How to steam eggs – no need to boil at all.

I have always had trouble peeling boiled eggs.  No matter what method I tried I could not do it. Every egg I peeled looked .. well .. pitted, mauled, savaged. I never had this problem when I was young but in my impatient adult years I developed some kind of egg peeling condition. But I found a solution. Steam those eggs. It is a completely different process for the egg and makes peeling a breeze.

I am gathering over 18 eggs a day now. So we had enough eggs to make devilled eggs for the teenagers who are gathering here before the winter ball.

This works with old eggs or with the eggs you gathered  from your naughty chickens just this afternoon. Misky are you there honey? This one is for you.

Bring your eggs to room temperature.

steamed-eggs-011 steamed-eggs-015

I have no idea what it is called but this is my favourite flippy-outy foldy steamer thingy. My steamer. So I place the eggs in there and fill the pot with water to just below the eggs. thingy-002

Use a pot with a tight fitting lid,  I also place a folded tea towel on top to keep as much steam in as possible. This is a fire hazard so I hope you have a better lid that I do. Once the water comes to the boil, turn the heat down then lightly steam the eggs for 10, 15 or twenty minutes. Depending on how well you want your eggs done.

When you have judged the time to be right, immediately plunge the eggs into icy water until cool enough to handle. thingy-005

Peel. I roll mine gently on the board and the peel kind of falls off when I run them under water. The eggs I used here were a day old. thingy-012

After you try this you will never boil an egg again. I promise.

Ok, that was lunch. Did you see the runner on the table, that is a piece of the corrugated iron that will go on the roof of the Coupe, except it will be dark gray.  It will also wrap around part of the front of the main building helping to marry the two structures together visually.  That should shock the neighbours.

And now for dinner. Spaghetti using home made pasta  and meat sauce from the Bartolini Kitchens.

But first I have to scrape and clean another supers worth of honey. honey-003

Even though we are raking in the honey, this is so depressing.  I am putting it all on the wood stove to heat up slightly so it will pour. I take off the wax and bottle the strained honey marking it ‘not for sale’.. Some is mixed into the animals feeds.  The rest is marked for cooking only.

The silver lining to this is that I will have enough wax to make quite a few candles this year. So I had better get onto that! steamed-eggs-005

Charlotte and I had a talk about the birds and the bees and she told me not to worry, she is a big pig, she will be fine. And I am to remember; nothing will happen unless she wants it to happen, she chooses to stand still for her temporary husband don’t forget. So I am to stop being  such a fragile flower.  And anyway it is not as though she is going to have to live over there or anything, I am coming back to get her.

Good morning. It is raining. Time for me to get myself dressed and out there to start the work for the day.

Have a lovely day.


107 Comments on “How to steam eggs – no need to boil at all.

  1. Divine looking eggs and honey, yum. Good Girl Charlotte. Morning Miss C. Laura

  2. I’m wiping tears of laughter at the idea of Charlotte being so sweetly reassuring her pimp.

    I’ve been steaming eggs for years – though we still call them boiled eggs.

    • I am sure it is, but it has been out in the weather for a few months, i am just being overly careful, I am not heating very hot, just enough to raise the wax. And we cook a lot with honey, cakes, roast, veges, so it will be well used.. c

  3. I’m definitely trying out the egg steaming system. Such a good idea. I also have to confess that I am a total fan of corrugated iron, much to my family and friends disgust. I had plans for an eco house that featured a lot of corrugated iron ( love the sound of rain on it), In fact they are no making some brilliant materials that look exactly like corrugated iron, but do not rust, etc. I’m sure you know all this so I’ll stop…….

    • I once lived in a very old, hundred year old house in NZ, clad entirely in corrugated iron and it had such charm, this was years before they called it Architectural Iron!! I love it too and i agree about the sound of the rain, there is no more comforting sound, especially when, like me, you grew up in a house that had a corrugated iron roof. Thank you for the support, everyone here thinks i am quite bonkers but are going along just because they know I am not going to give up! c

  4. Yes, I’m here, c! I can’t wait to try this tomorrow. I have high hopes for easy-peel eggs. Can’t thank you enough! And happy Sunday to the farmy! xx

    • I am desperately hoping that this works out for you! i am going to feel so bad if your eggs don’t behave tomorrow! c

  5. i learned if you drain boiling water off boiled eggs then
    give the pan a few shakes to crackle the shells a little before putting them in cold water
    some of the cold water gets under shells to peel better,because the hot egg shrinks and will sorta pull the cold water under shells
    am sure will work with steamed too

  6. Dear Miss C, thank you very much for this method. I developed this condition with boiled eggs a while back 😉 I have a very similar steaming basket from ikea, so I’ll be giving this way a try very soon.
    Thanks again! Have a lovely day 🙂

  7. I’m definitely going to try steaming eggs. Now i just have to find my steamer thingy. 😉 Your homemade pasta with meat sauce sounds delicious too. Good luck to Charlotte this week!

  8. How sad for your bees, I had no idea that they had to be supplementary fed. I adore bees wax candles, I have not bought paraffin for years! We have an excellent supplier in Toronto, they sell 100% bees wax (in Canada, all you have to do is add 10% bees wax and you can label it bees wax candles).
    What an excellent idea for hard-cooking the eggs. I have a few quails eggs left over, I’m going to try it this afternoon.

  9. I will have to try the egg steaming idea (although I don’t have a flippy steamy thing, maybe I can find one at our local Goodwill). We get our eggs from a lady a couple miles down the road from us who has a lovely flock of about 40 birds. The eggs are yummy but so fresh that I too have problems peeling them.
    Sorry to hear about your bees. 😦 It sounds like you have learned from your mistakes and will not let such a thing happen again. I hope you are not being too hard on yourself over it.

    • Well I am feeling quite rotton now that I am slowly taking the hives apart, and finding the wee dead bees.. sometimes with honey only frames away.. c

  10. I also have an egg-peeling condition. Likely a holdover from when I worked nights making sandwiches for farmers and oilfield-workers and had to boil and peel whole crates of eggs at a time… *shudders* Anyway, my beloved wants an egg salad sandwich for lunch, today. Very rarely do I cook for him, but it’s the 14th anniversary of our first date and egg salad always turns out horribly for him. I’m on it, c. I will steam those eggs!

    • and then I take the other bowl back down the step and call sheila and she obediently trots out of the trailer. Planning ahead is the best way to load an animal! c

  11. I’ve heard of this but never tried it! I think I’ll have a go at it as I love a good boiled egg. Happy Sunday 🙂

  12. Fabulous pictures, Cecilia. I’ve been making Scotch Eggs from the free range, rare breed hens at the farm, surrounded by sausage meat from the organic principles pork. They’ve been going down very well, in fact sold out within a hour at the Real Food market on London’s South Bank. Doing them by hand, as a batch is quite a challenge to get them exactly right – the right softness. I’m learning quickly though!

    • My mother used to make these too, for some reason our family called the Horse Apples! She was a star at making them. She always rolled the egg in a little seasoned flour as I recall. Now I am longing for one! I am going to send Mad Dog over to do a taste test for me. Are you only there on the weekend? how do i tell him to find you?.. c

      • Hello, well he farm will be there Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I’ll be bowing out of actually being there, as i need to concentrate on making the scotch eggs and some other things for the farm and the market, and getting ready to open the ‘Lop Eared Pig’ for Sunday lunch on the Farm. Anyway, the farm is Hazeledene Farm. Who is Mad Dog?

        • So is Hazeledene farm where the restaurant will be? I have people I want to send over! … here is craig, he is mad dog, don’t let his moniker deceive you.. he is my man in london..he kis a very discerning consumer of good food.. let me know more about the Lop Eared Pig ( I love that pig) I have another fellow who would like to come out and see what you are up to.. c

  13. I’ve never heard of steaming eggs, Celi. What a revelation! And I have the same sort of steamer contraption as you do. Any excuse to use it justifies it taking up valuable cupboard space.
    Did i notice a hint of rouge on Charlotte’s sweet cheeks or is she a tad embarrassed by all of this attention? I hope that boar realizes and respects this Flower of the Farmy.
    Thanks, too, for the mentions. I made sauce yesterday and served it with homemade pasta, as well, last night. I wanted to clear out my “old” pasta. I’ve a feeling I’ll have plenty more by this time next Sunday. 🙂

    • Why yes you will. My sauce was divine with the pork in it and I was a good girl and browned the meat well! The teenagers scoffed it! I am giving my hens extra green this week so they lay extra yellow eggs for somebody!! c

      • Glad to hear that the sauce was so well-received. The Boys Upstairs are the same way. It’s gotten so that I’ve had to increase the amount of food I send up or their poor Mom doesn’t get anything to eat. And they’re just entering their teens! Extra yellow yolks. Oh, boy!!!

  14. Steamed eggs! Who knew? Brilliant C…..I learn something from every post of yours…well, you are a teacher, after all!! 🙂 Now we just need your recipe for the deviled eggs themselves and why they are called deviled…I do not know that either!! Please take some photos of the young people in their ball finery…eating the eggs, of course! 🙂
    Lovely Charlotte…growing up now and also getting ready for her winter date!! She will be just fine!!

  15. Gonna try steam eggs in the steamer thing-a-ma-bob that I have. Thanks for the idea C. Guess what I am having for breakfast…
    Good girl Charlotte.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  16. Steamed eggs… will have to get one of those thingy me bobs like you have.

    Oh I passed onto you a blog award.
    Love Leanne

    • Thank you leanne that is awesome, as rule I just cannot cope with awards but I do take my hat off to the people who are able to make an awards page.. many thanks again.. c

  17. Pigs do have a way of growing up.
    My grandmother and mom always steamed eggs (Boil. Turn off heat,20 min and cooled them with ice – I’d have so much less trouble if I would bother to do the same ( with a lid- not a cloth over.)
    Enjoy the day! (and perfectly boiled easy to peel eggs.)

  18. Interesting method – you’ve certainly expanded my knowledge. However, I’ve never really had trouble peeling eggs – funny, isn’t it? Sorry to hear about further bee problems and the fact you can’t sell that honey. Still, loads of candles is good 😀

    • Thats because you have the egg shelling gene Fruge, us down here in the cheap seats do struggle so with our shells!! c

  19. I’ve been away from you for far too long, c.. birds, bees, and honey.. and your method for steaming eggs is the “bees knees” I think. I always wondered why eggs were easy to peel one day and not the next! xx Have a wonderful Sunday, dear!! xx Smidge

  20. Mmmm farm eggs! I have several friends with benefits, er, chickens and it makes me happy! Love the photos as always!

  21. I have diffiulty peeling eggs too, but only my own chickens’…… and I reckon it’s because they are way way fresher than bought ones. No idea how old bought eggs are when you take them off the supermarket shelf, but they peel just fine for me when boiled…

    I can’t see how steaming them would make any difference, except that maybe because steam is hotter than boiling water, the white under the shell cooks better/harder. So I’ll give it a go.

  22. I bet that boar is quite handsome according to porcine standards, and I’m sure Charlotte has some seductive tricks up her sleeve the way all young ladies do no matter how innocent we’d like to believe they are. 😉

  23. I steam almost everything that > my mouth, but I have never thought of steaming eggs. And yes, the fresher the egg the harder it is to peel!! I also use the jingamjigs you picture: have them in about three sizes and call them my ‘flower steamers’ – we have them available in every supermarket and hardware store. Hardly cost a bob, but mine don’t have such pretty tops, just a metal ring 😦 ! And hmmm – first came the lovely homeschooling trio, now you have teenagers gathering before a Ball: oh my – send me some of that energy across the Pond 😀 !

  24. great idea! i use the 5:10 method by david chang from momofuku where you boil the eggs for 5 minutes and 10 seconds exactly then plunge them into a water bath. i never have problems peeling them then – i was always useless when peeling!

  25. HI Celi!!!
    I have returned from my 3 weeks travel in Nicaragua. It was wonderful!!!! And now I’m catching up on what has happened with you and Our John and the animals on the Farmy. It’s so great to see this post about boiled eggs that actually come out of the shells! I have duck eggs I want to make into egg salad. Duck egg egg salad is the absolute best. But I also have big trouble peeling any kind of egg, so I’m excited to try your steaming method on the duck eggs tomorrow!
    I’m also excited about Charlotte going to her new boyfriend tomorrow! And the piglets that will be on the way after that! As you know My John and I artificially inseminated both of our girls pigs, Bernadette and Roxane, and it looks that it might have worked with Roxane! So we are excited and keeping our fingers crossed and gauging her growth daily. Bernadette cycled again, so we know she is not pregnant, so now we can compare the two and see if Roxie’s body changes drastically, as it seems to be doing. And something even more exciting happened, Jack found a Gloucestershire Old Spot baby boar about 5 hours from here, and we’ll be going to pick him up in mid March, so we can actually raise heritage pigs. How is that for exciting??? So good to be checking in with you daily again Celi!!! xoxoxo

    • Oh having a boar will be SO much better. What are you going to do with all those piglets! I missed you and I am so glad you had a good time.. I must pop over to your Fb and see pics! welcome home.. and welcome home to the farmy too! c

  26. Brilliant of you to share your secret of peeling very very fresh eggs. It is a problem for those of us fortunate enough to have access to freshly laid hen eggs. Bring on the soft boiled eggs with toast soldiers, Celi. Then just watch us peel hard-boiled eggs for egg salad sandwiches. V.

  27. Well………. I’ve tried it, and it works. Thank you C, I would never have thought of staming eggs after boiling them for over 40 years!

  28. Our hens are laying again too–spring is coming! I like the steaming method because the smaller amount of water heats so quickly and I can have my egg faster. I have been steam/boiling them in 1/2″ of water without the steamer basket but occasionally one cracks–I should probably just use my folding steamer basket as you do! Now if only I had some of that honey. 🙂

  29. What a cool idea about steaming eggs, have never done that before! And – although I am behind – I feel like we haven’t heard much about your honey recently, C. Hi, Charlotte 🙂

  30. I have a steamer just like that, but I never thought of using it for eggs. I’m going to try!

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