The old people (and my neighbours who are not old at all) say that for “For every fog in August, there will be a snowfall in the winter.” Though this saying does not rhyme so I am not sure I trust it.


“If a cold August follows a hot July, it foretells a winter hard and dry.” That does rhyme so it is probably true!


Well, we had a cold July and almost every morning this week has been misty and still.  So my sister in New Zealand is knitting me a new long extra thick wooly jersey with extra long sleeves to go under my jacket that she will give to me when I go to visit in October.


I found a A bull snake. They are protected on the farm as they eat mice.  Our John is always thrilled when he hears that I have found one. I am not quite so thrilled. I grew up on a beach in New Zealand.  I am not quite as calm when I see a snake.  But I try to be nice. They scare Boo too.  He literally runs away when he sees a snake.

It is Gracie’s last week, she leaves on Thursday for Wisconsin where she is going to the university there.  Two more full days.


This is my favourite photo for her mother so far. Hi Mum!

Letters for my Little Sister. The book written by The Fellowship is now at the end of its long journey. Or rather the end of its beginning as a book.  Today is the day that I make the printing order. So what do you think? I have 68 contributors, many of whom would like two copies, and I know many others of you would like a copy too. This is a ground breaking book written by real women exposing the real truth about menopause. The funny, gorgeous, ugly and wonderful. Just like we are. We have brought all the skeletons out of the closet and the bones have been gnawed on.    So I am going to take a big gulp and order 200 books to be printed. As long as everyone who wants one, gets a copy  and I have covered my costs then I am happy. Can we sell 200 do you think?

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy,

miss c


58 Comments on “Misty

  1. I’m with Boo! I hightail it if I see a snake!
    Congratulations on the book reaching this point! Can’t wait to order a copy and gain an education x

  2. I can’t believe winter is knocking on the door already, in August! Here at home we’re still in the middle of winter, but the end is in sight. For you, it’s all still to come. I hope your sister’s jumper helps to keep you warm, Miss C, it was so very, very cold last time. Do you wear hats? If so, I may have something for you… I can’t use it here in the tropics.

  3. I think you will find it quite easy to sell 200 books! Put me down for two!
    Beautiful pictures today. Like you we have loads of misty mornings, and rain! Every where is so wet, but then I think of the poor people in CA and I feel lucky.
    Took dogs to the park this morning for a long walk as Sam has had his staples removed and needs the exercise. It felt like Autumn out there and I noticed in the woods that there are tons of fungi growing. Not sure what they are and I would never feel comfortable picking any, not knowing which are poisonous. Which makes me wonder how us humans ever found out that some of them could be eaten? I am sure there were a lot of sick experimenters back in the day!

  4. I run a mile when I hear the word snake 😦 Good Luck with the book and I really hope you don’t encounter another Polar Vortex on the Farmy this winter. I can’t wait for summer 🙂 Laura

  5. Boo looks like a leaping deer in that photo. I am now wondering if maybe he is part Doberman. They are a very athletic dog (as are Boxers). From the photos he had looked to have grown to be a large dog. I was sorry to read about the kitten passing yesterday. Distemper can be very hard to get rid of . I am glad your cats get booster shots. Now that you have said that about fog I have been rummaging around in my memory and that saying seems to have some validity. Or it is just the bad winters stick in my mind better and I can attach heavy fogs to them more easily. lol

  6. You just had a hard winter, I’m sure you don’t need another one.
    I found a small diamondback rattlesnake under a pile of bricks I was moving (in Atlanta) and without realising it jumped about 10 feet backwards. My cat seemed very interested in playing with it, so I picked it up with a spade and removed it to the empty lot next door 🙂

  7. Yes! You can sell them! I’m with you on the snake front. Ick. I’m just now learning to love (well, let’s say respect) spiders. Maybe in a few years I can be more open minded about the long, slithery things too. The mist is beautiful. So is the photo of Gracie. What a perfect name for her. She looks very kind and gentle.

  8. I agree with the snake sentiments—not a huge fan of them even though I know there is a place for each of them. It kind of freaked me out when the mill workers at the sugar mill in Ayr told me that the manager’s house that we stayed in occasionally had a python in the attic……I did not like to stay there at night without Chris after I heard that news. Yikes! As for the 200 copies—-you will go through those like water I suspect. I am looking forward to buying a couple copies of my own at least!!! Can’t wait!!! Give Grace my best for a fabulous time at uni—I know you will miss her and I agree–that shot of her is lovely.

  9. Snakes – eek! Put me down for a copy if I haven’t already said so. And it is indeed a beautiful shot of Grace – she fits her name perfectly.

  10. Anything that slithers.wiggles or slides I stay away from. I would not harm such creatures but they and I are best apart.
    I reckon that Bulgaria is in for a cold winter as this summer has been long hot and dry..so warm knickers and jumpers will be vital.
    Love to Grace and wish her well. It was lovely to have met her.
    Lots of love to you miss c.

  11. I’m sure we could sell more than 200.

    Snakes are not my favorite, but the bull snake will keep you mouse free. I’ve also heard that a large flock of Guinea fowl will keep mice and snakes away 🙂

    I hope Grace as enjoyed her time on the farmy.

    • The guineas also scream like crazy at hawks, I always know when there is a hawk in the yard, even with only two old guineas left!

  12. Snakes are our friends, tho poisonous snakes give me the willies. When I was in the classroom teaching science, I had two snakes which I occasionally wore around my neck for fun. The snake would sometimes migrate down and go through my belt loops and become a belt! When the students noticed, it would be quite a surprise for them..hehe We also had an orphan baby opposum that I would put on my shoulder and he would climb up to the top of my head and settle in. I guess it reminded him of mama’s back. His name was Worf as he was quite the Klingon. Any trekkies out there? 🙂 Good times.

    Enjoy your last days, Grace, and good luck at school.

    • You are one delightfully crazy woman! You always make me laugh. Though next time you come to visit i won’t mind if you leave the snakes at home!!.. c

  13. Love that action shot of Boo! And I can’t imagine I’d ever be super calm about seeing a snake either, I’m pretty good around bugs and the little things that freak people out, but snakes are pretty creepy.

    • I think you and i are similar. Huge spiders and birds flying past my face do not bother me, but I am wary of the snakes.. I had never even seen one before i came here.. c

  14. i’m refusing to even think the thought of another long, brutal winter! If I don’t think it, maybe it won’t happen??? 🙂

    • My theory is the opposite. if i think about it and prepare for it I will not be caught un-awares. Forewarned is forearmed and there were times last winter when the threat was dire, I am not going to be unprepared again that is for sure.. This time I will be ready and if it is not as bad i will be more than happy to be pleasantly surprised! c

  15. What a beautiful, beautiful photo of Grace!
    What is the crop that Boo is jumping to see over?
    As for snakes—I love our snakes. I move the the rat snakes that I find in my hen house. They would much rather eat a harmless egg than risk getting bitten by a rat or mouse that they are trying to eat. 🙂
    Your book—please put me down for at least 3 copies. I am certain that my dear, dear daughter will live far away from me when she reaches menopause and my memory of my own menopause will be lost. I could use a copy myself, as my mother passed away before I reached menopause. I am in the throws of it right now and do not have her to ask questions to.

    • John is always pleased to see snakes, I am still getting used to them, this one was rather long. Still these are not poisonous so that is a good thing. I will set up an Amazon shop for buying the books, or you can buy them directly from me. Either way I shall begin to take orders as soon as they arrive. So stand by. I don’t even know how long it takes to print a book! Do you think 14.95 is an OK price? Not having a Mum around to check things with does make it pretty tough sometimes doesn’t it.. I know that one. Also i have left pages free at the end of the book for you to handwrite your own experiences before you pass it on, that way it becomes a generational thing. c

  16. I am with you on the change in weather, down to 8°C this morning. My body went cold about two weeks ago, I wake up cold. Really cold. Good excuse to keep moving!
    The only snakes around here are the ones in government! 😉

    Great news about the book. 68 X 2 = 136, over half way there. I think I said three one to keep and share, one for my only sister and one for Elly my daughter. When you know the price, I’ll sort it with Elly, she has PayPal, I don’t. Are they hard or soft copy?

    \when I get my copy, I’ll blog about it and that might garner a few more customers.

    • Thank you grannymar, that would be great, as soon as I receive the books we can get together and work that out.. paypal would be fine i am sure. They are soft cover and the cover is very beautiful.. c

  17. I am interested in having a book printed also, would you mind giving me the info on how you did it? How to find a printer, possible cost, tips? My email is filled below, thanks!

  18. I was afraid you’d meet up with the owner of that shedded skin you photographed some weeks ago, and now i guess you have. I went immediately to your link and learned bull snakes are not to be trifled with. They have a mean disposition and a bite from one can destroy tissue. EEEKS! Plus they’re the biggest snakes in the USA. What was Grace’s reaction?

    • Grace and i both shrieked like girls (the snake looked at us with disdain) and then we leaned in for a closer look.. but not too close!

  19. C. You won’t have any trouble at all selling 200 books, in fact you should probably order more. I think I would like to order mine from you so you can sign it for me! 🙂 It’s wonderful that you have snakes…just another testament to a chemical free and healthy eco-system. Snakes, frogs, toads, many insects are highly sensitive to pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, etc. and die off, so to find such a large, healthy snake means the Farmy is alive and well! Well, you already know that…even if you prefer that he/she would go live somewhere else! 🙂

  20. I think snakes are beautiful, and I have a healthy respect for them. We used to have lovely king snakes where I lived before, but where I live now there are only the shy garden snakes. the big rattlesnakes give me the willies, but they are usually anxious to get out of the way and warn you, but I have shot my share to save my rabbits and cats. Just thinking about the rattler makes me babble….heh. Boo is such an agile dog, isn’t he? Give Grace a hug for us…..she seems to be a gentle soul and I wish her the best in college. I don’t even want to hear any talk about winter!!! The last one is still very much alive in my memory. 30 below zero was waaaaay too cold……and not much snow cover. Shades of frozen pipes!

  21. Hi Celi I will have four books one each for my daughters and one for me 😀. So they are adding up fast. Good luck to Gracie x

  22. I used to get an annual Farmers’ Almanac publication years ago. Loved it, loved to read it. This post reminds me of it. Happy wishes to the farmy today, c. xx


  23. I would like three books also! These photographs are so very soothing – well, except Mr. Snake! – and I loved your thoughts today. That’s a big bull snake! We have many kinds of snakes and the bull snakes are the most confusing to me. Some have patterns and others are solid. I do know the copperheads though… anything that can kill me or render me very ill I tend to pay close attention to!

  24. Ah, snakes! They give me the creeps, but I know they do good work. Luckily up here in Maine we are not supposed to have any poisonous varieties. We have a lot of rat and garter snakes on the farm here, also a ton of frogs, toads and the grasshoppers are out of control flying objects this summer. One hit me right in the eye the other day! I hope their insane activity does not portend another hard winter, but if we went by fogs here on the coast, we would be having snow 24/7!

  25. Some snakes are our friends and very valuable hunters! That’s a handsome one. (I’ve seen a larger black snake chase and kill copperheads. Snake will leap like bullwhips when frantically trying to escape…better to see if you are safe on a porch and they are all going away from you!)
    So excited about the book! It will sell – maybe some of us can put notices on our blogs about them when you are ready?
    I think you are wise about watching signs for winter. I swear one crepe myrtle which turns bright read about Dec has already tossed up a few gold and red tinged leaves. Something’s up. Mornings are oddly cool-ish and Molly is leaping like Boo hunting lizards and frogs in the flowerbed.
    We’re currently getting a dust cloud from Africa coming in over head – the extreme heat is causing some afternoon thundershowers like the one right now – so hopefully some of the dust will settle out of the air.
    Bye Grace – have a great year!

  26. Hmmmm. We’ve had fog almost every morning, lately! But it’s also cooled down after quite a hot July (here in Minnesota), so what does that mean? I hope we won’t have a hard AND snowy winter!

  27. Well, darling, you *know* that I will buy two of the books, too, if I didn’t say so before!

    I know you’re no fan of snakes, and with good reason, but I have been told by locals here that they’re beneficial enough (and homebound territorially, too) that some folk have been known to buy bull snakes at the pet store and set them free on their own property for such purposes. Though of course this would be frowned upon by the authorities and possibly by some herpetophobic neighbors!

  28. Ah, Boo. I haven’t seen a snake since leaving Australia. Not the sort of thing you think you’ll miss. And I don’t really because those ones can be so venomous but it’s nice to see (a harmless) one.

  29. I definitely want two copies of the book as well Celi! Oooo, that snake would scare me and I would be running and jumping with Boo! I do hope your winter is not as cold as the last one. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  30. Aaarghhh snakes… I’m only just beginning to appreciate them, and tend to also shriek and leap… I’m with Boo… when encountering them 🙂 I love the misty pic, I enjoy the peacefulness of a misty morning. Just one Letters for my Little Sister for me but from the response 200 looks like a good order for a start. I’m pleased your Farmy visitors experiences have been mutually successful. And we in the Commenters Lounge have enjoyed them too 🙂

    • Wonderful darling, I will let you all know when it is time to make the orders.. Just waiting on the adjusted quote.. c

  31. I quite like snakes and have a few browns living around the place……..I give them space to do their thing, which is eat rodents and have never been bothered by them. I often see them sliding across my yard into next door’s, who have a pool, it must be cool there, or they’re after the lizards and water dragons. Lovely creatures. I’d like a book too please, but if they’re ready in the next 6 weeks I’ll still be away ……I leave on Friday…………and won’t be able to order and pay until I get back, so would you mind holding on to one for me please. Love Boo’s jumping antics 🙂 I

  32. Well your John can keep his snakes! We freak out over “Blackie”, a small black snake that sometimes hangs around the shed. I tried to get my other 1/2 to hold a cooler while I would try & snare it & then we could throw it in the woods across the street. I guess you know how that went! Ha!

  33. Sorry your days with Grace are coming to an end. I thought she was returning home to Korea for now but seems to be heading straight to uni! What will she be studying? . . . Personally hate snakes but all of ours will put one in hospital or six feet under, so . . . Am glad if you can organize Amazon/Paypal for the book as it would be the easiest here and postage would be definitely less . . . the proposed price is more than reasonable and you’ll probably need a reprint 🙂 !!

    • I thought so too but as her English improves so does my comprehension, she is studying chemistry. She is a bit of a clever cookie! c

  34. How hard would it be to add a little item at the top here for name, e-mail and number of copies? I know I was 5 maybe 6 copies for Christmas gifts…..

  35. Time for Grace to leave already? I’ve enjoyed meeting your visitors, and am thankful they are so helpful to you. Boo left in a hurry–can’t say as I blame him. I like your way of determining if a weather statement might be true or not. The second one was true of last winter for us.

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