Please Mrs – Don’t Eat me!

Look at the kittens face, silently begging the chook not to take a bite.abc30-007

I have been packing. I hauled my silver suitcase out to the barn and weighed it on the feed scales. And I am just under the allowed 50 pounds.  So barring any last minute additions (JOKE) I should be ok. Being overweight in the luggage department is a very expensive exercise nowadays. Air New Zealand is very strict and allow us 50 pounds and no bloody more. abc30-002

The suitcase hanging from the barn roof looks like a strange sacrifice to the cow gods. abc30-015

John purchased a trailer load of scaffolding pipe a while ago from  the Surrogate Milkers brother, at cost. An incredible score. So now the fencing work is roaring ahead. This is the first of the gates he has made. He is using all the left over pots of old car paint on them, after the red, there is blue or  white. I said no to the pink and yellow!

Oh dear. abc30-018

Snap.  Bad peahens on the porch again! All the doors were open yesterday, a beautiful day.

Yesterday was quite divine and a perfect day for a meeting between the Kiwi Builder, The Matriarch, The Contractor and the excavator/concrete man. They all argued to and fro determined not to give an inch on their departments high standards. I asked them sweetly to move everything back four feet when it looked like the roofline was going to take out the tree in our sunrise view. So they did. And the little weeping cherry will be carefully dug out by the exavator man, who cannot bear to lose even a young tree. He wandered out into the yard with his orange spray can and decided where he would plant it.  So it will have a chance at survival at least.  If not I will plant two more in the spring. That is the rule, lose one – plant two.

The Kiwi Builder has given me his NZ grocery order; Chocolate Slabs, Pineapple Lumps and Crunchy Bars. I hope you are going to share, said his boss The Contractor. The Kiwi builder and I looked at each other and laughed. Yeah Right!

They will only lay the foundation concrete next week. In fact basically they will make a really big mess then all sod off and wait for the next thaw to do some more. They have assured me that we will not miss out on much, except a big concreted hole resulting in the total destruction of my front gardens which I would rather not see anyway! All the good plants are already shifted.

Two more sleeps, then California, then on Thursday off to New Zealand, surely it is time to panic.

The Daily View and Daily Temperatures are suspended until Boxing Day because this Farm Blog will soon seamlessly morph into a daily wandering Travel Blog with Food.

You all have a lovely day.


81 Comments on “Please Mrs – Don’t Eat me!

    • Like log.. nothing gets in the way of me and my sleep, except possibly an early flight to paris, i never slept that night! c

  1. Seems like you’ve got everything in hand. I shall look forward to watching this blog morph into a travel blog– & finding out, when you return, how the farm survived without you. Safe travels.

  2. Those scales look way more accurate than trying to balance your big bag on the bathroom scales and then lying on the floor trying to see how much they think it is – a procedure I did once to such ill effect I really had no idea how much my combined baggage weighed – and guess what, $600 excess baggage charge! Time for the litany: tickets, passport, spare copies in case of loss/theft, telephone numbers/address book, phone, kindle, toothbrush … with that, you’re right to go! Have a great time.

  3. This is my favorite way to start the day, right here on your farmy. Can’t wait until we visit the other side of the world. Is it time yet?

  4. Enjoy yourself and have fun… going home is always great… and NZ is one very special place, a friend of mine tells me, he goes to see his kids who live there about 3 times a year…

    • Oh No, these barn chooks are mean, I have to feed the barn cats where the chooks cannot steal their food! c

  5. I am so glad I did most of my traveling before the baggage weight costs rose so high. I surely would have been hit with over-weight charges. As it was, I often packed older clothes for “touring days” and left them behind, along the way. freeing up space for souvenirs.
    Your John and his scaffolding pipe reminds me of my Grandpa. When a playground was replaced by a parking lot, Grandpa was given all of the piping used to build the baseball diamond’s backstop. He used it for various projects around the house, including his grape arbors. Waste not, want not.
    Have a great day, Celi!

    • interesting that your grandpa made grape arbors, I recently begged john to make me some out of the pipe but he is bent (s’cuse the pun) on turning the pipe into gates, save heaps of money though! morning john.. c

  6. Well done on being underweight on your luggage! I love that you double up on planting trees when you have to lose one. Makes me think of one of my favourite quotes / Chinese proverbs – “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”
    Our trip is soooooo close!
    🙂 Mandy xo

    • That is an excellent quote, i would love it if someone had planted a weeping cherry here twenty years ago! c

  7. Chickens are nothing to laugh at! Can be quite aggressive.
    You have to love someone that will take pains not to simply kill a tree.
    Maybe nap on the plane – must be as bad as a kid trying to sleep on Christmas Eve there?

  8. I love your description of construction work, Celi: “basically, they will make a really big mess then all sod off…” I am pleased that you managed to keep your outgoing luggage under the limit. I wouldn’t talk too much about NZ sweets if I were you, or we’ll all be clamoring to taste them.

    • Oh true, maybe I can order a plane with windows that open and put them on wee parachutes and drop them off on my way home! morning sharyn.. c

      • Maybe you can become an American representative for the company and they will ship you cases of sweets to distribute to prospective customers (in your spare time)!

  9. I hope the weather clears up for your California layover. Not terribly hospitable i’m afraid.

  10. When I travel I usually leave a trail of old clothes, shoes, books etc behinfd me to free up space! And I panic that I´m too organised before I go – surely I have forgotten something?!

  11. I guess I can’t stow away in your baggage. Darn! I love New Zealand. I think it one of – if not THE most- loveliest places. And I found the food to be so fresh and lovely and great care taken to present every morsel in its most flattering form. I am excited to take the journey back – even if just through your blog. Safe travels.

  12. Aw, we were not successful in sharing wine and conversation. Perhaps when you return?! Bon Voyage!!!

    • when i give out all the stuff I am taking there will be room, i desperately want to bring back a sheepskin for John.. he has never seen a real one! That will take up some room.. c

  13. Just returned yesterday from my sheep farm tour in Australia so all the packing plans sound way too familiar. I managed to squeeze in all the things I bought but had to leave a pair of shoes behind! Happy and safe travels (and, yes, it is pretty rainy here in California right now!). Looking forward to following your adventures in NZ!

      • Can’t remember if you have my blog address? The whole two wonderful weeks of sheep farms are on there (well, as much as I could fit in!) let me know what you think. I hope to go to NZ sometime to see the Coloured Sheep there!

  14. I’m so excited. I’m so excited. I'[m singing about Celi’s journey. How wonderful and wise and generous of Celi to take us on this journey. I ‘m so excited….. V.

    • I sing that song all the time when i am wandering around the farmy.. ! hilarious.. does not surprise me that you do too! c

  15. Marmite … don’t forget the NZ Marmite on the return trip. Post the Sheepskin back – save space. Laura

  16. It is happening..let the construction begin! and travel on…
    You were in my dream last night, long story short – we were tearful with a man who could not pay his bank employees at Christmas time.. thought was thanksgiving in a Hallmark store…don’t even

    • we were in hallmark, well .. aren’t we a pair, interesting that the bank could not pay their employees.. a bank out of money is a bad thing.. i had a dream that john found a submarine and a hundred dobermans streamed out of it trying to scare me and i said DOWN and they all did! Then the pigs galloped past and told me that i had left the tap on and flooded the house.. ah well.. c

  17. How perfect that you were there for the Building Summit, and then can absent yourself during the stage of the big mess. Your suitcase looks streamlined enough to travel by itself. You are right about Air NZ getting very strict now about overweight baggage. This is all so exciting. Are you going to be in Auckland’s direction, or just further south?

      • Oh, and I will be gone out to my bach until the 25th. But you would be very welcome to come and visit – if you have a spare moment! I guess there will be a queue of people wanting to see you.

  18. Isn’t it nice to be married to men who have the skills to re-purpose items!! And the new house…lovely that they really do care about your ‘stuff”. We start a huge dig Monday. Only it is for a ditch. We are putting all of our transmission ditches underground, a small bit at a time. My yard is safe, after the huge tear up Terry will be able to farm right over the ditch and neither he nor I will have to clean out the ditch ever again. We are just getting too old to do that kind of labor anymore!


    ¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

    • That will be such a relief.. you guys work so hard on the summer.. though honestly Linda, one day i have to come out to where you are so you can show me how your irrigation works, i desperately want to know.. and I am still confused.. if or when daisy dries up (hopefully before calving in the spring of 2014, I wonder if there is a train I can catch to colorado.. c

      • There might be, I’m not sure. We have an AMTRAX Train that comes into Denver. I’ll bet the ride is forever. The two airports close to us Grand Junction and Montrose might have specials also.

        You are so welcome!! ALWAYS. The first irrigation of the spring is always terribly hard, so if you could come the last part of April or anytime after that you could see everything in full swing and we would have some time to take you around to see our part of the world.


        ¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

    • I have exercises that i do, as often as i think about it, mainly because I am not very good at sitting still, so the stretches are good for me.. I cannot tell you how often i have done this trip.. This last 18 months is the longest stretch i have gone without going home.. but weirdly i love to fly.. i like to be anonymous and unwatched.. weird.. c

  19. Thanks for dropping by my blog, Cecilia. Love yours. A quick glance tells me that it will take me down memory lane. I spent 22 yrs on a “hobby farm” so can relate well. Now I’m in the travel mode. My son has just gone to NZ for a year. I’d really love to visit him while he’s there. I look forward to hearing your stories about your journey.

  20. Hhmm: now all the secret plans are unfolded – all the ‘mucky’ bits will be done whilst you are swanning around the Pacific 🙂 ! And your puss KNOWS something not so nice is afoot!!

    • Sugar . . . and the rest: sincerely hope I am not going to be sued if I decide to repost your ‘readers list’ in the next day or two!? To heaps of seriously reading friends? This is such an unreal occurrence of people who think alike, and actually read, to have had an honest opinion published! What a delight!! Oops: just bought ‘Jamie’s 15 minute meals’ on Amazon: guess I’ll be outside the pale :} ?!

  21. Marched right off to the library today and got THE OUTLANDER. Starting it tonight!

  22. Well, at least with dial phones gone, you won’t have to dial backwards! 😀 Enjoy, Celi.

    Great expression on that little puss!

  23. Lovely to get back to your blog after so long away, and thank you so much for all the lovely messages. I’ hope I haven’t missed your departure – only got home this afternoon, to jut under 700 messages – so that I can wish you a very happy and safe trip. Looking forward to business as uual.

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