Snow on Rain on Ice

The light did a funny thing yesterday afternoon. It was snowing on top of the rain that was on top of the ice. The temperature was going down so fast that everything was freezing where it fell. Freezing AS it fell. I went out without my gloves and found myself jogging to the house to retrieve them ten minutes later. snow-007

The snow fell in a way that made me wonder whether it was falling or just blowing about.


Freezing fast.


Then the gloom swooned with a slow sweep of a hidden lighting board,  the little light man sliding the sun dial up, slowly tuning its brightness level from behind the clouds. It was the strangest thing.


After a while this golden half light, highlighting the falling snow,  began to disperse, the clouds breaking their hold and as the snow faded the light began channeling upwards. Like a spotlight.  A strong spotlight.  The light was ascending in the West. Reluctant to loose its hold to the sky.


Then later the moon came creeping up into the clouds in the East and it’s light reflected back upwards like a spotlight as well. Those cold crystals are forming again.

We have a few days of “Bitter” cold ahead.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy


p.s.  it is ZERO degrees (-17C), and windy.  Winter is here methinks.

57 Comments on “Snow on Rain on Ice

  1. Lovely description of the celestial light show! I do love it when the sky and sun do weird and wonderful things: the ‘Finger of God’ special effect of a shaft of sun breaking through thick cloud. “Oi”, says God “You down there, pay attention, I’m doing something fancy with the Heavenly Pink Spotlight”. And just for a minute or two, we do pay attention, before humdrum life intervenes again.

    • You are right there kate, when something magic happens in the sky we DO look up and say Wow.. have a lovely day!.. c

  2. stay warm Miss C and walk with great care….. in this case ….’don’t break a leg’ …. got any idea why they say this in the acting world, seems a strange thing to say ‘break a leg’?

    • Counters the bad luck.. I had my Swedish Boots on this morning.. it is ALL ice out there, they take a bit of getting on and off but are SO worth it,. c

    • we are getting cold now, it will slowly slide down to Minus 14 before this weather pattern changes, but so far it is looking ok for the 14th of Jan. This is the date I am watching.. we don’t want weather interfering with the travel plans!.. c

  3. Winter is here too, gad freezing rain all day yesterday. I can hear a cold wind blowing outside this morning.
    Stay warm and tread carefully.

    • Tonight they say there might be more snow, but I am not sure how, it seems too cold to snow.. but we will see.. have a lovely Brizzy day!.. c

  4. Oh my gosh, stay warm! That does look freezy out there…but ever so beautiful. I’d be standing outside taking the photos of that sunset too. 😀 Good thing the girls (and boy) have such a warm winter coat on them to be standing around like that. Here it’s leaden skies and West Coast rain storms. I think the sun might peek out of a sucker hole for about ten minutes somewhere over Burnaby Mountain in the next two months and that will be that. Oh, and the back garden birds will learn to swim in the huge puddles on the grass. Either that, or we’ll be colonised by a gaggle of ducks.

    • So you seldom see the sun? That would wear on one I think. We have sun this morning and even in the cold you see the animals crowding into thesheltered sun patches.. c

  5. Stunning photos! (Albeit with a bit of bleakness to them!)

    • Bleak is a very evocative word. It is exactly what it means.. we get a lot of bleak out here with all the fields empty and exposed. . c

  6. Wow! In Switzerland it feels like spring is coming. We had a couple of snowy days but today it was so sunny and warm that I felt weird in my winter jacket

    • That must be a nice change.. here I feel that winter is only just really arrived. I imagine your cold will come back though? c

  7. Your marvellous description and photos took me straight there, but without boots, gloves, scarf and hat, I came straight back! I hope it doesn’t last too long, for the sake of John and the flerd. You, of course, will be escaping soon.

  8. The coldest air does give us the strangest light. I am so glad you were able to capture it. Now don’t leave the house again without gloves! You don’t want handcicles when you leave for the sun!

    • The temperatures changed very fast yesterday, I have noticed that out here on the prairie.. it can drop massively in an hour.. c

  9. I am shivering at the description of the cold. Take care, steady and slow on that tricky surface underfoot. You don’t want to be plastered for the wedding!

    • Rather be plastered AT the wedding!! ha ha .. and now I am worrying about you slipping outside your back door where no-one can see. Hope you are being careful too.. c

      • I’m with you on that one, Celi! 😆

        My back door is well and truly locked for the duration. Other more urgent problems have raised their head, so I do not need to add a fall to the list!

  10. We are trying to emerge from the bitter. I am doing my best to encourage it by wearing a vintage sleeveless shift dress to work. So far, it isn’t helping, but it’s early. The last photo of the sun fireworking straight down into sunset with the tree should be reserved for next year’s calendar!

  11. Not nearly as cold here (26*), but cold for us. I find that if I bundle up and keep working, I can stay warm. I took a ‘selfie’ of myself with one of my Sicilian Buttercup hens on my shoulder–she’s quite the helper, thinks she’s a pet bird. I find I am quite a sight, all bundled up with nose bright red and running. Donkeys and chickens do not care what look like. It makes me terribly happy.

  12. Yes, last nights moon was so full, so white…so intense I felt like someone was staring in our kitchen window watching us eat.

  13. While we aren’t nearly as cold here, it’s only 38 this late in the day and by Wednesday we are to be around 11 degrees F…very cold for this far south. Do stay warm and be very careful on all of that ice!

  14. One doesn’t become a good writer without reading the good and great writers. It starts when one is very very young. If you are fortunate your Mother might read Dicken’s Old Curiosity Shop or David Copperfield to you every night. Then you grow up and begin devouring good books. When I read the “writings of Celi” they inspire me to look at words in a different way. To read the words out loud. They roll off my tongue – prose that sounds like poetry.

  15. Wow, that picture of the sun coming through the clouds and shooting straight up through the sky is amazing! Definitely calendar worthy for next year! We just finished our very cold snap of about a week. Yesterday we got 7 inches of beautiful snow and today it is pouring rain and foggy. Just gross.

  16. Your description of the changing light was so vivid that I think even a person who is totally blind would be able to see what you described in their mind. You have a rare talent when it comes to describing what you see. I hope the little piggies are able to take such drastic temp. changes better than when they got sick a few months ago when the temps. plummeted. Having grown up in Upstate NY I do miss those sunny, but bitterly cold days. Here is Oregon the stretches of dreary rainy days wear on your mind & cause you to just want to hibernate after a few weeks without the sun. Days where the sun reappears maake me feel immediately energized & productive. Darkness is great for sleeping, but I will take a sunny day anytime – no matter how cold it is. You a so lucky that you will soon be catching a flight into summer weather. It always amazes me that one can board a plane in one weather extreme & arrive at your destination to find it’s polar opposite. Hope you & all the animals stay warm & healthy. I do wish Shelia had stayed in her warmer quarters now that winter has arrived. Hopefully, not butt Poppy will sleep with Shelia & help keep both of them warm. I would hate for this cold weather to make Shelia’s leg joints become lame again. When is the Christmas cow arriving? Do 3 cows constitute a herd?

    • Christmas cow is due about the 21s. , I am thinking I will lock Sheila back into her warmer quarters while I am away, with no-one to tuck her in at night.. Tima and Tane are doing much better with the cold now, it is all about getting used to the cold, i think.Though it is still only moderately cold – not too bad at all.. c

  17. We are due a dose of winter this week, too. I love the light show you captured! How quickly it changes.

  18. Winter is incredible for photography – I think sometimes the best season with its low lights and soft tones that both mute and saturate all the colours. Of course, it is also very cold! Lovely, lovely post.

  19. Winter is indeed here too, we had similar weather yesterday too but I was determined to take down the outside Christmas decor before it got too cold; my fingers froze after ten minutes too, JT had to peel my gloves off because I couldn’t do it myself! Today the temperatures plummeted and I’m glad I did the decoration removal yesterday! It will get colder and colder until Wednesday. Stay warm.

  20. Our garden looked like your gloom swooned photo yesterday for an hour or so………38C and hail that stripped the leaves off everything in its path. Such a big clean up day today.

  21. Cold beauty. Just keep moving! ( and it is so hard to stay inside!) Arctic blast coming in tomorrow so will be putting coats on palms and telling them to keep those on! We’ve had such wind this year. Molly, never seems to feel it with her thick coat which she sheds into long white fluffy snakes indoors, but I really hate to brush her heavily until Feb ends and usually our cold weather is over. It’s nice to know I can let her out to play and not worry about the cold getting to her…she HAS to get out and run …life indoor sgets dull after a bit

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