Charlotte has a hot murky day

Yesterday started off alright for Charlotte, she had her usual walk, shortened now, but pregnant ladies need their exercise too.



It had begun to get very hot and muggy when I left for lunch with The Old Codger and The Matriarch. So I hung a bigger fan from the rafters of the barn to cool her down some more. Thank you Ron, excellent idea.



But she ignored it and lay down in the doorway. I thought our day would proceed normally but by the time I got home she was panting and frothing at the mouth. Lumbering about swinging her head to and fro like an elephant with heavy ears. All afternoon she was up and down, up and down, gnawing at the doors and grunting at me. Charlotte I was saying what is it. She would grunt using all kinds of sounds, looking me straight in the eye. She paced and cried. The day got hotter, but Poor Char could not settle, she bathed in cold water, stood in cold showers. Up-ended water containers she has never knocked over before.Watched me refill them then did it again. But nothing settled her.


The day just got hotter.


And the clouds gathered pressing the heavy air back down on our heads.


The storm warnings were severe, really severe so in the afternoon  I closed up the barn, brought Sheila in from the field and opened a corner of the barn for the big animals to shelter if they chose. The tractor was brought in and containers stowed away. This all contributed to Charlotte’s distress as I had to shrink her living quarters to accommodate the others. And still it got hotter and more humid.


By dinnertime she would not even lie down just stood with her head hanging as I ran a cold wet cloth around her head. Somewhere after  midnight with hours of high winds and rolling thunder and lightening like the devils unholy disco itself, the storm violently  broke open above our heads and the rain poured down and the temperature dropped. While Ton cowered in the wardrobe with his paws over his ears, Blue and I ran out to check on Charlotte. No need for a torch – by then the lightening was flat white  and so close together that is was like a holey blanket of light, the whole sky was lightening, twenty strobes at once.  Char was fast asleep. Stretched out to her full length, her belly relaxed again, laid out in her big pen, breathing calmly and deeply,surrounded in cats. Boo and I did a quick silent reverse and tiptoed back out. The cats barely had time to raise their heads. Best to let sleeping pigs lie.

I checked her again at three and she had not moved. Lucky for her we have a few cool days now. Ok, time for work. We got almost half an inch of rain. Just the right amount.

After I have shooed everyone back out of the barn and opened the gates for Charlotte again, fed out and checked my roosting girls I shall weed the grapevines. The chickens will be well fed today, the dandelions are huge in there!

Oh I must tell you quickly before I go. I found another peacock egg in the hay manger when I let the cows in, saving it from Daisy I went out to the chook house with it in my hand, unsure of my plan. The black broody chicken was half in and half out of her box, screaming and squawking and making such a racket. So without any real thought I just popped this big egg into her box, she whisked back in, turned around twice like a dog, sat herself down and with her beak carefully rolled  the peacock egg under her breast so it rested on her little chicken feet. She fluffed up her feathers until it was completely covered then she sighed and went silent. And that was that.

Oh the sun has come out! Off I go! Have a lovely day.

Your friend, celi

64 Comments on “Charlotte has a hot murky day

  1. So glad the storm passed and that Charlotte got some much needed rest!!! Poor baby! Love that you relocated the egg! You are a genius!!!

    • It was quite funny how the chook scooped the egg into its rightful place whether it was hers or not. I am not even sure how long ago it was laid so it may not be viable at all but it will keep her quiet.. she hates it when i steal her eggs each day.. c

  2. I remember feeling quite like Charlotte when I was pregnant in the summer heat. Glad she was able to settle in and that the weather cooled off for her. Also glad the storms weren’t as violent as they predicted. I was quite nervous watching from afar.

    • It looked to me like it was going to hit chicago too, we will have to check with chgjohn and ask him how bad it was, luckily the really bad wind did not eventuate.. c

  3. When I saw your heading change late my last night I wondered whether the photos came from just then. They did . . . Well, I would have been like TonTon, I’m afraid! Useless and in the nearest cupboard!! And we can’t blame Charlotte for her shenanigans methinks: heavy already and that weather heavy thing pushing her further down; thank God sleep relaxed her . . . Three- four days: hope the little ones arrive on a calm, mild day!!

    • I just opened the gate and she took herself out into the outdoor pen that i have been keeping for when the piglets are born .. usually we just walk thorough to a field but she has decided to lay oout there for a rest, the wind is lovely and cool this morningso i don’t blame her.. not that i could move her even if i wanted to.. c

  4. No wonder Char is looking at you like that her pregnancy is your fault… were wives blame their husbands as things near .. she sees you as the cause… you took her to visit…

  5. Would barometric pressure changes, along with the heat and the pregnancy, have contributed to Charlotte’s discomfort? I think I’ve heard that once or twice about barometric changes. That stormy sky scares me, just scares me. Great shots. Again.

  6. Whoa! Looks like you had a wild storm Celi! Just love the storm shots!!! We are waiting on some wet weather down here. Although I cannot complain about it, as we have had lovely rain all week, and gorgeous Bull Shoals Lake right down the road is full. So much different from last year! Thank goodness! xo

    • We did have a wild night, did your pig get this upset towards the end? Did she nest? I need to pick your brains.. c

      • Our pigs are doing great! We have our two big mamas, Roxy and Bernie and five piglets all running together now. We trained the piglets to the electric fence and they do respect it. It only took a few days! The piglets are growing like crazy as we have a connection to gallons of goats milk daily. They LOVE it!!! Charlotte is probably checking out the best spots now to have her babies. I bet she already knows where she will have them. Pigs are smart! 🙂

  7. it sounds like charlotte must be very sensitive to barometric pressure. i sympathize with that poor girl. she needs to have those piglets!

  8. I wonder if pigs get Braxton-Hicks contractions? Or maybe it was just the storm that kept her unsettled. Those were some pretty serious clouds! I see Kupa found himself a shady spot, great shot.

    • I did wonder the am thing, her tummy was so tight, but she is all relaxed again this morning and glad to be back free ranging again. ! c

  9. Poor Charlotte. I remember feeling like that once of a day! Love your new header – my kind of colours.

  10. The sight of that weather brewing makes me want to dive under the bed and stay there, or find a hole and pull it in after me.

  11. when i set eggs at random times, i use pencil to write date on each egg
    that way i can tell if they are past the hatch date
    do not use pen, the ink will not let egg develop

  12. What a truly evil looking storm. I wonder if it was all the negatively charged ions ahead of the storm that upset Charlotte? I’ve actually had that happen to me before. Just glad she could finally rest as I know she was worn out. One of our cats is afraid of thunder and runs and hides under the bed like a dog. Judging from all the blowing here today, I think she may have some under the bed time coming. Enjoy your cooler day!

  13. Poor Charlotte – storms have same effect on me. I get a terrific headache (sometimes developing into a migraine) for several hours before the storm hits. Shelly pants and paces, Sam couldn’t give two hoots LOL. Took me a long time to get used to the weather over here, it is so extreme! I think I have experienced most of the weather tricks here (earthquake, severe storms summer and winter) apart from a tornado which I can well do without! My poor Mum has no idea how big this country is and every time she sees something on the BBC news about bad weather in the USA she is convinced I am in the middle of it LOL

  14. Like Charlotte (and Lyn, above) I too am sensitive to “big” weather. If I could get away with it, I would act just like Charlotte as I am waiting for a storm to break.

  15. We had a tornado warning up sw of Edmonton, so I read your story with trepidation. How vividly you’ve described the storm, c, your writing is just splendid! I’m glad everything turned out in the end.. even pigs can sense these things, it’s quite fantastic the way animals communicate, isn’t it?xx

  16. I think of all the creatures in this world who suffer so and do not have someone like you, Celi, to be so kind as to cool her heated brow with a cloth and then check on her during the night– interrupting your own much needed and far too little sleep.

  17. Belated Happy Birthday to Dale – hope the next year is a good one! When I saw your header picture I realised it was reflecting my mood perfectly (been without Internet for 4 days again). Started to panic when reading about Charlotte and the impending storm – so glad you weren’t all swept away. TV weather report here has also been warning of high wind storms across most of the USA states – hope everybody is safe and dry. Laura

  18. I’m thinking of all the creatures of this world who suffer so and do not have a caring person like you, Celi, to cool their feverish brow with a cloth, and who interrupts her own much-needed sleep to check on them in the middle of the night.
    Just spectacular shots. In Chicago here, we were warned and warned but no really bad weather came through.

  19. We are cooler here today, too. So glad Charlotte was able to settle down, bless her heart. I can imagine her and the cats snoozing away 🙂

  20. That sky looks as heavy as Charlotte’s udders…everything dropping everywhere. Sky. Pig belly. Wow. Poor thing. The discomfort of late pregnancy plus a hot day. We know what’s that like. I love that pig. Can’t wait to see the baby versions.

  21. That SKY!!! Stunning! The storm broiling and roiling…your photos show us the extreme. In just about a week now you will have little ones…and the Momma will have a whole set of other things to be concerned with. Our pigs were always very loving Mums.


  22. A lovely image of you gently wiping Char’s brow, cooling and calming her… and finally at ease surrounded by her cats… the Farmy is truly a wondrous place 🙂

  23. Worried a bit when I saw the radar last night – so glad it was only loud and bright! There’s nothing like the cool that comes after, either… Hope Poor Char will farrow soon. Pregnant in the summer was bad enough with only one baby! 🙂

  24. Waiting with baited breath for the big day. Char is looking fabulous despite her wee faff, understandable really that day looks really oppressive. I am glad she settled, do you think all of the kitties will be vying with the piglets for sleeping spots in char’s shadow? I am coming in late but I say 10 piglets.

  25. Poor baby like us being 9 months along in AUG 😦 So glad you she got rest you now I am worried about you all out there these nasty super cells are nuts Where are you again? Please stay safe as you can I know you must check on things but lightening is even worse than 110 Ron said you are lucky with house currant not to die as it usually has you till you die I have seen the power of nature and your photo of storm clouds was amazing in FL you could get hit by lightening 5 miles away Saying prayers for our world’s weather to settle down

  26. I was worried about you all down on the farmy. We were under the worst storm threats they’d forecast in years and I kept checking the maps to see just how far South the storms stretched. Those are some frightening storm clouds in your photos, Celi, and I’m glad every one and thing are fine. Poor Char. I hope she’s doing better in today’s cooler air. Good luck tonight! I hope you’ve got good news for us tomorrow.

    • I think she is set to wait another day, I will check her late but she seems really settled at the moment.. She has learned to open and shut her back gate so she has been ‘trying out’ the yard, but she keeps coming back inside the barn.. we will see.. c

  27. Good evening Miss C. When are the piglets due? The weather has been rather stormy, or at least consistently wet here as well, but you must have so much on your mind with all those “children” to keep safe and cool. You go about it so gracefully, finding solutions in the instant they are needed, knowing when to intervene and when to let go. Love reading of your daily rounds. Have a great summer.

  28. Anecdotal evidence shows that horses are more likely to colic after sudden pressure changes. Maybe that was bothering poor Char. Our horses tend to get really cranky when the air gets heavy, as if it is our fault! My little hairy mix dog is afraid of loud noises but the thunder doesn’t bother him at all. I had a little terrier years ago that literally tried to climb the walls when it thundered. That was a real joy.

  29. This was the first chance I’ve had to pop in today (tonight) and I have been wondering about you. First thing this morning I heard news of the storms I assumed were “over you” and I was very concerned. Those photos are a pretty good indication of a big threat! I look forward to hearing more about the hens caring for the peafowl eggs. I really find that interesting. Of course, I find everything about your farmy interesting! Fingers crossed for poor Charlotte!

  30. As I read about Charlotte’s anguish, and all your loving care, I wondered how other pigs fare in the same circumstances… how sweet of little Blue to keep you company to inspect Charlotte…precious one… It sounded a very dramatic day on the Farmy…

  31. I could feel the storm building as your post continued. So glad there was relief at last for Charlotte. She must feel so hot on the inside with all those little piggies in there. I wonder if she was feeling the change in atmospheric pressure. Such a delight the way the hen accepted the egg so gracefully.

  32. I marvel at the way you tell every day stories about life on the farmy and make it all so irresistible. It’s like reading a serial mystery in the newspaper, the part of the paper we all run to read first, before news of economic downturns, wars here, wars there, and violence everywhere.

  33. Your storm clouds scare the spittle out of me, as does walking in the lightning storms! But then, I guess you do what you must when the need arises.

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