Tima goes to the Library

It has to be said that a library is a strange place for a pig to visit. However the Cullom Memorial Library, a precious little private library in Cullom, Illinois, welcomes visits from pigs.  Especially in their summer program.

And fearless little Timatanga Moana was just the pig for the job. She is still small enough to carry so she entered the library in my arms.children-022

children-021But once she was on the ground and had her bearings she proceeded to walk about the children with old soul calm. children-019

I had brought a bag of tiny pieces of carrot and each child fed her a snack, which led her right around the circle in a perfect arc so everyone got a pat.


A great success.


She travelled well in the car too, sitting at Kim’s feet enjoying a scratch but with her eyes firmly fixed on my face as I drove. She does not have little piggie eyes. Her eyes are long, dark and wide with heavy lashes.  She watches.  She is a little like Sheila in her watchfulness.

Have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy



48 Comments on “Tima goes to the Library

  1. She can come for a visit and some carrot any time. How does she feel about capsicum, rocket, lettuce and tomatoes…? I’m going to have an excess of those quite soon!

    • I am sure she would be very happy to help you out, though – she is in the vege garden with me every day and so far she only eats weeds!. c

  2. What a treat! TonTon and Boo must have been miffed at being left behind. Laura

    • I said shall I bring my dogs but evidently dogs are a bit too dull for the kids round here .. laugh! c

  3. That is beautiful C. super cool. I will be reading your posts for the next wee while parked up in Bali. 2.5 hours till boarding. yippee

  4. What a wonderful program – our library has nothing similar….
    And the Children’s Librarian doesn’t seem to like kids much 😦
    Happy Day to all on the Farmy!

  5. Ha ha she will get very spoilt!
    In reality it shows how good they are with children – very good if you breed and sell them 😉

  6. What a lovely experience for those kids…I know how much joy my two little ‘uns get from being around our chickens and now our two new pigs. Really great to be able to give that experience to more children. You’re brave tho – there’s no way I’d load up our two weaner piglets and take them to the library!! 🙂

  7. What a unique experience for those cute little kids.Tima has such a wonderful disposition…not getting rattled by new surroundings. I’d like to look deep into Tima’s eyes too. You got deep into Sheila’s mouth for me. TIma ‘s eyes will be a piece of cake!

  8. She looks like she’s smiling while meeting her new friends. What a great way to socialize her too! Soon she’ll be waving down passers by and asking for carrots (and likely getting them too!). Love the image of her watching you while you drove – sure that she would be safe if you were in charge.

  9. Looks like she just takes everything in stride. Such a cutie! She trusts you completely to give her new experiences. What a great library you have there…..truly a hands on learning situation. Nothing like that here.

  10. Tima went to the library yesterday and today, she is sitting at C’s feet while she is writing (C is writing, not Tima!) Yesterday, we didn’t get as much done because of the library visit and C’s visit to see the Old Codger and a surprise visit from a group of children to see the animals. I secretly welcomed a less busy day. A slight break in the middle of my visit was good.

    But what a busy day today! Weeding the gardens at 6:00 while it is still cool out and watching Boo run around in the mist on the fields, chasing after birds. We could barely see him, as if he had been swallowed up. Then he came bounding back, running by us as fast he could on some mission that only he knew about.

    There is a burn barrel behind the gardens and we have been meaning to burn the contents plus a bunch of paper feed bags. It was very still early this morning, so I gathered my courage, lit some crumpled newspaper and started the fire. Fire intimidates me, but this is how it is done in the country.

    The meat chickens are now my responsibility as of yesterday. They are sitting in a field in their little movable house, eating feed, oyster shell, and pecking away at the grass….and of course, pooping up a storm. They are fed twice a day with the feed, once with milk, and moved three times a day and they are growing, growing, growing. Their water is replenished at each move. So far, no chicken toes have been injured. Turning the little movable house will be interesting. That will probably have to happen tomorrow as I am getting closer to the fence.

    The biggest news of the day is that the new coop is now inhabited by the new layers! We moved the run and coop to their new location and I finished attaching the coop to the run and screwing on the nesting roof. Then we had to catch the chickens and move them to their new digs. After a few false starts, we managed to get most of them into a large cage and then the rest were popped into a tall laundry basket. They love their new home, scratching around on the new straw and going up and down the stairs. Their food and water is upstairs, tres cosmopolitan. This new location is much shadier and definitely safe. No vermin should be able to get into that new coop, hurra!

    Being here is a wonderful experience. It helps C and it helps me learn the farmy ways.

    • Lovely to hear about your days on the Farmy, Kim and that you have Responsibilities 🙂 Would you mind telling us a bit about yourself, where you’re from, and what your “other ” life is like? Have you ever done anything like this before? Thanks, it will be fun to hear.

      • I have lived in Texas all of my life. Lubbock, Harlingen, Austin, Harlingen again and now San Antonio. I am three years out from retiring as a middle school librarian and have so enjoyed reading C’s blog about her farmy. Upon retirement in three years, my husband and I hope to do something very similar in Tennessee where we have a small piece of raw land, so I am learning from afar from this blog and others about how to do that. My hobbies are walking on the beach at sunset (just kidding)…I actually very much enjoy working with fabric, mostly quilts these days, but bags, pillows, etc. I also do a bit of crochet. I also like to fix things around the house or spruce things up with paint or simple projects. I have quite a few planned for this summer when I get home. We have tomatoes in big containers on the deck along with some pole beans. This fall, we will build some raised beds and try out hand at that. We recently joined a gym (since there isn’t a lot of farm work on my block) and have lost weight and become much stronger. I feel better than I have in years. We also changed our diet and I have started buying pasture fed beef, chicken, pork and eggs at a local farmer’s market. I can feel a difference in my body. A good difference. I have never done anything like this at all. I promised C that I was not an axe murderer, so far, so good. 😉

  11. Kim, you are a brave soul to take on such a wildly busy and different life. It sounds like you are up for the challenge and really helpful (handy)!

  12. Beautiful photos, Tima was obviously a big hit with the children; they must have been so excited to have a pig at school!

  13. Thanks, Kim, for sharing your viewpoint of the farmy. It looks like the library visit was good for Tima and the children.

  14. Oh Celi – don’t know where to ‘go’ first!! Thrilled about Kim’s blogging and giving us an alternate [but v similar view of the Farmy!! Thank you, Kim!! You are adding extra fun !!]. And Tima seems to be an Oscar winning actress – actually the people from whom you bought her should give you the next one free . . . you have done enough free advertising for them and the breed 🙂 ! Methinks the children learning are very fortunate!!!!

  15. Tima makes me smile every time I see a picture of her. My husband and I were just wondering aloud if our cats would enjoy a Kune Kune companion, but I think the neighborhood association would not! 😉

  16. I don’t know about anyone else but “Tima Goes to the Library” sounds like a children’s book that needs to be written and Timatanga Moana is the perfect name for a piggy heroine. Not that you don’t have enough to do already …..

  17. What a happy visit. I’ve been away and it’s such fun to be catching up with your blog.

  18. What an amazing time those children had ! I bet they had smiles on their faces for the rest of the day. She is the perfect library pet! Great to read all that Kim had to say about her days there—-what an amazing experience!

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