Rain.. Yay.. Blink.. Oh.. Was that IT?!!

Even in the depths of winter farmers long for moisture falling on the fields. We received a little shine from the heavens and should be grateful. But I am greedy.  My fields and gardens even in their winter slumber are greedy. I wanted RAIN! Lots of rain. grey-day-010

But we did get a shower or two so I will be grateful for that. Hairy MacLairy has been telling me that this hole in the door had nothing to do with him at all and what am I going on about? We will look at that today Hairy. Our last warm day for a while. grey-day-019


Yesterday was a great day for washing on the line. I think the washing line needs some repairs too!grey-day-009

My herd.


TonTon doing the round up. Everyone is taking a lot of notice of the herding dog. Not.

Good morning.  Queenie was in heat yesterday and has spent the last 24 hours mooing plaintively to the bull across the creek.

Daisy kicked only once during her milking yesterday. The difference in that cow in only three days of treatment is fantastic. Milking later in the day is so much more relaxed. John’s new job is to brush her while I milk. Her tests show improvements in both of the weak quarters. And her behaviour tells me that she is no longer feeling pain. Even though nothing full blown ever really presented itself, I knew there was something not right with this cow. So I can tentatively say that the Mastoblast (the homeopathic remedy) is proving to be an excellent find.

Mama is on a stricter diet for this pregnancy with no sign of the lameness that she is prone to.  Soon I will start to add grain to her diet but only exactly what she requires. No spoiling her this time. Mia is also growing quite wide.  Let’s hope she has no trouble this time.

So today we will finish up the last of the outside chores then hunker down for another spell of deep winter. But, that’s OK.  My  long silk underwear has arrived along with the silk thermal inners for my gloves. So I am ready this time.  Bring it on, Old Man Winter!

Have a lovely day my darlings.





65 Comments on “Rain.. Yay.. Blink.. Oh.. Was that IT?!!

  1. Wait – back up. How did I miss not one but TWO confirmed pregnant sheep? Take a bit of time off, and the world moves on… 😉
    Best of luck to the wooly ladies-in-waiting…will you breed Queenie this year?
    Wishing you a good downpour – and soon!

    • Not exactly confirmed yet but showing all the signs.. Yes I am hoping to breed Queenie in the late spring, at the same time as Daisy, that will be a big day!! c

  2. Love the last photo of the cows just looking at you, the crazy lady with the camera. They must wonder about you and your odd ways, don’t you suppose?

    • I am sure that they have developed some interesting theories about my odd behaviour but they are kind enough to pose! c

  3. Having had nothing but downpours for ages, today we have sunshine and I revelled in it this morning. Dark blue clouds are mounting now, but I enjoyed my moment.

    Glad Daisy is responding to the new regime. May all be fecund for you.

  4. Amazing to see Bobby Blanc is nearly as big as Queenie at only 8mths old. It looks like he could grow to be taller than Daisy at the rate he is growing:) Hope you get some rain – we need it too, sweltering at 36C (96F) today. Poor OZ heading up to 48C(115F) again this weekend. Hoping those silky’s keep you cozy. Laura

  5. Oh yay, we are going to have more babies – all very exciting. The “herd” makes such a lovely header shot, especially with Ton in action too.
    Have a lovely weekend C.
    🙂 Mandy xo

    • It is a little soft but the air was heavy with water .. anyway focus is overrated!! my story and i am sticking to it! c

  6. Just love the new picture of your herd and Ton Ton on the top of the blog page. Ton Ton is such a hoot! Sad though that the cows don’t pay much attention to him. 🙂 We had rain and fog all day yesterday! Such a wonderful happening!!! xo

  7. LOVE the washing line shot! Who puts wash on the line in January!!?! My cellar has turned into a “french pressing” at the moment.

    • Morning Jean, only one more day of this carry on then the washing goes back into the loft to dry on racks!.. c

  8. Sometimes when I read your blog I wonder how you ever have time for all the things you do. Just taking the time to hang each garment on the line would be a chore, when to me stuffing the clean duds into the dryer takes time enough. I nominate you for “superwoman” of the century.

  9. I am envious of your laundry hanging out. While I have hung laundry outside in January in Minnesota, it hasn’t happened yet this year. The contrast between your vivid-hued laundry and the dreary landscape struck me particularly. And look at that whipping wind. Nature’s dryer at her best.

    • I am so glad too, the last few milkings have been a pleasure, which is such a change. When I first came home there was a 1,500 pound monster in the milking parlour.. c

  10. Hairy does look quite innocent standing at the hole by the door, poor guy. I am glad Daisy is feeling better and because of that able to behave herself. The picture of TonTon and the herd makes me crack up! As always, I enjoy reading your story.

  11. Love the new header. And I’m so glad Daisy is doing better. A later milking time in winter is definitely better. We milk at 7am &pm year round. I need to check out that Mastoblast. Honey has issues occasionally and I hate to medicate if I can help it. Have a wonderful week-end Celi and enjoy those silkies!

  12. Oh, the sound of laundry snapping and popping in a cool brisk wind! (and the nice sunny smell while folding it!) Ahhh. Thanks for stirring that memory. (I tried to have a line when my daughter was little – so she would know it, but the houses blocked the wind. A little sad.)
    Great clothesline picture!
    (We had 1/2 day of sun yesterday and some today before the next storms hit again for another long stretch…hard to complain, though….living with muddy paws everywhere)

  13. Your little sheep have been busy busy girls…lol I can’t keep 2 teenagers in line how do you take care of all of those animals and all of their needs… hats off to you.

  14. Hooray for rain and silk underwear! And Daisy’s improvement is a great celebration, too. It occurred to me while reading that I’ve been watching the roses, recently cut back and preparing for little shoots of green, as my signs that spring is eventual. I’m anticipating times of spring from your farmy with the new “family” members you will be welcoming. I love the rhythms and cycles of life you share.

    BTW, That photo of the clothes in the wind could win a prize! 🙂 Happy weekend! D

  15. Daisy has such long legs !! Love the bovine portrait….
    love,love,love….laundry on the line….sheets are a must !!
    I am so excited for new life…how many sleeps before we
    have a lamb..????

    Have a great day…..btw Hairy looks quilty to me !

  16. Good morning, C! Exciting happenings on the farmy, hope Mama is okay with her new diet 🙂

    That looks more like wind than rain to me haha or maybe a bit of both!

  17. I could not believe that that is Bobby Blanc, he is really big. Also anxious to hear your verdict on silk undies. Hard to imagine they actually keep you warm.

  18. I’ll never forget the time my Mom took my brother and I to the Canadian National Exhibition and we were lucky enough to witness a calf being born (well, we didn’t think we were luck back then!)
    It’s warming up to 12C tomorrow and I’m hoping it will melt all our dirty snow. Stay warm C!

  19. Celi, how can one photograph say so much. The washing on the line is worthy hanging on a gallery wall, it is such perfection. But more than that, it speaks a hundred wonderful thoughts and memories. Gorgeous my talented dear friend. V.

  20. Yay, more babies!! Love to see those sweet little things. I can’t say I blame poor Daisy for kicking if she had mastitis. I had 8 breast infections during the time I breast fed Brandon. It was awful.

    • So did I.. for all four kids and in the same spot.. I cannot count how many I had, but the more antibiotics they fed me the more frequently did they occur.. but never mind, all over now.. c

  21. Just love the wet clothing dancing on the line: you don’t have ‘civilized’ Hills’ Hoists, do you 😉 ? And love the green grass in the ‘Daily View’ even if tomorrow it’ll be covered by snow again . . . the babytalk was new to me too . . . luvverly . . .

      • Nope, that central pole thing so Australian, with four clotheslines on four sides, neatly in a square 🙂 ! You just wheel it around standing in the one spot and have room for about two washer fulls!!

        • I would love to have one of those out here, we have them in every yard in NZ, here they only sell really tiny tinny things, so i just made my own line. c

  22. Some storm, eh? The way the weather maps looked and the forecasters went on, we should have had plenty of rain with thunder & lightning. All we got was a light sprinkling late at night. Maybe we’ll get some snow?
    Glad Daisy is doing so much better. You really did call that one right. I hope you’re right about the ewes, too. 🙂

  23. We’re waiting for the arrival of our cold spell. I must get out and cut more wood so that I don’t have to do it in the freezing weather. I’m all right in the cold,except for the tips of my middle fingers that just go white and lose all feeling, even with thermal gloves. It’s not ideal when you’re using an axe and a chain saw:)

  24. Wish I could ship out some of our prolific Pacific Northwest rain. Today though we are grateful for clear and cold -2C (cold for us). And we have little sunshines in our forecast.
    Yay. Have a lovely weekend. …wendy

  25. I love the clothes on the line. When I day dream about a house in the country, it always has a clothes line with the wash on it. 🙂 I can just smell the freshly laundered clothes. Definitely not warm enough for that today.

  26. I have some catching up to do, too. It shall be busy around there in the spring. That’s some wind drying your clothes, you must pin them very well.

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