A Little Dr Seuss Spot – Of Sun and the Origins of an Egg

Someone laid an egg yesterday. a-thursday-005

Was it you? Maybe not. a-thursday-009

Certainly was not you and I know it was not me. a-thursday-020

And we know for sure that Queenie, waiting patiently under leaden skies for a little sun, did not lay an egg. a-thursday-038

Out of the gray a roving spotlight of sun shot through and we all forgot about the egg.


Instead we stood very still in our tiny spots of sun  – our sun spots. a-thursday-028

And breathed warm thoughts. And when the sun winked back under the clouds again.a-thursday-042

I took the precious egg inside, walking very carefully up my frozen steps and put it in a tiny bowl then stored it in the fridge. Maybe tomorrow we will get another egg, then I will make … you know I am sitting here wondering what I will make. A cake? An omelette with fresh cheese? A fried egg on toast? Custard and meringues. I think I need to wait until I have three eggs.  I have not had an egg in ages. I am not sure I can wait!!

Now, who laid that egg?

Have a lovely day.


PS To while away the winter we will revisit our year ago posts again.  On this day a year ago: the drink with the unpronounceable name. Oh I remember this!

PSS And many thanks to Mary at Brissiemaz who nominated me for the Reality Award. Thank you so much for thinking of me.

Also The Brave Cook awarded me for the Blog of the Year award.  Thank you so much Lukasz.

I must apologise to all the people who have given me awards over the last while as (what with writing a book in the afternoons) I quite simply do not have the time to give awards my best. And I do feel as though I am letting people down. So one of my blog resolutions for 2013 is to thank people immediately on my pages, then add them to my blogroll as an extra thank you, because I really do appreciate the thought and those award posts take a lot of care and time to make.  I am sorry I am unable to participate fully.


58 Comments on “A Little Dr Seuss Spot – Of Sun and the Origins of an Egg

  1. Well, it surely wasn’t the cockerel. Are guinea fowl eggs bigger than hens’ ? Great photos today, as usual, though these have a soupçon of extra-special about them.

    • Isn’t it funny.. every day I go out with the camera to see what I can see and every day I worry that I will see nothing and every day something turns up.. morning ViV.. c

    • They are treacherous and no salt allowed so close to my gardens, there is enough salt washing off into the soil as it is from the roads, it might thaw a little today then i can clean them up.. and that was the Bobby who got caught in the sun.. sweet isn’t it.. i cannot go past cows eyes, i am fascinated by them.. c

  2. OK … I can tell the difference between an Ostrich egg and a Chook Egg …. everything in between – not so much! What does a Pea Hen egg look like – had to ask? Sun spots on the snow are pretty.
    Hoping you warm up today. Laura

    • This is definitely a hens egg and it is very fresh. But I have no idea what pea hens egg looks like or a guineas for that matter.. maybe i should look that up.. c

      • I did …. Peahen egg is almost double the size of a large Rhode Island Red egg, it is brownish and speckled ( very similar to a Guinea Fowl egg for that matter!) 🙂 Laura

  3. I just love those gorgeous long cow lashes! Good mornin’ Celi…..
    I have these ‘ice grippers’ which just slip on the bottom of my boots and work like a charm – they can be rinsed off too.

  4. I would be unable to tell you who laid that egg but what I loved most were all the sun seeking critters!!! Lovely. Simply lovely!

  5. Cow eyes – some of the best there are! You’ll certainly appreciate your egg whatever you do with it! We’re doing a wee bit better than you, scraping together maybe 1/2 dozen per week.

  6. We still are getting a few eggs. Enough for the family…What a treasure your one egg seems! And where there’s one, there will definitely be more. I heard somewhere that when they’re laying, a hen will average 6 eggs a week, giving her one extra day, I guess…Those lovely sunspots give us a ray of hope that warmer days are coming!

  7. We love those sun spots here. Look for a hen with a red comb and you’ll most likely have your layer. We’re starting to get a couple of eggs a day most days now but they don’t go far with 7 people! The girls found a nest of about 18 a few days ago and surprisingly only about 3 were frozen and busted. Have a great day Celi.

  8. If I read correctly, this is the first egg on your farm? At the risk of sounding corny, you could turn it into a keepsake, Martha Stewart style, once you have enjoyed all the yumminess within. Just a thought. 🙂
    Beautiful photos! And you are so right about the eyes!

    • it the first egg after the dark days, chickens don’t lay in the deep winter, not enough light, so they rest, plus a lot of them are quite old now, but soon i will be getting more, fingers crossed.. c

  9. Queenie does look ever so patient waiting for the sun. How exciting that you have an egg. I would definitely have it soft boiled or poached to really enjoy the taste of a farm-fresh brand new egg. I would suggest a simple salad of endive, smoked salmon and perhaps a few oven roasted potatoes with the poached egg on top (one of my favourites) or this one http://kitcheninspirations.wordpress.com/2012/12/30/poached-egg-on-lentilles-du-puy-salad-with-a-dijon-mustard-vinaigrette/
    Happy New Year!

  10. You received a precious gift today Celi. A fresh egg! Now just a couple more and the world is your omelet. Or your custard. Or simply soft boiled with toast soldiers. My favorite when I pick up fresh eggs from the Home Farm down the road. V.

  11. Mom used to make “egg in the nest.” She would tear an inch-diameter hole in the middle of a slice of bread, lay it in the skillet, and break the egg into the hole. The yolk would be held in the hole and the white would overflow onto (and underneath) the bread. Cook it for a bit, flip it, and then cook the other side (but not so much that the yolk quits running). I still make these occasionally.

    • I have never made that, and it sounds fantastic as (and I hate to admit it with all the foodies around) i really like fried bread. i must try this one soon.. maybe right now!! c

  12. What to do with an egg? Really? How quickly you forgot!
    Make pasta or save it for a 2nd egg to make … MORE pasta.
    Custard … omelets … meringue … Sometimes I worry about you, Celi.

    • Ha ha aha ha.. you are awesome.. More pasta it is! How could I have forgotton about pasta? But it has been over a month since i had an egg OR fresh pasta! c

  13. morning Celi, Imknow this sounds dreadful but I am really enjoying the shots of the cold (while sitting on my deck)

  14. With an egg like that I’d be tempted to soft boil it and eat it slowly with a teaspoon, right out of the shell, just as my mother served them.
    I’ve started sprinkling a little sugar on my fridge freezing compartment as I was told it wouldn’t form ice if I did this, and it works. Now I’m imagining your sugar-sprinkled steps. . .
    You must have to step so carefully in the cold. I love the animals finding little spots of sunlight.

  15. Oh dear, I can just see some of the farmy time taken up by egg hunts 🙂 ! Now I am a purist, an oyster you eat au naturel, a precious fresh egg you soft boil and eat with fresh toast fingers! For sure 🙂 ! Would love to trensport myself to help in this at the moment. Whilst you people may be shivering, Australia is in the throes of a ‘Fifty Year Event’ as far as heat is concerned. Up to 50 degrees C in places yesterday, Mebourne over 45 C and a whole week of it ahead. Yes well, there IS a problem: four of our seven states are alight already with humongous bushfires [forest fires]. Today 40+ where I am, next week worse. At the moment I’d take the snow: have been in the fires – devastating! On with your meager sun and the eggs!!

    • merciful heaven, that is awful.. australia and its bush fires and timeless and legendary .. must be terrible.. my daughter in in melbourne, I hope she is ok.. i shall have to call her.. I had no idea it was that hot, but 50.. that is deadly.. stay cool darling girl, and move slowly for this week.. c

  16. Hello Miss C, very hot even in the mountains today still 40C at 5pm……..will send over some sunshine for the the farmy……..would love some of your cool air.
    I thought of you today when I read a splendid article on Napier……..a picture of a food stall at the HB farmers’ market offering fried bread with golden syrup…..yum!

  17. Wonderful portraits, all. Even if the subjects couldn’t possibly have laid an egg, they are quite photogenic.

  18. If you haven’t found a solution for your egg…Check out the egg in a basket at Karista’s kitchen. It’s a perfect way to make that one egg sing with a good supporting cast. cheers 🙂

  19. I guess I wasn’t the only one to notice those long eyelashes. Thanks for the close-up detail shots to show us what we’re missing. What did you do with your special egg?

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