A few Farmy Highlights (in pictures) from Jan-Dec 2012

January 2012 begins with a sunset. mumma-munch-026

and so mild I was drinking a beer on the verandah. afternoon light 2+

February 2012 – got a little bit chilly though the winter of 2012 was comparatively mild. frozen-fog-1

Queenie Wineti the Hereford heifer and our darling Mary’s Cat did not mind the cold.  Mary’s Cat was everyones fearless friend. take-him-home

March 2012- Mama began to get fat and TonTon was never far from her side. friday-30-4

and The Duke of Kupa  made his first appearance on the farmy. peacock-5

April  2012- The sun came out and the gardens grew, just like they should.flowers-6

and Mama had her lambs. thurs-lambs-3

May  2012- after some deliberation amongst the real bossesmonday-11-a

Minty was voted to lead the visits to the Old Folks Home. farmy-day-at-rt4

June  2012- The arrival of Charlotte and Sheila  – the Shush Sisters. milk-1

and the birth of Bobby Blanc – heralding Daisy’s career as the house cow, feeding us all and still going.

July 2012 – the grass was growing slowly but still no rain.


It was a very dry month, but the bees did not care, there were lots of flowers. scan-012

August 2012 – we began to harvest. If I was going to be self sufficient this year I would have come down with scurvy this winter, lack of rain in the gardens and fields made a huge impact on the yields and on my pantry.  hay-making-3

But the summer feeds were awesome. sunday-1-018

and the animals grew fat on all the good forage. wednesday-050

September 2012 was busy with putting whatever we could grow in jars and in the freezer and getting ready for the winter. a-nother-day-029

Stacking wood and  making hay as winter fodder for the animals.


October  2012 was still dry but we missed the worst of the drought with a little rain here and there.14-oct-015

I kept the stock to a minimum to make the grass last and the hay paddock grew, though I decided against a third cut due to the dry and it being its first year.try-131

We all ate well.first-shots-013

even the smallest members of the farmy.11oct24-005

November  2012 – began fine and fair and dry.oct153

The Duke of Kupa  was in fine form.nov20-033

Then winter came upon us too early and wiped the gardens out. nov05-010

December  2012 – I was in New Zealand.


and on the prairies. Such a life I have.   I am glad you are with me. dec-2-004

There were so many pictures to choose from and I know that some of the animals missed out but we will make it up to them.

The Daily View, yesterday, and the last shot of the farmy for 2012. snow2-005

Good morning. We may not have had a White Christmas but we have a Snowy White New Year.

And now it is 2013.  0 1 2 3 .. an interesting collection of numbers. I think it means that no matter what, we shall smile and move upwards and onwards.  If only in our ongoing pursuit of knowledge and goodness. And kindness, remember that kindness is the most important of all. I have learnt so much this year and much of it I have learnt from you. Thank you.

Have a lovely New Day in your New Year. Luckily we get a New Day every 24 hours. Now, what shall I do with this one!? Milk my cow first I think.


88 Comments on “A few Farmy Highlights (in pictures) from Jan-Dec 2012

  1. Morning! A lovely look back and haven’t you been the busy one! I’m still in my jammies and have just eaten cold curry for my breakfast, (as you do on New Years Day) followed by a slice of your oh so delicious chocolate cake – which everyone demands the recipe. I tell them it’s my friend Celi’s invention……
    Stunning photos my dear, and joyous words – not forgetting fabulous pointy ears from Ton Ton.
    Love all round, Claire x

    • I am so impressed that you made the chocolate cake again, it is so easy to pull together..I love left overs in the morning! have a lovely day claire!… c

  2. A marvelous collection for the year, C.
    I’ve been out to take my son to work already, and now have to put on a pot of beans for dinner…
    Happy New Year!

      • Where I grew up, it’s black-eyed peas, but I couldn’t find any in the stores last week. I’ll remember to ask for a care package next year!
        I’m subbing white beans and garlic sausage today. No one will mind!

  3. Enjoyed looking back. We sometimes forget how small those baby animals were. We also have some beautiful snow this am. Today’s a day to list some goals for the coming year. So much to accomplish but we strive forward! Have a fantastic New Years Day Celi.

  4. Give Hairy MacLairy a hug from me 🙂 2013 could be a problem for the Triskaidekaphobics amongst us :). Enjoy your day. Laura

  5. These experiences that you share with us are wonderful. Thank you for sharing this Joy!

  6. Lovely little nostalgic look back at the year Celi. I’ve only been with you for half of it but am certain I’ll be visiting all this New Year. I did the same little look back with photos. I thought 2012 was fraught with stress and strife but, by looking back, I realised last year had some bright and brilliant moments in it. Much love and happiness to you and your whole family all over the world. 🙂

  7. Happy New Year! As much as I love looking at and learning about how you choose to live, I know that I could not or would not do the same. I’m not that energetic.

    Eat more cookies!

  8. . beautiful retrospective with some choice photos. Have a lovely day. Mine started with a phone call from son in China, which woke me at dawnb

  9. Loved your highlights, and I hadn’t though about the collection of numbers for the new year…but it is encouraging somehow! Kindness…a lovely way to approach the year and thank you for your constant inspiration, miss c. Have a beautiful and happy day!

  10. I loved the month by month photos look back at the Farmy in 2012…so many new baby additions, who thrived so well under their mama’s care! I think I joined the Farmy this year , I mean last year too!! 🙂 I have so enjoyed starting my day, visiting you all and am looking forward to another year of friendship with the Farmy!
    You have a lovely and prosperous and very Happy New Year, Cinders!

  11. It’s been a lovely year, hasn’t it? And now you just inspired me to possibly copycat you and pull out some favorite images for each month of 2012. Happy New Year to you, C!

  12. Celi, you are one in a million. Thank you for this wonderful round up. Happy New Year: and I look forward to another year on the Farmy next year!

  13. It has been a wonderful year indeed. I have truly enjoyed following your blog. It has been a highlight of my year. I wish for you a 2013 just as beautiful and successful as 2012. I cannot wait to watch it unfold on your little farmy.

  14. A great stroll through the year, Celi. If you could narrow it down just a bit more, you could create a mighty fine-looking calendar. Your photo for the month on top of a calendar page where one day each month, say the 15th, is your 4:00 view. Just a thought … or maybe it’s the fever talking.
    Have a wonderful day, Celi!

  15. Hi Celi

    Every one of your soulful images had my heart. What a beautiful, elemental and natural place. Seeing all your animals, the landscape and structures made me feel so good. Thanks for such a beautiful pots. I think I am going to come and visit your place often online and marvel at life on the prairies. Happy 2013 to you – Alison

  16. It was such a delightful journey today. Good Husband and I entered The Farmy world and relived the last wondrous year . It was reassuring to see the last photograph with snow. A happy first day of 2013 Celia. Much hugs V.

  17. We don’t really have much in the way of seasons here in subtropical Brisbane, it is either hot or not so hot. I love your look back over the beautiful changing year on your farm….and the animals.

  18. Your blog is lovely…I have two peacocks called Missy and Lloyd…they are kooky and fantastic 🙂

  19. What a wonderful year we have been privileged to share with you – thank you! And my, haven´t your “babies” all grown so much!

  20. I love these retro looks at the year using photographs. It’s so much fun. Stay warm; it looks very cold out there! xx

  21. Coming over from Minnesota Prairie Roots and ever so glad that I did!!! You just acquired a new follower! Lovely recap of your year and I am looking forward to sharing 2013 with you!

  22. I started reading when my lovely neighbour Joy forwarded me your funny post about talking with the Hogman. I had never heard of Herford Hogs (we don’t have them here in Australia) and at 1st I thought it was an April fools thing as you posted on 31/3 which was 1/4 here when I read it. Then I googled the Hereford pig and happily found the pig that looks like the cow. I too am currently seasonless and being originally from the Northern Hemisphere I particularly love to see the change of seasons that are part of your life on the farmy, Thanks for bringing us a little bit of calm and joy everyday, Sally

    • You are very welcome sally and I particularly enjoy that we are going to be pig breeders! and can help each other out with that new adventure.. have a great day.. c

  23. What a treat to see your snow… that’s the one thing I miss about this temperate New Zealand climate… so looking forward to vicariously living on the farmy this year. Thank you so much for sharing the simple goodness and sweetness of all your animals and birds – and you. Happy happy new year to all creatures great and small including you – Valerie

    • Valeries thank you so much, what a lovely comment.. I think the smallness of our lives is wonderful, sinking back into my little farmy is always a relief.. c

  24. What a fabulous story especially for one who seems to have arrived on the scene roughly in August! After the births and quite a few other newcomers to the farmy . . . It’s been fun and comfortable and a learning experience and a place to sit down in the morning with that second cup of coffee . . . thank you for being there . . .

    • and thank you for sharing that second cup with me, Eha! I write every morning while sipping on my first cup!! c

  25. It’s looking very cold on the farmy now. It must be so hard to step outside first thing in the morning. What contrasting seasons you experience. I love the re-cap of the year it was. If I had to choose a favourite image it would be the newborn triplets xx

    • They were so sweet and now Minty and Meadow are big lugs bouncing about thinking they are still little! c

  26. Loved the idea of a look back over the year…. great photos to remember it by… interesting that you see 2013 as a collection of 0 1 2 3, really made me think about that… Farm sure looks white compared to NZ and SA at this time of the year…

  27. It’s so interesting to see the changes on the farmy and to reflect on them through your photography, c.. it’s been an amazing year filled with challenges, accomplishments and wonderful friendships and sweet animals!! All the best in 2013!! xx

  28. What a marvellous overview. I enjoyed remembering some of those highlights with you. You have the art of selection well mastered. Your pictures tell a story of the changing seasons and a life filled with loving engagement with the farm, the seasons, the animals, and commitment to sustainable living. Congratulations on a great blog, where the interest is always maintained.

  29. Such a great (and beautifully photographed) look back on your year. I only came across you a short while ago so it was fun for me to see the “cast of characters” on your farm throughout the year. And you brough a lamb to the old folks home? I simply love this! A very happy new year to you all.

    • I took lambs, little chicks and the dog, this spring I hope to take kittens as well, maybe even a tiny piglet! My little cooking oil car will be loaded down with squealers! c

      • To expand on that …as a farm should be, rather than all that intensive stuff with caged animals and wrecked eco-systems.

        I always listen to “Farming Today” on Radio 4. A very interesting programme.

        • I understand exactly what you mean sarah, a big reason for growing our own food is that we choose not to support all those un natural farming practices, not many people get that choice and this is why I am thrilled to bits to be described as a proper farm.. it is a fantastic lifestyle, hard work in the cold, but it does feel right.. c

  30. I find this post very touching, somehow, Cecilia. So much life, so much hard work, so many chores to mark the time… and so much peace and acceptance and love.

  31. Amazing photos, Celi. I just love them. The photo of the butterfly is exquisite! I’m glad I didn’t miss this post. I do send my blessings for another wonderful year! oxo

  32. These are all stunning, Celi, but my favorite is TonTon in the field. A gorgeous sky, and a smart looking dog make it a real winner for me!

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  34. Such a lovely year in review. I just read it to my two daughters who at 12 and 15 insist they are too old for bed time stories. I don’t care, it was too nice to not share.

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