Whose tracks are these?

This is not a rhetorical question. Are these from a rabbit? we3-046

Have to be a rabbit.

Our snow hung around for most of the day but it was one of those calm, warmish cold beautiful days that slowly melted into the afternoon.we3-002

Here is the Bobby Blanc.we3-022

Now I bet you wish you could do that with your tongue don’t you!

Hairy Maclairy has been banished to the back paddocks for breaking down yet another barn door, so he has gone to live with Queenie until Daisy is in the fields. He is the epitome of a Battering Ram!

He is showing off his muscles for you.

Queenie Wineti is impressed on the inside.


She is not a demonstrative cow.

The Coupe, our outrageously wonderful granny flat/guest house/ writer’s retreat, is we3-004

getting its first layer of roof this week. The Matriarch has done the maths and worked out that the cost of her little house is equal to just under two years of 24 hour care in a retirement home.  Looking after the elderly is very big business.  It costs a lot of money. We would prefer that she grows old out here on the farm where it is not so expensive. Two of her friends have recently sold their homes and cashed in everything they owned to pay for going into care. Their whole lifes work. And still they will be dependent on the state after a very short time.  That sounds scary.

The chooks (chickens) are laying NINE eggs a day. we3-032

Good chooks.

I thought you might like to see what goes on behind the scenes..

when Kupa spreads his train. And yes I get that close.  He really is very tame now. we3-006

Sheila and Charlotte were allowed out to play in the snow.


And Daisy as usual just stood about and watched the world go around. She gives an average of 25 pounds of milk a day. That is about two and a half gallons. we3-041

What a lovely day. Just a little sun and out we all go.

I have ordered two packages of bees from a beeman about 100 miles from here. Bees are sold by the pound which seems logical when you think about it. We will have two three pound packages of bees arriving with their own queen in April. I will take you with us when we go to pick them up.

Have a lovely, lovely day.

And don’t forget – if you see a picture that you would like to keep just grab it. You are most welcome. If someone admires it tell them where it came from.

Have a lovely day.


86 Comments on “Whose tracks are these?

  1. How come your snow comes and splits and ours just keeps coming? They said it was due to an Alberta clipper. Alberta needs to stay home! That is some pose on Hairy there 🙂 Morning miss c…t

  2. Brilliant photo of Hairy Maclairy! Temp here dipping below freezing again, so I must shoot a piccie of my lone yellow crocus blooming before the frost and ice and snow turn it to mush. Bees: Yeah, can’t wait! Have a lovely day, and keep warm, c.

    • and then a pic after the snow comes! a before and after, it might surprise us.. i move fast.. it is the best way to stay warm!! c

  3. All sounds good on the home front… and the photos show such good progress on the coupe… and some how your words just impart a feeling of happiness on your behalf, and that is nice to read…

  4. That’s very generous of you, Cecilia. To give your photographs like that. Thanks!
    Poor kupa, you have stripped him of all his pride… 😉 as for the tracks, I have no idea, but yes they look like rabbits paws.
    Have a nice day!

  5. The Coupe is looking great. I was so sorry to hear about your bees. There seems to be so much that can go wrong with them. It makes it feel daunting to try them. But someday I’m sure we will. The previous owners had bees at one time and a neighbor up the road has some although I’m not sure how they’re wintering. We had rain last night instead of the snow they called for and now most of our fluffy white is gone. Lovely fog this am. Your pics are beautiful as always. I’m off to vote for your desk! Have a fantastic day Celi! 🙂

    • I do hope you have a good summer this year .. it will be a whole series of first-ofs! Pretty exciting really!

  6. Love the picture of Kupa — Harry looks pretty impressive too! Back when I was still on the farm and the bees my father ordered came in to the post office we always got a call first thing to come and pick them up — as the rural carrier did not deliver them. Thanks for the memory

    • One time we went to the PO to pick up the bees and people were flattening themselves against the walls as we walked out carrying the buzzing box.. so funny! c

  7. Care for the elderly is so very costly. i checked into it for Mom at one point and was shocked.
    Thanks for exposing the not so ugly truth behind Kupa’s tail feather show. 🙂
    I cannot believe it but we’ve more snow than you do. I was away all day yesterday and one of my neighbors cleared my walk. More snow is expected today so I’ll return the favor this afternoon. If this keeps up, I may actually have to put more gas into the snowblower. Imagine that!

    • I told Our John that you might have to put more gas in the blower and he laughed!! We have not even had to scoop the footpath yet.. all we get are these low hanging heavy clouds.. c

  8. Love the pic of Ton imploring Daisy to play ‘Stick’ with him. Best picture of Hairy yet, love it 🙂 Laura

  9. All your pictures are so wonderful that we’re spoiled for choice! Hairy takes the biscuit, looking all haughty at being so naughty. Werry windy here today again but no snow.

    • morning salem, I have never been able to count all the chooks, I would say over twenty, and out of them about fifteen good ones, c

  10. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” That’s what popped into my head when I saw Kupa from behind! Ha! Wonderful photos, all. Great to see the progress on the Coupe. The Matriarch is a fortunate woman to have such a daughter in law. I remember how shocked we were at the exhorbitant cost of care when my Mom had her stroke. I wanted so badly to bring her home, but her damage was so extensive that she needed round the clock nursing care. I hated it. Its been three years this Friday…

    • You are right that our plans all hinge on nanny staying relatively healthy, without any really major set backs, we can only do what we can do.. we will cross that bridge when we come to it.. c

  11. Dear Miss C, I begin my day with your lovely blog and the fabulous photos. I just read a blog called Lovely Greens (isle of Man) about beekeeping and the use of fondant rather than sugar water. Thought you might like to read it.
    It is snowing softly and lightly in SE ct this morning.
    A good day to all on the farmy.

    • Thank you Cheryl and welcome to the farmy comments lounge!! I really do need to do some research on the fondant that others use. I certainly don’t feel right heaving gallons of sugar water in there..I shall check out this site.. many thanks c

  12. Not a demonstrative cow? Had no idea cows can be demonstrative, but she sure does have a slight look of disdain.
    In Ontario (not sure about the other provinces) our Retirement Homes are private and therefore must be paid in full by the residents. My FIL and his wife are living in an assisted care retirement home and they were paying in excess of $8,000 per month. My poor, dear Mother had to be in a nursing home (fortunately she only lasted 2 years there, due to a degenerative brain disorder) and we were paying $3,500 per month for a private room, full care service. The nursing homes are government assisted, in fact, I don’t think we have any private nursing homes in Ontario. Because the care is limited to what the employees are able to give, we had to hire extra care at the cost of $20 per hour, which was also government assisted. You need not qualify for government assistance at that age, everyone can get it no matter how much money you have, which is a little crazy in my opinion.
    It is really lovely that you are able to look after the matriarch at the Farmy, and it must also give her an enormous amount of comfort that she will be family.

    • That sounds about what it costs here too. If you have nothing at all, no money or property the govt will take over, I am sure this can be better explained by an american, where the old codger was staying he had 3 months covered by his insurance, after that it was about 200 dollars A DAY. In the end he signed himself out, he could not bear seeing money gush out the door like that.. c

      • It sounds like the old codger has a good support network, unfortunately my dear Mom was far too ill to be taken care of at home.

        • this may happen to us too, but it will be a good place to live while she can .. we hope she can move in while she is still active and mobile.. c

    • I thought it might be a rabbit or a hare, with those long back leg marks, though i was mystified for a while.. thank you Joss.. c

  13. That behind the scenes view of Kupa caused me to burst into laughter.

    And your care for the Matriarch and her mathematical conclusions impress me. That we should all grow old with someone to love and care for us as you and John do for his mother.

    • i think we need to plan for our old years as much as we plan for our young ones. Nanny is lucky that she can build herself a wee cabin where there is family, many, many people do not have that option. have a lovely day Audrey. i hope that it is getting a little warmer for you too..c

      • Oh, yes, temps around 30 degrees yesterday. When I was shoveling snow, for the second day in a row, I unbuttoned my coat and unwrapped my scarf. I was sweating. More shoveling of the walk and driveway today.

  14. I have been away from the blogging world for a couple weeks. It was nice to pop over and see how all is going in your world.

    Ha! That picture of Hairy Maclairy is great – what a showoff, but then if I looked that good I would showoff too.
    I am excited to watch and read about your experience with the bees. When I was a little girl my dad and I had a hive or two on the edge of our land next to some blackberry bushes. I had a small bee keeper suit and would help him tend the bees. We even had a hand crank extractor for the honey. Mmmmm, delicious!

    • Oh how I wish i had that hand crank extractor now, they are blisteringly expensive, so i just muck about trying to drip the honey out. And how cool; you having a mini bee suit.. what a wonderful thing for a kid to do.. such a fantastic learning experience. that honey must have been good ! .. lovely to see you again, i hope all is well with your family.. c

  15. Love the rear-end photo of Kupa! That really is interesting. And I’m so glad you have your bees ordered – I was wondering how easily you’d be able to get new ones. 🙂

  16. What a manly stance Hairy Maclairy had! Hilarious, it’s like he was posing for you! Kupa never disappoints with his beauty, even when he’s showing off his soft tail feathers. I agree that it is scary that it costs so much for our elderly to be taken care of properly. I’m thankful and I’m sure the Matriarch is thankful that you are going to have a beautiful spot for her! It’s been fun to see the progress. But then again, I always think your blog is fun and I look forward to seeing the whole farmy every day!

    Happy Tuesday to you~ April

  17. At first glance, I thought the white chicken was a snow chicken! Which entertained me immensely. And my goodness, Hairy is such a handsome ram. Reminds me a Schwarzenegger pose.

  18. Hairy Maclairy is a strapping boy. Our ram has been having his nose in the air of late sniffing. The girls must be starting to cycle…. Maybe Hairy Maclairy is frustrated with your winter and lack of romance that is why he has been hitting out at the barn…
    Love leanne

  19. Yes, those are rabbit tracks. The enlongated prints are the hind feet and the smaller ones behind them are the front. Rabbits and squirrels leave similar tracks, as they both throw their front feet between and behind their hind feet. Rabbits usually put one front foot behind the other front foot, while squirrels generally plant their two front feet side-by-side. But they don’t always do that though, making it sometimes difficult to distinguish between them. The best indicator that it is a squirrel vs rabbit is that squirrel tracks will start and end at the base of a tree. Rabbits don’t climb.

  20. Kupa is just gloriously beautiful! I’m sure he knows it, but I think that’s fine! I’m still so sorry about the bees, and I don’t know how one monitors them with true accuracy when weather is so up and down. One more example of how nature doesn’t give us straight lines! xo

  21. Hairy is such a ram !! He is as the kids say “a hot mess” !!!
    We are hoping for snow this weekend. Finger’s crossed..it is terribly
    dry and way too warm. Highs near 60 today….in Colorado..!!

  22. Great Captures – love the ones of Hairy and Kupa – showing off going on at the Farmy – ha! Looks like rabbit tracks to me. Happy Tuesday on the Farmy:)

  23. Hairy looks so powerful; I bet you don’t turn your back on him too often…nice ram.
    Don’t even get me started on this Country’s Elder care….she is a lucky woman to have family nearby.

  24. Yup, I’d say that’s a Wabbit come to visit…Peter Wabbit!! 🙂 Kupa looks like he has feet like a turkey! Maybe they’re related! 🙂 I was thinking C. and that’s always dangerous but what if the bee boxes were kept inside somewhere (during the winter months), like a basement or in the barn or garage…somewhere unheated of course but more sheltered…would that help? Of course, I know nothing about keeping bees, so if that sounds completely ridiculous…just ignore it!

      • Thank you, I am. Sure has been a long struggle, but I am determined to make it. The sun is shinning (with a cold breeze) so I shall be off here soon for a wee walk.


        • you became unwell at the wrong time of year, lets hope that we get some wee glimpses of spring in a few weeks, that would be nice! c

  25. C: just came across my desk from i think Change.org; excerpted this:
    Bayer has gone so far as to fund biased studies that it claims “prove” its chemical isn’t a problem, but scientists at the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) have just this month discovered that Bayer’s chemical, part of a class of toxins known as neonicotinoids, is a high risk to bees.

    • breaks your heart doesn’t it.. and they will sit at their fat dinner tables and say “Oh yeah, I haven’t seen a bee in years, something to do with a collapsing disorder.” Colony Collapse Disorder is like Global Warming. It is a disempowering anachronistic label for a symptom , not a specific. They are not the ending. We can do better if we own up to the problem. Pollution is bad for the earth, sprays and GE modifications that are designed to kill insects are bad for bees! How can they say otherwise. Oh yikes.. there!. you set me off on a tangent!. c

  26. Thanfully Kupa wears more under his tail than a Scotsman does under his kilt!!!

  27. Ms C, you have the most unique blog out there! I love Sheila and Charlotte, have always loved pigs. You take great photos of your “Farmy” animals. Keep up the excellent work. Your blog is one of the 6 I read daily. By the way, this is the first time I ever saw a peacock from behind the scene. Facinating.

    • Morning spike and thank you so much for being a reader, it is brilliant for me to know I am not alone out there.. I am fascinated by Kupa at the moment, his feathers are very active! miss c

  28. Thanks for permission to borrow a photo from your blog. I really like your Good Chooks and have borrowed their photo today. I will save it and probably use it for reference in a watercolor. I appreciate your lending them out as models since I have no access to a flock here in town. If anything comes of this I’ll email you an image.

    • Awesome Leenie, I will keep your project in mine when I am capturing images of the chickens, i have a variety on breeds and they look so much better when the sun is out.. hopefully it will come out soon, so just go ahead and gather them as we go along c

  29. The Good Husband, being the prairie boy that is is says “looks like Jack Rabbit”. The Coupe is taking shape. The Matriarch will have a warm and caring place to live in the so called “golden years”. V.

  30. I’m with you on the bees and the pesticides… do you know about AVaaz”s campaign to influence the EU to ban them? They’re getting signatures now… and want lots… if you’re not there, just google Avaaz….
    What a wonderful peep behind the curtain that is Kupa!!!

    • morning valerie, i shall go and find the campaign! but we are up against really really big money.. can’t give up tho./ c

      • Oh Celi, so glad you’re getting onto Avaaz- they are one of the biggest ways to influence the big boys, with millions of people like you and me supporting them, they are, and have done great things…I’m always trying to spread the word about them, as they actually do achieve change……..

  31. The coupe is beautiful and methinks the Matriarch will be very happy to spend glorious twilight years there. We have a home for the elderly in my community: well, here almost everyone gets a state pension – comes once a fortnight and most people call that ‘payday’ 🙂 ! Now, if you enter the home here, all you are left with is about $40 per week for whatever you may need/want privately and since the bottom line is always the moot point, I surely would not like the dull, boring and not really healthy food which is served! Besides which I have made myself unpopular more than once ‘en passant’ when hearing perfectly well even if elderly people treated like naughty children!

  32. Oh, forgot to agree with valeriedavies re AVAAZ: I have supported many of their causes for a very long time: I don’t know how much difference we have made, but it surely has felt good to help make up that million or two!

  33. Yay! More bees. I am happy to see this is for a respected elder. It is indeed difficult to see people who are at the sunset of life relegated to concrete buildings that smell like pee.

    • Morning Rumpy, I know some people do not have the means to look after others. And sometimes the elderly are just too sick to look after by oneself. We are one of the lucky families. Fingers crossed it works out the way we plan.. and of course there is room for her little dog too! c

  34. Another brilliant post to brighten my day–Thank You!! As we’re an aging world, we’re going to have to find more and more tenable solutions to caring for our elderly (after all, we’ll BE them soon enough), and those who have loving companions able and willing to do so are the true fortunates. You won’t even have to bundle up the therapy crew from the farmy to visit the Matriarch! 🙂 Another consequence of our having more people last longer is that we’ll need more significant ways to keep the minds of the less vigorous physical specimens among us still active, and I can’t think of any better way than coming by your blog daily: wisdom, adventure, beauty and heartwarming kindness abound–all things the world can stand to have in greater abundance. So thanks again! xoxo, Kathryn

  35. Hairy Maclairy looks very buff and impressive. I remember thinking that his name sounded like something out of a children’s book and then I ran across the book itself — and it has become a great bedtime favorite! The things we learn from blogs. Like the dark side of Kupa’s tail…

    • Oh I am thrilled that you are reading a NZ book all the way over there.. excellent. ! I have changed the spelling ever so slightly .. I am sure there is some kind of copyright on the names.. c

  36. Hairy McLairy is a handsome ram! The Coupe is looking fab isn’t it. Outrageous about care costs for the elderly everywhere and so sad that some folk have to sell their beloved homes just to pay for a few years of indifferent care far from their loved ones. Breaks my heart. I have so much respect for the older folk, we owe it to them to care for them as they cared for us.

  37. Oh Phew…I’m glad to know my idea wasn’t ridiculous…or as my 26 yr. old son says…ri(donk)ulous! Shocking, isn’t it? 🙂

  38. Great animal shots today. I love Hairy showing off his muscles, and Kupa’s other side (so fluffy). Great to see the progress on the Coupe. I love a good building project. The Matriarch is so lucky to have this to look forward to.

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