I think I might go to the beach

Look at my sunrise. you-know-what-002

Yes. You are right. There is no rising sun.  No sun. No sky. Everything white and frozen. -7F (-21C).

We have a hoar of a frost. you-know-what-009

The trees are creaking and cracking under this ice. This bitter prairie goodbye.

I think I might go to the beach.


I am packed weighed and off to California this afternoon. Then New Zealand  tomorrow.


Good morning. See you in cali.

Love your travelling friend,


50 Comments on “I think I might go to the beach

  1. Save travels and best wishes for the farm! May they be on their best behavior while you are away.

  2. Linda is Colorado has the same weather…but you must admit it looks very beautiful, and clean, and smooth…just not good for farming and Miss C…Have a safe journey

  3. Any room in those bags for me? Your -7 is lower than our overnight of 10. The beach sounds really tempting right now! I will be enjoying your photos from where it’s warm. Enjoy your family and the festivities and this wonderful break from the cold. Does John get to go with you?

  4. Safe travels C — have fun too! Hoarfrost is so pretty — not so good when ice is involved!

  5. It is quite beautiful this morning with all the trees white and crispy!! Wishing you safe travels and have a great time back home with all of your Family.

  6. What beautiful photos. Though I believe those thoughts of the beach and sun and warmth are so much more inviting! Safe travels to you – tap into your inner gypsy!!

  7. We had snow this morning it fell on a layer of ice. By noon it was wet and slushy. I hope the rain comes before it freezes again. Have fun in the sun and enjoy being among your family for the wedding.

  8. Did I read that correctly -21 Celsius, that is way too cold for me. I’m in Frankfurt overnighting for tomorrow’s flight to San Francisco. If I remember correctly you fly to Los Angeles to continue to New Zealand. One of these days we have to meet at the airport before we go on to our different destinations. Safe travels!

      • San Fransico has a much nicer Airport than LA , well, I really don’t know the LA airport so I can’t really tell but I love the San Francisco airport.

  9. Brrrr. Have a safe journey to the airport and beyond. Today is the day! 🙂

  10. Travel in safety, arrive in health. Enjoy stepping out into a different world, where the sun is shining, the trees have leaves and the beach is a definite option! We’ll see you in the southern hemisphere soon. xxx

  11. It is good to have that contrast so you really appreciate the warmth. I will settle for California’s weather for the day. We had the same minus 7 here this morning.

  12. We turned the sun on for you, my friend. Your photos are austere and magnificent, but I hope you can thaw out for a bit before your return home. ox

  13. Beautiful pics, but oh they’re cold. All best to John and Jake and their care of the farmy; stay safe and have fun – I’m sure you will. Beach… yes, please, lots of!

  14. That is seriously cold weather… but beautiful in effect, although I’m not sure about experience. A sensible option, the beach… I do love those days when it’s possible to say those magic “beach today” words. Bon voyage 🙂

  15. I am so envious of you Cinders! Bon Voyage! We’ll be with you in virtual spirit! 🙂

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