Timatanga Moana, who rode home from the KuneKune farm on my lap. Cuddled into the crook of my arm.  For two hours. This image was taken from the back seat of the jeep by The Matriarch. It is way too gorgeous to look at only once.  Who ever thought a wee piggie would sit on my knee that long.kunekune-060

She is small, small enough to lay in my lap with plenty of room left over. She is chubby and smiley, has short legs and tiny tiny hooves and plods about the floor making a sound that is a cross between a purr and a small tank engine chuff. When I scratch her belly she slides to the ground and makes a whistly song.  Her long soft hair is a tortoiseshell mixture. Red, black and white. She is set up in the Snug with a bed of hay, a bucket to hide in (Poppy now reverses into her barrel and sleeps with her snout poking out.. so cute) and her food and water and a heater. Each time she comes out for a walk we go a little further.  I don’t want her senses to overload. She will become anxious. I love her calm friendliness.

Her family lives out in the fields in North-West Illinois. Here is her father. The one on the left.

kunekune-005 kunekune-008

Here is her mother. kunekune-026And this is her Aunty.kunekune-042

The whole lot were very tame and very sweet. Living out in pastures with little shelters. These are tough pigs. They have a very.. um.. distinctive look!

This is Tima (pronounced just like Tina). When we finally went into the nursery to see the little ones, the litter  hid in the corner under their warm light.  I slowly sunk down onto my heels to take a picture and one little piggie disengaged herself from the others and very slowly sniffed her way across the room to me. She reached up and touched my knee with her nose, regarded me for a moment with a clear brown eyed gaze, then continued on to have a drink of water. The others cowered in silence against the wall watching. “Which one is ours?” said John softly from the door. “This one,” said the breeder and I at the same time,the camera forgotton, watching her have a drink before leaving home. I had chosen her from a photo weeks ago and she had chosen me yesterday morning. Magic.


Timatanga loosely means beginnings and Moana means the sea or the water, they are not meant to mean anything when put together, just a first name and a second name, like Cecilia Mary. I love the sound of the words too. We will call her Tima.

She will stay inside until the weather is warmer, she comes to her name when called and Boo has got over his excitement. He is way too excited about this little pig and spent all last night lying in front of her closed door.


And now I had better get busy. My days are filling up but I have planned every new event to have a consolidation break in between. Next will be the plonkers (Their milk is ready!!)  and Queenie’s calf. I wonder who will be first!  I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy



72 Comments on “Tima

  1. Yet another beautiful addition to your farm family. welcome little Tima.

  2. Og gooness! She’s absolutely gorgeous. And from the first moment, it sounds as though she was meant to be yours. It’s uncanny how they just “know” things. And we humans think we are so darn clever. 🙂

    Welcome, Tina to the piggy equivalent of a five star hotel – with your own servant!

    • And of couse I should put on my glasses BEFORE pressing “Post Comment”. I meant “Oh” not “og” and of course I know her name is Tima!

      • No problem Marie, I do it more often than Not! Is it warmer up there now? I hope you are warming up.. we have sun today! SUN!!.. c

  3. Welcome Tima and well done miss C – you came home with only one 🙂 🙂 Laura

  4. Oh Celi, I am green with envy… always wanted a little kune kune – she is adorable…. how to choose between her and Poppy – what a glorious menagerie you have…. Hope Boo doesn’t get too frustrated … he has a vocation !!!

  5. Oh what a cutie! Almost makes me want one, but I will be content “oohing and awing” over her pictures. Thank you for sharing her with us. Of course Boo Nanny is on the job — just wonder what he is thinking some days.

  6. Too cute…her Mum is not very pretty though. I had a visit from our neighbour’s pet cinghiale yesterday. She is growing into a fine piggie.

  7. Tima’s family look like a cross between Ewoks and pigs, with their furry faces and ears. Very endearing, and heaps of personality. Darling Sheila may have to raise her game, the porcine superstar of the Farmy has competition!

    • Ewoks, I knew there was a resemblance niggling at me, they look cheeky too! morning kate. has your calendar arrived yet? should not be too far away.. c

  8. What an adorable little pig!!! My 4-yr-old has spent the last several weeks telling us she wants her own pet and after seeing Tima’s picture announced, “Ahhhh!! I want a little pig like that for my pet.” May need the name and number of your Kune Kune breeder 🙂

  9. She is adorable! And I love the story of how she chose you. That’s how we got our last dog at the breeders’s–out of all the puppies in the box he was the one who jumped in excitement when he saw us come in the door. I knew he was ours!

  10. I read the story and saw her full on picture and squealed like the proverbial…well, you know. Boo is one lucky dog. How amazing that she came to you from the very first….from now on, you shall be known as “the pig whisperer”!

    Have a wonderful day.

    • It was an incredible moment. Not squealing or running or anything. She just gently disengaged from her brothers and sisters and she was the furtherest away, pushed up against the wall by them, and wandered over to me. Very quietly. Tap tap on the knee. a special and unreal moment.. c

    • they are very friendly, expecially if there is only one. Pigs love to cuddle, they love warm contact. c

  11. Timatanga Moana, is a Kunekune piglet whose name is bigger than she is.

    Every single one of your animals is adorable. I hope Tima and Boo get on well together.

    Enjoy the growing farmy population, but try not to work too hard.

  12. TIma is adorable and how she knew you were meant for each other seems the beginning of yet another wonderful storybook. Celi, you need another three of you!

    • I know it! Now, don’t forget, if you and your husband want to motor down when spring is here and the gardens are growing, you could come down for tea in the garden.. c

  13. Tima certainly delivers on the cute factor! What engaging looking little pigs these kune kune are. Ewoks, definitely. Would love to see/hear the whistling song she makes when you scratch her belly…can you video/audio and post? (Like you need one more thing to do!)

  14. I believe animals read our energy… Tima was drawn to you – she was courageous to follow instinct in coming forth. Even the choice of name has significance here. This day was a new beginning for both of you – the start of a new journey. Tima is a smart girl who knew she must have a good sip of water to make the trip to her new home. Oh, and I love the photographs! What interesting and unusual features they have. Who couldn’t fall in love with that family? I also love that you photographed “Aunty”. I’m the Aunty in our family and nary does anyone think to include me in photographs – it’s the parents and the kids that steal the attention!

    • That walk of hers across the stable room to me was quite astonishing really. For her to be the only one to walk across when she had already been chosen by me from photographs and all the others were sold by then too.. to other people, so i could not have had a choice at this point. Am I making sense? I had to take her home. Yet she chose to come too. Weirdly. TonTon did a similar thing. Boo just slept through his whole choosing!! c

      • It is a very special kind of magic when an animal chooses you. Our cats have always chosen us…..the ones we rescued. Our spirit speaks to them and they hear us. Little Tima knew you were hers and she was yours. Very special.

  15. Oh C…What acan I say? You must have felt teary when little Tima came up to you first…I did just reading the story! She is adorable and I can’t wait to see Nanny Boo with his new baby! 🙂 Too much sweetness there today!

  16. Cecilia is a female given name of Latin origin meaning the way for the blind. These tiny vulnerable animals might be considered blind to the world about them and the sweet voice of our St Cecilia soothes them on their way!

    • I did not know that. I knew she was the patron saint of music and that was about all. How wonderful! Thank you.. c

  17. Mazel tov! Welcome home little Tima! What a totally adorable piglet. She will do great things for the farmy I am sure.

  18. And so with the arrival of Tima begins another enchanting pig character in the world of The Farmy. There is something wonderful about pigs – you either get it or think we are all barmy. Obviously PG Wodehouse got it for the star of the BBC TV series BLANDINGS is not the actors but a pig called The Empress. We are so delighted with the series we have watched the entire DVD twice, and so look forward to the next adventures of The Empress and her eccentric aristocrat owner.

  19. I am without words. She is so dear. I would love to have seen Boo Nanny at her approach. Your life is so rich Celi. I am very happy for you. And how beautiful to have that creature that reminds you of home right there, well, in your new home. Perfect.

  20. Awwwww just too cute. We will be reeling with cuteness overload from now on. Across the globe the fellowship is smiling and ooooing and ahhhhing at little Tima. Well done, Celi!

  21. Tima is adorable and such beautiful colorings! Nanny Boo will be very busy keeping track of all of his babies….sweet dog 🙂

  22. Celi, you have a wonderful connection with all animals, notably pigs. Curious, I looked up animal spirits and got this
    “Pig— (Domestic) They are highly intelligent and know intuitively how to respond to a situation. Pig spirits demand punctuality and dependability, especially at feeding times. Having a need to be in charge of their personal space as any alteration in their routine will upset them. They have a love of companionship with a need to trust. The pig is a universal symbol of wealth and prosperity and a warning to avoid the illusive trappings of the material plane. Among the ancient people of Britain pigs were important and powerful, providing sustenance and knowledge to people. Since pigs were incredibly fertile, people thought that they were from the Gods. In addition, ancient people told stories of how Pigs guided people to hidden knowledge such as the healing waters of Bath, England. Pigs know how to have fun. In the mornings, they root around snorting and grunting to each other while the little piglets run around and play. Later in the day, all the pigs pile next to each other and nap, stretching out in their cool wallow, and snoring in the warm sun. Pigs enjoy themselves and the day. You should learn how to do the same. When the pig appears in your life pay attention to its movement. If it is charging towards you, its time to stop procrastinating and take action in some area of your life. If a pig waddles slowly towards you its time to stop, reflect and listen to the sound of your inner knowing.
    Sow— Symbol of the Crone Goddess, (see: “Earth Mother”), keeper of Earth magick, the wisdom of ancestral mythology, totem of the Sacred Mother”
    So much of it resonates…

  23. As if Tima isn’t cute enough, she brought Spring-like temps with her, as well. That’s quite an accomplishment for such a little piglet. I wonder what would have happened if you’d brought back 3 or 4 of TIma’s brothers and sisters. 🙂

  24. I was just reading that kunekune is the Maori word for fat and round. mmmmmm Is Sheila part KuneKune? hahaha

  25. Awww!!! What a story and pictures!! What a wonderful beginning to my week, selfishly speaking!!! A fairytale all around! Elladee and Littlesundog are so right about energy fields and natural comfort zones. After all the hard days and horrid winter just past it must have felt blessed sitting for two hours with a pig so comfortable in your lap . . . All of a sudden the farmy seems to be springing to life with big changes in the days to come!! Yes, my favourite pup of all time also chose me when I was least thinking of another one . . . and it was to be a magic relationship for many years . . . I remember!! But hmm, as someone mentioned, I also hope Tima takes after her father in looks 😀 !!! [Sorry, am certain it was just an unflattering pic 😉 !]

    • Now why on eartn am I holding my breath ?!!! Are there going to be some more news on the farmy when I wake come next morning . . . ?

  26. Oh.My.Gosh. I can hardly wait now to get Cecil! How can anybody who ever met one not like a pig? Truth to tell her mama reminds me of a couple of my Polish great aunties, one in particular had that look on her face with her arms folded under her bosom uttering ‘hmmmph’.

  27. aaww Tima – how adorable art thou!!! I see so much of myself in you – snorts. No really, your darling. Can’t wait to hear stories. I can see you already practicing wrapping that hoof around your mom 🙂 Way to go my little piggy friend. XOXO – Bacon

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