Siberian Sun

This is what we had yesterday. A dreadful  siberian cold with sun and a wicked wind.  Ironic considering that yesterday I said to you that I would take wind and sun over calm and cloud.  So it blew a freezing gale! I still appreciated the sun though even if it was straight from Siberia. Every patch of golden light in the barn had an animal or a bird lounging in it yesterday. siberian-sun-003

The animals and birds and I worked  in the barn out of the wind with the big doors open to the South. There is always something to do in the barn.


When we weren’t breaking the ice in the troughs with an old stick.


Tilly and Blue Murphy watched for the bottles to come out for a sip.


Someone needs a manicure. Son of the Son of Neanderthol Man really does need to go into the Cast of Players page. I shall remedy that this weekend.


This is a very busy doorway. Coincidentally it is called the Popes Door.  A little door cut into a big door. I am not even sure why it is called the Popes Door but there you are. The chooks have one too in their big door too but it is only big enough  for a chicken or a miniature pope.


Even though the ground was actually freezing back up, the fight for the dust bath continued.  The only decent patch of dirt evidently. There is more you know! The wind on that rooster is very telling.


There was even light shining in the kitchen doors, through the hanging kitchen utensils. and across to the dining room wall.   I love light.

Good morning. It is not dawn yet but it is already warmer than predicted and the difference between 16F (forecast) and 21F (-6C) may not seem a lot but it works for me.   As there is no fire in the mornings I have taken to doing my early morning post from my bed with my hat on. How decadent! I turn the ancient punishingly expensive gas heating on for a few hours in the early morning so the pipes don’t freeze, but if the sun comes out again then the skylights will take over. I have been doing a lot of baking and cleaning when I am inside to keep warm.   Not long now. Another week maybe? Warmth is coming.

You all have a lovely day.


38 Comments on “Siberian Sun

  1. I love reading your posts – they always have a postive twist no matter how cold the weather! Let’s hope that spring really is on the way now… the wildlife needs some warmer days, as do the farmers and gardeners.

  2. Horrible weather makes for wonderful photographs. What you call a Pope’s door, we in Europe call a Postern – again, I’ve no idea why! I hope it warms up soon.

  3. God, that’s cold. We’re rationing our heating tightly as well, but our conditions would seem like a summer’s day to you. The good weather has to come soon. Pictures look great, as usual.

  4. Those fierce winds swept in from the north, apparently, as winds here in Minnesota have continued, unabated, for days. This morning we woke up to 3 degrees F on this, the first day of spring. It is the coldest first day of spring here since 1965.

  5. Yes you can FEEL the warmth of the sun on your face when you’re outside!
    Thank you for not blaming that freezing cold weather on Canada! We can also blame Siberia for the below normal cold here 7 F (-14 celsius)…….but your lovely gulf and our prairies managed to ‘marry’ and give us 17 cms of snow yesterday with another 5 cms on the way (8.5 inches). Yuck, just what we need – it seems more like January than the first day of spring!
    Your pictures are outstanding!!

  6. I wouldn’t like your wind. We’ve had some wind here the last few days which the girls don’t like because I won’t let them go in the woods. Too much danger from falling branches. Our bendy tree weather bends 50 to 100ft. trees. Lots of them! Love all your pics but those lambies are SO CUTE! 😀 Have a great day Celi!

  7. Sorry for sending that Siberian wind! We still have our own share too though!

  8. Warm weather can’t come soon enough for me. I am sick of the cold and wet, and freezing wind…it has visited us here as well. Spring MUST come soon!

  9. Warmth is defintely coming but it can’t come fast enough for me lol. And I simply love the pic of the shadow of your kitchen utensils. Simply beautiful

  10. we had a very windy day yesterday too. and i hear an easter snow storm is on the way. i keep my old radiant heat set at 50 degrees all winter. my kids lips turn blue when they visit!

  11. A postern is a secondary door or gate, particularly in a fortification such as a city wall or castle curtain wall. Posterns were often located in a concealed location, allowing the occupants to come and go inconspicuously. In the event of a siege, a postern could act as a sally port, allowing defenders to make a sortie on the besiegers. Can’t find any reference to a Pope’s Door though! Just thought you would like to know….
    Bloody cold here too, worried about my seeds in the green house. Can’t afford to keep the heat going all day an night so might not get any germination form a lot of them. Oh well give it a few weeks and people will be complaining about the heat (yes please!)

  12. Beautiful images today, celi. Ton looks like he’s asking the guinea to play! And the Tilly and Blue Murphy shot is adorable. That last shot is pure art…is that a feathered hat on the wall? Here’s hoping for the wind to stop and for warmth to start!

  13. Yep. Another cold one, Celi. This won’t go on forever. Like it or not, WInter will have to make way for Spring & Summer. Period! Great photos in today’s post, especially TonTon with the ball in his mouth waiting for you to put the camera down. Yesterday, for the first time in ages, there was late afternoon sun streaming through my living room windows. It was so unexpected that it stopped me in my tracks. I just had to stop and stare. Hope there’s more of that, with a little more warmth, in store for us all. Have a great day!

  14. The weather here has been awful too, strong wind and driving rain. I want some sun!

  15. So glad you are keeping warm Celi! I worry about you and the gang on your farmy when the wood supply is used up. I’ve been there, and it’s no fun! Wish I could send you some of ours! Sending positive energies your way! xo

  16. The chooks’ ruffled feathers say it all. The farmy’s barn makes me think of Noah’s Ark, with the animals 2 x 2 and more, a big safe refuge from “rain or shine, snow or sleet” and the wicked wind. One guarantee with weather is it does change… sometimes for the worse before the better, a bit like life…

  17. In 1990 in the late Spring, and at one point went somewhere where we could stare out and see the borders of Mongolia. Keep on keep’in on; you are awesome; love the photos.

  18. Two priceless photos: the feathered friends in the dust bowl gale up the backside and all, and that look from Tilly and Blue Murphy waiting more or less patiently! So Blue Murphy is the other one on the bottle! No wonder he follows you 🙂 ! Thought they would be off milk by now: shows how good I would be at the farmy!!!

      • On a very different note: Lou-Lou and Author nestling in your hollowed cement bricks have been my computer welcome for months and months – just changed to Tilly and Blue Murphy – it fits gorgeously and I DO hope some of you try and copy!!!!

  19. Oh my! That is COLD, and I hope as the day wore on you did get a little warmth, even if it was while baking something yummy! It’s officially spring, so I simply hope it will not be rude and arrive late. Early would be permissible! 🙂 The lighting in your photos is really beautiful, Celi.

  20. That’s too funny, all the chickens rooting for the same patch of dirt. It was windy! Ton seems to be looking for someone to play with.

  21. Kupa looks a bit like a pope dispensing blessings, so he chose the right spot with the pope’s door.

  22. I hope the warmth is coming! I love the shot of Son of the Son of Neanderthol Man. I have missed your adventures while I’ve been on break. I am looking forward to catching up soon. I hope you have been well. 🙂

  23. It looks so warm and cheerful – but the feathers on the rooster do give a hint. Looks as though if that blew at a chicken laying an egg, the egg would go zooming straight back in!

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