The Junk Yard in Pictures… Want Anything?

We scoured the junkyard yesterday. Looking for trim, beams, boards, flooring, doors, windows, all the bits and pieces that will lend The Coupe (the Tiny House we are building) its character. What I find here is sturdy, solidly built, made from good heart timber and of course cheaper.  Real. Here you have a look too! junk-yard-dog-005 Do you need anything?

Good morning. You know there is a difference between wanting and needing. Though I find it hard to tell the difference sometimes.  Although this was supposed to be an exploratory mission, so The Kiwi Builder could see what was there and start his list, Our John just had to take this phone home.

Good morning. The man who has rescued all this stuff saves barns and old houses, he takes them down bit by bit,  while the farmers stand by with their gas cans and matches saying, hurry up, get a move on, I need to burn this damn thing down and bury it before the plantin’.   But Rick is a methodical man, he works at his own saintly pace, he goes about his recovery business with care and knowledge, everything comes out whole, he is not a smasher and grabber. He also has a problem leaving anything behind so when we say junk yard we really mean Junk Yard!

All the wood is numbered and stored in a great big shed, and everything is for sale.

Fantastic isn’t it. I will go back later this week with the list. Then my work begins, there will be cleaning and sanding and oiling!  My turn to get my hands into the work.

Have a lovely day.



64 Comments on “The Junk Yard in Pictures… Want Anything?

    • That is what the kids were chanting. Treasure! Treasure! The only looking no touching rule almost killed them! c

  1. I love field trips! What a fantastic place. You could spend days there. And please don’t send Michael stuff in your time machine. He might decide to jump in for a little trip and I sort of need him here! 🙂

    • Okey dokey, I have a chauffeur at the controls so I shall put Michael on the ‘back before chores’ list. Actually being a time machine and all we can return him before he left if that is more helpful!.. c

  2. Wow! I love that guy! We have a friend, a builder, whose backyard and barn looks sort of like this. Only not on quite such a large scale. But these guys know quality when they see it, don’t they? Our friend Bob is an amazing builder and uses his finds in all of his projects. When my son was working for him he had found a whole bunch of bullseye glass panes and Bob taught Michael how to install them as windows in a gorgeous barn they built. You can’t match that kind of experience! I can’t wait to see what goes into the Coupe from this place. Wonderful!

  3. Ohhhhh…I might never leave! Just from you photos, I spy so many treasures waiting to be reused, or re-purposed! Starting with that bit of green metal trim…
    Tell John that I have a phone exactly like that one – it came with my old house! The speaker in the handset was broken, so you couldn’t answer it, but we kept it plugged in to the line anyway – you could hear it ring from a mile away!

  4. What a treasure! And everthing is so well organized!
    My 100 year old pine floors were found at a junk yard, in the rain where I saw the knots and their potential…

  5. What a fabulous place – ehre they call them reclamation yards and charge you a fortune 😦 We are currently looking for all things Edwardian for a place we´re doing up…very exciting!

  6. Oh My Goodness! Absolute heaven. I love poking around through piles of junk looking to treasure. It is like buying a big box at an auction. You never know what is at the bottom. I can’t wait to see what treasures you claimed.

  7. Love the little outhouse with a skylight 🙂 anh ooh yes that wooden ladder and …. oh dear, not a good place for a hoarder to visit 🙂 Laura

  8. I miss corded phones! We never had problems with clear calls, did we? All that wood is lovely. My parents go to a local Habitat for Humanity when they need to fix up their house, for the leftovers. Looks like Ton had fun, too. Can’t wait to see what goodies you end up with!

  9. I love this place. Oh, my gosh. How many hours were you there poking around? I so appreciate when folks save rather than burn.

    Barn wood is all the rage right now and apparently in short supply.

  10. oooh the stories some of those bits of wood could tell…. Your tiny house is going to have real character and “feel” about it giving the oldies a new lease in life. Happy shopping!
    Love Leanne NZ

  11. what fun to be able to sort through all the junk. I love those places where to can find things to take home and bring them back to life…like misty maples farm..I loved that green thing..happy hunting!

  12. I spent far too much time, yesterday, scouring a department store for iron-on patches for the blasted knees in my kids’ jeans. (I do the iron on, and then when those wear through, my mother-in-law hems the jeans into shorts. Love her!) I would so much have rather spent that time in your junk yard. There is life there, you know? Not endless aisles of plastic.

  13. I could spend days in a place like that.. and probably buy an awful lot of stuff I don’t really need… love places like that…

  14. I agree with everyone….That is a treasure yard, not a junk yard… C. how did you come away from there without truckloads of stuff? 🙂 I want that flower pot in photo 8…please tell me it’s one of those, old, heavy, concrete ones!!
    I can’t wait to see what you will salvage for the Coupe! Is that little red structure an outhouse or a chicken coop? I wonder how much he wants for that!! Would make a nice, little potting shed??

  15. Oh wow, gosh I would need/want most of it, and I’d never get Alan out of there…….. Hmmmmm maybe that would be a place to visit one day.

  16. Mr. N would have an absolute field day there! I have no doubt he’d find tons of stuff to bring home. One of his favorite shows is that American Pickers show. The junkier the better as far as he’s concerned. 🙂

  17. Any chance of finding pasta machines there, Celi?
    I can hear sleet on my windows, which means you’ve already been hit by this storm. I hope it wasn’t too bad for you all. I’m in for the day with no reason to leave the comfort of home for any reason. Instead, I’ll to try to get my blog caught up this afternoon/evening.
    I hope the chores are done and you’re warm and dry. Spring temps are on the way. 🙂

    • we got a little frozen rain but quite a good drop of real rain which was nice, it will be interesting to see how things are by morning! c

  18. Gosh, my whole heart went out to the treasures in this yard. Can you imagine all the fantastic things I could make with this stuff? A friend runs a scrap yard in England where I’ve found the most amazing stuff to restore my mini with and make sculpture with, get bits to learn to weld, find treasures to photograph and pick the best, unmolested blackberries for blackberry jam…oh my! I love everything about this post Celi 🙂

  19. Oh wonderful! I remember going round demolition yards when I was building a little cabin at the bach. It contains a window from a girl’s school (St Cuthbert’s), French doors from a convent, from the very room where the famous Sister Mary Leo gave singing lessons to such as Kiri Te Kanawa. I always think that these recycled parts from other building are full of stories.

  20. I do admire those that conserve and restore! We’ve had some success at a local Habitat for Humanity “re-store” and I am currently looking for a particular kind of door to be a future table. I have never been in anything as comprehensive as you shared here. I will enjoy your on-going building adventure!

  21. That looks like an amazing place to lose an afternoon. It must be like a bookstore — you go in maybe thinking of one thing and then find a dozen other things. A real treasure trove!

  22. Such excitement. I have my eye on the broken verdigris spiral column. It would look glorious in the front garden. Oh my. I’ve just spied some marvelous weathered wood that would make an outstanding table for the patio. Our son would be in 7th Heaven visiting this “glory hole”. V.

  23. You are a woman after my own heart!…Looks like a pile I’d love to rummage through! And my husband and I are smitten with the Tiny House movement and have been planning one of our own! I may have to plan a trip up with our trailer….

  24. I love this place. It’s probably a good thing we don’t live close…I’d be hauling stuff home like homeless puppies….or end up working there. All the stories there waiting for someone to notice….Cool beyond words…now there’s a place for a bunch of bloggers to meet up?

  25. Reblogged this on The Salem Garden and commented:
    I’ve recently been following this really cool blogger in the midwest. She’s from New Zealand and posts about her life on the farm in the US. I enjoyed this junkyard post… It’s it right up Michael’s alley?

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