Sprucing things up…

Tomorrow I am going to take a blog day off. It snowed a few more inches in the night and I can go nowhere anyway so I am going take the chance to spruce the look of The Kitchen’s Garden blog up a bit.

Up my game if you will. I think we all deserve some new curtains. You and I have been working hard all winter!

I am going to attempt to load a new theme, new backgrounds and layout,   and clean up the widgets, the result will encourage me to take better more thoughtful images. Everyone needs a challenge.  I hope it is a smooth transition and that you like it.  Many of you are reading on your phones and tablets now and I have been wanting to have pages that can be viewed and read easily by these tiny devices. Though it will be framed with a little more jazz, in a crisper more image friendly format, basically everything will be as usual in our own very unusual way.


But still the same old blog, after all it is all about the animals, the food and living a simple invigorating life full of thought.  The blog is just my way of documenting the life we choose to lead.  Having you along for the ride means that my learning curve is well supported with trusses and good wide straps.

The calenders are being printed. They are big and glossy and gorgeous and will cost 19.00 each to print.  I have ordered 10 to begin. In my blog page overhaul I shall add a paypal button (I am not sure how to do this yet either but google is a marvellous thing) and then when they arrive you can order one, paying through paypal, plus postage and add on whatever you would like to donate for Sheila’s feed and new summer housing. I think that will be best.   I will order more when I have the numbers. Next I shall look about for the cheapest way to print really good ‘Sheila the Sassy’ T-shirts for us all.  We want American cotton. Any ideas?

Sheila and I went for two very good walks yesterday. I always have a little snack ready at the end of the walk so she is trained to find her doorway home then she gets her reward. day-off-tomorrow-033

On the second walk she had to be discouraged gently from bringing her bowl with her.  Just in case I might want to feed her somewhere along the way I suppose.

The glasshouse, which I should really call the Glass Room, is all enclosed.  John’s work has been put off a few days due to the latest storm and ‘bitterly’ cold weather. So we may be able to move some plants in there soon. Which is just as well as Marcel has taken a liking to my  big pot of thyme.


Good morning, off I go to  work on our surprise, updating the look of the blog. If I make a serious error we will have to go back to smoke signals and pigeons.

Stay tuned.

Your friend on the farmy


58 Comments on “Sprucing things up…

  1. Ooops, I think I may have just eaten the Pigeon 🙂 Your little greenhouse looks wonderful. Have fun remodelling, just don’t lose yourself. Cold and wet here today, morning miss c. Laura

  2. As if you don’t have enough on your plate C, you still find time to make changes to your blog. You are a wonderful inspiration, thank you! Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful changes. Sending you warm sun rays to help melt that snow.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  3. Looking forward to seeing the Farmy spruced. Personally I think it’s great the way it is, but I understand the urge to improve…

  4. If you get stuck I have a nice tractor and heavy chain. I’ll use a raven; I don’t like pigeons 😉 Quothe the Baker.

  5. I can’t wait to see what changes you make! For the t-shirts, you could check out Redbubble – they print on American Apparel t-shirts (US made, sweatshop-free) but I don’t know if their setup is what you are after.

  6. Spring cleaning for the blog? Lovely. If I look at it on my phone, by the way, I always check it out again when I get home so I can get the full effect of the photos. Don’t want to miss anything! I think Sheila’s wise to want to pack her bowl along…you never know when you might need a snack. It’s like always having a granola bar in your purse. 🙂

    • morning susan, when i change over do let me know if you are getting the full screen on your phone. (esp of you compare when yu get home) .. I am excited about this but there is a lot of learning for me to do today! c

  7. I need to find time to do the same on my blog. Spring cleaning! Look forward to what you come up with. I’ll have a think on suppliers for the shirts.

  8. Enjoy your “day off” and have fun sprucing up the blog. We’re finishing our prep for the next round of ice followed by snow that’ll be here shortly. Want to make sure we have extra water available in case we lose power which for us could be several days if the ice is bad. I don’t mind the snow so much but I don’t like that ice! We have so many trees. I think I’ll start some seeds today. Love your glass room. Have a great day Celi!

  9. You are so ambitious!!! I am sure your blog will look fabulous when you are all done tweaking it! Good luck!

  10. Good luck on your redesign! I have not thought about people reading my blog by phone. Uh-oh. Is there a way to see (on a computer) what a blog looks like on a phone?
    I love the way Sheila thinks. “Long walk? May get famished along the way…best be prepared!” I’m sure she would have filled her bowl before starting out, had she been able to do so 🙂
    More snow predicted for me, so I must try to get the car back up the driveway today, to unload hay. If too icy, back to dragging the little sled. Still easier than carrying bales up that hill! Gosh, I feel like I myself would benefit greatly by being “well supported with trusses and good wide straps” at this point.
    Enjoy your day 🙂

    • all my children read the blog on their phones so i have very good feedback for that one.. it will be interesting to see what they think!.. c

  11. Love the glass room! And I love Sheila’s cheeky face too! Good luck with your renovation work.

  12. Good luck with the update. I’ve been thinking of it too but I’m frightened I might lose something. We got dumped on again about 10cm of snow last night. Not happy about it at all.

  13. Just love the Glass Room! Do you enter it from the main house, or from The Coupe? And that Sheila is just too adorable! xo

    • The glass room is entered through the Cloak Room.. and no sun today! but it is warming up a little already.. c

  14. Have fun redecorating. 🙂 Have you tried RedBubble? They do all sorts of things including t-shirts. I use them for my calendar and prints.

  15. You can do it! I need to do the same, but I have design-commitment issues. Can’t decide what I want to live with for a long time…So happy that the Sheila calendar will be big and glossy. Just what she deserves. Are you doing it through mac?

  16. Loving the pictures of the lamb and dog together. And to add one more suggestion to the mix for t-shirts, although they are in NC. A really wonderful company called TS designs- http://tsdesigns.com/ .

  17. Enjoy the ‘makeovering’ tomorrow, I finally got mine up and running last month. It gave me the lift to keep blogging.

      • My old Grannymar.com theme was obsolete and modern plugins were not compatible, so I had to avail of the help from my Toyboy geeks. It was a majot job so I moved to (dot) wordpress(dot)com in the interim. Pulling everything from there over to the resurrected site was easy. I chose Twenty Eleven theme and it seems to automatically update as changes occur. One of my geeks added Jetpack https://wordpress.org/plugins/jetpack/

        Might be worth taking a look at that.

  18. Good luck with your theme changeover. I need to do that, too, as I have recently learned that my theme (Twenty Eleven) isn’t truly responsive on iPhone. I’m in the process of learning web design, so am hoping to wait until I can customize myself and self host. Do make sure the theme you choose, weather staying with free WordPress.com, or switching to WordPress.org, is a responsive design, that way it will automatically resize and look good on mobile devices. Can’t wait to see your new look and the calendars and t-shirts!

    • Okay, so since earlier in the week, WP has changed something and now it appears that my theme IS responsive. I just checked it after posting this comment. I think they must be going through and recoding all themes to be that way…so looks like you can preview your theme to see how it looks…sorry for the long comment!

    • yes, that is one of my reasons and the one I chose should adjust automatically.. fingers crossed.. c

  19. Right before Spring is a great time to Spruce up things. I am doing a bit of that around here at Food on Fifth as well. So I look forward to seeing your updated, spruced up site in a few days. Sheila is beautiful! As is your home. See you soon.

  20. Long time lurker here…LOVE the new look! We buy our blank t-shirts from Dharma Trading Company (Google it, LOL!). Gildan is a nice brand, and made in the USA. Trish x

  21. Nice new look and we get to see your picture with every comment reply! I like the gentle earthy background colour.

    • just awfully cold today.. four more days I think, then it might start a warming trend! That’s what I have decided anyway! c

  22. Your glass room is looking wonderful – just love the blog and now look forward to reading it every day and see how things are going out on the farm. Do you have many other followers from Australia?

    • morning pippa, YES, I have lots of aussie and nz followers so as you get to know the fellowship you will discover your neighbours. Welcome! c

    • There is still a bit of work to do, I need to wriggle about a bit and get it comfy, but I like it so far too.. thank you.. c

  23. Wow! I have what looks like the new format having just clicked on now Monday am Down Under! Very neat and modern and easy to read and all ‘Sassy Sheila’!! Thought I could not access some of the prior info from the top [previous posts, no of readers etc] but when local workload allows a little more ‘familiarization’ I think most can be found in the two lines above our commentaries. Loved the old version but this is a wonderful new take: congratulations!!

    • all the old info is now below the comments.. I hope people can find it.. like you I quite like the lack of clutter.. I am still working on it though and will see what i can do.. c

  24. I love the new look! The pictures really pop. And I can’t believe how far along you are on the glass room. It looks great and I can’t wait to see it. And let’s just not talk about this bitter cold. Sigh. My spring coat is sitting sadly in the closet still.

    • Poor spring coat.. [sad face].. glad you like the new look.. let me know if you think I can do anything better.. c

  25. I’m late arriving, and your blog update is already done–and it looks very nice from where I’m sitting. I’ve been kicking around the idea of changing mine, but haven’t decided what to do with it. Sheila is cute carrying her dish. She must be working up an appetite with all that walking.

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