A Mountain in Alberta

Here is the view from my balcony window. from-the-balcony-005

As all our fingers and toes and eyes and innards slowly uncross, and uncurl and relax.


I made it. The passport made it, passed through the car window of our laughing  good Friend. The check in lady gave me a priority ticket for no apparent reason. The screaming baby in the flight bothered me not at all.



My sons could not greet me (I arrived in at 9.30) because of the rehearsal dinner (oops forgot about that) but on the way to the car rental in Calgary I happened upon a shuttle that was leaving at 10.30 and the lovely man brought me right to the door of my Motel.  All along this life I encounter such kind people. But it was nighttime for the long drive.  So I have yet to see where I am. Rainy darkness had wrapped up all the surprises.


We talked ’til two as you do.  Then bed in our warm, teensy room.

I am here. In Alberta. It is chilly and overcast and will be a cold rainy day. Of course it will be, it is an outside wedding. But dense cloud is excellent light for  portraits and I have my boots. But none of this matters, as I am here. In good time for the wedding. In Alberta, Canada.  Oh Canada. I made it.

Thank you lofty guardian angels of the Fellowship of the Farmy.

Oh me of little  faith.

Good morning. Now it is 8 am. I am late.  I will call home soon and see how everything is going. Then make a cup of coffee, collect another banana from the table and settle back into bed to read some more! Later Camera House and I are going out to wander about aimlessly and explore.

Such slovenly behaviour.

Have a lovely, lovely day.


114 Comments on “A Mountain in Alberta

  1. So very happy for you and you know what??? It is easy to show kindness to people who are kind themselves. You are just getting a small amount back in return for all of the kindnesses that you have shown. Blessings today to the happy couple and enjoy your day!!!

  2. I can “feel” the mountains. Such lovely country. I knew you’d make it. Now, have a wonderful time, explore a lot and sleep just as late as you wish.

  3. You bring back memories of a motorcycle trip we took through BC and Alberta. Such beautiful country. We loved Banff and Jaspar, and the glaciers and turquoise rivers and lakes.

  4. So very delighted for you! 😀 😀 (The other one is from Michael!) Hope you have a fabulous time and I’m looking forward to the pictures you’ll be sharing with us. I know you’ll have a great day today, Celi!

  5. Hurray!
    Best Wishes for a lovely Wedding and a memorable occasion.

  6. OMG the God’s shined down upon you more later from me you have the most wonderful time you can I bet that aged you ten years 🙂 we all learned a valuable lesson right along with you! Congrats to your son and Wife to be 🙂

  7. HOORAY! I turned on my computer for the sole purpose of finding out where you are! Now back to my book. Enjoy the wedding!

  8. YAY!!!!! Woohoo!!!! I am SOOOOO happy for you! I knew DHL would come through, good things happen to good people! So nice of our friend to be do incredibly helpful, that drive-by must have been exciting in a spy novel kind of way!
    Have fun at your son’s wedding. They must be so thrilled that you made it!

  9. The British and Irish Lions have won the test series, you have made it to Canada now I all I need is Andy Murray to win Wimbledon and the weekend will be complete! Enjoy the wedding:) x

  10. So, so happy for you, Celi! Such wonderful news. Now we can all breathe a heavy sigh of relief 🙂 Have a beautiful day with your family!!! Congratulations to Eldest Son.

  11. Hooray!! Faith can move apparent obstructionists. Enjoy your Family Event.
    I am in fact giving my Granddaughter away on Monday.

  12. So thankful Celi!!! I thought about you all day yesterday, wondering whether Plan A had worked or not!!! So happy you are there with your family!!! xoxoxo

  13. So, so happy for you, Celi! Wonderful news!! Now we can all breathe a long, collective sigh of relief 🙂 All the very best to you and your family and congratulations to Eldest Son! Enjoy your time there!!!

  14. I was thinking of you all day. I’m so happy for you C! I knew you would make it. 🙂 Enjoy your visit!

  15. Brilliant!! Now kick off those shoes (well wait until after the wedding) and relax. Do things for ‘you’ for a change, you deserve the reprieve my friend. Lie in bed late, eat what you fancy not necessarily what is good for you, and breathe lots of clean air. I am sure every thing will run smoothly back home whilst you are gone, so have no worries. Are you wearing a hat to the wedding? I wear them to weddings here in the USA and get some funny looks! Hope to see pictures of a smiling, hat wearing Cecilia soon!

  16. Great news (though I miss the pigs already) 🙂
    The New Zealand passport office really worked miracles there. I bet if you were after a British passport from the issuing office in America you be waiting until next month!

    • If anyone ever needs a fast NZ passport go to London NZ house for sure! John assures me that all the piggies are present and accounted for, we are going to get a shock when we see them in a week! c

  17. Absolutely thrilled that you’re in the right place at the right time! You make me laugh and cry at the same time! Now we can all relax! …have a great time.

  18. With the Good Lord on your side Dsl AND the Fellowship ..how could it fail? But I am so pleased for you..have a wonderful time. And I send lots of love

  19. I am so glad you made it. I imagine all the stress will feel quite worthwhile. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  20. With the Good Lord , DHL and the Fellowship all rooting for you…how could it fail? Have a really wonderful time……I am so happy for you…lots o love

    • Tears of joy here, too. As much as I love piggie pictures, I was delighted to see Alberta pop up when my WP reader opened. So happy for you.

  21. Joy! I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. Have a marvelous time with your family. I look forward to the photos.

  22. I may have crossed fingers, knees and toes for life, but it was well worth it. Relax, have fun and enjoy!

  23. As I was working in my garden last evening, I thought to myself…Cinders is in the air right now winging her way to Alberta and I was so happy for you! It’s a good thing that it is (hopefully) raining up there today because “they say” if it rains on your wedding day, you will have a long and happy marriage! It worked for us!
    Have a wonderful week Cinders!!

    • It absolutely poured when john and I married too.. when the others wake up we are off to find umbrellas for the ceremony!.. c

  24. Good morning Celi; I am soooo Glad that you made it on time . there are many blessings that are never even acknowledged and soooo many things that could have gone wrong; but I am indeed happy for you and your son and his new bride. I pray that they are truly blessed as well as your return trip. Be a blessing. I know you are to many. mike

  25. Sooo happy for you. Now relax and have a wonderful time! Whew.

  26. Oh Hooray, Hooray! It is as I knew it would be. 🙂 I think you’ll find Albertans the be some of the most generous, kindest and friendliest people in the world. That’s always my impression when I’m there. I have to tell you this little story, and now that you’re safely where you should be. My parents were mugged and robbed in Papua, New Guinea and both lost their passports in the process. I had to clear a Brit and a Czech/Canadian thru three countries on provisional passports with faxes, calls to and from various embassies and and emergency meeting at Vancouver airport with provisional passports. Dad’s British passport was a piece of cake to get, one call to the embassy, one fax of birth certificates to prove who I was and who he was and it was a done deal. My mom’s on the other hand, required a song and dance like no other.

    Have a very happy and lovely wedding in the Rockies and blessings to the happy couple, and I hope you take loads of pics for us to see. 🙂

    • God, that must have been a nightmare, but you succeeded.. Papua New Guinea would not be a place i would choose to visit.. Your poor parents.. c

  27. You did it! It rained on my wedding day in May. One of my friends told me that it is good luck. When you tie a knot and then wet it, it is that much harder to untie. Of course, she said it way more poetically but you get the idea. Enjoy!

  28. Welcome to Alberta, c! Canmore is one of my favourite places, here. My husband and I fell in love, there. I went rock-climbing and lake-hiking there when my daughter was only a tiny beating heart and an especially beautiful collection of cells. Welcome!!! And congratulations to your beautiful, growing family!

  29. Hooray! I’m thrilled for you to be there! I hope the wedding is joyful and FUN. Fun is very important. I love the province of Alberta. My aunt and uncle vacation in Canmore, and although the town got a really tough go with the floods recently, I’m going to go up there in September for a breather. It’s so gorgeous, and I love the people there. The mountains are breathtaking – literally, for me, as the altitude gives me a run for my money!, and metaphorically. Oh, and there is a gourmet market and Italian restaurant called Mercado in Calgary that you might get a kick out of visiting.

    Have so much fun, dear C! Take lots of snaps for your fellowship, OK?

  30. Huzzah! I’m so terrifically happy for you and your son/new daughter-in-law! Hope everyone has a fantastic time and all goes absolutely beautifully 🙂

  31. Enjoy what I hope will be a bit of well-deserved *rest*… relieved about the passport and all! Whew…

  32. So glad you made it! Your enormous efforts this week speak volumes of the love you have for your family. There are no bridges too high, no chasms too great, that a mother would not cross for her children. May you and your whole clan be blessed on this day of celebration. Cheers!

  33. Some things are ment to be……we just appreciate them more if they are hard to achieve. Say Hi to my neice and nephews for me.

  34. Whew! And what a perfect, cool morning. Are you going to call London when you get back? I bet those girls who worked on your passport are dying to know if you made the wedding.

  35. Congratulations – what a feat ! So thrilled that you made it… but after the first shock, somehow I knew you’d get there – being you….
    Lovely to know that miracles are happening… have a happy happy time with your family…

  36. Ditto to all of the above, Celia! You may be at the wedding this very moment! Have a wonderful time and perhaps even a relaxing one! Alberta looks just beautiful!

  37. Woo hoo! You made it to Canmore. It’s a spot that I have many fond memories of so I’m delighted to know you will be making memories there too. All my best to you and yours.

  38. All best wishes to you and your beloved family Celi – have a wonderful time and hope your innards are completely uncurled by now xx Jo

  39. Hurray! Yea! Yippee! I’m dancing around the bach in celebration. Yesterday a flock of honking geese flew over in V formation, and I explained to little Mira how the V formation helps everyone’s wings to stay strong over an arduous journey. The Fellowship has held you in V formation, and we have all flown with you. And what a perfect place to land. Wishing you luxurious unwinding and relaxing in this beautiful place in the mountains – and of course, a wonderful wedding. Well done!

  40. Excellent news! I knew it :*)
    All the best for an amazing trip and time well spent with your family.

  41. Apparently, I missed quite a bit… and in the meantime you flew over and landed in Canada. And a wedding, ho my! I need to browse back through your previous posts to see what I’ve missed. I am sure the Farmy is in good hands, and clearly so are you. Enjoy.

  42. We are all rejoicing that you made it – but of course, we knew you would, Miss Celi!
    Enjoy time to yourself and enjoy your son’s wedding – we will be looking forward to lots of pics of the day!

  43. I have such a huge smile on my face….all I can say is “WONDERFUL”!!!

  44. ‘A hundred million miracles’ did happen and more than a thousand shed happy tears in readiness for ‘the marriage of the season’ 🙂 ! All the photographers were ready at the wrong place in London for the baby: they should have been in beautiful Alberta!! Hope the Mother of the groom had a wonderful time and congratulations to the newly weds, rain or not!!

  45. I’m so glad you made it. May you have a wonderful weekend and may the sun shine for you while you are in the mountains!

  46. I’m SO happy, happy, happy that you made it to my country!! Have a wonderful time and enjoy the mountains…!

  47. I must say I was most impressed by your ability to run the farm, deal with the passport crisis, snap delightful photos and keep your blog up-to-date! Well done. Hope all goes well with the wedding.
    Best wishes

  48. Wow! you made it how wonderful. Do you think you were given the upgrade because you looked like a woman who almost had a nervous breakdown?
    Aren’t you so lucky to have two John’s looking after you.

  49. See, told you. I never doubted for one second you would be there for your sons wedding.Have the most magical time Celi and congratulations to your son and his beautiful bride,
    🙂 Mandy xo

  50. Thrilled beyond words. May you have an absolutely stellar time throughout your visit in our old home-away-from-home AB. Marvelous. And good on John for coming to the rescue! Gentleman all ’round, our friend John. Happy wedding time to you and yours!!

  51. Thrilled beyond measure that the hero on the white steed came galloping up to untie you from the railway line just before the arrival of the train! Let’s face it, the dice were loaded against you, but you did all that was necessary to keep hope alive, and – Whoopeeeee!
    Did the priority ticket put you in a part of the plane which moved faster than the rest of it? 🙂

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