And so the cold comes..

But not to all of us.  Some of us get to lay about in the sun and play.

playtime-055 playtime-062 playtime-065

While the rest of us work.aab12-008

More walnuts, I will dry them for cakes. Walnuts are very high in protein.


First though, it is important to take the hull off so they don’t go moldy. Then I will hang them in a string bag to dry for a few months. The pigs have been enjoying them as a snack, and have black snouts which is an alarming look for a pig.


The Daily View is changing its colour chart, muting and leaching, we are slowly slipping off the edge into the cold. I am not a creature of the cold. When I start to shiver  – I really shiver. I like the boots and the tights and the big coats and layers, but I do prefer the heat. The heat of the sun. When I ran out to the Wendy House  for firewood this morning, wearing only my nightie and slippers, the grass was crisp with frost, as I descended the stairs at a brisk clip, the cold rose up around my legs like stepping into frozen leggings. It was a fast trip.

Today I shall begin to pile the firewood up on the verandah, so I have a stash close at hand for the mornings. The cold is coming.

Now, this has to be my favourite picture from yesterday. Alarming cuteness.


When The Marmalade Cat sees me he cries and cries for milk, when he sees Boo he quietens. As long as I write quietly, with my legs pulled up and tucked up under me out of reach so he forgets I am here, all is calm.

It  is 27F (-3C).  I brought all the herbs in their big pots inside last night (I really must get on with that recycled glasshouse) though I stupidly forgot to pick the rest of the pears but they should be alright. I will get them today.

I hope you all have a lovely day.  They are forecasting rain with snow mixed in later this afternoon.  What a ridiculous weather forecast!

Your friend, celi

ps.. What was happening a year ago today ?

AND  two years ago I was telling stories!

111 Comments on “And so the cold comes..

  1. Snow already!
    I love fresh walnuts, they are very good when still damp – I’ll have to look out for some at the farmers’ market 😉

  2. Boo and marmalade make such beautiful pictures and I know you said that you would not show anymore aaaww!! pics but you must carry on ..they are really lovely and so so sweet!

    Our neighbours tree drops walnuts into our garden but my dogs get to them first. I read somewhere that walnuts are not good for dogs but they get there before I have time to sweep them up and even I do not stand under the tree waiting for a walnut to drop on my head…unlike the chicken who thought the world was falling down..can’t remember damn bird;s name!!!!

  3. My Mom puts her green walnuts in a line in the driveway … letting the car/truck break the green shells off of them. I have just learned we are both Illinoisians! I am in the central part.

  4. We have had two glorious days of soft soaking rain – gardens are all clean and green again – amazing. Thank you miss c if it ’twas you that sent it 🙂 Beautiful pictures both yesterday and today – can’t believe you are into snow already. Keep warm. Laura

    • If there is any snow mixed in, it won’t sit on the ground, the earth is too warm yet.. it will only be a flurry if anything! hopefully.. c

  5. Brrrrrr, Celi! Glad we’re not that cold here! Our heating system is on the fritz and the repairman won’t be here till 9:00 am tomorrow. I can’t believe you went out in that cold without warmer clothing! Brrrrrr! So, now that Boo and the Marmalade Cat are inseparable, will TMC be tagging along out in the pastures to help him with the stock? I have visions of him riding circus style on Boo’s back as he makes his rounds… 😉

    • Actually Marmalade Cat sits on top of Boo when he is sleeping, so that might not be too far out of the realms of possibility.. c

  6. Celi, are your black walnuts? We have them everywhere in our yards, but they are soooo difficult to hull and crack, and then getting the small pieces out is very tough work!

  7. I LOVE that last picture. What a sweet, sweet thing it must be to see these two together. I am in love with them. Keep those pictures coming, please! 🙂

  8. Oh no, your weather is getting too cold too quick C. I, like you am a summer baby and I wish winter away before it even starts.
    Now, would you look at our precious little poppet Marmalade and Nanny Boo – absolute heavenly perfection. They are going to be inseparable for life and how lovely that kitty can snuggle and get warm and cozy with her furry protector.
    Have a beautiful day C.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  9. Nightie and slippers girl? At least I put my rubber slip-ons on! I’m beginning to think that Boo and his kitten need a blog of their own!

  10. Ridiculously cold weather here in Minnesota, too. But the sun is shining right now and it looks to be the start of a glorious day.

    Thanks for sharing those adorable images. I really like the third one. Boo has this “help me” look on his face.

  11. Funny you wrote about walking across the frost too. And thinking about needing to stack to wood on the porch. We are with you. Our first true frost this morning. The wife was outside at dawn taking pictures of it’s marks on the leaves. And I caught a glimpse of my son, who’d followed her out licking the frost off the asparagus tops. Your friend in Indiana,

  12. Hi Celi! I missed reading your blog this last little while! Great photos of your cute furry family! And the cold is coming…we have to do an inventory of the winter gear we have today. Will be making more soups and teas too. Take good care.

  13. -3 in October? I will stop complaining about the cool grey and wet days we are having in London! Love the pictures of Boo and his little charge.

  14. Poor Boo…. 🙂 That 3rd pic is adorable…the weight of responsibility! What a great pup you have Celi! Marmalade is part of the pack…most definitely! LOL That last pic of Boo and child is beautiful…it’s my favorite!
    I have never seen walnuts in their hulls…remind me of chestnuts without the spikes! Oh how I miss chestnuts!!!! Mmmmm….I’ll bet yours taste far better than the ones we get in a bag! I need to get a new dehydrator. Mines on it’s last leg. My son has an excaliber and loves it. So I will probably get one of these. Dehydrating takes less space, very convenient.
    The pigs must look hilarious with their black snouts! Would look even more alarming if they were eating mulberries! Ha! 😀
    Cold…hmmmm…I wish we were slowly slipping off the edge into cold. I feel like here in ND we got smacked in the face with it! Yikes! Brrrr….back to the freezing cold walk to the mailbox. Ours is a hike from the house. Love the walk in the warmer months. But not in the winter when that wind is blowing!
    I remember when I was a kid back east and my grandparent’s house had those old big cast iron steam radiators! Oh the glorious heat that came off them! I would put my mittens on them to dry in the winter and they were dry lickety split! Personally, I think they were the best for heating a house! Loved it when they whistled and let loose that steam! These modern heating systems are not anywhere as comfy cozy.
    Warmed up a bit it’s 30 F so far this morning. Dry and the sun is getting up! Slowly like it isn’t really crazy about the idea! LOL
    Kevin is leaving to go work the fields and I am working on my squash and pumpkins again today.
    I hope your pears are alright!!!! I love pears! Waiting for the day that my Clapps Favorite has pears! Oh and I forgot to tell you that I also have a Wolf River apple tree that I planted a couple of years ago! It is an heirloom from Wisconsin and I am really excited about the size and options of these apples! Can’t wait! 😀
    What kind of walnut tree do you have? I would love to plant one if it will survive out here! I have to buy substantial trees so they make it through the first few winters. Then I am usually home free and play the waiting game. I am patient! 😉
    I had to laugh when you mentioned running out in the cold in your nightie and slippers! Guilty here! Kevin always says…”One of these days you are going to get caught!” Ha! Not yet!
    Take care! (((hugs)))

  15. I really love these sweet Marmalade and Boo photos. Precious! We have a walnut tree too, but I’ve never known what to do with the harvest. I also have access to walnuts in the country as well. I have not found a facility that will crack them. Maybe you can post about this… I have no clue what to do with them!

    • Nor do I! We will see what happens next, but after these comments i am definitely going to be running them over with my cooking oil car.. c

  16. “, the cold rose up around my legs like stepping into frozen leggings” What a perfect description. Nicely said.
    (One nice thing about being in a rural area- you can slip out without being street-ready dressed.
    Snow – oh, my. We have a front about to come through. The dog has been wild with the wind for days. While the grass grew well during the hot months, I think Molly’s large paws will claw it all up with her wild winter racing.
    Your Boo and Marmalade are adorable (no blog for them – Book!).
    Hope there’s a suny spot to warm you

  17. Oh god, I do those mad dashes across the lawn to close or open the front gate or grab eggs from the farmer across the road, (England). Then I wonder what the heck I was thinking when I have to jump back into bed to warm myself up and my feet turn to icy kippers what just never get warm for the rest of the day! Ok, what are we like?

    • I live in my Uggs all winter long!!!! They were worth every penny! Those Aussies and their Uggs! Brilliant! 😀

  18. I so enjoy reading through the seasons here. It’s a transition that’s greatly missed here on the West coast. Sometimes we forget which end is up.

      • Northern California in the SF Bay Area has the best weather!!! NO MOSQUITOES!!!! I loved living there! Alas, I fell in love with a farmer and here I am in North Dakota! 😉
        Love it here too, but would be much happier if there were no mosquitoes!!! LOL

    • I’m in Southern California, too, and we’re pretending to have autumn because it goes allll the way down to 50F (10C) at night. Originally from Ohio and Michigan, my sister and I took a nostalgia trip back last week to recapture the scents and sights of autumn, then scurried back to our beach towns.

      I love that Bad Boy Boo has been so thoroughly tamed by his kitten!

  19. I saw the snow forecast last Sunday and have tried to ignore it. Here our ground is still too warm for any of it to linger but it will be a shock to see, nonetheless. I guess I’ll have to retire my shorts and wear long pants — at least for today. I’m just not ready to fully surrender yet. 🙂
    Have a great day, Celi. Stay warm.

    • I agree, it seems to have suddenly zoomed to winter, but Our john says it will warm up again, a wee bit anyway.. c

  20. When I was in college, the house next to mine had a huge black walnut tree in the front yard — it’s branches reached over my driveway. Every year, at the first frost, it dropped all its nuts and leaves, covering my little car. The squirrels went nuts, ‘scuse the pun, and we had black walnut stains on the driveway for weeks.

    When my dad saw the tree, he explained that it was really old, because it was so big, and walnut trees grew very slowly.

    Thanks C for that memory.

    • Morning susan, they do grow slowly and i still intend to plant a walnut grove for the future generations who will inherit this land. However my little tree is only 6 years old and already has nuts so imagine how big it will be in twenty years! But nuts bouncing off your wee car does not sound so good! c

      • Oh that is good news!!! I will look into this! I have a squirrel I feed every winter and he would be soooo happy! 🙂

  21. Same weather forecast here for NW Indiana – brrrrrr! I brought in my two big houseplants too. The cat would chew the tops off if I didn’t put them up high. Some spitting snow forecast for tonight! Double brrr!

  22. Very hot and dry here again in Northern NSW – we are in the middle of a long dry spell. Down around Sydney they have huge bush fires raging with many homes gone and mass evacuations. Fire fighters arriving from all over the country, including overseas and from “across the ditch” (New Zealand) to help. To think we were complaining about the rain a few months ago. Mother Nature certainly keeps us on our toes. The last photo of Boo and Puss is just too cute for words. Joy

    • It looks to me as though you are going to have a very interesting summer.. you have quite a bit of bush at the bottom of your garden too if i remember rightly, hope there are no fires up your way. We should do the view from the back door again don’t you think? With ours in autumn and yours in spring.. c

      • No fires up our way as yet but it would only take one little spark. Plenty of water in the dams but not much food for the wildlife. Koala food trees do not have the usual moisture content in the leaf. The last back door view was green and lush – a bit different right now. Joy

      • Another back door view would be interesting. 🙂 No fires our way as yet but it would only take one small spark to go. Our dams still have plenty of water which, apart from helping fight a local fire, is a local gathering point for wildlife with little food on the ground. Even koala trees have less moisture in the leaf than usual. Joy

    • Hello Joy, a small world, I’m also in northern NSW…..although technically Far northern, in Murwillumbah. I hear there’s fire warnings out for this area for summer too, everything is so hot and dry. Seems funny to hear people talk of snow and frost.

      • We live on a ridge on the Kyogle-Murwillumbah Road so about 50k away from you. What excellent taste you have in blogs. My lovely neighbour is also a member of the farmy community – Red Box Gal. Pleased to meet you. Joy

  23. Would rather have the cold than this awful rain we have here in Nottingham at the moment but the trees will look glorious in a few more days when the majority have changed into their autumnal shades. The kitten is so so adorable.

  24. Good morning! I absolutely ADORE the dog and kitten photos. Marvelous. We woke up to snow here in SW Minnesota today. It won’t stay long, but certainly serves as a reminder of what is to come! We have 5 black walnut trees, too – and I do not find them to be very pleasant to deal with – all that blackness to get them out of the husk. And then you still have to shell them! Do you roast them, or just dry them as you described?

        • I planted two Linden trees in my backyard and they are slow growers too, but they are finally looking pretty good! My Autumn Blaze Maples shot up way past them!
          Apricots grew really fast as well! And cherry trees grew fast too. The nurseries will provide a nice sized tree which will give me a good start! I would grow a forest if I could! All trees that make food!!! 😀 Then the deer would stop pawing up my squash and maybe leave my corn alone…. Ya think? Huge grin! 😀

    • With regular walnuts i just dried them, I have never even eaten black walnuts before, so we will have to see! But i cannot bear to waste them..

      • I sure wouldn’t! I think you are lucky to have them! Can’t wait to hear if they are good to eat or feed my squirrel! He used to have a mate, but I don’t know what happened to her. Sure hope he finds another gal to love and not have to live alone…poor little guy…

  25. I pray the weather stays gentle for you at the farmy. Today here it is warm (19 Centigrade) and sunny after several days of rain. My daughter left a magazine with me which had umpteen gorgeous recipes using walnuts. I have no walnuts and I’m still not able to cook. I’m fed up with shop biscuits and ready meals. Love that last picture.
    Have a good day, ViV xox

  26. I can’t believe how tiny Marmalade is and how darling BooNanny is. Your blog is one of my favorite things each and every day, even on the sad days.

  27. I know several people mentioned using your photos for greeting cards or calendars. The series of boo and Marmalade would make wonderful fridge magnet jigsaws!

  28. Yes, and a children’s picture book too.
    Celia, you have no fat on you to keep you warm! This is the problem!

  29. When I see a cat I can almost forget everything 🙂 Dear Cecilia, this is great peace in your lovely world, cat and dog… Boo is great… Blessing them all, and million kisses for me, please… 🙂 I loved and love them so much… Thank you, love, nia

  30. Our worlds are somewhat the same 🙂 Cute photos of dog and kitten wait till the cat realizes it is a DOG 🙂

  31. Also, I recall a picture of Sheila after having invaded the tomato patch.Looked like blood about her mouth and she was definitely smiling! Hilarious. So maybe a black walnut face wouldn’t be so bad.

  32. I know this hasn’t got to do with this post but as you seem to be growing organic & I have a passion for organic indoor gardening (due to lack of garden) I’m encountering insects problems & thought you might know how to solve them the green way.
    It’s on my carrots sprouts & potato leaves, it’s tiny, green & just wanders on the stem, leaves & even on the soil.
    I tried spraying with a mixture of chili pepper powder, water & (green) dish-washing detergent but it’s not that effective.
    Do you have some magical tip?

    • Is this insect in your greenhouse? Is it an aphid? Are the leaves sticky? Can you see effs under the leaves? You need some ladybirds. And ventilation. I don’t have a magic tip though. Well, hmm, mix apple cider vinegar with water and you could try that. Not if you have sun on the leaves though. And don’t forget to spray underneath. Also make sure your plants are properly fertilised, a healthy plant has a better chance of out growing an infestation. Can you squash them? How big is your indoor garden? I wish i could help more. i sprinkle most things with DE .. can you get that?.. c

      • Gosh I am not sure…outdoors I plant marigolds in my pototoes and I don’t have a problem with potato bugs and they also ward off rabbits who used to eat my lettuce. I plant catnip to keep the mosquitoes away and also several kinds of mint. Mint is very helpful in keeping mosquitoes, ants and flies away. It is a great insect repellant outside and inside your house! Good for sweet breath too! 😉 Garlic is great for spider mites. My gardens are organic and the only problems I have are the picnic bugs in the corn and berries. I whip up something sweet in a bunch of buckets with water and they all get trapped in the sticky mess! Kazillions of them!!! Nasty destructive critters!!! It works!!! 🙂 I know that basil is good for keeping harmful insects at bay as well! Good luck!

        • For my fruit trees outside I use dish detergent in lots of water in a sprayer. Wiping the underside of leaves is a good idea too like Ceci says! It is upsetting I know…sigh..

      • It can be squashed with my fingers but there are too many. there are vegetable plants in my apartment but it used to be in the balcony summer time.
        What is DE? I tried to look up the definition but couldn’t find it. Should the apple cider & water be 50% of each?
        Thanks a lot for trying to help!

        • Apple cider vinegar and water is a good fungcide. I also use vinegar and water with a tish of dish soap to kill weeds!
          You can try Geranium spray!
          The strong smell of geraniums is known to repel insects. (This spray can be made with other strong scented plants such as marigolds or garlic).
          In a blender…mix equal amounts of geraniums and water…blend until smooth. Strain with a fine strainer. I use a jelly bag. To make the spray you add 1 teaspoon of the geranium mix with 2 cups of water. Get yourself a plastic spray bottle at Walmart in the kitchen utensil department. I hope this helps! I hate bugs!!!!! 😦
          I don’t use any chems on my food plants or flowers! I need pollinators!

  33. Rain with SNOW?? Already??? Yikes! Here we are still warm but my outdoor cats are eating like um, well… pigs (no offense to yours!) and I’m thinking we may actually have winter this winter. We’re due…

  34. Not fair! Our cold has come back, too.
    Can’t get enough of the hound and kit!
    The hens are working when they’re laying about, aren’t they?

  35. Oh Cinders…that last photo of Nanny Boo and Marmelade is just over the top cute! It is now my desktop photo! I can’t wait till Marm starts barking! 🙂

  36. To ‘Nanette’ and ‘two engaging goldens’ ~ Be happy, very happy that you are not in the Southern Highlands, next to the Balmoral fire: it is about 4 kms from me and we are counting the hours today with winds already at 70 kms/hr and 35 C+ temps forecast!! Hopefully a change this afternoon, but that could actually bring the fire closer! The evacuation bag is at the door!! Eighth day and not one iota funny! And Celi, that first photo of Boo and Marmalade looking into each others eyes is my computer background of course and one of my alltime faves as far as animal photos go: unreal 🙂 !

      • 12:15 pm and the fire lines have broken somewhere along ‘my’ fire ~ don’t know where! Just our warning levels have gone up again! About 3-4 hours > change, about 6 hours to when there might be some relief from real fire aggression . . . tomorrow as windy but slightly cooler . . . yes, scared stiff!

  37. If you manage to get your black walnuts shelled in halves I saw buttons made of the shells at a wool & fiber show. I’m not too sure how they managed to cut those hard shells into 1/4″ slices but the buttons they made were striking. Cold here in east central Wi. too and all the critters are getting wooly. My ears were numb on my walk this morning, had to walk by myself, my buddy Macadoodle Schnoodle ripped open the hide on his chest running into a stick or something Sunday night, (of course, when it’s an emergency trip to the vet). He’s doing well with a compression bandage, stitches and a cone and my wallet is considerably lighter!

    • The buttons sound intriguing, I bet they put the whole walnut in a vice and sliced it.. hmm.. your poor dog, sounds intense and yes.. Of Course it was a sunday.. c

  38. It just seems like yesterday that the seasons were going the other way – we were going into winter and you were emerging joyous into the warmth… what a lot has happened on the Farmy over those summer months. I hope the winter indoor months are as productive for you as the summer was, but in different ways, inlcuding kicking back a gear, at least 🙂

  39. Awwww too cute! Kittens should be born in the Spring to better grow up in the warm summer momths; chasing butterflies and snoozing. I am sure Marmalade will be happy this winter snuggling with Nanny Boo and staying close to the fire. Years ago, we had walnuts when we lived near Sacramento, CA. I miss being able to grow them. Not possible here in the high desert of Oregon. Have to buy them from a walnut orchard in northern California…they have a walnut club that ships them twice a year….all shelled and ready to eat. Is that lazy or what?

    We are having Indian Summer. Warm lazy days and freezing nights. All trees are all shades of golds and russets. Still no rain.

    Need my dose of cuteness every day. How blue Marmalade’s eyes still are. Sweet.

  40. I can feel the shivers! Boo and the kitten are so sweet and you keep trumping your own best photos. Keep warm.

  41. Boo and the Marmalade Cat are serious postcard contenders. The fact that I hate postcards like that is not important. What I do like is those two wonderful creatures sharing heartbeats.

  42. Wow, thanks for … giving my morning warmth and pleasure … Boo and Marmalade, the ultimate friendship … totally heartwarming.What a wonderful place you have.

  43. My comment disappeared, hope I’m not duplicating. You got some great shots of Boo and Marmalade. The cold does have a way of making us move a bit faster. I prefer the heat, too.

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