Flying feathers might get me arrested

Our John told me that if I showed you these pictures I would be arrested. Only if we are betting I told him.( Just quietly my money is on the biggest ruff.)  Elizabeth I would be proud.  Ten yards of ruff was sufficient evidently.  No-one told the roosters though.

new-card-027 new-card-028 new-card-029 new-card-030 new-card-031 new-card-032 new-card-034

Boys! (snort).

I fell with through a hole in the  barn loft floor yesterday. I was encouraging the peahens to go back into their Peahen Palace. One again I was reminded of Hansel and Gretel as I lay a little trail of cat food food for them to follow straight into their big pen. Did that witch have a name? I often feel like her when fattening up my animals.

Anyway I was waving my broom, like witches do, making shoo shoo noises when I stepped backwards and right through the missing boards that allow a hole above the hay manger. It makes life very easy when feeding out in the winter and very easy to fall through in the summer. One leg went straight through the floor, dragging my arse quite literally to the floor, and as I recorrected  my weight flew straight out into the void.  My bottom is not overly padded, I felt that wack to the bottom.  Bounced up, flipped over the rail, caught a post and with the tumbling mometum and flying legs, twirled back to safety, calling a halt to the whole fiasco. Good thing I still do yoga in the morning or the damage may have been worse. I am just sore and strained this morning.


Stupid girl, thinks she can fly,  said the two peahens, as they stupidly toddled through the Penthouse door. I raced over and shut the door firmly then harumphed shakily back down the ladder.

The hole is directly below those two roosting chickens in the image above. So you see it wold not have been much of a fall.  All’s well that ends well.

lnew-card-010 The September Home Grown Challenge resulted in Gnocchi  for dinner last night  with a lovely fresh garden sauce.  Chicago John makes Gnocchi, Greg makes Gnocchi and when Isaw that Sawson makes Gnocchi too (here is her recipe)  I knew I was outnumbered and had to give it a go. new-card-012 new-card-015 new-card-007

And it really is as easy as she makes it look. I made enough for dinner, John’s lunch today (John always take left overs for lunch – it saves a lot of money and is so much healthier) and a bag full for the freezer.

Good morning. Have a lovely day.

your friend on the farmy, celi

ps  Yummy Tummy Farms produced an alarming article about American processed chicken products being made in China and sold in the US without appropriate labelling. This is a USDA recently approved procedure. So if you do eat processed foods (which I do not) be very careful. Very bloody careful. No-one but you should be in control of what you eat. So step up and take control. If you cannot find a farmer, shop the outsides of the supermarket.  Only eat what your great-grandmother would recognise as food. It is getting scary out there. Scarier not safer or healthier.

This is making me think seriously about doing more chickens next year in more chicken tractors and maybe those who live close by can grow their own chickens out here. There must be a way to help get good food to more of you.


80 Comments on “Flying feathers might get me arrested

  1. Feel better soon and that article was just too alarming. I’m still trying to find fresh from chicken eggs but I’m always too late to the market to get them 😦 Morning miss c…t

      • The farmers market in Sens is covered and the one here in Waiblingen is open on the square. Both places have supermarkets but the ones in Sens, I think, are better supplied with a great deal of local products.

  2. I think you’re safe. Roosters will fight no matter where they are. Just don’t make any bets on the

  3. Apparently cock fighting is only illegal in 50 states, the overseas ones. I half expected it to be legal in Louisiana – it wasn’t banned there until 2007.
    I hope you didn’t hurt yourself yesterday 😉

    • My ego is bruised, i am used to being able to walk along those beams in gumboots without any trouble, then i fall down a hole I knew was there in the first place.. ah well.. c

  4. When on earth do you find time to do yoga in the morning? Seems to me you already get up in the middle of the night to write this blog, then do your feed out at dawn, then begin your day……

    • The yoga is really only a series of stretches beside the bed when get up, I have done this most of my life. only takes about 5 minutes so it hardly counts really. but it does keep me strong. c

  5. Holy shit girl! Acrobatics on all fronts! BE CAREFUL. I am so laughing about the fingerprints on the wine glass…after the day you describe, I’d have been all over that welcome sight!

  6. I have kept chooks in a past life and they can be endlessly entertaining. I hope you are feeling better soon.
    I have adopted that line…If your grandmother wouldn’t recognise something as food, don’t eat it. You really can’t go wrong if you do this. I try to buy from farmers’ markets where possible. We have some great markets in Australia and in my little area of Italy they are just wonderful.

    • I once went to a farmers market in .. hmm where was that.. oh canberra.. years and years ago, it was HUGE and they even had potatoes from so many different regions with all the red soil still attached, it was a revelation of a market to me.. c

    • The fact that i stepped backwards through a hole was a wee bit of a surprise for me too! But it was all over very fast, apparently i still have Bounce! c

  7. Celi! I don’t come around for a few days and your go and decide to take a tumble! Oh my, I do hope you are okay – please be careful and take extra care the next couple of days.
    You have been so on my mind the last week since I have had to pick up more of the load around home (not that I mind at all) but I am more and more amazed at how much you accomplish in a day! You are one in a million C! My idol you are!
    I also really hope your book arrives soon – seems the postal service between here and there is frightfully s l o w.
    Have a happy day friend.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  8. How lucky you weren’t hurt in the fall, Cecelia.

    And yes, it is a big worry about the lack of adequate labelling on imported goods. I am always worried about the garlic when I (rarely) buy it in the Vietnamese grocer – apparently ? it comes from China and they fertilise the fields with human waste ? I’ve read – a sure way to pick up disease & parasites.

    Trouble is that the organic stalls at our local suburban fresh food market are so darn expensive in Australia. I’m still buying mostly organic fruit & veg, but can no longer afford organic meat. A small organic chicken is $32-$35 each. A chicken from the local supermarket is $10-$12. A free range chicken from the supermarket is about $14-$16 (I like to think the ‘free range’ chickens have some space to range over grass in the fresh air at least).

    • I know what you mean about the garlic.. and the price of organic chicken is outrageous, this is why I am growing my own, all up I think each chicken will cost about 8 dollars to grow i think.. I am sure that you are like me in that you can make a chicken last three meals and that does not include the frozen broth. But still 35 dollars is too much and there is no guarantee that the organic chicken in the supermarket has any better living conditions than the others, they just get organic feed and the organic regulations still allow antibiotics if necessary. And without a car you cannot just drive off and find a farmer. The free range option sounds like the best one. I am not even eating chicken until i get mine in the freezer. c

  9. Oh you clumsy carp. What are you like? 🙂 I’m so glad you’re not hurt worse than a few bumps and bruises. Sounds exactly like what I’m capable of doing. Thanks for the link to the tried and true gnocchi recipes; it’s been ages since I’ve made it.

  10. Your 24 hour is longer than mine, that’s for sure….or you rarely sleep. How do you do yoga, write a post, etc before you start work at 6.00 in the morning? Bowled over with admiration. Fabulous picture of the glass with floury finger marks… how it should be 🙂

    • I think i should start writing my posts the night before, my posts are getting shorter and shorter but maybe that is a good thing!! c

  11. You worry me, Celie! 6-8 weeks in bed is no joke, so perleeeese look where you’re putting your feet. Cockerels? Nothing but noise and trouble. Capons? Very good to eat! I think US food labelling laws must be much more lax than in Europe. Even in French supermarkets, there are labels on fresh food counters saying whereabouts the food comes from, in many cases as detailed as which Departement. (county?)
    Take care.

    • When I travelled about the world on a regular basis, i used to look at a product in Canada or the US then go back to England and look at the ingredient list over there for a better review of what was in it. I don;t know about France but the English labelling is very thorough. Do they label GM products in Europe yet? Or the lack of? c

  12. Oh dear Cecilia… I am actually laughing my A off… you describe your fall through the hole so well that I picture it… now you did say you had a broom… why didn’t you just jump on, it might have been one of those flying ones…. (not that I’m implying your a witch)… but you do make such magic happen on the farmy that you can’t blame me for thinking you could have magical powers…. (Damn I’m still laughing).. I remember once walking past the dairy where the water and droppings where sent to dry out for use in the veggie garden… it looked so dry I decided to walk across it in a hurry.. it wasn’t dry and I slipped sat full on my arse in 5 inches of cow shit… I looked around to see who was looking… I swear to this day the cows were laughing…

    • I would have to agree that the cows were definitely laughing or at the very least raising their eyebrows as they watched you flail about! I would have! c

  13. too bad those chickens didn’t have camera house! that fall would have been something to see. i always laugh at myself when i have those mishaps when i am by myself! glad you didn’t get hurt. i drive where ever i have to to buy fresh eggs. i just refuse to buy them from the big stores.

    • When my chickens go into their rest period in winter we do without eggs, it can be done but I do egglessness very hard. Maybe this year my leghorns will lay all winter, that would be nice.. c

  14. I’m so glad you are okay! My leg went through a pier one time as a teen, all the way up to my upper thigh. It was not pretty and I was in pain for a while. I’m glad you were able to avoid serious injury. And now, I must make gnocchi!

    • gnocchi is so good, I think the secret is to make it in a hurry without much time to over work the dough. I did not have a ricer so just mashed the potato up roughly and mixed the whole thing up with my hands. It worked perfectly! c

  15. I know what you mean about it getting harder and harder to find the ‘real’ food! I am stocking my freezer as much as I can but I think it may be a lean winter. Since embarking on ‘No Processed Food’ I have found when I am in a situation (party, bridal shower) where it would be so impolite not to eat something, that the next day I have an upset stomach! Obviously my system telling me that it no longer wants to put up with all that crap! Milk is my main problem as I love it! Trying to find the right kind without buying a cow (or shares in one) is almost impossible.
    Luckily I have a very mixed flock of chickens and I get eggs all through the winter, even if only 1 or 2 day. So my stand by meal is Egg and Chips!! With my home made bread so I can make a chip butty!!

    • When I just cannot bear it I buy local organic whole milk from the supermarket. I absolutely know about that upset stomach, eating out can be such a mine field. I just eat the veges.. but to tell the truth I have never been invited to a bridal shower or party here anyway.. people n the midwest tend to gather in family groups, luckily Johns family is his mother and she cooks real food! c

  16. Goodness me, c, never a dull moment on the farmy. I’m surprised that Ton and Boo didn’t force themselves into the midst of that squabble. They look ready in that photo! Tend those scratches carefully, my friend, as there’s all sort of things in a farmyard that might turn gooey in a cut.

  17. Poor old thing….more like Alice in Wonderland, falling through a hole and tumbling down and down and down.Watch out for White Rabbit.
    We can get fresh locally grown veg and we get our eggs from Jorge next door but meat comes from supermarket. Now I am thinking is that ok..hmmmm. .time to think again

  18. Oh dear, that sounds very painful. Do take care – I fell down some steps last year, only a short distance but damaged my coxyx (funny word!) and it took about 6 months before I could sit down properly…eek! Loved the shot of the flour fingerprint glass as you were cooking – the sign of a good chef with a glass in hand I always think! And now I HAVE to make gnocchi, everyone’s at it 🙂

  19. omg c. you could of fallen all the way through…soo glad you didn’t get more of a clunk! and that article…YEEIKES! nuff said on that! i also loved your flour prints on the wine glass…i ALWAYS cook with wine…sometimes i even put it in the food! 🙂

  20. God Morning Cecilia,
    We are always watching the labels. Won’t buy anything not produced in America. Saying that, sometimes produced in the USA isn’t any better. We are blessed with growing most of what we eat. Somtime back I saw some dried chicken strips for dog treats. When reading the label it said produced in China. It also said not for human consumption. Wow! Gave me the shudders. Made me wonder just where this chicken had been.
    Growing up in an Italian family I have always loved Gnocchi. The first time I made them they fell apart in the water. I did learn. Your Gnocchi look yum! Love the glass of wine.
    Your pics are always beautiful. Glad your fall wasn’t any worse than it was. Our dignity always suffers from such episodes.
    We have clouds today. Praying for rain!

  21. Celi, even a little fall can be bad if you land wrong. So glad you didn’t land wrong! Thank you for the recipe. I haven’t had this since I was a teenager, which I will only say was too long since. I will be trying to devise a GF version of it this week. Wish me luck!

    Sadly, there is nothing in the world that can stop a pair of roosters from fighting once they get a mind for it… Well, actually, Coq au vin will work every time! 😉

  22. Your poor bum! Hope you are feeling better. Once again you have me thinking about chickens again, but after the Gs saw a few of our neighbor’s chickens wandering around on the street during our evening walk, I don’t think it’s a great idea at the moment. Thank you once again for the reminder though. I’m just anxiously awaiting for more sprouting to happen! Fall/winter garden is already underway.

  23. You know how there are sentences that are short but they say a lot? That’s how I feel about that wine glass shot.
    Hope you’re feeling better – body and ego both!

  24. I have noticed an alarming increase in falls, trips, slips, and tumbles among the bloggers I follow ~ Grannymar, Debra (at Breathelighter), Carina (at Anyone 4 Curry), and now you!

    What’s UP with that? Or, should I ask, what’s going DOWN? 😉

    Glad you’re OK.

  25. Oh dear, ‘She flies through the air with the greatest of ease – the women in the flying trapeze.”
    glad you are not hurt.

  26. Ouch, I hope you heal quickly. I did something similar once and had the largest egg on my behind. Jeans didn’t cover it up! I think it is outrageous that the USDA allowed China to be involved with our food chain given how many dogs got sick or died from dog food from China. Local is best. Hands down.

  27. Hope you aren’t too sore in the morning or I’ll be renaming you the flying celi. if in doubt arnica is ace for bruising, but you knew that anyway …

  28. What an amazing series of photos of the roosters asserting their rooster-ness. That is not luck but preparation meeting opportunity that you got those photos, well done! Won’t show them to the constabulary! I’m cheering you on, supporting the cause of eating clean, unprocessed and healthful food that my great grandmother would recognise.

  29. Love the rooster pics an the dog checking it out at a distance is very wise!! Lol
    So glad your fall was not worse!! Thanks for chicken advice, also watch where your seafood is coming from! It is getting scary what to eat! My dr told me if it doesn’t look like God made it, don’t eat it!!
    I just learned to make fresh garden tomato soup! It’s very good, used my fresh herbs in it too!! Be good this winter on a cold day with grilled cheese sandwich! Thanks for post

  30. Oh my, I had a very vivid picture of your skinny butt falling and legs flailing and you bounced through the hole in the floor; it would have been difficult not to laugh out loud, and I am glad that there wasn’t too much damage. What are those roosters doing? Your gnocchi looks wonderful, glad the good eating is continuing well.

  31. If you hadn’t given us a clue as to what the first group of pictures were, I’m not sure I would have been able to guess. Looks like the dogs did have bets on that little show though.
    Now did you say that you once traveled with the circus? Glad it wasn’t worse but I’m guessing you’ll be feeling that for a while.

    • it is true that the older you get the harder you fall!! But in fact it was a lucky escape and reminded me to watch where I was going!.. c

  32. I was having a wonderful laugh about the cockfight, even changing my computer background from the delightful ‘corn photo’ of yours to one of ‘them’ when I came upon the fall! Shall we call that a very lucky one and I dare say ‘once bitten, twice shy’!! And I have never heard of a good cook doing the deed without that glass of coloured waters:last night it was medicinal anyways, and I hope another was added as you sat down to these gnocchi! [Guess what I am having for lunch in a few moments 🙂 !]

  33. Wonderful advice! My family *live* by the quote “Only eat what your Great-Grandmother would recognise as food” !! There are some extremely scary additives in ‘food’ these days and I grow increasingly concerned for our futures :-/
    Hope you are totally recovered from your fall, hugs from Oz x

  34. I decided to take a break from packing and what do I find? TonTon refereeing a cockfight and you trying to fly. Well, at least you were able to make gnocchi. See? It really is easy to make — even easier when you don’t fall through a floor beforehand. 🙂
    Have a good week, Celi!

  35. Just what you need after a big day, a glass of wine and homemade gnocchi. A glass of wine to accompany dinner preparation can only be a good thing 🙂 I’m glad you’re ok.
    Buyer beware should not apply to food. It’s crazy, there are so many laws about what private small producers and farmers can, can’t sell and how, even if the buyer is perfectly aware of the product, yet corporate industrial processed foods get a green light no matter non-disclosive the process.

  36. I love all the puffed out feathers. Those roosters have some style! It looks like Ton and Boo were on the job. So glad you didn’t get any serious injury from your fall.

  37. So sorry to hear about your fall Cecilia, I hope you will feel better real soon.
    Thank you kindly for the mention,I am really glad you enjoyed the gnocchi. I too was surprise at how easy it turned out to be and can’t wait to try it with different sauces. Next time I will try to pan fry the gnocchi instead of boiling it. I recently discovered that you could do that and give the gnocchi more color and a different texture.
    Feel better soon and have a great day

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  39. From one fallen woman to another, do take care, Cecilia! I hope you have fewer colourful body paintings than I have after my fall.

  40. The yoga habit is hard to let go of – even a tiny bit seems to work.
    You must be careful in that barn loft ( taking calcium pills? You should be…sorry, won’t nag)
    The dogs look like they are betting on the rooster fight. Great pictures – luckily it does look like a farm so hopefully no regulatory agencies will notice (giggles) Handsome roosters!

    • I drink more raw milk than a normal person so i think my calcium intake is fairly up to date. Hope you are well mouse! c

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