Will The Real Wellington Please Stand Up

No, not you little Basil, you can stay sitting down. Yesterday Wellington changed its mind and took the sun back in.cold-day-in-welly-006

Yesterday the other Wellington came out to play, the darker side. The windy side. cold-day-in-welly-001

Yesterday, undaunted, we braced the elements and walked around the bay to another cafe. cold2

Then we peered into the window of the Fish’n Chip shop. cold-day-in-welly-016

But the blustery fractious winds blew us back indoors.cold3

We sheltered in Soi, a lovely little restaurant along the waterfront. cold1

We ate looking out the window, sipping on fresh crisp New Zealand wines.cold-day-in-welly-039

And felt grateful that we were not at sea.

Good morning. Have a lovely, lovely day.


50 Comments on “Will The Real Wellington Please Stand Up

  1. It was windy here too yesterday… all our cobwebs are blown away :-). But, it sounds like you’re having a lovely time regardless of the weather. XO

  2. I am a traveler that really enjoys all the moods of the place
    I visit, so I am enjoying all the sights, smells and sounds,
    even a windy day warmed by family, wine , coffee, and
    great food !!

    • You cannot let the weather get in the way of tracking down a good coffee, though the cafe by the zoo is still winning.. c

  3. Brr, very blustery looking. That seaside restaurant looks scenic snd restful – but I wonder how the fish and chips would taste at The Greasy Groper! Lol

  4. Glorious wind swept skies. Worthy of a Turner masterpiece. This has been the most marvelous of journeys. One hopes we have been perfect traveling companies. I know for us it has been an amazing journey of discovery. Celi good morning. I am happy you are having another wonderful cafe experience. V.

    • you are perfect travelling companions of course, always supportive and always cheerful, what more could a girl want?!.. c

  5. It’s so beautiful, even in fractious mood. I’m at the beachh too, but it’s fine and clear up in Auckland still.

  6. Great shots, as always.

    I’ve done the math on the exchange rate, and those breakfast prices are incredibly high. Is that normal pricing? Perhaps our prices here are abnormally low due to abundance, yes, but also things like factory farming? I suppose New Zealand may have to import many things as well? Sorry for getting all serious on a fun blog post, but I figured you would not mind, especially considering the ethos of your Farmy. Happy travels.

  7. Wellington’s weather sure can vary and that little restaurant looks to be in a perfect location with year-’round views of the harbor. I have always enjoyed dining along the waterfront — as long as the wind isn’t strong enough to blow the food away, or worse. :O
    Continued good times for you, Celi!

  8. I have a fellow feeling for you – the weather is exactly like that here today. Keep ’em coming (the posts and the photos)
    V x

  9. Strange that today’s post is about the wind and weather change.Last night my husband and I saw the new movie, “The Impossible,” which is about the Tsunami in Thailand. Devastating the way it struck so suddenly and so powerfully. Frightening how quickly everything changes.

  10. HI Celi… windy Wellington ‘s been looking lovely. Wish you were beside the sea up here, the pohutakawas are ablaze against the turquoise sea.. looking forward to connecting if you can still spare the time…….

  11. Well, Wellington is known as the Windy City for a reason and there truly are those big, lazy ‘high”s headed your way! Hope the wines chosen came from Marlborough way . . . I try to have a very small carbon footprint, but must admit to smiling when glasses are filled with some of those New Zealand brews 🙂 !

  12. Sounds like this was not a good day to wear a skirt unless you were going for the Marilyn Monroe look. That greasy spoon looks like a good respite from the weather.

  13. Wow Celi, look at those trees! You know, I always wanted to lift a natural bonsai tree from the top of a mountain somewhere but Wellington looks as good a place as any. Love the cat photo, so, “Well, can I help you?”-ish.

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