Popping up to freezing, and then into the snow

Yes. You read that right.


Yesterday our temperatures rose to freezing point and oh it was lovely. Remember, I am not complaining, or comparing, merely reporting. We reached freezing and it was lovely!  32.0F (00.0C).. And for the record Mr Fahrenheit was bonkers!   What was he thinking?  But who is Mr Celcius? Anyway. Why can’t these scientists agree on a number!

It is now NOT too cold to snow.


Everyone was out. The snow was not expected until night time. And just a little at that.

Except Mama. Mama stood at her gate in the barn and repeatedly asked me to let her out into the field. Leave me there, she said.

You need looking after,  I said. Your poo is still a bit runny.

Don’t talk about my poo in public.  I raised you better than that. Let me out.  She said, Let me out.

Plain as day.

There is snow coming, I told her.  They are forecasting 2 to 4 inches. I am a sheep, she told me. Have you seen how much wool I have?  I belong in the cold.  I spit on snow. I need to cool down. I will come back in if I need to. Let me out.


But one thing I know for sure, she said as she marched out  the gate and into the field, this barn is not where I want to be.  Too smelly. Germs, miss c. Germs.


I checked her late last night, I climbed over gates and through the fences,  the snow lightening the sky, my gumboots crunching on the newest of snow. Everything was light, the dark cold air was light,  it was not my torch creating the light – it was as though each little flake of snow had its own light, a glow, a  blush, a white rose at dusk,  like the whisper of a tiny angel, the tiniest, driftiest, mutest of lights, silver and diamonds as miniature melting  sandcastles,  floating down past my cheek.

Yet they combined to make one glow, not a million individual ones like fireflies, but one cloud of light that reflected down from the vast heavy sky and back up from the snow.  They drift to the ground with a tiny unheard cry, a shard of alchemy. Gold that is silver. Shooting their crystal reflections back upwards as they fade. Gathering in the wool Mama wore.  Sparkling there. She was resting, leaning up against the barn, sheltered from the snow. Covered in twinkling gossiping white perfect snowflakes.  Go to bed, she said. You are such a worrier. It is so nice out here. I don’t know how you can sleep in an airless house like that. Off you go now.

It was beautiful outside in the gently falling snow.  Beautiful as a real word. Strangely warm. Safe almost. Sad.

But,  I am afraid you are going to die out here, I said.

Mama just looked at me. I am a sheep, she said. I will be how I am meant to be. I don’t need to fight and rage and make speeches. I just breathe and when I stop, I stop. This cool fresh air is all this old sheep needs for the moment.Thankfully I will not need to grow old like you might. Being a human looks so heavy.

I nodded, she kindly let me scratch the top of her head but shook her head when I tried to feel her ears.

So I left her. As I walked back through the barn – Sheila said.  There you are. Yoo Hoo!   Yoo Hoo.  Avon Lady! If you are desperate to do something for someone, push more of that straw up against my body on that other side. N,o not that side, the other side.  I have a draft. Mad said I could have an electric blanket! Where is it!? I promise not to bite it!

Mama snorted from outside. That pig.

Who are you calling a pig?!

It snowed, the sun is not up yet so I am not sure how much but it looks like enough.  No wind or wildness. Just softly falling snow. All night.

Life must be able to be how it is. We can only do our best. So long as we Know it was our best. So long as we Know it in our heart of hearts where no-one needs an answer. Only you.

When the sun rises we will see what we will see. 

Have a lovely day.

your friend on the farmy


69 Comments on “Popping up to freezing, and then into the snow

  1. How I envy your gentle, beautiful snow! Here we have serious tree-bending (and felling) gales once more, accompanied by heavy rain. Mama would definitely be indoors I think!
    Keep warm,

  2. Beautiful words Celi! Have fond memories of snow as a kid. My Dad (being an over grown kid all his life) would take me first footing in the woods (and across peoples lawns sometimes too!) The woods were always so peaceful, the only sound, snow falling in big lumps from over burdened tree boughs. We would make our own paths and sometimes sink up to our knees in drifts, laughing when we pulled our feet out to find our wellie was no longer on the end of our legs! Then the silly hop, hop, whilst trying to dig out the boot and not put the naked foot down on the snow. Sigh, miss my Dad!

    • That sounds like the most wonderful memory.. good for your dad, i m sure you were always careful not tp get fresh snow onto the boot either!.. c

  3. You see, after reading this post I am positively envious of your snow and wish I could be there to experience it 🙂 We have had a very soggy,grey week – too much rain (dare I even say it!) but sunny again today -yay. Hope Mama is still up and about in the cool fields this morning. Laura

  4. So thrilled the temps got warmer, and that you got snow! Our snow is slowly melting and I just can’t wait for that to happen. I’ve still got the longing for the tropics in my blood, especially when it’s cold and white outside. I must admit that I’m ready for spring….and it’s not yet winter!!! 😦

  5. Good morning Celi! Good morning farmy!!! 🙂 I loved your post today! Beautiful!
    This conversation made me laugh! “As I walked back through the barn – Sheila said. There you are. Yoo Hoo! Yoo Hoo. Avon Lady! If you are desperate to do something for someone, push more of that straw up against my body on that other side. No not that side, the other side. I have a draft. Mad said I could have an electric blanket! Where is it!? I promise not to bite it!
    Mama snorted from outside. That pig.
    Who are you calling a pig?!”
    LOL I can hear it all now! 🙂
    You sound much better today! Do you ever sleep my dear Celi? 🙂
    Early morning or when the sun is setting is time for the fairies to be out and about! I know you see them! 😉
    Love to you! Glad it has warmed up for you! (((Celi)))
    Boo and Marmalade? 😀 Hint hint!!!

  6. When I came to your, “but I’m afraid you will die out here” well my heart just stopped.

  7. Loved the description of the nighttime snowfall! Gorgeous. Hope Mama is okay. I’m sort of nervous to find out what happened.

    • She is not rebounding the way she should, but I am hoping that now it is a little warmer she might catch her breath so to speak.. c

  8. It was nice to see Momma outside but I was surprised at how much weight she seems to have lost. Animals do know about themselves much better than we do. Prayers and magic thoughts for Momma! (And you)

    ¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

      • It’s the baby weight that she lost that makes her so thin. Eating and drinking and doing what she wants are all good signs.


            • and the garlic, but most of those were small amounts in a cup of water. and she has only just started this .. I think she was a bit better this afternoon though.. but in the end I think it is her body adjusting to a nasty shock and clearing out after a week of problems.

  9. It’s snowing quite heavily here in Toronto right now and I suspect that we’ll get more than the 5-10cm that they originally predicted. At least we’ll have a white christmas this year! Hope Mama will recover quickly.

  10. Beautiful, poignant writing today C. You are right, I think Mama knows what she needs to heal and that is just what she’s doing and with your comforting spirit all around her…she will! And of course, she was able to communicate her needs to you…after all…you and she are connected by an invisible thread of friendship, understanding and love….

  11. Such a beautiful and descriptive post. Snowflakes with inner light….yes. Magical. Mama knows what is best for her right now. Fresh air and coolness. Our sheep love the cold and snow, and lay outside with a blanket of snow on their fleece. When it is windy, though, they get behind a building or go in the barn. They hate the wind in their face. Mama has had a rough week, poor thing. They love their lambs and she knows she lost hers. So, Celi, how are you feeling? Still in pain? I noticed you have not mentioned your injury at all. Miss the Cuteness…..hint hint.

    • My injury is improving every day, in fact yesterday i drove myself to the Old Codgers, then to pick up the milk, then to the local store to pick up pig scraps, then to the bar to do the same, then home, (my usual twice weekly jaunt) by that time I could feel it strongly, however this morning i am back on form. In fact I did all the chores by myself without having to ask for help, I have come a long way since that day i crawled along the barn floor from pen to pen unable to pull myself back up.. a LONG way!!

  12. Such poetry and wisdom just pours out of you Celi… this is an exquisite post…
    Mama… que sera sera – whatever will be will be. You’ve done your superhuman best…Love to all at the Farmy

  13. Beautiful words! The feeling you had was much nicer than the panic I was breathing through on my drive to Herscher from Joliet while it was snowing last night..

  14. I’m sure you’re right and that most animals would agree that caring humans fuss and worry far too much. ‘Don’t fence me in!’ Even if the sky doesn’t sound too starry at the moment …

  15. Morning Celi……..at least if it’s Mama’s time to go she will go happy, with the cool air on her face and snow under her feet…..what more can any sheep ask? Do you have any Rescue Remedy….. a little will soothe her and ease her grief, yours too if you have to say goodbye. Glad your butt is better, doesn’t it feel great to be back to doing normal things, no longer an invalid.

    • I think she will make it .. Now that she is back out in the fields.. I do need to get some rescue remedy and the other homeopathic remedies I use for daisy too, i need to stock up..

  16. I’m glad you include the Celsius temps as I do not understand Fahrenheit at all. I wonder if the antibiotics upset Mama’s stomach.
    Love the words. If there is an advertising agency that needs someone to sell snow and cold, they should contact you 🙂

    • I told john the same thing that I thought it might be the antiB’s. they surely saved her life as she was still cleaning 5 days later however, something has really upset her system. If it is the drugs then she will get over it, i am giving them all yoghurt on their hay just in case.

  17. Seven inches of snow at our house. More than expected and certainly enough to have some great snowy fun today. Like mama, we felt a great need to be outside enjoying the white, the fresh air, the crispness of winter. Somehow a freshly fallen snow has a way of bringing out the kid in some of us 🙂

    I hope mama’s time outside the barn has given her spirits a lift.

  18. What a beautiful piece of writing more in the world should be able to read . . . when on earth will you find time to get your first book together . . .? We all were with you in that winter snowfall all the way . . . and with Mama . . . methinks we are all somewhat holding our breath knowing what will be will be . . . may the snow fall softly on the farmy and healing hands be spread over it . . .

    • morning eha, I know when I was a kid and felt awful my Mum would put her cold hand on my forehead, it felt so good, i wonder if Mama feels the same, needing that cold to cool herself down.. hope you are well.. c

      • Uhuh, my Mom did the same! Poor Mama does look somewhat the worse for wear tho’!! Did not know animals would accept yogurt . . .should not do any harm and might help and the ‘rice trick’ always worked on me 🙂 !! Am laughing about F v C > don’t remember when we changed to LOGIC, but it was a long time ago ~ thus I have been thru’ babyhood in C, a crazy period Down Under with Fahrenheit and now, since the 70s, 80s perhaps back to sense!!! Have to admit have to think when it comes to F 🙂 !

  19. What a beautiful and tender description of the snow flakes falling – and your conversation with Mama is so feeling and poignant. You really do listen in to your animals so deeply. I feel very moved by this post.

  20. Mama must be doing better. She’s starting to take control of her well-being. Come what may, she’ll have a say in it. It stopped snowing here about 3:30, having dropped about 5 inches, more or less. The contractors left some wires on the ground. I didn’t see them but my snow blower did. Tomorrow I’ll cut them off. It was too dark to try to clear it tonight, though I did try for about an hour. This is the most snow we’ve had since last year and Max is acting the fool, running around and “attacking” me, the snow shovel, or broom with each pass. My gloves are the target of his attacks.
    Have a good night and morning, Celi. It’s gonna be another cold one.

  21. We lost a beloved animal on Monday, and your post was such a startling reassurance. First, because I had a very similar conversation to yours with Mama. Our animals do indeed speak to us if we listen. “I am sad for you,” I said…. “I am done,” he answered, “I have lived well, and now I am done. I will not fight to grow old and infirm like you might. Life has been good, and I am done.” I am also reassured to be reminded that animals are wise when it comes to these things. But how I shall miss him. I sincerely hope that Mama feels better soon.

  22. Well if you’re climbing over gates and through fences am I to assume your rear end is doing better? Your conversation with Mama gave me a lump in my throat.

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