Tane worked out how to climb the steps up onto the big beautiful New Zealand verandah yesterday.

For several days now it has been warm enough for the grass to start growing again. So Tima and Tane (after much begging at the gates) have been let out of their own little field each day. They are grazing the lawns, for some reason the lawns are growing faster and are tastier than the fields,they are also  grubbing about in the gardens and  now Tima has taught Tane how to climb the steps so they can rattle about looking in the doors and windows and stomping about in the dogs water. all-called-bob-008

Of course this is all a cover for the overt ferreting out of uneaten dog food. Like the peacocks the pigs are deeply attracted to dog food. It is a horrible thing. Though coincidentally the dog food is grain free too. At least that is Tima’s story and she is sticking to it.

Did I tell you that I walked Tane past Poppy when she was in heat the other day and they took no notice of each other at all. So I am concluding that Tane is still (thankfully) not mature/smelly enough to breed which means he can keep living in a sisterly fashion with Tima.

I am feeding the bees again.  Today will be even warmer. So the bees will be popping their heads out again. I have noticed that there are very few dead bees outside  the hive, which is a good sign. kittens

Of course with this mild weather the kittens are allowed out to play on the verandah. They are very tired kittens by the end of the day when they come inside.

Good morning. Boo sleeps inside at night, where I can keep an eye on him. And he likes to sleep where he can watch over the cats. This just happens to be on the couch. (Of Course) So every night I put a special white hospital sheet on the couch. He will not get onto the couch until his special night time hospital sheet blanket comes out and I tell him “Go to Bed.” The other night I laid the blanket on the orange couch, patted the couch saying “Go to Bed, Boo Boo”,  then proceeded to get ready for bed myself.  Soon, and unusually, Boo came into the bedroom and stared at me meaningfully, as I  kicked off uggs, and peeled off  socks and trousers,  he ran back in and out of the room. I ignored him. As you do. A bath is a bath after all. Nothing gets between a woman and her bath.

He trotted back in again, I was in the bath by then and he looked at me through the steam. An urgent expression in his face. Big eyes. Pleading face. But a bath cannot be hurried. After all – that much hot water is a luxury.  After a bit  (and a dozen visits from the dog) I got out and towelled myself dry and then he was dashing back and forth all urgency. After smoothing my face with cream and brushing my teeth I casually wandered out into the big room, Boo racing ahead, back and forth, back and forth.  What? I said.  What?  Aren’t you tired? He raced ahead, ran around to face the couch and stared with heavy looks at his blanket. Horrors.!  Two kittens were Under one end of his couch blanket – Playing rambunctiously jiggling the blanket in all directions. Another was fast asleep under the other end.

Boo looked at me. Then looked back at the jumping lumps under his blankie,  heaved a huge sigh , looked back at me again and sat his haunches down.

Poor, BooBoo.  I said.  Are the Bobs using your bed as a playground? He nodded, strained and worried. How can I sleep with all that jitterbugging? he said. I might sit on one. Fix it miss c. FIX IT!

I reached under the white blankie  and gathered up all the kittens. I carried them over to their own bed and laid them down. Before I had even turned around Boo was up and stretched out on his bed, sighing and closing his eyes.  Thanks Gods, he breathed. Thanks Dogs Gods.

Poor BooBoo. Such a dogs life.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy,


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  1. Ohh! such a lovely story. Makes me think of my little girl kitty who always wants us to go to bed as soon as it gets dark outside. When we head down the hall, she trots quickly in front of us to get in the bedroom and under the bed. I always tell her, Its not time yet, little girl!

  2. Aaaahhhh! Do you mean to tell me that Ton and Boo leave uneaten food in their bowls? I never had a dog yet that didn’t wolf down everything and lick the glaze off the dish as soon as anything was put in it!
    Enjoy the warmth while you have it. It’s ‘orrible ‘ere, wet and misty and chilly.
    ViV x

  3. Bless Boo, he is so wonderful with the cats…..if only I lived near enough to visit..it would make my year

  4. Nothing comes between a woman and her bath… I am SO with you on that one, or would be if the one bath in this house was long enough for a fully grown human instead of a toddler. And I count my blessings that I don’t have a dog nagging me when I am spending quality time in the bathroom. Tima, of course, would have wanted to join you…

    • I’m with you – it is hard to find a nice long deep bath in America! Miss being able to submerge my whole body in steaming hot water sigh!

  5. How clever that Tane learned so quickly of the verandah delights. When will the cows and sheep be joining in…:) You raise such smart animals Miss C.

  6. Sympathies Boo, me preparing to go to bed is the sign to my two Ginger brothers to wake up and get moving at high speed – usually using me as their obstacle course 🙂 We have had brilliant sunshine all day, and I’m pleased to see you are ‘warm’ too. Laura

    • He was deeply perturbed.. I don’t know whether he thought his blankie had come alive or he genuinely did not want to sit on one! c

  7. Aren’t dogs funny the way they stare at you until you cotton on they want something. Then it’s come on come on sort us out! Have a lovely day x

  8. Celi, you had taught Boo to be careful when the kittens were newborns, so he would not want to harm them now. I am planning a long soak in the bath before bedtime tonight. I need to sleep if I’m driving over 100 miles tomorrow. Merry Christmas to all the farmy felklowship.

  9. Boo is indeed a gentle and loving spirit… with just a touch of bothersome worry! Well, dagnabbit! We got a tease of sun this morning and then the clouds and wind moved back in… and now the weather people are talking a good possibility of SNOW tonight and tomorrow morning! What is going on in the South?? I know I know… I shouldn’t complain. Y’all have it so much worse up there. 🙂

    • actually we are having it EXACTLY the same.. mild, tiny bit of sun this morning and now clouds and talk of snow.. but not much.. weird.. c

  10. Boo was concerned he might hurt the kitties if he jumped up – he is quite the character! Lovely story to wake up to this beautiful morning Down Under.

  11. Christmas Eve well on the way here, Celi – THE European day to celebrate! So to you and Big John and the Matriarch and the Old Codger and all the rest of the cast . . . . may there be harmony all around . . . . see you end of January [but Boo will see me before, I am certain!] . . .blessings . . .

    • that is a very cryptic message? I am in NZ from the 14th to the 28th soi will be waving.. in London EVERYTHING was shut on christmas eve, it was terrible! c

      • Cryptic? 😀 !! Told you I would be officially ‘off the computer’ for 4-6 weeks on a total work holiday: the first in five years, but since I shall be ‘checking mail’ every day, do you think I’ll be able to stay off the farmy for that length of time? Well, Christmas Day is for ‘formal dining’ in Estonia and for us here – all family celebrations take place today 🙂 !!! Everything is closed in most parts of Europe also!!!!!! love.ya Eha

  12. Reminds me of the Princess and the Pea. How was he to sleep on those wiggly lumps? LOL

  13. Pig herding, cat herding, Boo deserves his rest without bed vermin (though I imagine he’d be OK with kitties cuddling on top of him).

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