ME. Virginia

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