TonTon remains stoic

Ton has been the best behaved dog in the history of dogdom since Blue was unexpectedly foisted upon him.  He is not thrilled especially when Blue has picked his tail up in his mouth and chewed on it. He is stoic but unsmiling.


On more that one occasion and too often for it to be a coincidence Blue has chased Tons frisbee then stood in it and looked about expectantly while TonTon skids to a halt and looks to me for permission to wack him. No Ton.


TonTon is secretly thrilled that Blue has to sit in a crate in the milking parlour and so as to watch Ton go about his work of bringing Daisy the cow in and escorting her back out.


He is not thrilled that the wee pup’s house is so close to the doormat. The doormat is sacrosanct amongst dogs and has been Tons since The Big Dog went to the sheepswool old dog rocking chair corner. But there the interloper lies, dragging boot after boot into his lair, stepping on The Mat.


LuLu Who Sleeps with Sheep sits in the milking parlour watching the strutting and goings on with a certain amount of canine satisfaction.

Here is my new screen saver.  What do you think? And for all you new readers I encourage image theft. So if you see a shot you like just nick it and show it to your friends, as long as you tell them where it came from. And if you would like it in higher resolution just let me know and I will email you a bigger file.


The unDaily View. Do you see the grass in the middle of the circular drive (I say circular drive with my tongue firmly in my cheek but wobbly oval drive just seems too much of a mouthful.) Anyway right there in the middle is where many of your trees will go. I call it the thicket. So far it is more of a Thinet but this year it will develop as you watch.


Life is fun.


Pats willow. So small and spindly yet but it will grow.

TonTon is sleeping by the french doors as I write, comforted by the promise that Blue is to be an outside dog and a least his night time bed is safe. For the moment!

Have a lovely day.

love celi


53 Comments on “TonTon remains stoic

  1. Looks more and more like spring! I was very excited yesterday as Clifford and I found a pawpaw tree covered with blooms. We also have a serviceberry tree that’s supposed to have fruit you can eat and make jelly with. The blossoms smell divine! We got some rain last night but seemed to have been missed by the worst of the thunderstorm here. Have a great day Celi!

  2. Poor Ton — how good that he waits for permission to “wack him” — I can just see it 😉 I hope Ton is smiling again soon. Looking forward to seeing the tree plantings.

  3. Good Boy, that Ton is! It’s hard to have a baby in the house…
    The rains and (relative) warmth have greened-up everything so nicely. Such a relief!

  4. All babies are cute, and Blue is no exception, but my heart belongs to Ton. How did Ton come by his name?

  5. Poor Ton Ton, I mean interfering with a chap’s Frisbee is the limit!

  6. Ton should have a little angel halo over his head. I know his nose is out of joint and he isn’t smiling, but he’s such a champ about all of this, or so it seems. Adorable pups are tough competition. Love the screensaver, and I’m with Claire…joining the campaign for a Ton Ton screensaver, too. In fact, it’s such a lovely idea, it would be fun to have one for each of your crew! 🙂 I am heading out of town, but hope you have a lovely day and weekend, miss c.

  7. They’ll probably be chasing the same frisbee by the end of summer. 🙂

  8. Ton really is such a good dog. He’s just so smart that one. I’m sure he’ll teach the pup the ropes in no time. We’ve been having a similar dynamic here with the old cat and the new one. The kitten goes for his tail, whacks his head and the old one just sits there looking at me. If the kitten gets a little too out of line, I say “You show him Charlie,” to the old one and he stands up rather menacingly and the kitten takes off. It’s very funny. The dynamic is changing each day…they are becoming better acquainted and starting to make friends with one another. I have no doubt Ton will whip this pup into shape. He knows all too well how things work. I’ve only met a few dogs that smart. They are treasures. Have a great weekend C!

  9. Oh, this just warms my heart! You could not get better dogs. Have missed a few of your posts–catching up this morning–wheeeeeeeeee. My Favorite.

  10. Yes my heart breaks for TonTon. That portrait of him says it all. Just fascinating how he knew the moment you brought Blue home to show his teeth despite how young Blue was/is. He knew Trouble was afoot! Did Big Dog treat Ton this same way? I’m thinking Bid Dog was there first.

    • Big Dog was furious about Ton, but settled down after a while, however Ton is still very tentative around the old dog. This is why it is curious that The Big Dog does not seem to mind that pup at all, unless he gets too close to the bowl of course!! c

  11. Thanks for showing me Pat’s tree. I’m wishing it fair winds and rain and not too much of either. The farmy is looking very springlike. Our hawthorne hedge is almost entirely green now and the daffs are nearly over.

    Enjoy your day,

  12. Grass is looking nice and green! We had lots of rain last night – and now mine looks like it needs mowing – good exercise to get rid of any winter weight!
    I love Ton Ton and he would fit right in with my two, so if you are ever looking for a home for him (just kidding! I know you wouldn’t part with him for the world.)
    When I bought Sam home as a tiny pup, Shelly (who is actually Border Collie/Sheltie mix) did a lot of the ‘raising’ of this boisterous guy. She would just slowly curl her lip and Sam got the message very quickly!
    Thanks for taking the time to keep us all up to date – loving this blog and so glad I found you!!

  13. Popped in for my daily session with Blue. What a gorgeous dog. I love the thought of him standing in the frisbee, though I appreciate it does not appeal to Ton Ton…

  14. I had been wondering what the cats had been thinking about the new arrival and vice versa. Lulu appears unbothered. Given time I’m sure the dynamic will settle into the wonderful Farmy equilibrium. Pat’s willow’s garden still looks wintry but stunning with its sunny patch of yellow 🙂

  15. “Thinet.” Good one, Celi! Great shots of Blue and it’s amazing how quickly things are turning green. Imagine the change if we get 3 warm days in a row!
    Having had 2 male dogs of differing breeds, I’ve seen the role the doormat, or in my case, the door threshold, played in my home’s tranquility. It was all about territory.
    Hope we see sum Sun this weekend.

  16. I reckon Ton is taking the addition of Blue in his stride and just waiting for the right moment (when you’re not there), to pounce on him and let him know who’s boss – after you of course!
    Love the screensaver of the pup, but what about one of TonTon too?

  17. I ‘fifth’ it [hope I am counting it right!] in Ton’s favour! Altho’ that pic of Little Boy Blue so relaxedly asleep in his haven is quite priceless. Am still geographically a tad at sea: is ‘my’ willow on the Thicket/Thinet area too? love . . .

  18. “How much is that doggie in the window? The one with the waggly tail. How much is that doggie in the window? I do hope that doggies for sale!” I’m singing along with Patti Page for Blue Dog. He’s lovely. Virginia

  19. If my cat who is in cat heaven wasn’t on my screen I would beg for Blue… and how adorable he is fast asleep on his blanket… he must get worn out with all the fun going on around him!
    Bet he’s never had it so good !!!

  20. I have been absent from blogging for a few weeks, sort of lost my way, but here I am back again. It has taken me ages to read through all your posts so I am only commenting on one..otherwise I would be here for days. I have so missed my blogging friends and especially you Celi. I love your new baby Blue and what a sweet name..happy days ahead for you all…It is good to see how much the farmy has progressed in the short time I have not been here, and all the new projects. What a crazy wonderful lot you are!! Love Patrecia

  21. That puppy is too cute – and Ton probably knows we are all commenting on the new pup so I’ll just say Ton is still a very handsome boy!

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