Taking to the streets of Wellington

My beautiful daughter and I walked down the hill and into  Newtown yesterday morning.


We were looking for a cafe for our morning chat and to buy some groceries for the birthday dinner.

Two things to remember about New Zealand. 1. Always take your warmie because your day may not stay warm for long. 2. Wear your sunscreen, you have 15 minutes before you burn,  even if there is a high cloud cover and it does not feel hot. Be careful of your skin in New Zealand . We have one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world.birthday-day-030

The streets of Newtown were busy with some remarkably friendly people. We both remarked on how often we were smiled to and greeted on this busy little street lined in shops of all kinds. There are a lot of second hand clothing stores in this area which we look forward to exploring. We had a lovely coffee in the back yard of Baobab Cafe.  Very lazy. Very summer. Very easy. birthday-day-026

We bought a few things in the little local supermarket and wandered back up the hill to make my lamb dinner. birthday-day-012

Look at these two fantastic birthday presents. birthday-003

Real New Zealand gumboots.birthday-004

And a most wondrous weather vane (plus its postage home) for the barn.  Mahia seems to have picked up on that TonTon trick of getting into the back of shots!!.

The news from the farmy.  Daisy is wearing her new anti kicking device (which I have not seen a picture of yet) and John has made her a wee gate that helps her stay in place during the milking. She is reported to be more settled, miraculously easy to milk under the new system and I hope will increase her production again now. So I think that crisis has been managed.

Good morning. Once again Wellington has dawned clear and calm, beautiful weather for Wellington. It is early, early morning as usual and the valley is full of the most amazing array of native bird song, I wish I had sound for you sometimes. One bird in particular is high up in the Marcrocarpas calling a low slow desperately sad song. Just three long sustained repeating notes that drift through the valley like the beginnings of a long forgotton lullaby. I am sure they can hear it right down on the beach.

After loading the slow cooker with a Lamb Rendang, my beautiful daughter and I will catch the bus down into Courtney Place, which is close to the port, and has plenty of good shopping. We will take you to see some street art by the sea, and the downtown area. And yes, we will be wearing our sunblock and have our cardies in our bags.

Have a lovely day.


91 Comments on “Taking to the streets of Wellington

  1. Happy birthday lovely C, those Wellies are so cool (but you’d better wear them home as I’m sure they will tip the scales over the top!). I love the weather vane too. Very cool.

  2. That weather vane is going to look amazing back home on the Farmy! 🙂 I’m glad Daisy is behaving herself – she must be missing you.
    Have a lovely day shopping and looking – I hope the weather holds for you (grey and windy here today)
    PS – you’re allowed to sleep-in while you’re on holiday 🙂

    • No I still get up at dawn to do the blog pages.. I am not setting an alarm or anything, i just wake with the light! I have never been much for sleep ins and work well when the household is still asleep!.. morning janet, i hope you keep the grey and windy up there! c

      • I hope you had the glorious day it turned out to be here… funny the difference a couple of hours travel makes… 🙂

    • I am loving it and it clarifies what I love when I write about it and choose images.. the blog is a fun addition to travel! c

  3. For a minute there I was wondering how/where you were going to pack Mahia 🙂 aah and a Kiwi – at last. Have fun. Laura

  4. Once again we meet while you post on my blog and I’m posting on yours! LOL! Love your birthday gifts and I am glad that Daisy’s problem is sorted out. Keep having a wonderful time and sending us your great vacation posts! ~Lynda

  5. Happy Birthday! What great pressies – bet you’ll be the only farmy with a kiwi weather vane!

  6. That weather vane is one of the most awesome things I’ve seen for some time. Love your shots today. Will you please show me your beach? I’m homesick for the beach….

    • We will be down to the port today, so there will be sea for you, but on thursday we decamp to stay with another son and he has a real beach, he says, so that will be great! morning sweetie.. c

  7. Ceci, have a wonderful birthday day – shopping and lamb and all! I think it will be companionable for you to have another adventurous little kiwi with you at the farmie – perhaps the Kiwi builder will help you install him high up on the barn where he can warn you about incoming weather. 🙂

    • I am still working on getting into the zoo with my camera, to date Mahia and I have been stalking the perimeter! I am desperate to find a tuatara now! c

      • According to many experts, they are in their own reptilian category. There are turtles, tortoises, snakes, lizards, crocodilians and tuataras.

        Good luck

        • Hmm, that is cool, thankfully we have no snakes or crocodiles..now I am going to have to look it up and see if we have a native turtle.. c

  8. Oh C. that kiwi weather vane is too adorable…you will be the only one for miles around if not in the u.s. to have one!! Speaking of birds, I wonder what the bird of that call is….my favorite bird in the world…the loon…has a long, hauntingly beautiful call, that I travel many hrs. up into the wilds of B.C. to hear, every yr. 🙂
    Love that sign too…oh if we all didn’t ride bikes everywhere!! Can’t wait to see pics of your birthday celebration dinner…it was probably out of this world!!
    Glad to hear Daisy is settling….she is just missing her mama….plain and simple!!
    xo to you and family! Will we get to see them in some photos??

    • No light for birthday pics .. we just ate and talked and argued and laughed the way you do! It was a gorgeous dinner too with fantastic NZ wines.. c

  9. Beautiful dog! I wish I could hear the bird song. Interesting about the weather and skin cancer stats. Love that weather vane! Glad to hear things are going well for Daisy and the milkers.

  10. How perfect is the weather vane !!!??? LOVEeeeee it !!
    Will it be in our daily view…?? Daisy must have picked
    up “thevibe” to calm herself ..giggle. Thanks for including
    us on your most amazing visit with your family !

    • Wouldn’t that be hilarious!! i think we are going to be boring and post them though, running to catch a plane in gumboots would not be elegant! c

  11. Happy Birthday to my fellow bloggers who shares my day of birth! Your pictures in New Zealand are fantastic and one day I’ll visit there. Enjoy your time and how special to be there with your family!

  12. Celi my traveling friend, from the high up in the tree your bird was singing …”early one morning, just as the sun was rising, I heard a maiden in the valley far below. Singing oh don’t deceive me, Oh never leave me, how could you treat a poor maiden so”. Your gumboots are fabulous. The weather vane magnificent. You are bringing a bit of New Zealand back to your beloved Farmy. V.

    • morning Virginia, yes! that kiwi perched up on top of the barn will be a wonderful drop of kiwiana in the american prairies!! c

  13. I can feel the sense of relaxation seeping into your posts! Love the Xmas prezzies, including those really strong farmer’s gumboots. Will you wear them on the plane to reduce baggage weight? Must be wonderful to be with your family on home ground and to be exchanging lots of friendly smiles with people.

  14. Hope you have a lovely time exploring the 2nd hand shops. My daughters and I love those to pieces; so much friendlier to recycle and repurpose than to feed the consumer mills…we think. Are you ever tempted to find the world’s ugliest Christmas sweater? We do that every year. Nice haul on the Bday prezzies! Keep ’em coming…lol. 🙂

    • Ha ha ha illinois is filled with the worlds ugliest christmas sweaters, we don’t dress like that in NZ though.. that kind of fashion has not reached this hemisphere.. i hope! c

  15. What wonderful presents and I love the kiwi vane. Is that a present for you that Mahia has in his mouth? Any kind of rendang gets my attention and what a lovely dinner you will have! Again, Happy Birthday to you Cecilia.

  16. Happy Birthday! Love the kiwi weather vane, we have a rooster on our barn. Now you will have to make sure it is hung opposite way than to NZ with you being back in the northern hemisphere.
    Wellington is putting on dream weather for you.
    Love Leanne

    • The weather is extraordinary, i had no idea wellington could be this brilliant.. i keep waiting for it to change.. morning leanne! c

  17. Ah so lovely – such great pictures and I love your stories of your adventures! I adore that weather vane. So glad you are having a nice time.

  18. Great gifts, Celi! It’s good to see you actually relaxing, for a change, without having already accomplished more chores that morning than I do in a week. May the good times continue to roll. Have another great day!

  19. Love the fact that the lamb got made into rendang, so typical of our times 🙂 ! And there won’t be a day on the farmy when you won’t look at your kiwi and have a smile! Great days to remember when at last back milking Daisy!!

  20. I feel energized and excited to hear about New Z.through your eyes; especially since I am there with you. What a glorious trip; please give my regards to Beautiful daughter: can you refer to her that way without her rolling her eyes? I could never get away with such a reference. But so happy for you for enjoying so much.

    • well i hope you did not tell him i am walking another dog, then he really will spit the dummy! Those bloody roosters, no respect! c

  21. I work just off of Courtenay Place — I think I’d be too shy to say hello if I spotted you! 🙂 Hope your trip is wonderful and that the weather stays nice while you’re here!

    • Gwen don’t be shy, I may have walked right past you yesterday!! horrors! thank you so much for turning on such a startlingly beautiful few days.. c

  22. Miss C, what splendid birthday presents; do you know where your birthday weather vane came from?
    I had a morepork with contrarotating wings……sadly he dismembered himself in the last fierce storm. I had almost given up replacing him, being such an iconic chap…….however the kiwi is something else again!

  23. Great pressies, and both so practical! That kiwi weather van is going to look fantastic on the barn – a talking point if I ever saw one!

  24. I can just imagine Daisy.. moaning a low wail, missing her c.. that gets sent to the next farm animal.. on and on (well, I don’t know how it gets across the ocean, there must be a dog on those planes) until it reaches the bird that is calling sadly to you.. I think there was a scene on 101 Dalmatians like this with dogs barking.. nevertheless.. did I mention, ILOVEYOURBOOTS?! xx Smidge

  25. What joy, oh what joy to be where you are right now, must seem like a complete dream and yet intensely real at the same time, what a wonderful state of consciousness to be in, (projecting wildly here!) I am reading Margaret Atwood being very funny about superheros and fantasy and sci fi in a book I was given for my birthday. Talking about doors and openings and travel and meeting aliens, and it strikes me, in a random, unthought out sort of way, that blogs are all of those things, metareal xx Joanna

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