A New Zealand Garden

On the way to my friends house, and our last stop in this New Zealand journey, I saw this sign.  Cool!

And here is a New Zealand garden. A little paradise right in  town.  Auckland has a wonderful climate for plants. gardens-031

She even has chickens tucked away under the trees. gardens-022

And her daughter goes fishing for dogs with a ball on the end of a string!gardens-052

Above are the remains of a corrugated iron sitting man that I made for my friend years and years ago.  I transported him to her house in the passenger seat of my little car wearing a seat belt. He is as big as a man. His name is Alfred, his arms and hands have fallen off and he is becoming a tree.

Today is my last full day in New Zealand, shortly we are off out to collect a few last little bits and pieces. Then the repacking will commence once again.

Today will be my last post from these shores. I leave Auckland on  Christmas evening and arrive in Chicago on another Christmas evening.  So I will take this opportunity to wish you all a lovely, lovely Christmas day.

The next time I post will be from the Farmy.  Which will be a great relief.  Back to work we will go, you and I.  And the suitcase will be stored back in the attic until next time.  You are never anywhere where you don’t miss somewhere.

But that’s OK.  I am all stocked up with memories to last for a wee while.  Going back into the cold might be a bit of a shock though. Our John is going to bring my big warm coat and hattie when he picks me up. He will dress me in all my layers and then drive me through the cold dark back home.  It will be good to be home.

Have a lovely day.  I am coming home. See you soon.




65 Comments on “A New Zealand Garden

  1. wonderful photos!!! have a very merry Christmas. I hope that God will bless you and your family each moment throughout the holidays

  2. Almost time to sing this to you Celi:
    Pö atarau
    E moea iho nei
    E haere ana
    Koe ki pämamao

    Haere rä
    Ka hoki mai anö
    Ki i te tau
    E tangi atu nei

    Safe travels and happy landings at Christmas time in the north.
    PS Thank you for invoking the spirits of summer – we have had some hot, summery weather since you arrived in New Zealand :-))

    • Have just had the time to look at the Maori version of ‘Now is the hour’ . . . Celi, you could not have had a more heartfelt and wonderful farewell . . . methinks ere I sign off for a few days or so, shall go back and sing it along to make your flight smoother . . . Am not a crybaby, but that song always makes me . . .

      • If there is warmth in a home, perchance summer lasts all year long, wherever . . .

  3. I wonder if Daisy will snub you the way my firstborn son did when I came home after I’d left him for a couple of weeks! Your journey has been lovely, full of beautiful places and family and good times and memories. But I know the farmy folks, all of them, will be ecstatic to have you back. Thanks for sharing your travels with us. Now, safe travels home, and a blessed Christmas.

  4. Celi – what adventures! Dog fishing, and beautiful gardens (now that’s a lovely environment for chickens – they are bound to be happy!)
    We should all be as brave as Alfred the tin man: sturdy core, but able to branch out and try new things.
    Enjoy your starry Christmas flight. (and give Santa a wave as you cross paths?)

  5. What a beautiful garden. I would love a home like that and the photo of the dog in the air brought a smile to my face. Merry Christmas to you and all your family, Cee xx

  6. Such great pictures – the fishing dog ones cracked me up! How did you do your photo layout, is it a WP thing that I don’t know about?

    Safe travels. I am sure the two legged and four legged back on the farm miss you greatly.

  7. What a wonderful place to say good-by Bitter sweet memories. The Farmy and all who love you are waiting for you. Safe trip my dear Celi. V.

  8. Did you try a Serious Lamb Burger? And do they taste better than Silly Lamb Burgers?

    I am happy and sad for you. Happy that you will return to your own cozy farmy, but so sad that you have to leave home.

    Safe travels!

  9. Have safe journey home, C. What a beautiful vacation you’ve had, with lots of wonderful memories stored up. We are gearing up and excited about Christmas; my family celebrate Christmas Eve, very fun.
    Be safe and have a wonderful Christmas!

  10. May the journey home be blessed: am certain the welcomes will be too rapturous for you to notice the cold!

  11. That will be closest you will ever come to being in two different places at the same time! 🙂 Happy Christmas to Our John and the Farmy and safe travels to you as you wing your way home. Laura

  12. Cinders….safe travels home…to your other home…and thank-you for taking us along with you…it was wonderful! Remember…you can’t go back if you never leave!! 🙂
    Merry Holidays!!

  13. Bye Celi, awesome seeing you. I look forward to saying Hello again when you are back on your Farmy, but I must be careful about what I say to the calves as Mabel is watching and learning from Daisy!!!

  14. I am so glad we got to go along !! I think the farmy will be doing the dance of joy
    when they all hear your voice !! Picture that !!
    I can’t figure how many sleeps til we get home ?????!!!!!!!
    Safe travels !

  15. The flowers are so beautiful, Celi. Smart idea spending some or your last vacation minutes in a garden. As you know, we are months away from having anything close to those blooms. Take advantage of them while you can.
    Have a safe trip back home. Merry Christmas!

  16. Safe journey and Happy Christmas Celi. It’s been great to have you here.
    … fishing for dogs… do you think… if I try in our backyard… I might catch one?…

  17. Awesome pics of the garden in Auckland.
    Merry Christmas to you also and safe journey home Celi – John and the whole farmy will be so happy to have you back; I’d love to be there and see their reaction when they welcome you home!

  18. Thankyou for the lovely holiday but now I can’t wait to see all the animals again. I hope you have a safe journey and a wonderful homecoming. Merry Christmas.

  19. If you don’t mind, maybe you could just leave me there for awhile? I’ve really started to fall in love with the place. Especially the climate! (He says, as he heads for the closet to get his ear muffs and feather coat.) 😉

  20. Such a breath of fresh warm air – all those colours to brighten my day Celi, thank you.
    “You are never anywhere where you don’t miss somewhere” oh so true, so true.
    Happy Christmas darlings x

  21. Merry Christmas may your plane arrive with no delays you are going from Summer to the DEAD OF WINTER several storms coming through our country Have a wonderful trip back here to USA
    Merry Christmas


  22. It’s been a wonderful journey, dear C. Thank you for taking us along. So wise of John to bring your warm coat. It’s two degrees here in southeastern Minnesota on this Christmas morning. Merry Christmas!

  23. Happy Christmas, thank you for sharing your trip and please may I have a lamb-burger? Wow… Mmmmm… I think I’d actually eat at MickyDee’s! Peace and joy…

  24. As hard as it is to leave family, I know you are happy to be with your John on the farmy. I know you will be arriving to a white Christmas. Merry Christmas and welcome home. I have enjoyed the trip.

  25. What a magical journey! I look forward to having a good long sit to catch up with all your travel posts (instead of the willy-nilly). I am also now somewhere that I have missed…your feelings resonate with me!!! xoxox Happy Holidays! (as I read this, I’ve already seen your back at the farmy post…but the space time continuum wrinkle is okay by me!

  26. “you are never anywhere, where you don’t miss somewhere” That is just perfection. I’m hanging that on the wall in my office. 🙂

  27. I’ve always wanted to live in a country where the gardens grew so lush.. but like you say, I’d be missing this cold harsh country of mine.. I’m glad your trip was so wonderful and memory making! xx

  28. Just dropping by to say Have a prosperous New Year to you and your Family. You should have stayed longer it will go really sunny this coming January

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