Fog Daze

The fog is so thick in the early mornings that  the grass is heavy with wet. When I breathe in the nefarious dripping air it leaves a strange burnt sensation in my throat, a thickening, like I want to cough but can’t.  It lingers. after-dinner-005

However it warmed up in the afternoon. It does not take much heat to send Sheila my big fat pig to a cool corner.


We have certainly dropped into that ripple-less well of late summer stillness now. The vegetables and meat gets stowed away for winter. Or eaten. We had bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches last night. But lettuce does not grow in high summer so I roasted kale and used that instead, with a cilantro mayo on home made kefir bread  and it was gorgeous.


Egoli. One should never have favourites amongst cats out here on the prairie. But I do love this big lover of a cat.


Today I take Gracie to the train,  then clean up and prepare for our next visitor who arrives on Sunday.

Having these helpers has been an enormous bonus. My gardens and even the house are tidier and more welcoming. And magic does happen.

I do not want to belabour our Fellowship book here on the farm blog so I have set up a Facebook page. It is called Letters for my Little Sister – A Fellowship Book.  I would love you to come on over and join the conversation and collect any updates there too. Two hundred copies have been ordered which is terrifying.  Though of course those of you who do not have facebook will not be left out. We are looking at a  launch date of September 1st. I will be sending out emails to The Fellowship Writers soon so we are all on the same page.

I have set up a new page on this blog, Click on Menu above. See the page called Book Orders?  If you would like to make a note of your interest in buying  one of The Fellowship books, leave me a comment in there. Just a comment with the number of books you want me to save and your name and I will be back in contact in the first week of September. Then I will have everything in one place.  Once the Amazon account is set up as well then everything will be in two places but I think I can manage!

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy,





26 Comments on “Fog Daze

  1. Here it comes~ Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness….The morns are meeker now. Celi, I’ve decided after a long lifetime of very dear cat friends that the big yellow boys are the best lovers.

  2. He is a beauty … I have always liked ginger cats but have never had a cat. Good luck to Gracie. Laura

  3. Orange cats are the best! My Hobbes is a typical cat though—loves me when he feels I’m deserving.

  4. Hopefully the early morning fogs are also bringing much needed moisture to the farmy. We could sure use that right about now! Although we have had a wonderful spring and summer with rain and fairly cool temperatures. So nice! xo

  5. Yes, good luck to Grace in Wisconsin. Wouldn’t we all love to be at that stage of our lives –going away to college for the first time?
    Is Egoli the one you mentioned recently as having been gone for a couple of weeks? I know it wasn’t Marmalade going off.

    • No that was Scrapper, and he is still not back. Marmalade sleeps on the bed, she is not going anywhere! c

  6. It sounds like a Roundup haze, if it affects you like that. Do they spray fields near you?

  7. If the books are on Amazon, that would be so much easier for me and delivered to my own door!

    It is much cooler here and I have given in to warmer clothes and a hewavier duvet at night. I need to keep my feet warm. Cold feet, no sleep!

  8. Weird it’s foggy here in the desert also. I love fog and orange cats.

  9. We don’t get fog until winter. Have owned (or rather cats have owned me) all my life, but never a ginger cat. So, tell us about who is coming Saturday. Love meeting all your helpers; wish I were one of them. My mouth waters whenever you talk about the food you prepare…. Sheila knows how to take care of herself, doesn’t she? So smart.

  10. I have a dry cough (emphysema) discovered Mullein tea which I use cautiously as to balance it out with a plethora of other stuff for a body which is tied with string and wire, but does ever so nicely, thank you

    • I know about that string and wire! Thank you, I am having a drop of jasmine tea right this minute which is hitting the spot.. c

  11. I believe cats especially adopt us, not the other way around. My cat Zeus, was actually my cat’s brother from the same litter, and he decided that I was to be his person, and 12 yrs later, he is still my soul kitty!

  12. Foggy mornings, usually quiet with occasional drips of condensed moisture, as though the earth is pulling a light shawl on as the days shorten. Our Cooper’s hawk family have drifted away, the two fledglings were flying well. They should’ve stayed we’ve got a big flock of robins. Handsome cat. I’ll look for the book on Amazon.

  13. I was thinking about BLTs for dinner tonight. Maybe tomorrow. I love how Ton so faithfully tends to the farmy animals.

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