The Mucky Murk or is it The Murky Muck

Yesterday was a study in getting stuck in the mud. I squelched my way through fields with my arms out like wings trying to keep my balance. The ground underneath is still frozen so in some areas the melting soil is like a slurry on top of ice, in others it is deep cold muck from the heavy feet of moving animals. That kind of mud sucks in your gumboot and keeps it while you lurch forward unaware.


Plus it rained on and off all day which is very welcome, even if it adds to the murky muck. No-one is allowed to step foot in the big fields, they are soaking up all this moisture untouched.





My computer seems to want to reposition my images to suit itself and I don’t have time to fight it in the morning. So bear with me.

The Shush Sisters only had a short time in their mud hole before the cold rain began. Then they stood at the gate and squealed at the barn until I came out and let them back in.  Once they were back in their newly cleaned pigsty they hurled themselves into the straw and said maybe tomorrow miss c, today is a bit too wet even for piggies.  Especially pregnant piggies, grunted Charlotte.

Good morning. Daylight saving has come so early this year that it is pitch black again when we get up, which feels like a step backwards. I don’t milk Daisy until dawn so her morning schedule only slowly changes. The lambs have their last feed at 8pm from now on so I was in bed early and that long sleep was a great relief. Running a farm full of different animals makes your life fluid and changeable.  Malleable I suppose the word is.

I hope you all have a lovely day. The sky is just beginning to lighten so out I go into the mucky murk or is it the murky muck.



66 Comments on “The Mucky Murk or is it The Murky Muck

  1. We’re starting to thaw and started tapping our maple trees this weekend and plan to cook it off next weekend. I’ve just about given up on keeping the mud out of the house. I think we’re all ready for spring to stay and winter to go away!!

    • Maple syrup, I would love to see that process.. hopefully you get some shots for your blog!.. morning rita.. c

  2. I like your daylight saving, it means that I get to read your morning post before I go to bed, usually I am in bed before you post and then am too late to comment because by the time I am back from work and reading you are in bed, also if I am quick I may be 1st up.

  3. They tell me that a good mud pack on the face is good for the skin… so if you trip and fall… make it worthwhile… love the updates.. and the pigs want in.. then the weather is really poorly…

  4. Queenie is looking quiet lovely today, whats with those huge logs in the yard? Not seasoned enough to burn? I like your daylight savings, means I get to read and comment before bed.

    • Morning sally, no those huge logs came from a tree someone took down in the autumn, so they are for next winter, which is good!! I don’t mind wearing my hattie to bed! c

  5. Those photos made me shiver from cold … until I looked out my window and realised that it’s snowing here with an accumulation so far of 7cm, and it’s supposed to continue until tomorrow, at which point I had great empathy with you and the farmy. Stay warm, c. I’ll try to do the same.

  6. It’s warmed up in Toronto too, which is quite welcome; yesterday we enjoyed 12°C with sunshine, but today is just slightly cooler with overcast and rain. We do the daylight savings too, and it’s quite depressing getting up in the dark. I have to run around the house turning all the lights on full blast otherwise if I don’t get strong light in my eyes I can’t fully wake up. I love the portrait shots of your lovelies!

  7. Your fields are saturated … I may have chickened out and kept the barn occupied another week or two 🙂 Love the picture of the coming/going footprints, oh and Hairy Maclairy of course 🙂 Laura

    • I know, but there is no going back, washing daisy every morning is quite the task at the moment!! but ah well, better mud than poo.. c

  8. Up here, we call it Mud Season. Now that our ground frost has broken, there’s nothing to stop it from sucking your boots right off your feet, or turning a tractor into a lawn ornament…No sense bathing the dog – he’ll be filthy again in 15 minutes.
    All that lovely, lovely moisture, though…makes it all worth it!

    • the dog thing is awful, I just make him sit outside until he is at least dry but his bed looks dreadful.. and he is so forlorn .. c

  9. I keep hoping for an update on Mia. I can’t tell the sheep apart and so don’t know who is the last photograph.

    • Oh I am sorry honey, Mia is settled and out with the others, she is the larger of the three but they are hard to tell apart in a photo.. but she seems to have recovered and is starting to fight for her share of the hay now.. c

  10. Oh God, those beautiful muddy animals with their stoic faces. I do love them. Thank God for seasons, right? Just when you can’t take it annnnnyyyy more…

  11. Seeing TonTon is why I don’t rush back to Michigan when the snows melt. The road in front of Zia’s isn’t paved and will be a mess until May. Max is a bit of a mud magnet and every walk concludes with me trying to get him clean enough to re-enter the house. In Summer I hose him down but it’s too cold for that yet. Things would be so much easier if they made canine wellies.
    Have a good Monday, Celi.

  12. It’s frustrating when photos and text won’t cooperate. It may be murky or mucky, but the faces are delightful.

  13. It never gets cold enough down here for the ground to freeze and then turn into mucky muck. I will say I’ve never known pigs who won’t go out and roll in the mud, even in the rain!

    • It was freezing rain, we are still pretty cold here. it is interesting that they will root into the mud but they will not lay in it until it is a bit warmer.. only their hooves and noses get mucky! c

  14. Even with the rain and muck, I bet the animals still love to be outdoors (well that is, except the pigs).
    We still have lots of snow on the ground but we’ll be in the muck in another month!
    Have a great day!

    • I do hope that in another month we have some growth .. fingers crossed.. it has been long enough..c

  15. Yucky, sucky muck cause it sucks your boots off. But there are definitely worse things. Like a lack of water! Michael did some plowing yesterday and is trying to get house water tanks filled and some tilling done before we get any rain. Then I’m gonna plant me some onions! 😀 Have a great day Celi!

  16. snowy murky muck here, too. Last night’s drive through blizzard conditions was no fun at all. Hoping for a better day tomorrow when we cross the Pennines to meet Tilly in Carlisle. Love to you and all my farmy friends. Daylight saving starts the last weekend in MARCH, in Europe.

    • It did here as well last year, but for some reason the powers that be have changed it, who decides these things anyway!? It feels way too early!.. c

  17. We don’t have very much muck, yet, but the backyard is off-limits because the alternating snow/rain/melt/freeze has made all surfaces more suitable for ice-skates than snow boots. Boooo! But the sun is shining. And I’m trying to convince myself I appreciate it more, after the extra hour of darkness, this morning. 😛 Have a great day, c!

  18. Thank you thank you for letting me know that Mia is on the road to health. Fighting for eats is a very good sign! Also, how I can tell Mama with the one up one down ears!

  19. No, not one up and one down–I looked again–down but up at the ends. : )

  20. That truly is murky mud! Hope you have some well-deserved sunshine soon.

  21. Well for me it is murky muck 🙂 ! With my poor sense of balance the wellies would not be the only parts mucky! Oh, absolutely love the closeups of the fourlegged inhabitants you managed, even if Daisy especially managed to look quite unimpressed with the situation!

  22. Our muck is beneath another 12 inches of snow…but it is there because it rained and rained before the snow. Enjoy the wet!!!! Your farmie will be grateful for it later on!

    • Oh we do .. every drop is welcome and it is still cool enough to soak right in as soon as it thaws.. thank goodness.. c

      • That is wonderful! Maybe this will be the year that the farmers will get just what they need when they need it as far as the weather goes!!! 🙂

        • that would be a WONDERFUL year, i had one once, in NZ, we got an inch of rain a week, at night, for weeks and weeks, it was like a prayer.. the garden was divine that year! c

  23. Glad that you’ll be able to catch up on some sleep now that the lambies don’t need mid-night feedings.

  24. The ground has so many different ways of being treacherous. It’s wonder you even dare walk on it!

  25. I had one of those gumboot incidents many years ago. Unfortunately it was in a feld which had just been spread with sileage and I fell backwards into it. I was also on my honeymoon at the time and had just met some of the ex’s Scottish farming family for the first time…you can imagine how much hilarity I caused 😦

  26. Having grown up an the farm I know all to well about sticky mud…and that image of flooding brings back memories as every winter we had floods in the fields. One year the water was so deep that our neighbors actually canoed around their property. 🙂

  27. Ha! Mud season. I did not think of it as spreading anywhere out of Vermont. I suppose it says something when even pigs seek the dryness of straw. Your reference to gumboots made me smile. It reminded me of a spring day, years ago, when I walked out near a pond we had in the backyard and my foot sank in the mud. The only way to retrieve it was to abandon my boot. But wait, there is more to this cartoon. In an attempt to remove mud from the base of my pants before changing them, I stepped in the shower to use the tap from the tub… but it was set to shower, so I drenched myself completely… and laughed and laughed! Always good to tour the farmy with you, Miss C.

    • that made me laugh too.. I love it when one does something really dumb all alone and then have a good laugh all alone! morning granny..c

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