Tane of the Light

Yesterday we had  miserable late autumn weather. Very cold, close to freezing actually and wild bendy tree winds. Rotton winds. So The Old Rooster and I decided that wee Tane, who has just arrived from Sunny California after all, would be better off staying in his snug pen with a warm lamp. He was not alone of course. Boo- Skunky was hovering. Ton was guarding. Old Chook lives in that pen and is not budging.  Tima was doing flirtatious scaredy cat manoevures. Poppy who is pulling things apart in the midst of her Heat paused to investigate (but not for long) she is practising climbing the hog panels.  Sheila slept but this is what Sheila does on inclement days and the chooks and the guineas and the peacocks just stared. As they do.

So here is Tane Mahuta.  I love his little teeth. the-018

I lined the concrete  floor  of his pen with old wool and covered it with about a foot of straw so he has a nice warm bed. He can have a few restful days while we wait for nicer weather then  I will begin the introduction process with Tima. Though I fear we have seen the last of the summer days. Winter has come. I hope he does not get a chillly reception.

Neither of these piggies are old enough to breed.  (A boar would be mature at eight months at the earliest a gilt at 10 – 12)  so I am hoping they can just be hot water bottle buddies for a few winter months. Then they will seperate until  the time is right. Of course this may or may not work but the closer we get to December the better. Remember 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days is a pigs gestation period.

So far: Tima sees him, startles, then runs and hides. Maybe this is a coy move. Or maybe she thinks she is a cat, who knows what Tima thinks. Bless her little cotton socks.

Now for our kittens: Six days old.






I thought I might call that sequence – “Get off me,  I am trying to sleep”.

I am off to the rugby. I may not have time to blog tomorrow, but you never know.

Have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm



50 Comments on “Tane of the Light

  1. aww Tane is adorable I’m sure Tima will love him. She’s just being an old fashioned girl and acting coy. Bet they steal each other’s hearts – they both stole mine. What a lovely bed he’s got. Welcome to your new home Tane

  2. Enjoy the rugby and may the best team win! Once the eyes open, those kitties might stop climbing mountains. They do look very cute.

  3. I believe Tima might think she is a dog 🙂 Welcome Tane, looking forward to following you around the farmy. Enjoy your day out at the rugby. Laura

  4. He is quite a looker is Tane. I love his face. I showed Bill some pictures of kune kunes on Pinterest the other day. He said he liked the orange and black ones as they are the colors of his San Francisco Giants baseball team. Whatever it takes to plant the seed that “I want one!” hehe I hope your game was fun, loud and rough, having never been to a rugby game, I’m not sure what a good game includes. ha Stay warm!

  5. Tima is lost! That little boy has the world’s longest eyelashes. It cannot be long until she succumbs to his charm, as we all have already….

  6. Poor Tane – he must think he’s been sent to the Arctic. I’m sure he will become adventurous as he acclimatises and I can’t see Tima staying coy for long. There is something in what RecyclerSA said above – all your animals think they are dogs, but Tane could be one too! Great kitten pictures 😉

  7. Oh those little kittens! Those teeny tiny paws and they are a beautiful colour.
    Tane is a handsome piggy, hope he settles in nicely.

  8. Lovely shots! Just wondering – how do you pronounce Tane? Is it ‘tan – A’ … or ‘tain’ … or ‘tan – E’? Or some other version? They will be cute running around together.

    • Celi mentioned that when she was still on holiday – Tane Mahuta (pronounced Tahnay Mahoota) – hope that helps.

  9. Not sure if I am “oohing and ahhing” more over Tane or those kittens. I have been told that when I was little that I would scoot down to the barn and my parents would place me in a washtub (to stay out of trouble) and hand me a cat/kitten to keep me occupied. (Hope the cats survived). Have a good time at the game C.

  10. The front page of the Tribune has an article about the haka performed by the Tall Blacks just prior to the game. Fascinating! Hope you have a wonderful time. ( I thought the game was yesterday.)

  11. We got down to 30 degrees with bendy winds all night, and it is still blowing. I’m feeling it too, Celi. Brrrrrrrrr….!
    Love that little piggy!

  12. Oh little Tane…Be still my heart and those tiny kittens! This is cuteness overload today! 🙂

  13. So much gorgeousness wrapped up in such a few little bodies, what’s a girl to do??????? He is spectacular and I agree, his teeth are quite fetching. Will he grow tusks?? I’ve been looking at kune kunes on the internet and some of them have ENORMOUS tusks…goodness. He is adorable. Time will forget being a cat and be glad she’s a pig in short order.

  14. How cute Tane is! And Celi is continuing her role as the match-making queen! You are getting very experienced at this. How about starting a match-making bureau for animals?

  15. Hello Tane! You already look like you ‘belong’ . . . . It may be bendy-weather and cold outside, but there is nought but warmth inside . . . and that includes the insides of our hearts 🙂 ! Hope you enjoyed the ruggers Miss C, horrid blowy weather and all!!

  16. So glad you and John get a day away to play–though you’ve been up and down that road often this past week. Hope you have a wonderful time.

  17. Oh my gosh, he’s so cute. I can’t believe Percy the Plentiful was that little! With Tima as a teacher I believe those two will set you a merry chase!

  18. Tane is a handsome chap and the kittens are sweet. He looks very comfy in his bed. Considering the weather and that he’s from a warmer climate, it’s probably better he stays in till the weather improves.

  19. Just began my evening TV news here . . . and am roaring my head off doing the haka!!! Good’on’ya even if no one in your part of the world did seem to know what was going on!! Kisses and hugs and ‘well done’ from across the Ditch!!! [OK! OK! OK! Ella put it way better but I am on way later . . . .] Jumping up and down Milady. . .

  20. So many sweet young ones today. My whole purpose in life as a pre-schooler was to find the spring litters of kittens in the barn. Thanks, Celi, for making my life’s work so much easier.

  21. I love rugby! I’d love to see the HAKA live! Not against Ireland though as I know who is likely to win! Kittens are adorable of course, and best of luck with Himself!

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