Last night turned into ‘yarn to midnight’ night with my old friend the Kiwi Builder resulting in an unhurried start this morning. A bonus of not milking.

So here are a few shots from yesterday just to tide you over.

kitten in barn
white peacock

I shall be back at full volume again tomorrow.  Today I am mowing and gardening. My favs.

Have a lovely, lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy

miss c



29 Comments on “Oops

  1. We are getting a very nice rain this morning —needed so badly. At 8 am it is so dark out it looks like 10 pm. I’ll take it. A good day to stay inside and clean and bake and catch up on blogs!!! Hope your day is all that you want it to be today!

  2. It’s good to linger abed once in a while. Minouchki is a daring little sweetiepie, isn’t she? Enjoy your day today, C.

    • He is a very cute little cat, that is his mississippi bridge between upstairs and downstairs. Clever fella.. c

  3. I see the peacock or peahen..and little wee Min such a clever puss. I agree you are fantastic and I do so admire what you do and how you cope
    There should be an award for tenacity

  4. As usual, I always think they are female and they end up being male. That is why, in the past, I have had cats named Edwina and Bridgette who were actually males. Edwina became Ed and Bridgette, well, he has had to live with the shame of having a girly name. He is tough enough to endure the taunting from the others. 🙂

  5. Speaking of male and female as Kim has mentioned makes me wonder if you know yet if Mr. Pink has shown as yet whether he/she is male or female. 🙂

  6. Great photos! Enjoy your day of mowing and gardening. I have a young friend who asked me to go with her to shop for second hand furniture… I’m going to help with the baby while she looks at furniture. It’s a good diversion for me today – supposed to be hotter than you know what though!

  7. Hope you enjoyed!!!! If I have read correctly you’ll have company again by the time your ‘tomorrow’ arrives!! Methinks a ‘day of rest’ is not on the cards on the farmy ever 🙂 !!

  8. Your photos are so good, you should be a freelance photographer in your spare time, ha!

  9. Love the ‘bare bottoms’ in the first pic. waving to everyone from steamy hot Kathmandu …yes!!! It’s lovely to find technologhy in my hotel and I can keep up with the Farmy. Not sure for how long, off to Lhasa tomorrow and I don’t know what will be there internet-wise, or further off the beaten track when I start my trek around Mt Kailash. But then there’ll be plenty to catch up on when I get back to Kathmandu in 3 weeks ….xxx for all.

  10. How wonderful to be hanging out with an old friend. I totally approve and encourage this! Oops is allowed.

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