My enemy

I have him on camera.  Bastard Mink. It is not much of a shot but I think there are two of them.

bad-011 bad-012If you flip back and forth you will see them. They literally ate a hole in the door. And killed two more chooks.

So after I had milked the cow, fed the animals, done the baking and made the custard for the ice-cream,  put a pound of butter in the freezer and  thanked the farmer for planting 8 rows of sunflowers for this years feed. Watered the pots, let the big animals into the fields and filled the water troughs:bad2-013

I ignored everything else and set to work to finish The Tank myself.

It did take hours and I admit freely to not being very good when working with wire but I had a lot of help from my sleepy support team.  Yesterday I abandoned the chook house altogether. No more chickens in there now. Earlier than planned but enough is enough.  too-many-chooks-003 too-many-chooks-010

Later in the afternoon I called the nice man at the pub and asked him if he could make John’s dinner for me, and throw in a few extra pieces of chicken for the traps.

While I waited for the birds to go to bed so I could catch them, we did some fencing. I think Marcel is getting a bit too big to play the  Boo games anymore. too-many-chooks-047



Then I milked the cow, cleaned up, dragged out every box and cage I had and set to work; catching every single chicken.  There are two cages of birds on the verandah and The Tank is full.  I will repair the next chicken tractor tomorrow for the caged birds.

too-many-chooks-049 bad2-015

We will keep loading the traps until we trap them, there is nothing else to do.

But for the meantime the chickens are in the front yard where they are well within the territory of the dogs. In fact they are only a few feet from the verandah where the dogs lie.

Last night I slept.

Oh and Daisy’s milk is still healthy.  No problems there for the moment. Wonderful.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm








66 Comments on “My enemy

  1. Good! That chicken-killing mink
    Needs a serious re-think!
    Tell you what would be my vote –
    Turn them into a mink coat!

  2. I can’t wait to see the sunflowers bloom! I think it will be lovely, bright and make you smile every time you see it!

  3. Good Morning Celi, Such devious enemies! How do you keep them from digging into the tractor?

    • The tractor will be in a field far from the chicken coop and the water. And moved twice a day and easily guarded by the dogs.. best I can do.. c

  4. I think after all that, I would still be sleeping! But it’s good you executed your plan! Onwards and upwards!

  5. I love the tractor! Let’s hope that you can get those minks soon. It’s enough to make you sick.

  6. I hope you’re ready to off those bastard minks, because that’s the only way to really get them out. And do it before they make mini minks! I’ve been living with a groundhog for years that I haven’t had the heart to kill, and we do battle every year . He eats everything I plant- this year he’s going away– one way or another.

  7. I can’t see them well enough to make them out but raccoons are very destructive too. The first time I had chickens I eventually gave up because the raccoons were smarter and more determined it seemed. They ate all my girls. After that I put wire on the floors, but I was always grateful I wasn’t dealing with minks because I remember reading that minks can crawl through the tiniest of holes. I read, that the best way to determine what is eating them is to examine the “murder” scene…such as whether they eat only the neck, or if the whole carcass is missing, etc. In my case I stayed in the barn with the chickens right before it got dark and waited….and of course raccoons are very prompt. I then put a baby monitor in my chicken coop. I didn’t sleep for a long time. 🙂

    • I SAW the mink dragging a chicken across the floor one night, but was not fast enough to kill it, I know what is getting in.. c

      • Oh!…well it’s good you know…I’ve never seen a mink as long as I’ve lived in the country, and I live near a lot of water..river plus creeks. I would be traumatized seeing my chicken being carried off. 😦

  8. What about setting the trap outside the barn, and letting the dogs sleep inside the old chook house for a couple of nights to cover all contingencies. Will the trap be big enough to catch both minks? If you started making mink coats we could feed all the animals for years to come, although I really hope you don’t have that many. Laura

  9. i worry that a mink may make it thru the chicken wire ,or tunnel under,for more carnage
    now that hens have been evicted,and chicken house cat proof,could you get some steel traps and set in chicken house, while the hen aroma is still fresh? or some sort of mink poison?i know poison is last step, but its war now,like the old caddy shack movie

    • Now that it is empty I would consider Poison, nothing else could get in there. All the traps are empty again this morning, i will keep at it til i get them, Of course i have 70 more chickens coming in the next few weeks. I might set up a new chook house on the concrete pad. The option is no chooks at all and no chicken in the freezer.. c

  10. And, according to the time-stamp on the photo, they were in there for 4 hours!? No wonder the poor chickens look so terrified up there on the roost. Let’s hope the Tank keeps them safe and that you are able to eliminate the bastard minks.

    Love the photos of Marcel and Boo, though.

  11. Good for you, Ce—–you are going to catch those stupid minks and take care of them once and for all. I am sure that moving the chooks and having the dogs around close will be a good thing. Marcel is getting so big!!!!

  12. I am so sorry you’ve lost more chooks, and hope the tractor and traps do their jobs effectively. That Marcel is amazing – mind you, he’s not very bright about gender spotting!
    Have a successful day.

  13. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an extra set of hands C!
    Have a wonderful weekend and here’s hoping you have time to put your feet up for a while.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  14. Darn. Creepy things even in pictures. Two is not good news as that probably means a breeding pair and little minks to come. If you catch them I really hope you can bring yourself to exact retribution for their crimes against chickens. I once heard minks described as oil with teeth and fur, the darn things seems to ooze instead of move. Tima needs to grow so that she is too big for them to mess with. It will be interesting (at least to me lol) to see if Daisy’s mastitis returns with the rainy weather we are to get this coming week. If it does, I would think that would indicate that her’s is an environmentally caused type and that chances are good she is one of those cows that the muscles of the tip of her teat do not contract quickly enough after milking.

  15. Darn Mink. I hope you get him soon. He needs to leave my anipals alone there. Have a great weekend my friend. XOXO – Bacon

  16. Soon I hope, soon. It weighs so heavy on the mind when things aren’t right. Little Marcel is so darn cute! Love seeing him. Thanks

  17. You now have solid evidence. Once caught, the jury will most certainly find them guilty and they will meet their demise.

    After such a long harsh winter, it appears the wildlife are willing to do what it takes to find a good meal. Just wish they would have found that meal elsewhere.

    Love the pictures of Marcel and Boo 🙂 And that calf photo is awesome!!!

  18. Arghh! Your enemy is our enemy. Hang in there. I hope you find some joy today.

  19. Oh boy, oh boy, what a predicament. A couple of years ago I saw the most wonderful British documentary called The Halcyon River Diaries. Made by two people, a TV presenter and her wildlife photographer husband, they moved to an old mill house to chronicle the reintroduction of river otters to their river. Anyway, long-short, they trapped a mink inadvertently and were forced to kill it because mink are such a problem decimating other species, such as river otter and water voles, that it’s the law to kill them if trapped. Shame really, everyone has to eat and survive, but not at the cost of river otters and your chickens. Darn it anyway…huh?

  20. I bet you did sleep with no rocking last night! I hope you get the Bu%%er real soon! Please excuse my French, I was feeling annoyed for you!

  21. Bloody Hell -this must be real frustrating for you! I love all animals and like you hate to see harm come to anything, but there is only so much one will put up with. Those buggers just have to go.

  22. have you called the local wildlife authority to see what they suggest? when i had raccoon problems, they trapped them and carted them away but i live in the city. not sure what they would do to help you?

  23. Bastard minks! I hope the tank does the trick. Love the shots of Boo and Marcel – so sweet. Miss A has the eggs in her classroom now. She is anxiously counting down the days and has told everyone at school about you and the farm. 🙂

  24. I hope you catch those dirty, rotten scoundrels tonight. You are not only a farmer, but, a detective and enforcer well. As others have said, a coat or scarf will surely be your just reward, not to mention a savior of chooks.

  25. Boo’s baby lamb is quickly outgrowing his nanny. You had a long day, glad you slept well afterward. We’ll all sleep better when the threat to the chickens is no more, hoping their new abode and location does the job. I’m in favor of mink coats for newborn sheep and calves. I, too, love animals, but they can’t destroy one’s livelihood.

  26. Like some others, I’m worried it’s spring and they have a family to feed. Sounds like they are too smart for traps…and not hungry enough to risk them…peanut butter? It’s hard to resist.
    Boo and company are delightful. WHat a pup you found.
    Hope you weekend is quiet and mink free.

  27. Damn minks! I was reading that they kill chickens in a frenzied manner & primarily want the chickens for their blood more than the meat. There are lethal traps that will disperse of them for you. Bating with bloody meat is the fastest way to attract them & if you cover the trap with some junk they are bound to investigate. I was surprised that they have no fear of people & hunt day & night. In farming communities, people will often share traps & help to catch them as they endanger everyone’s animals/poultry. If you have seen 2 minks, there are bound to be more nearby. I read several sites saying it is illegal for them to be released even if one wanted to because they are so destructive to farms. A fat mink can squeeze through a hole 1″. It sounded like the canal you walk along was the primary attraction. Minks are good swimmers. People often set traps along the banks of the water to try & maximize the number killed. Guess, this might be a long battle. So sorry you are having to deal with such savage killers & stressful for the hens lost and new chicks on the way. Farming is definitely not for whimps.
    Marcel is so big, but Boo doesn’t seem to mind. Tima seems just the right size for the Nanny now, The Bobby looks like he is enjoying a gallop through the field. Planting your sunflower must make you feel Spring has finally arrived.

    • I think it will be a long battle, I also think they will not go near the traps until they lose their ‘people’ smell. i have fish on the way today, they like that evidently. and more traps. and yes they do hunt in the daytime.. hideous, but i will keep trapping and despatching, the first will be the hardest, the new chook houses are very close to the house, further from the creek ditch and where the dogs hang out at night, lets hope this protects them..

  28. Bastard(s)! I rarely wish ill toward a critter, but this is unacceptable behaviour and can’t be allowed. Poor skunk yesterday was innocent after all. I sure hope they go for the cooked chook faster than they did for the fresh variety. Argh!!!!

  29. Stay with it and you’ll get them in the end. I can see a mink jacket coming up.

  30. Tick, tick to everything said before . . . . but talking about ‘keeper’ photos – the one of Boo and Tima ‘resting’ is just perfect!!

  31. My great-grandmother had one of those awful stoles with the mink heads (and glass eyes) at either end. Do I see one in your future? They are dastardly little beasts.

      • No, very definitely no, you would not!! Good laugh . . . [Oh sugar, I have one of ’em in my wardrobe, very much in the back, ha!, ha!!]

  32. Hope you catch the bastard mink. We currently have crows that take the duck eggs and any ducklings that may have hatched but at least they’re visible as they sit on the roof waiting to swoop, so can be shot. Just getting to the time of year when the foxes will have cubs to feed so I suppose we’ll soon have a vixen prowling after my chooks. Keeping animals isn’t the romantic lovey-dovey idyll that some TV programmes would have you believe! Good luck.

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