Tima Tanga Moana

Tima has taken to her new boyfriend like a duck to water. And poor old Tane is the water.chos-005















She just rolls all over him. This shot is for Heathers girlchild daughter.  Heather has a blog   that sometimes has turtles on it from her zoo and alot of humour.  Her daughter loves Tima.  I would like a turtle too but I hear they are hard to train to do tricks!  So I am sticking with pigs. Humorous ones.

Anyway,  Tima is still learning to share her pears with Tane, but they graze beautifully together. When Sheila and Poppy graze they are completely silent. but when the kunekune graze they talk all the time.  Not like a chicken calling chicks or a lamb waa waa-ing. More like a low mobile grunt .. a Herr cherr ,Hherr cherr.. high. low.  high. low. It is the sweetest sound.


was out colleccting photos of them yesterday when Jake and his friend turned up to see if I needed help with anything. Well, YES I did. So the camera was put down and we planted more trees and drenched the sheep and cleaned the eyes of the little kittens and organised the Loft chicks into their new warmer home then spent some time in the kitchen and made plans for a big Friday dinner.

Sometime days go like that. Some days are deeply quiet and other days are just busy, busy, busy.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm


PS T shirt updates. Last night when I checked the nummbers we had sold 31 T shirts. Only 19 more to reach our goal of 50 and then they will be printed and dispatched.  You are all MIGHTY! Thank you.  And no I am not going to spend the money on cakes for sheila. Vegetables and fruit only. With alfalfa and eggs and milk from home.

We also have a good number of calendars ordered  which is wonderful. Thank you again. I will place the first order for the calendars tonight.  So go to 2015 calendars along the menu bar (above) and register if you want one,  I will wait for you.

75 Comments on “Tima Tanga Moana

  1. Jake and his friend were a good find, keep them miss c 🙂 Has Marmalade named her kitties yet, or is she not telling. Tima should enjoy being temporarily bigger than Tane, looks like that will change soon. Laura

  2. I just ordered my Big Fat Pig tshirt, so you’re one closer to Sheila’s healthy diet. And today I am a happy, happy girl. I give grateful thanks to all the Farmy Fellowship, for kindness to a stranger, positive thoughts, prayers, encouragement and new followers! You may all now uncross your fingers. I am not after all going to be sick, scared and desperate. I have a big new hot node of arthritis in one of my neck vertebrae. And lots of other spots all over, but that’s all it is. My old friend arthritis. Not the bad scary thing. Think of the biggest, stretchiest grin you can imagine, and I’m wearing it. I’d like to give those beautiful piggies a big smacking kiss, all three of them. And you, Miss C, a real rib cracking hug. Thank you for being there. K xxxxxxxxxxx

    • Great news! Although Arthritis is not fun, it is more manageable then the ‘other’ thing! Been reading up on it for my dog Sam, and found out that celery, and ginger are good for this, as they are natural anti-inflammatory. Thought you might want to know. Stay well and happy.

    • So glad for you, what great news! Good luck kicking arthritis’ butt!

      • I’m happy for you ….receiving such good news. Take good care of your arthritis , keep moving as much as you can. Good luck and a big hug. I look for artihitis remedies in Germany.

    • Wonderful news Kate, a big smacking kiss and rib cracking but gentle hugs to you too….big smile here too. And if anyone needs to make pillows/cushions Kate and I have started a Cush-Along, check out Kate’s blog ….and mine, hopefully I’ll update it soon……for all the details. It will be fun!

      • Oh, thank you so much! Will you be home on 26th? We will be passing by on the way home and will have the time for a small detour…

        • So, so happy for you, that dreadful disease has touched our family way too often. My dad had arthritis, two hip replacements and a spine full of it. Now it’s creeping up on me, neck, hips, recently the hand. I just constantly remind myself of my dad’s mantra – ‘don’t ever stop or it’ll get you’. Knowing it’s arthritis and not the other must make you want to embrace the arthritis!

          • You just can’t stop, can you? Use it or lose it, no matter how painful the using bit gets. And yes, arthritis, for all its pain and disabling stiffness, is a whole lot friendlier than metastatic bone disease, where the recovery rate is exceptionally low and the most I could have looked forward to is another 10 years if I was really lucky.

  3. Ah Tima. So glad they are getting on so well. So much to look forward to for this happy couple. Jake and his buddy are a treasure. I’m so glad they came into your life. The weather you have is making its way down to Texas this morning, nothing like you have of course, just cooler, not frigid. Stay warm and have a wonderful day on the farmy.

  4. I would order a calender, but have you any idea how many we get here in France? It is the custom, starting any time now, for all and sundry to call for their Christmas tip, each leaving a successively hideous calendar. All and sundry = la Poste, Pompiers (firemen), Anciens Combattants (veterans), Musique (brass band), Foot (football team) and so on and on and on. I’ve tried giving the tip but refusing the calendar, but they are offended, and insist.

    I’m glad Tima and Tane are getting on so well – bodes well for the future.

  5. I will be sitting this one out. I have no place for a calendar, I used to keep a long narrow one by the phone, but now my calendar is IN my phone and on the laptop. I share it with Elly so she can keep tabs on me and not worry if she has not heard from me. It works for us.

    • You are so high tech granny.. i am hopeless with the phone.. I use a diary. .. calendars are really just changing pieces of art.. c

      • I get the Readers Digest Health Diary: besides heaps of room for writing it also keeps one on one’s toes as far as natural therapies go 🙂 ! And Viv, I know just how you feel: three new calendars came yesterday and am doing the rounds on the street trying to find those interested!!!

  6. I’m going to order two calendars, one for the grandchildren and one for me. Am I remembering right, you’re coming to Oz in January…….or did I make that up??? if you are, would you be able to post mine from Melbourne?

  7. Am looking at that gorgeous first photo of the ‘loving couple’ and wondering how the Mendelian Laws will work on the appearance of their offspring: remember out of every four babies one is supposed to be a photocopy of Daddy, one of Mommy and two can use their gene pool to create new beauty!! Had an Estonian gf who fell madly in love with a Sri Lankan at uni: Hilja all milk-and-roses, Ravi as black as black can be. Married and had three of the most beautiful daughters one can imagine: one is totally dark like Daddy, one as pale as her Mom and the third a delightful Samoan-like café au lait! Oh they had fun in school ’cause nobody believed they could be sisters 😉 !!

  8. I am so looking forward to seeing their piglets. If they’re at all as vocal as Tima and Tane, you’ll have to wear ear plugs around them. 🙂

  9. Isn’t it wonderful that Tane and Tima have their own lingo? I guess we all do to some extent. I hope you all fared well with the declining temperatures in the last 24 hours… tomorrow will be even colder. BRR!!!

  10. I just placed my tshirt order… 38 sold now, so I’ll have a new sleeping tshirt and because I’d love to see the print run go ahead. But if it doesn’t I’ll Paypal the equivalent direct to your Paypal account as a Christmas gift to Sheila. BTW, I’m not sure if anyone else experienced the same but I couldn’t get the Teespring Paypal link to work, so I paid by credit card.

    • Hmm, they have such a good reptutation but there are glitches.. hopefully it all works out and we get our T shirts! Such a worry. Thank you though for ordering yours, we are almost there! c

  11. I’m excited for the t-shirts and calendars! Do you think they’ll be ready before Christmas? They’ll make great stocking stuffers!

  12. Fun reading about Tima and Tane, so glad they are getting along so well. What a blessing Jake is.

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