Promises in Pictures


With the bridesmaids in their boots …


and  the search and rescue dog turned ring bearer…


under the tallest of pine trees..


in the forest up above Canmore.


Pledges were made. Promises were kept. Friendships restored and Families united. A marriage was begun.


Good morning.  We all gather at weddings to witness and drink and be merry but there is a much more serious task for us as wedding guests. We also  pledge our own strength and arms to the couple who are embarking on their journey together. A marriage only begins on the wedding day. When we consent to eat and drink their food and celebrate with them we are also consenting to go through the good and the bad with them. As a congregated group we also promise to hold and support the couple. A lifetime of marriage is not simple or easy.  No couple should do that alone. And any couple who creates a wedding day and  invites us along is saying I will need your help. Will you pledge to be there for us too? Will you be one of our supports along our life’s journey?  Are you brave enough?


The wedding was beautiful, set in the scented forest. The company divine, the food fabulous and the wine flowed as it is want to do on an occasion such as this.  And now my head aches and a cloud of tiredness has caught up with me. Senior Son has put me on a reverse curfew and I am not allowed out of bed until it is a reasonable hour. So I guess I will tiptoe about and make myself a cup of coffee then take it back to bed.

Have a lovely day.

The sun is shining here in Canmore, Alberta.

your friend, celi


63 Comments on “Promises in Pictures

  1. Oh my goodness. What a beautiful wedding. I wish I’d had my bride’s maids wear boots. What a great idea! Beautiful people. And you were amongst them. i’m happy for you.

  2. Headache and tiredness is probably the outcome of your anxious past few days/ However, it can also be the result of a sudden change from a lower altitude to a higher one. Rest a few days and it should do away.

  3. breathe in the fresh mountain air, enjoy the shade of the forest, know that you exactly where you are meant to be at this time in your life and theirs.

  4. Well, you’ve managed to bring a tear to my eye Cecilia, not only for the beautiful pictures of such a special occasion but also with relief that you were there, against all odds, to witness it. I hope that the newlyweds have a long and happy life together.

  5. Absolute perfection. What a proud mamma you must be. How special for you to share your son’s beautiful wedding with us all Celi.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  6. Oh, Celi, what a gorgeous, sunkissed post full of hope and the kind of wisdom it takes a while to accumulate. Beautiful. Thank you.

  7. how wonderful! i love these personal weddings. the big extravagant affairs are not for me. the cowboy boots are great!

  8. Good morning Celi; What a beautiful couple and not even a pic of the mother with the groom and bride. Maybe for another post . glad you are enjoying yourself don’t get too many head aches mike

  9. What lovely photos.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I would love to see some more wedding photos (especially as I’ve never seen a wedding where the bridesmaids wear boots – they look fabulous).

  10. I hope you got back to sleep for a little while after you snuck out for that tea…bad girl! Some of my Alberta friends were reporting sunshine yesterday on FB and so I hoped so much that the sun would be out for the wedding and it was! So wonderfully lucky and you made it and it must surely be an omen that your son and his bride will have the happiest, luckiest marriage. Much happiness to the new couple! 🙂

  11. This is a marvelous share… just would have like to see a photo with you and the bridal pair.. after all the truma you went through to get there I think we deserve to see a happy Cecilia

    • Funny how there are almost never any shots taken of me .. I am always the one behind the camera.. and never thought to ask someone to take a shot, I am sorry about that. c

  12. Unique, lovely wedding pictures. Handsome groom, Celi! And listen to him…get some rest, for heaven’s sake!

  13. Brilliantly stated that “A lifetime of marriage is not simple or easy.” I wish your son and new daughter-in-law much happiness.

  14. I missed your post yesterday. So happy your passport arrived and you made it to the wedding! Thank you for sharing pictures of the lovely day with us 🙂

  15. *happy sigh* What a perfect place for a new beginning, among the trees and in cowboy boots. ❤

  16. I love your outlook on marriage – may all present share it and support your son and his bride through life. Lovely pictures – unusua ngles, as we’ve come to expect from you.
    Take good care of yourself and enjoy your small rest.

  17. Wonderful, Celi. Sounds like yours is a headache that comes from a great celebration. Thanks for sharing it with us. Now stay in bed!

  18. Oops nearly missed this one. Sublime pictures and wisdom. Congratulations to all! Laura

  19. Ditto all the other comments Cinders! Words and photos, just beautiful! Thank-you for inviting us all to that gorgeous wedding of your, very, handsome son and your now, lovely, daughter-in-law! I had tears too reading this post……Smile!!

  20. Really wonderful to read this and see such lovely photos and thoughts – so glad you made it. Take care.

  21. Lovely, lovely post in every way…so happy for you that you are reunited with your family on this joyous occasion and in such a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing this special time in your pictures but also your thoughtful words…”to hold and support the couple…are you brave enough?” 🙂

  22. Absolutely perfect, Celi! I expect these memories will be all the more special because of your difficulty getting to the wedding. But we never really doubted, did we, that you’d make it? Now relax and enjoy. Blessings to your beautiful young people!

  23. Congratulations Celi! What a beautiful wedding and a beautiful setting. I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying yourself and that Senior Son has made you stay in bed to rest this morning. Enjoy your day in the beautiful mountains!

  24. I’ve been away and following each post over the weekend via phone in random areas of internet coverage, and knew the get-Celi-to-Canada-on-time-mission was a success but seeing this post makes me ridiculously happy! Best wishes for long and joyful lives together for the newlyweds and their families and friends… with the beautiful words of your pledge to underscore, they can only look forward to great things 🙂 Relax, sight see and enjoy your break.

  25. Perfect words to for a wedding. With all the celebrating, what you wrote is are a reminder also of the seriousness of the occasion. Lovely thoughts
    Such a beautiful couple
    (enjoy a bit of “lazing” in bed!)

  26. Wow beautiful Ce… wonderful that you made it, what a beautiful place to be married. Logan looks very handsome and so to does Sam. A pic of you enjoying the day would have topped it off! Didn’t young Sam have his camera? Enjoy the next few days. Love ya, Deb

  27. Such a very proud Momma you are. Photos were gorgeous as was the couple. The forest sounded beautiful rest now you went through hell to get there. Your son is right XO

  28. Thank you for allowing us to be there! The sun came out to bless the pair tho’ your daughter-in-law must have been freezing! Love the ringbearer!!!! And you surely have produced handsome children, but we DO ask for a photo of the Mother-of-the-Groom in Canada also, once the effects of the celebratory vino have gone 🙂 ! Someone there has to be able to point the camera, huh ?

  29. We love how the furry member of the wedding party had the most important role. And the cute little boy possibly itching to run around and get dirty. Lump in the throat 🙂 Honey and Nutty and Joy

  30. What a lovely setting for a wedding. I like your thoughts regarding the guests to provide support to the couple through whatever comes their way. I’m glad the weather cooperated. 🙂

  31. Lovely pictures, lovely setting. I am glad you got there, and are able to fully enjoy your trip. I found out the other day that I know your piggy-sitter, M. Her mom was my son’s cub scout leader, and he spent many evenings with her two brothers when they were younger. The world just keeps getting smaller and smaller…

  32. ohh, you made it! i am so glad that everything worked out in the end. such beautiful pictures and the weather seems to have been amazing too. enjoy your stay there!

  33. That is my kinda wedding…. Simple and right to the heart of the matter. I loved your words and hope you had the opportunity to share them with all who were present. I know that I will want to borrow them for the future!

  34. Touching blog, and good reminder to us, as friends of the new couple, to remember to help support them, emotionally, in their journey. Beautiful photos.

  35. I’ve had family here the last week and haven’t been on my computer since Wednesday; I wondered whether you made it on time, so glad to find out you did. The peek of the bride’s gown looks oh so simple and lovely.

    My kids (teens) and I are going camping in British Columbia next week; your previous post makes me wish I had thought about bears. We have bears here, but not on the tiny island I live on.

    Sheila in the PNW

  36. What a setting for a wedding. What great concepts of support and love! If we popped those ideas into more minds at weddings, we may have fewer divorces, Celi! If the blessings of your securing a passport is a precursor to how their life will flow, they’re well on their way!

  37. This is so lovely, and your thoughts about weddings are so true and wise. Rest well. The setting sounds very soothing. What a handsome son!

  38. Its so true. What you wrote about the wedding. My husband and I met, and a week later he invited me to a friends wedding.. He proposed in the car when we got to the wedding and got married just after the couple did. For a month I had to keep it a secret(different religion, different race) I feel sad that I had not one person I loved at my wedding. I had no one to share my joy with.

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